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Chapter 530 The Ending Concert

At eight oclock the next morning…

Zhang Han drove Zi Yan and Mengmeng to Saint Kindergarten.

Since they had asked for leave for the little girl to celebrate her birthday, Lu Guo had organized a file for Zi Yan, including some knowledge taught in the school, such as some Cantonese, English, and so on.

Zi Yan had imparted Mengmeng with the knowledge last night.

Since Mengmeng had a pretty good memory, she remembered it all soon.

However, she had a short-term memory.

Consequently, on the way to the kindergarten, Zi Yan taught her again and asked, “How do you sayI have eaten”

“Hmm… Er Ci Duo Zuo (in Chinese pinyin).”

“I am not doing it on purpose.”

“Er wu hai de deng gei.”

Mengmengs voice took after that of her mother, which sounded melodious.

Moreover, since she was little, her voice sounded innocent, which was a pleasure to the listeners.

Mengmeng did not need to learn and study many new things every day, she learned pretty fast.

After they arrived at the kindergarten, Zhang Han walked Mengmeng to the line of her class.

Several little fellows, including Martin and Li Muen, waved their hands and greeted them.

“Hello, Mengmengs dad.”

These little fellows favored Zhang Han so much.

They had been won over by Zhang Han because of the delicious food.

After Zhang Han greeted them, he also left the kindergarten and went back to the company.

After that, he got in a helicopter and turned to the program division in Shenzhen.

Today was the last day of the show.

The concert, which the program division had prepared and thousands of people would attend, was an ending ceremony for the first season of Chinese New Voice.

It would be aired on the show.

Three groups of mentors would sing a song respectively.

As for those eight powerful trainees, they would also sing a song respectively.

In the end, the mentors and the trainees in their groups would sing a song together.

In the near future, after Zhang Han was done with todays chores, he would bring Mengmeng to play in the snow in Northeast China on her Christmas holiday.

Since the little princess had never seen snow yet, she had to feel pretty curious once she saw snow for the first time.

Of course, Zhang Han was somewhat prepared for the show today.

Since it was his first time accompanying Zi Yan performing on an entertainment show, he needed to make a perfect ending to it.

Soon, over half an hour later, the helicopter arrived at the rented villa.

After that, Zhang Han drove to visit the program division.

The place this time was renovated from a factory workshop, which looked like an indoor stadium.

Its size was pretty large.

After all, the capital of the program division was strong.

Compared with a few shows they had held previously, they could do whatever they wanted this time.

After Zhang Han arrived at the destination, he saw that more than 20 people converging somewhere backstage.

Most of them were staff members.

The other three mentors had arrived.

Before Zhang Han approached them, he heard many discussions, which almost always included the two name “Hanyang”.

As people saw Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Zhou Fei walking over, the discussions faded away.

Zuo Dong smiled and said, “Yo, Zi Yan, Hanyang, I guessed it right that you must be on good terms with each other.

You came here together this time.”

“They are a perfect match since the male is able and the female is beautiful, haha, haha…” Da Hua did not finish his words.

However, everyone knew that Da Hua had implied that they probably were a couple.

This kind of guessing was wrong, which was clear.

They were a couple, who had a child!

Zi Yan smiled gently and replied, “I never said that we were strangers.”

“Guru, you are indeed powerful.” Gu Fan gave a thumbs-up to Zhang Han continuously as he said, “It did not occur to me that you were proficient in electronic music and DJing.

The electronic music album that you have made for Lili is so popular.

The songs are so rhythmic that I cant even resist them.”

“Yes,” Zuo Dong spread his hands out and said, “One event succeeds another.

Zi Yans songs just swept across the board and another DJ goddess, Lili, reigned the board completely this time.

A lot of singers are forced to suffer in silence.

However, Zi Yan and Lili did beat them with their capabilities.”

Da Hua smiled and said, “I heard that these electronic songs are not only popular in Hua nation but also overseas.

They are getting popular at a pretty fast speed.

Moreover, the quality of the MV is quite good.”

At this time, Tong Jiajia said, “Of course, I heard from my friends that the MV of Lilis album is made by a professional team at Universal Music, whose price is quite high.”

Zuo Dong nodded in agreement and said, “This kind of high-quality song deserves to be refined at all costs.”

Gu Fan changed the look on his face all of a sudden and said, “I wonder if you plan on doing any big trick.”

“Big trick Well…” Zi Yan blinked her big and beautiful eyes as she replied, “Take a guess…”

“All right.” Gu Fan grimaced and smiled bitterly as he said, “Then you must have a big trick.”

