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Chapter 526 The Old House of the Jia Clan

“Yue Wuwei” When Zhang Han brought up this name, Lu Xiong was stunned for a moment.

He thought about it for a second.

Following that, he replied, “All I know is that the master of the Spirit Treasure Pavilion is No Action Immortal.

However, most of the time, its not him but his subordinates dressed in white shirts that show up in person.

As for Yue Wuwei, I know nothing about him.

The time when he struck out, people only saw the figure of his back.

He only made a move, which was said to be pretty, pretty powerful.”

“Oh, oh,” Zhang Han nodded as he said.

Though he felt somewhat it dubious, he still thought that the No Action Immortal, whom Lu Xiong had mentioned, would most probably be Yue Wuwei.

On this holy object planet, which was suppressed, some mysteries might indeed exist in the plate of Cultivation World, which this holy object planet was attached to.

Otherwise, he would not have been transferred to the Cultivation World at the outset.

“As far as I know, usually, the Spirit Treasure Pavilion will hold a meeting every five years.

The meeting location is different every time.

For those who can attend the meeting, they should be a Grand Master at least.

When the Spirit Treasure Pavilion opened last time, the gate of the small world had not been closed yet.

As more than five years have passed, the pavilion may open soon, which may happen when the gate of the small world opens or before that.” As Lu Xiong spoke, the look on his face was somewhat solemn.

He said, “After the gate of the small world opens, the world may be in chaos for some time.

Over the five years, some things might have happened in each small world.

As the power is complicatedly interconnected, the pavilion may open before the door of the small world opens.”

As Lu Xiong went on talking, the atmosphere became heavier gradually.

Zhang Han pondered Lu Xiongs words, shook his head, and smiled as he said, “I wonder if you know about the relics on Mount He Snow, Master Lu”

“I have heard a little about them.

It is said that 60% of the relics are class B, which will be confirmed within some more days.” After Lu Xiong finished replying to Zhang Hans question, he smiled and said, “However, I dont even plan to go to the relic site.

As the school is on holiday, Guoguo plans to go to hang around in Dubai with a few friends.

I need to follow them secretly.

Since the world outside is such a chaotic one, I feel worried about allowing them to hang about randomly!”

As Zi Yan heard Lu Xiongs words, she smiled gently and said, “Master Lu, you are so considerate.

You also care about your dear granddaughter so much.”

Lu Xiong replied triumphantly, “Of course.

I only have one darling granddaughter.”

The expression on his face indicated that he was quite proud of his granddaughter, which made Zhang Han feel somewhat empathetic toward him.

In Lu Xiongs situation, there was some difference between the daughter and the granddaughter, which was a quite different experience for Zhang Han.

Lu Xiong glimpsed at the time and said, “My granddaughter is going to leave school soon.

Since she will go back to my place, I need to go home to cook.

By the way, my daughter praised your daughter many times, saying that Mengmeng was among the three or four extremely smart and clever students in class.”

Zhang Han laughed in spite of himself as he said, “My daughter is quite smart.”

“Haha, haha.


All right, I will go home now.”

Zi Yan waved her hands smilingly as she said, “Master Lu, take care.”

Lu Xiong got out of the car and went back to the house on the mountain.

Generally, mosquitoes, bugs, and reptiles were beyond count in houses where there was grassland and trees were lined.

Some poisonous insects might be even there.

Though the environment might be good, there might be some shortcomings.

However, to the martial artists who were capable of using their tricks, this kind of situation was not an issue at all.

Soon after, the bell indicating that class was over rang in the school.

Zhang Han got out of the car with quick strides and went into the kindergarten.

Mengmeng called out as usual, “Papa!”

The little girl ran swiftly, stretched out her fragile arms when she was halfway, and threw herself into Zhang Hans arms.

Every time this kind of situation occurred, a few parents and children in the surrounding area would glance at them from time to time.

Quite a few other children acted the same as Mengmeng, who were dependent on their parents.

