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Chapter 578 Dragon Spirit

After being taken to the reserved room by the waiter, Rong Yong didnt go in right away; he went to the bathroom first.

Once there, instead of going to the toilet, he turned on the tap and placed his hands in the water.

Then he began to wash his face.

The water was a little cold, but it served to refreshed his mind.


Rong Yong looked up at himself in the mirror and exhaled a long breath.

“Its not a dream.

Han is a General, a General in his twenties…”

“I rocketed to the position of bureau director because of him.

Its unbelievable.”

Rong Yong knew that it had already been decided, since secretary Liu spoke so straightforwardly in front of him.

Obviously, its all because of Zhang Han.

“Ive come back to my senses, but its even weirder this way.”

Rong Yong took out a piece of tissue to wipe the water on his face and hands; he gave himself one last look in the mirror, adding a smile and a headshake.

Then he walked back to the room.

After opening the door, he found that the atmosphere inside was very good; all the people were talking and laughing.

“Second brother, why did you stay in the bathroom for so long We were waiting for you to come here and say a few opening words,” Rong Sheng said.

Rong Jiaxin also added, “My second brother just loves to talk in front of the audience.”

Rong Yong, with a wry smile, replied, “Its unnecessary for me to say anything.

I was surprised and almost stunned by Hans decision.”

“Second uncle, you dont need to pay much attention to the status and so on,” said Zi Yan with a smile.

In fact, everyone could see that Rong Yong had been shaken, otherwise he wouldnt have done such a thing at the door.

He looked better at the moment.

“Well, okay.” Rong Yong went inside and sat down, smiling and nodding.

“Well, PaPa is a General.” Mengmeng looked at Rong Yong and pouted.

Although it sounded like Mengmeng was reminding Rong Yong, it was actually Mengmeng who thought this grandfather liked her father because he liked the position of General.

“Hahaha, yes, your father is a great General.” Rong Yong gave her a rare smile, and then he asked Zhang Han with curiosity, “Han, how did you become a General Youre really young.

Im really curious about this.

Of course, you dont have to tell me if theres any secret information involved.”

“Nothing cant be said.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“I can help the military train some excellent talents, so they gave me the title of General as an attempt to win me over.”

“Okay.” Rong Yong was even more shocked.

“What kind of achievements can directly earn him the title of General”

“To train some outstanding talents for the military Theres no doubt that hes training the kind of backbone talents.”

“Its amazing!”

Rong Yong had a deep admiration for Zhang Han.

Then Rong Yong sorted out his mind and picked up the liquor cup in front of him.

He planned to have a drink and say a few words before the dishes were served.

Seeing him raise his glass, others raised their own glasses or drank their cups out of politeness.

“Uh.” Even Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

She put out her hands as others did, grasping the cup in front of her.

She blinked her big eyes and thought, “Why did they raise their drinks without drinking them”

“Well, Ill say a few words.”

Rong Yong cleared his throat; he didnt intend to talk nonsense.

Instead, he said slowly according to his thoughts, “First of all, my brother and I didnt pay much attention to Han and Li.

After all, we are distant relatives and had no contact for many years.

Even if we were close relatives, we would have become strangers other if we didnt keep in touch for a long time.”

It was true.

Before Zhang Han went to Lin Hai, he was just a stranger in his uncles eyes.

“Second, I would like to explain the reason for the first point.

At that time, 90% of the Rong family members didnt agree with Jiali and Guangyous marriage.

Han, Li, it wasnt because your mother was not popular in Rong Clan back then.

On the contrary, she was too popular.

I once heard from my father that Zhang Guangyous enemy was so fierce that the whole Rong family and the Zhang family in Shang Jing were unqualified to compete.

Although I dont know if what he mentioned was the martial arts world, the older generation could see it clearly.

It would be like sending Jiali into a trap if she married your father.”

At this time, Zhang Han was silent.

He could imagine that.

“Of course, some people in the big family thought that benefits outweighed love.

Although the Zhang family was strong, there were many similar big families in Lin Hai.” Rong Yong smiled and shook his head.

“But your parents love broke all obstacles.

Jiali and Guangyou really loved each other, so my brother and I supported them in private at that time.

Because of this, Jiali had a dispute with many people in our family, those who didnt admit your parents marriage because they didnt want to get into trouble.

“Third point: my eldest brother Rong Sheng, third sister Rong Jiali, youngest sister Rong Jiaxin and I, the four of us have the same parents, just like you and Li, and you can feel it.

We are relatives because of Jiali.

Therefore, we came here specially to see you today, but we didnt expect that you would give us such a big surprise.

“You are very promising, very powerful, you are now a General.” Rong Yong made a gesture of appreciation to Zhang Han and said repeatedly, “You are really great.

If Guangyou and Jiali knew it, they would be very happy.