Chief Director Cheng Xu came over and said solemnly, “You guessed right.

They do have a big trick, which probably will scare you.”

Zuo Dong smiled quite helplessly.

“I knew it.

With him by Zi Yans side, they make up a perfect couple, complementing each other well.”

Other mentors were under great pressure while staying with Zi Yan and Zhang Han.

After all, the songs they had made were far too amazing.

If other songs sung by other mentors were left far behind, they would be criticized.

Everyone chatted with each other joyfully backstage.

They went to the respective preparation rooms and did their makeup at 11 oclock.

Zi Yan also got dressed, imitating the makeup style of Lili in the MV.

Coincidentally, after the main person in charge of Universal Music heard the songs on the album, he was quite touched and offered a piece of advice that Lili should wear clothing with marks.

Consequently, he designed a set of clothing—a black sweater, black-and-blue jeans, and sneakers with a black surface and white lining.

There was also a sign of flashing printed on the back of the sweater, which read as the character “Z”.

After Zhang Han found out about this, he also found it quite interesting.

Zi Yan was dressed in such a style today.

She put the hat of the sweater on her head.

Her long hair went downward vertically from her chin, which made Zi Yan look unique and different.

Upon seeing Zi Yans makeup style, Zuo Dong was at a loss and thought, “Isnt it Lilis makeup style in the MV What the hell is going on”

He could not figure out anything and was about to ask Zi Yan.

A voice came from the stage.

“Hello, everyone.

I am the chief director of Chinese New Voice, Cheng Xu.

Thanks for attending the ending concert of the first season of Chinese New Voice, everybody.”



Thousands of people below the stage cheered and screamed, showing their due respect for Cheng Xus feelings.

“After a ferocious competition, Chinese New Voice came to a perfect ending.

The official version will be aired at eight oclock every Friday starting December 5th.

Lets welcome the first group of mentors to perform for us.

They are Zuo Dong and Da Hua! Welcome them with applause!”

“Clatter!” Amid the audiences applaud, the lights on the stage became darker.

Zuo Dong and Da Hua went on the stage in a hurry and stood at their positions with some backing dancers.

When they were ready, the backing music rang out.

At the same time, a melodic song was sung.

“It is adapted fromAn Ordinary Path.

It sounds so good with the rapping of Mentor Zuo Dong!”


Many trainees backstage nodded their heads continuously.

After this song was over, it was Gu Fans turn to be on the stage.

As expected, Zi Yan was the last one to perform grandly.

The song that Gu Fan performed was Only One.

Since it was accompanied by a quite popular rhythm, it made numerous female fans scream loud.

The song ended eventually.

Cheng Xu walked on the stage again and said, “Lets welcome the star mentor next, Zi Yan.


As the audience applauded and exclaimed, Zi Yan turned her head around and winked at Zhang Han wickedly.

After that, she went on the stage quickly.

At this moment, it was pretty dark on the stage and the light was dim.

After Zi Yan found her position, she turned her back to the audience below the stage.

“Thump!” Amid a deep and dull sound, the whole stage became quiet, meaning that the performance was going to be live.

The whole stage was in darkness.

Before the music started, this kind of atmosphere made the audience feel somewhat expectant.

Even Da Hua, Zuo Dong, and Gu Fan, who had finished singing, said curiously backstage, “I wonder what Zi Yan is going to sing.”

“I guess the stage effect should be quite amazing.

I just have that kind of strong feeling.”

“Whenever she sings, the performance effect is quite intriguing.”

“Well Why is itfade ” Upon hearing the rhythm of the opening, Zuo Dong was at a loss and asked, “Isnt it a piece of electronic music”

Not only him, even those trainees felt curious.

Since this was a piece of electronic music, if Zi Yan had prepared those types of equipment for the DJ, the performance might be amazing.

However, she intended to sing the song.

Under this kind of situation, they did not notice that the corner of Zhang Hans lips was slightly crooked.

Zhang Han had been by their side.

He knew the best that compared with the original fade, the upgraded faded was a divine tune, who got much more popularity and more rewards.

At last, amid the accompanying piano music, the lights were lit.

Several flashes of lights were on Zi Yans body.

She turned her back to the stage and lifted her right hand up high.

There was a microphone in her hands.

The character Z looked extremely clear, which shone slightly.

Five seconds later, her right hand made an arc and fell.

After that, she turned around, faced the audience, walked forward six or seven steps, and stood at the center of the stage.

At that moment, she held up the microphone and opened her mouth.

Her voice was so melodious that it sounded like it was from heaven…

“You were the shadow to my life, did you feel us.”