They would rush over upon seeing their parents.

As for the children attending the preschool classes of kindergarten, most of them were three years old.

Mengmeng was older than them by half a year.

However, a few children were four years old.

Frankly, she was still a little girl, who neither cried nor made a scene.

Moreover, she was willing to be engaged in her studies, which was quite a huge progress.

There was indeed another unexpected surprise today.

“Look, PaPa! My third little red flower! You can promise me three requests, PaPa!” Mengmeng unfolded her little palm in which lay a little red flower peacefully.

Everyone who saw her big shining eyes and happy expression could tell that she was very happy at this moment!

Since his little girl was happy, Zhang Han also felt happy sincerely.

After he got home, he made a sumptuous dinner.

As Zhang Han rested himself after having dinner, his father-in-law invited him to play Go together.

Ever since he had beaten Patriarch Luo, Luo Chengwen last time, Zi Qiang was very confident when it came to playing Go.

He even made Zhang Han wonder whether he should beat him a few times in order to discourage him.

However, upon thinking about it, Zhang Han decided, “Hiss.

I cant do that.”

Consequently, Zi Qiang went to rest himself satisfactorily that night.

Zhang Han told stories as usual as he said, “On a mysterious island, the King of Dwarves and the King of Elves found a lake in the middle of the island.

There was a spring at the bottom of the lake, which was calledEverlasting Spring.

They fought with the mermaids for the spring water…”

Though Mengmeng felt confused while listening to this kind of story, she liked to listen to stories while nestling up to her dad.

As usual, the little girl fell asleep gradually.

Zhang Han took her in his arms and placed her on the small bed.

As he saw that Zi Yan also fell asleep, he took the mobile over with little noise.

He opened the private message sent over by the Jia Clan.

The old master of the Jia Clan had not gone to many places one week before he had become unconscious.

He had only gone to three places, whose details were specifically listed.

Even the owner of the places and a high definition map was included in the message.

Zhang Han glimpsed at the map for a while and fixed his eyes on the Hufeng Villas located on the eastern side of Shenzhen.

Judging from the topography there, some unknown things might exist there, namely, the Yin soul, whose nature looked a bit like the ghost face in the netherworld.

As for the other two places, they were both high up in buildings in the lively city.

The probability that the Yin soul would exist there was extremely small.

There might be another possibility that the Yin soul was attached to some kinds of treasures.

Consequently, Zhang Han planned to make Hufeng Villas his first stop.

If it turned out that the Yin soul did not exist in the Hufeng Villas, he would go to the other two nearby places conveniently.

However… at nine oclock the next morning, by the time Zhang Han had arrived in Shenzhen, Director Bi, Patriarch Jia, along with dozens of other people were standing at the entrance of the Hufeng Villas.

“Grand Master Zhang, you are here!” Patriarch Jia greeted Zhang Han in a hurry and pointed at the young middle-aged man by his side as he said, “He is the manager of the villas, who entertained my father when he was here that day.

He remembers all the places my father went to.”

Zhang Han nodded as he said, “OK.

Lets walk over the same route that Old Master Jia took after he entered the villas.”

“All right.

This way please, Sir.” The manager wiped off the cold sweat and led the way ahead quite nervously.

He already knew that something had happened to the Old Master of the Jia Clan.

If Old Master Jia did run into misfortune, the entire Hufeng Villas would be in deadly danger right now.

Even if there were 10 Hufeng Villas, they could not withstand the rage of the Jia Clan.

“Master Jia and Master Wang walked up from here.

They walked leisurely all the way and I followed behind them.

They stayed in this area for less than one minute, appreciating the flowers and praising them with a few words.

After that…” The manager tried his best to recollect as he led the group to walk inside.

They stopped at the luxurious hot spring room at last, which was their last stop.

Zhang Han asked, “Is that all”

The manager confirmed as he said, “Yes.

They only went to these places.”

Zhang Han closed his eyes and became silent for two seconds.