At the same time, I got a promotion because of you, and thanks to that Im very close to the bureau chief now.”

At this time Wang Ming snickered.

Rong Yong was just told one of Zhang Hans identities.

He would be shocked if he knew that Zhang Han was also a director in Hong Kong and a martial arts master who was nearly invincible in the world.

“Er… How can I say this Han, Li and Zi Yan, Im very surprised and scared.

Haha, this first toast is for you.

Its not easy for you to have such achievements.”

Rong Yong raised the wine cup in his hand.

“Cheers!!” The others raised their cups and glasses.

Those who drank white wine took a sip, while those with soft drinks drank more.

Rong Sheng took a sip of wine, smiled and wanted to say something else.

Then he heard Mengmengs voice.

“PaPa, when do we start eating Mengmeng is hungry.”


Everyone turned their gazes at Mengmeng, who sat between Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

She was looking up at Zhang Han beside her.

Although her voice was very faint, she was heard by everyone present because no one else had spoken just then.

“Haha, well have dinner soon.”

Rong Sheng said with a smile, “Ill hurry them up and let them serve our dishes first.

I also want to go to the bathroom.”

After Rong Sheng left the room, Jia Wei looked at Zi Yan and said, “Yan, would you like to go to our house today after dinner I want to ask you how to use cosmetics.

Your skin is the best I have ever seen.”

“Really In fact, my skin was not so good before…”

The women began talking about skin care products, facial masks, skin care and so on, soon discovering that they were all experts in the field.

Zhang Han accompanied Rong Yong and Rong Sheng for a chat, and the dishes were soon brought to the table one after another.

It seemed that the restaurant had many specialties.

Although the ingredients of those dishes were not as good as those of Mount New Moon in terms of quality and taste, they were local specialties that Zhang Han and his family would like to experience.

During the meal, Mengmeng wanted to go to the bathroom.

Zi Yan put on her sunglasses and took Mengmengs little hand to leave the dining table.

Zhang Han also got up to follow them and accompany them closely.

The toilets were divided into mens and womens sides; Zhang Han waited in the external bathroom.

Just as he was washing his hands, something strange happened.

When Zhang Han looked up…


Suddenly, a flame-like ray of light was quickly spread around in the mirror.

In just a second, a vivid Fire Phoenix appeared in the mirror.

Zhang Han looked at the Phoenix quietly and then turned away.

He waited at the door for more than ten seconds; Zi Yan and Mengmeng came out moments after.

Then they washed their hands and returned to the room.

As they reached the door of the room, Zhang Hans brain suddenly registered a sound, stopping his footsteps.

“Go ahead.

I have to talk with someone.” Zhang Han patted Zi Yan on the back.

“Mm-hmm.” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and nodded.

“PaPa, come back quickly.” That was what Mengmeng had to say whenever Zhang Han left her side.

“Okay, Ill be back soon.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head and smiled.

After Zi Yan and Mengmeng entered the room, Zhang Han turned and walked to the corridor on the side of the restaurant.

The restaurant was located on the thirty-sixth floor, which was also the top floor of the building.

At the window, Zhang Hans body flashed, as if turning into light, and then he jumped out.

There was a small tower on upper layer of the top floor, tens of meters high, with a small round platform.

A woman with a ponytail was sitting at the edge of the platform.

She was wearing a leather suit; her lips were extremely red and she was smoking a thin cigarette.

She was enjoying the night view of Lin Hai at the moment.


Zhang Hans figure appeared near the back of the woman.

“Hiss, whoo…”

The woman took a smoke and slowly said, “There is a little-known martial arts world under the cover of the bustling city.

In fact, there were still some reports about martial artists and various relevant events, but in such environment, they all became stories with unclear authenticity or supernatural miracles.”

Zhang Han slightly frowned.


Before Zhang Han could raise his question, the woman turned her head and curled her red lips in an arc, “I know your time is limited.

You have to take care of your daughter.”

She turned and sat down facing Zhang Han.

She was the woman who drove a BMW I8 outside the Peninsula Hotel.

She had a good figure, looking buxom in her tight leather jacket.

“Zhang Han, nice to meet you.

Im Jiang Yanlan, the leader of the Vermilion Bird Team, a detachment of Dragon Sprit.

You can call me leader Jiang, or directly call me Vermilion Bird.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

“What is Dragon Spirit”

“Dragon Spirit is the top of the National Security Agency and the real core of the Hua nation defenders.

It is because of Dragon Spirit that all those worldlets, and the whole martial arts world remain peaceful.” Jiang Yanlan smiled and said, “There are four detachments in Dragon Spirit Action Office, and they were named after the four divine beasts, among which…”

“Dont tell me the details.” Zhang Han shook his hand, showing that he was not interested in it.

Jiang Yanlan was surprised.

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