It did not occur to the audience that it was an English song, which most of the people did not understand.

However, the stretched voice and unidentifiable chaos sounded somewhat special.

“Another start, you fade away, afraid our aim is out of sight, wanna see us, alive!”

As Zi Yan sang the last word, she articulated the word one time louder, meaning that the uneventful rhythm was behind.

“Where are you now, where are you now…”

As Zi Yan sang, the accompaniment of the piano music was upgraded into a piece of electronic music, which was accompanied by a heavy low voice.

At this moment, the music pierced through the whole stage.

Many fans could not help holding up the glowsticks in their hands and swaying along with the music.

Backstage, the other three mentors were not peaceful anymore.

Gu Fan turned his head back, stared at Zhang Han, and smiled as he said, “Guru, did you write this song or did she adapt the song I think this piece of electronic music is perfectly blended.”

Zhang Han replied casually, “We discussed it together.”

Zuo Dong and Da Hua looked at each others eyes, smiled bitterly, and shook their heads.

Zuo Dong said emotionally, “It can be imagined that this song might be popular again.”

Soon, the song ended.

The screaming voices from the audience below the stage almost toppled the roof.

Amid numerous screams and cheering, Zi Yan bowed and retreated.

After she went backstage, she came into another round of exclamation.

However, the show still needed to go on.

Cheng Xu went on the stage and announced, “Next, lets welcome one of the eight powerful trainees of the first season of Chinese New Voice, Lu Ze, to perform on stage…”

He did not mention the relative ranking.

Since the show was not aired yet, it would not be a good thing at all if the detailed ranking was leaked.

Consequently, eight powerful trainees went on stage one after another except for Zhang Han since he was not on the list.

However, as a special guest, he was in Zi Yans team and sang a song together with other trainees.

After they were done with the singing, two hours had passed.

After the show ended, Chief Director Cheng Xu took the initiative to invite people as he said, “I have arranged a luncheon in Liming Restaurant.

Shall we celebrate together”

He said so to quite a few people, namely, Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and a few other people.

Zi Yan pondered it and nodded.

Zhang Han also consented.

Consequently, everyone arrived at a luxurious lounge of Liming Restaurant and ordered a lot of wine.

It seemed that they would not go home without being drunk.

Females would drink red wine and males would drink beer universally.

On the table, this group of folks set themselves free after taking in two bottles of beer.

“Guru, I should propose a toast to you.

I admire you so much.

You are my idol.”

A glass of beer was emptied.

Gu Fan nodded solemnly as he said, “Guru, I admire not only your talent but also your personality.

If there is a chance in the future, I hope we can cooperate.

I mean it sincerely.”

He drank another toast again.

Zuo Dong toasted as he said, “Though I am an elder to all of you, I should call you guru here…”

Another toast.

As for Zhang Han, he acted the same all the time, smiled gently, and responded politely, “Yes, OK.

You are polite.”

It went on one round after another.

As they drank up the beer one glass after another, Zhang Han was totally fine.

The faces of the others all flushed.

The drinking party had been going on for just an hour.

As for those who drank heavily with Zhang Han, 80 percent of them passed out and the remaining 20 percent were confused.

Though Zhang Han did not say anything at all, one drank a toast by himself and mumbled as he said, “Well said, guru! Lets drink a toast!”

After he drank up, he lay beneath the table happily, which everybody found amusing.

Chief Director Cheng Xu was the only one who did not drink at all.

He had been observing the situation all the time.

Whenever someone passed out, he asked people to take them to have a rest.

Consequently, the people at the table became fewer and fewer gradually.

At last, even Cheng Xu was curious as to how amazing Zhang Hans drinking capability was.

Consequently, this luncheon came to a perfect end.

Zhang Han was fine.

As for Zi Yan, she had drunk some red wine.

Her tender face was flushed.

She was somewhat drunk.

When a female gets drunk, she looks somewhat foolish and cute.

However, Zi Yan was quiet.

She got in the car quietly, got on the plane quietly, and went back to Cold Immortal School.

She was not quiet anymore after getting back to the bedroom.

Since Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, and Liu Qingfeng had gone to Singapore, they were alone in the whole castle.


Zi Yans amazing body pressed on Zhang Hans as if it were a snake.

The clothing came off, one item at a time.

Soon, a piece of music with uneventful rhythm lingered around the bedroom.

At four oclock, Zhang Han put his coat on as he walked out of the bedroom.

He went downstairs and drove to the kindergarten to pick up Mengmeng.