The extension range of his soul sense reached out thousands of meters.

Even though he had extended his soul sense deep into the ground more than 200 meters, he did not feel anything unusual at all.

As a result, he blurted out a few words.

“This is not the place.

Lets go to the next one.”

Everyone went down the mountain and joined the motorcade that the Jia Clan had prepared and went to the 25th floor of a commercial building.

Zhang Han observed for a few minutes and gave out an answer.

“This is also not the place.”

In this case, should Master Jia have met with a mishap in the last location


He got to the last private club and walked around it once.

Feeling confused, Zhang Han still blurted out, “Still not the place!”

“Well…” The look on the Patriarch Jias face became somewhat ghastly all of a sudden.

The cold sweat trickled continuously.

Patriarch Jia wiped off a handful of cold sweat as he asked, “So is there no other way”

Zhang Han asked very assertively, “If we cant find the place, we have no way out.

I think he must have gone to other places.”

“There are no other places.

We investigated more than dozens of times and it turned out that Master Jia had gone to these three places only.

What should we do”

At this moment, Patriarch Jia became somewhat anxious.

However, as he finished his words, the look on his wifes face suddenly changed.

She said, “There, there is one more place.”

Patriarch Jia asked in a hurry, “Where is it”

His wife answered in a hurry, “The Old Master, Old Master also went to the old house of our family once!”

“The old house Yes, yes, there is an old house! However, how could Old Master have met with a mishap in the old house”

All of a sudden, everyone, including Patriarch Jia and all the members of the Jia Clan, felt chills up and down their spines.

They had gone to the old house.

If there was something inside, they would feel somewhat spine-chilling upon thinking of it.

So horrible.

Zhang Han said peacefully, “Then, lets go there and have a look.”

Everyone got in the motorcade once again and went to an ancient siheyuan this time, which was located at the rear side of the villa area of the Jia Clan.

The houses in the siheyuan were somewhat shabby.

As they walked into the courtyard, Patriarch Jia became bewildered and surprised as he said, “How come this place is filled with dry straw Moreover, why did these flowers and trees become withered There should always be someone coming here to do the cleaning every week, right”

Director Bi said in a deep voice, “This… The problem may lie here.”

That was because he felt strong and gloomy Yin Qi at this moment!

Based on its strength, the Yin Soul might be at the Grand Master Late-stage.

This kind of Yin Soul was extremely tricky.

It would take them great effort to eradicate it.

Consequently, he stared at Zhang Han subconsciously and asked, “Grand Master Zhang, should I send some helpers here and take it down directly”

Though he thought Grand Master Zhang was invincible among all the Grand Masters, it would be best if they could take the Yin Soul down once and for all while dealing with this kind of Yin Soul.

He also did not know what Zhang Hans cards were.

Nor was he clear about whether Zhang Han was proficient in dealing with the Yin Soul.

He was afraid that if Zhang Han acted rashly, the Yin Soul would be alerted and scared away.

In that case, it would be difficult to encircle and annihilate the Yin Soul once again.

Then, Old Master Jia might not be saved.

“No need.” Zhang Han fixed his eyes without ever looking at Director Bi, looked straight ahead, and shook his head slightly.

Director Bi asked again, “Should we prepare…”

Originally, he planned to ask whether Zhang Han needed to prepare some treasures or not so that he could send someone to fetch them.

However, it did not occur to him that before he finished his words, he would see a green light twinkle in Zhang Hans eyes.

Following that, Zhang Han stretched his right hand out and said, “Qing Ming Seal!”

“Zoom!” An invisible power permeated the front side of the old house.

“Swish!” The door of the old house was shattered the next moment.

It seemed that everyone on the scene saw a gigantic ghost face looming there.

Even a gust of cold wind blew through the whole house.

The coldness was chilling!

However, this kind of feeling was fleeting.

The cold wind dispersed the next second.

The sunlight seemed to become brighter.

They saw that Zhang Han held his palm and said calmly, “Its done.”

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