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Chapter 522 How to Use the Sky-High Priced Member Card

They drove all the way to the castle.

They passed by the bodyguards of the Wang family and the members of the security group, who mingled with the pedestrians.

When they arrived at the front square of the castle, they saw a black Bentley Mulsanne with a van beside it.

Luo Chengwen, Luo Shan, and Zhao Feng were standing there, laughing and chatting.

Not long ago, when Zhao Feng was still working for Tang Zhan, Patriarch Luo wouldnt talk with him in this way, and even Tang Zhan was not qualified to meet Luo Chengwen.

But times had changed, and Zhao Feng was now qualified to communicate with any big family.

Though this change was brought about by Zhang Hans strength and position… In short, a strong backer could make a big difference.

As soon as they saw Zhang Han, both Luo Chengwen and Luo Shan hurried to welcome him.



They greeted Zhang Han after he got out of the car.

Then they went into the hall on the first floor.

To be honest, Luo Chengwen was also stunned at the first sight of Cold Immortal School.

A place with such treasures was priceless in New Moon Bay.

He knew that Zhang Han hadnt been in Hong Kong for a long time, but it was the young mans strength as a top martial artist in the martial arts world that had helped him rank among the top forces in Hong Kong rapidly.

They sat on the sofa on the right side of the first floor.

Zhang Han took the lead to introduce them.

“This is Patriarch Luo, Luo Chengwen, and Luo Shan, the chairman of Mengmengs kindergarten.

And these are my in-laws.”

“Patriarch Luo Ive heard so much about you!” Zi Qiang stretched out his hand.

The Four Grand Families took strong root in Hong Kong as great business clans, and Zi Qiang had also heard about them in Singapore.

Facing Zi Qiangs hand, Luo Chengwen hurried to stand up and say politely, “Nice to meet you… Well, Uncle Zi, dont be so courteous.”

Luo Chengwen was nearly 40 years old, and he often called someone like Zi Qiang “Mr.

Zi”, or “Brother Zi” if they were in a higher position than him.

But this time, he called Zi Qiang “Uncle Zi”.

Zi Qiang was surprised by the power of his son-in-law.

After chatting for a while, Zi Yan went upstairs with Mengmeng to change their clothes.

Zhang Han checked the time and said, “Father, Patriarch Luo, wait for a moment.

Im going to deal with the food ingredients and make our dinner.”

Luo Shan went out with Zhang Han and asked his men to carry that one-meter-long bluefin tuna into the big kitchen on the second floor.

Zhang Han began preparing dinner.

There are lots of methods to cook tuna, but it is recommended to make sashimi with the sweet-meat bluefin tuna.

Besides, Zhang Han was going to steam some fish meat for Mengmeng.

It was a giant bluefin tuna, and they would have a whole fish feast for dinner with some side dishes.

It would take Zhang Han at least one hour to make the food.

Zi Qiang was not content to talk with Luo Chengwen and Luo Shan for such a long time, so he cleared his throat and asked, “Does Patriarch Luo play Go”

“Go” Patriarch Luo was interested in this topic.

“I like chess games and calligraphy from childhood, including Go, but my energy is limited and I dont specialize in Go skills.”

In fact, the chess games that Luo Chengwen referred to were limited to chess and Go.

Go was his favorite game, and he had high attainments in this field.

He decided not to tell the truth.

“Shall we play Go now” Zi Qiangs eyes lit up.

“Ive been studying it for many years, and Han is a rare rival to me.

I play Go with him each time we meet.”

Luo Chengwen nodded with a smile and accepted the invitation.

Zi Qiang took out a Go board from the suitcase next to him, and began to arrange it on the sofa and tea table.

Luo Chengwen had expected Zi Qiang to be well-matched with him.

After a few moves, he looked at Zi Qiang weirdly.

“Is this the result of his years of studying

“Though some of his moves are innovative, he always makes bad chess moves at the critical moment, and Ill soon defeat him.

“He said that he is well-matched with Grand Master Zhang


“Ill let him win the game.”


A few minutes later, Zi Qiang looked at the Go board seriously and made his final move.

The pieces fell on the board and made a crisp sound.

Zi Qiang paused, sighed with relief, and then said, “Dont lose heart.”

“Well,” Luo Chengwen took a serious look at the board, shook his head, and then complimented Zi Qiang, “Uncle Zi, your skill in Go is excellent.”

Though he was flattering Zi Qiang, he did appreciate some of his moves.

In the middle of the game, Zi Qiang began attacking him in a fierce way and did make some excellent moves.

Luo Chengwen didnt know that Zi Qiang had acquired these skills in his numerous competitions with Zhang Han.

“Haha, again!” Zi Qiang laughed and cleared the board.

Before they could finish the game, Zhang Han began serving dinner.