After he picked up Mengmeng successfully, the little girl spread out her tender palm as she said, “Papa, this is the fifth flower.

Papa, you can promise me five requests!”

“Whoa!” Upon seeing her happy look, of course, Zhang Han praised her continuously.

After they went back to the castle, Zi Yan had gotten up.

Moreover, she tidied up the messy bed and changed the bed sheets and bed cover.

Mengmeng and Zi Yan stuck the red flower on the blackboard together.

The little girl stared at the board for quite a few minutes.

After that, she went to the back mountain satisfactorily and played with Dahei and Little Hei.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan accompanied her by her side.

Soon, Zhou Fei was here and informed them about a few pieces of news.

“Lilis album is popular.

She lists the producer of every one of her songs as Hanyang, which makes Hanyang become popular again.

“The program division of Chinese New Voice showed a few shots of sister-in-law, using Hanyangs popularity to do the propaganda.

Moreover, due to the music style of Lilis album, people are more and more interested in the show.

“There are a lot of topics now.

If the show is aired tomorrow, I am sure it will break a lot of records.

I can predict that Chinese New Voice should be a phenomenal entertainment show this winter.

“Now many people know Lili is in Star-Moon Bar.

Per Uncle Suns advice, she signed a contract with the Purple Moon Entertainment Company and pursues her career as a celebrity.

She is not in the bar anymore currently and plans to hold an outdoor concert on the 15th.”

As Zi Yan heard her out, she nodded.

She would be less occupied in recent days.

Since the show had just ended, she would rest herself for a few days.

After that, she would take an easy short-term job and end the job before the 26th so that she could accompany her family members to play in the snow.

As a mother, she was quite looking forward to playing in the snow.

Zhang Han saw Zhang Li becoming much more occupied in recent days and did not overthink it.

He was OK with it as long as Zhang Li had fun.

After he had been accompanying Mengmeng for some while on the back mountain, they went back to the castle, told stories, and went to sleep.

A happy life.

The next evening, after the little girl fell asleep, Zhang Han and Zi Yan put on headsets, lay on the bed, and watched the first episode of Chinese New Voice.

Holy God.

As they opened the video, the bullet screen filled the screen, which indicated that the show was quite popular.

A few seconds later, they had no choice but to turn off the bullet screen.

The show lasted for one and a half hours.

Zhang Han had a few shots before the show started.

However, it was not until the end of the show that he showed up and sung a song.

He sang melodiously.

The program division even edited a few comments, which seemed to be made by Hanyang, and surprised expressions over it.

However… “Not qualified!” Zi Yans words left the audience feeling stunned.

The audience also felt nervous and thought, “How come such an amazing trainee is not qualified”

Doubt crept into peoples hearts.

Following that, Mentor Zuo Dong walked over and handed his golden chain out.

“I am here for Zi Yan!”

Hanyang said no to Zuo Dongs golden chain.

“Zoom!” The show ended and left people wondering whether Hanyang was promoted or not.

Many netizens were angry.

“F**king poor editing!”

“I want to send them some blades.”

Those crumpy ones even swore loudly.

However, they had no other way out.

All they could do was wait until next week for the show, which they were itching to see.

As time went by day after day, since Mengmeng had classes conscientiously, she got more and more red flowers gradually.

The sixth flower, the seventh flower… And as she got the eighth flower, it was December 25th.

It was a day when Zhang Li held a concert.

Originally, Sun Ming had been somewhat concerned about the size of the audience at first.

However, it did not occur to him that Zhang Li would be popular to such an extent.

The concert would be held in a stadium that could hold 5,000 people.

As the sale of the tickets began, all the tickets were sold out three minutes later.

Following that, the scalpers began to speculate on the concert tickets.

The original ticket price was 388 dollars.

It was elevated to 6,888 by the scalpers.

The price went up continuously and was even on quite a lot of news shows.

Consequently, when the concert began, the vertical columns rose from the ground around the square one after another, encircling the whole venue.

Even so, many people stood in the surrounding area.

Even if they could not see the stage, it worked for them if they could listen to music.

The moment Zhang Li was on the stage, she sang five songs consecutively.

Following that, Sun Dongheng made a cameo and sang two songs.

Zhang Li rested for a few minutes and went on stage again.

The whole scene was quite explosive.

As Sun Dongheng went on the stage of Zhang Lis concert, the number of his followers rocketed up.

On the live streaming software, he was elevated to the No.1 streamer, which earned him many dignities.

As one of the eight powerful trainees of Chinese New Voice, he also performed in this kind of large-sized concert.

He was going to be well-known, wasnt he

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