They went to the fifth floor of the cylindrical building, where they sat down in front of the all-round French windows, enjoyed New Moon Bay under the moonlight, and had dinner together.

In addition to this bluefin tuna, Luo Chengwen also brought 16 bottles of precious wine.

While drinking and eating, Luo Chengwen couldnt help sighing with jealousy and praising Zhang Hans cooking skill.

The guests all had a good time and left after dinner.

Luo Chengwen had talked with Zhao Feng about his ideas, who got Zhang Hans permission and gave Luo Chengwen a satisfactory answer.

The next day…

It was Sunday, and Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu were playing with Mengmeng on the back mountain.

Next to them were Zhang Han and Zi Yan, who was writing songs with her guitar in her arms.

“This song is quite suitable, but I dont remember it very well.

Although I remember most of the lyrics, I forget the melody,” Zhang Han said as he tried to recall.

“Is the melody soft or intense” asked Zi Yan.

“It should be light and melodious.”

“Thats easy.

Write down the words first, and then well study the accompaniment together.”

In this way, Zhang Han and Zi Yan started to work together.

They were very efficient.

On the first day, they decided on the music and lyrics, and the next day, they began recording the accompaniment.

It was Sunday night when everything was ready.

At seven oclock in the evening…

Luo Chengwen and Luo Shan invited two friends to the branch of Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

They went all the way to the second floor and attracted the attention of countless diners.

There were also many people in the members area.

The rules in this branch restaurant were much laxer, and the members were allowed to bring their friends with them.

When they got to the members area and sat down, they could hear some murmurs.

“Patriarch Luo is here.”

“Luo Shan should be the next patriarch.

Patriarch Luo goes everywhere with him.”

“Their member card cost them 1.5 billion.

What a great loss.”

Luo Chengwen heard that guys last sentence.

“Great loss


He laughed at that man in silence.

“Youll never understand how many benefits Ill get from this high-priced card.

“It will lead me to prosperity.

“Youll soon know what Im talking about.”

After communicating with Zhao Feng, Luo Chengwen had learned some news in advance.

For the upper class of Hong Kong, this was undoubtedly big news.

Just as Luo Chengwen had expected…

That night, some sensational news shocked many big families in Hong Kong.

Zhang Han was going to move Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant to Cold Immortal School and reopen it.

From then on, the restaurant would accept members only, and each member card was priced at 10 million yuan.

Anyone who wanted to be a member should sign up in advance and pay a 10-million-yuan registration fee.

Finally, the members would be selected by drawing lots, and the application fee they paid would be converted into the card-handling fee.

For those who failed in the selection, they would get a refund of five million yuan and pay a handling fee of five million yuan.

This rule was to prevent the large families from monopolizing the registration qualification.

If the losers got a full refund, Zhang Han was worried that any big family could occupy thousands of seats.

Of course, whether or not to accept this rule was entirely up to the applicants, and Zhang Han would not change the rule.

Recently, too many people went to see Zhao Feng and tried their best to get a restaurant membership card.

They even asked him directly when the next auction would be.

Therefore, Zhang Han came up with this idea to sell the cards.

Upon hearing this news…

Many influential families didnt know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Haha, he priced the cards at 10 million yuan What good news.” “Luo Chengwen will get nothing back from his 1.5 billion yuan.”

“This time, Im going to get 20 places.

Although there are many participants, well compete for 30 member cards, and Im sure I can get one.”

Many families had the same idea.


At 10 oclock in the evening, news spread from the Luo family.

The Luo family was preparing to buy a large number of martial arts materials, because they had reached a cooperation agreement with Master Zhang, and then they would provide resources for Master Zhang to refine special medicinal pellets for them.

“What is the special medicinal pellet”

Later on, they learned that it was the most suitable medicinal pellet specially made for some qualified disciples of the Luo family.


“Is Grand Master Zhang an alchemist”

Many people were startled.

They soon learned from the National Security Agency that Master Zhang was also an excellent alchemist.

Even all the members of Mengmengs security group got benefits from Master Zhangs medicinal pellets.


The news startled many influential families.

Especially the other two big families that were well-matched with the Luo family.

They were feeling regret now.

“This opportunity just cost him 1.5 billion! Why arent we as lucky as him”

“The member card priced at 1.5 billion yuan is so cheap! It is worth more than three billion yuan!”

“The opportunity is priceless!”


But the chance that they had missed would never come back, and all they could do now was regret.

In addition, Luo Chengwen was so lucky mainly because he was favored by Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was willing to make friends with those who respected him.

Luo Shans and Luo Chengwens deeds pleased him.

Therefore, Zhang Han didnt mind to make friends with them and treat them in the same way.

The number of people who signed up for the draw that night reached 500 in just one hour.

Zhang Han would make five million from every applicant, and these 500 people brought him 2.5 billion net profit.

All the families participated in the draw.

Their power was formidable.

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