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Chapter 515 Different Scripts

The three mentors realized that Zi Yan hadnt said anything after Im Cute began singing.

They remembered that when Zhang Han was pointing at Zi Yan while singing the line “Ive fallen in love with her”, Zi Yans eyes were lit up.

At that time, they even felt the air was sweet.

Recalling what had happened, they were all astonished by the possible truth.

“Its frightening!”

“It seems that Zi Yan has fallen in love with someone.”

“Whats going on”

The three of them turned their gazes to Zi Yan.

“Zi Yan, why not make some comment He has just sung a song for you.” Zuo Dong hesitated for a while, and then continued with a smile.

“All of us felt his love for you, do you think Mr.

‘Im Cute is trying to pursue you”


Zi Yans beautiful eyes blinked as she thought and replied, “Maybe, but… the song made me happy and reminded me of something special.”

While saying this, Zi Yan took a glance at Zhang Han and then added, “A special feeling only for myself.”

“Whats that”

“Of course its the happiness of loving someone and being loved by him.”

“Hahaha…” Both Zuo Dong and Da Hua burst out laughing.

Zuo Dong applauded and said, “I smell a rat.

Did you know each other before”

“Take a guess,” Zi Yan tilted her head and replied with a smile.

“How can I guess” Zuo Dong shook his head helplessly.

“Zi Yan, you seem to be well-prepared for this question!”

Da Hua, who had always been serious, made a joke and then looked at Zhang Han.

“‘Im Cute, Ill keep your name in mind.”

Zuo Dong again turned his gaze to Zhang Han, thought for a while, and then said, “Though you came here for the beautiful mentor, its not necessary for you to join her team, maybe you can try a devious route.

You are a skillful singer with nice voice, and Im sure we can cooperate to produce wonderful songs.

Consider my suggestion if you are interested in it.”

Obviously, he still wanted to bring Zhang Han in-house.

Zhang Han nodded.

“Choose you

“Thats impossible.”


Gu Fan couldnt help making his own comment.

“Ive been studying Chinese pop music, hoping to introduce it to all over the world.

Therefore, Im looking forward to doing something big with you and sing our own pop songs in Chinese.”

“Now that they are trying to pull you over to their side, should I say something” Zi Yan tilted her head as if she was really thinking about it.

“No, certainly not.

I already belong to you.” Zhang Han chuckled and made a heart-shaped gesture to her.

The other three mentors were again amused by him, but at the same time, they had a sense of crisis.

“It seems that Zi Yans team already has a champion candidate.”

“He is so amazing.”

Seeing that they started chatting…

Director Cheng Xu notified them, “Mentors…”

Zuo Dong realized that the show was going to continue, so he nodded and said, “Okay, next singer, please.

Im looking forward to Im Cutes performance in the next round.”

“Thank you.”

Zhang Han nodded and left the stage.

After the hosts introduction, the next candidate came onto the stage.

Gu Fan, who was checking the singers information on his tablet computer, suddenly stopped and called out to Zuo Dong and Da Hua.

“Have you noticed something strange”

“Whats the matter” Zuo Dong asked.

“WhatIm Cute sang just now was an original song written by himself!” Gu Fan replied.

“Yes, its amazing.” Both Zuo Dong and Da Hua nodded.

“Hes come here for mentor Zi Yan.” Gu Fan alerted them.

“Yes, I already know that,” Zuo Dong replied.

“It reminded me of Mentor Zi Yans best-selling album Forever, the songs of which were all written by the same person.” Gu Fan slowly turned around, looked at Zi Yan, and smiled.

“Now I have a crazy idea.”


The faces of both Zuo Dong and Da Hua changed and they almost jumped up from their sofa.

“This…” Da Huas hand was trembling.

“Zi Yan, is he that man”

“Oh, my gosh.

Gu Fan, you make me more convinced of my idea.

Its incredible! If he is that man, he should be in our position now!” Zuo Dong stared at Zi Yan.

Zi Yans smile froze, but she kept blinking her eyes.

Knowing that the other three wouldnt give up unless she answered their question…

Zi Yan thought for a while and replied with an innocent look, “I dont know what you are talking about.”

“You dont know” Zuo Dong was amused.

“All of us have heard Hanyangs name, but he only writes songs for you.

What a coincidence that the dark horse who came for you has just sung a song as high-quality as Hangyangs songs, which couldnt be written without difficulty unless he is Hanyang.”

“Is he that man You can tell us secretly.” Gu Fan was so curious about the truth that he whispered.

“Well…” Zi Yan pointed to the next singer on the stage and asked the other three mentors, “He has been standing there for one minute, shall we assess him first”

“Finally, you see me!”

That poor singer almost wanted to cry.

“I was completely ignored.”

But what worried him the most was Zhang Hans performance, which was so excellent that every singer following Zhang Han felt more stressed.

And he, as the next singer after Zhang Han, was the unluckiest one.

He was helpless…

Now that Zi Yan had changed the topic, the other three mentors all laughed, shook their heads, and stopped asking her questions.

They were moderate in the conversation, or it would begin to be beyond a joke.

However, those in the preparation room had heard their conversation and seen their expressions.

Everyone except for Sun Donghuang was excited by the mentors idea.

“Wow! Really He is Hanyang”

“It may be true.

His song was amazing!”

“Maybe it was arranged by the program team.

Hanyang is actually the fifth mentor, and he will be Zi Yans partner in the following rounds.”


TQ, sitting on the far left of the first row, was annoyed by the discussion.

He had also planned to sing such a song for Zi Yan, but Zhang Hans performance stole the show!

He felt as if he had swallowed a fly.

Hearing these words, he could not help contradicting them.

“Stop making wild guesses.

He cant be Hanyang, or he would appear as a mentor instead of taking part in the audition.

I admit that he did a good job, but this is not proof that he is Hanyang.

Its ridiculous.”

The whole room suddenly fell into silence.

That was not because of TQs words, but because Zhang Han got back from the stage.

Everyone turned their gaze to Zhang Han.

They were looking at him in a different way from before.

Several minutes ago, they looked at Zhang Han with contempt, curiosity, suspicion, and encouragement.


There were surprise, admiration, worship, and seriousness in their eyes.

Obviously, they had totally changed their minds.


In this atmosphere, a few minutes passed very slowly.

The next singer finished his song.

It didnt immediately occur to many people that his performance was over.

“Did he sing a song”

Of course, he did!

But almost no one remembered his song until they saw that the poor singer got one vote.

Even the four mentors were embarrassed.

Im Cutes song was so good that they were unable to be attracted by any other songs for the time being.

The poor singers voice was nice, but his song was not better than average with some glitches.

Therefore, Zi Yan decided to give him another chance and voted for him.

After the poor singer left the stage…

Following him, dozens of singers began their performance one after another, but most of them made mistakes because they were so nervous.

This led to a somewhat low pass rate, with only six of the 18 people passing.

But one singer still got three votes.

It was Tong Jiajia.

Though she was nervous as well, she managed to calm down and outdid herself on the stage.

“The No.

51 singer, TQ, is from Dark Tribe Media, and his song Goddess of Love has gotten 30 million hits.

Lets welcome TQ!”

TQ in a white hat, white casual coat, black jeans, and white shoes went onto the stage.

“Hello, Mentors, Im TQ.”

TQ greeted all the mentors.

“TQ, Ive heard of your talent and watched your MV.

You are an all-round singer.” Zuo Dong smiled.

“As a popular singer, do you feel stressful on this stage” Da Hua picked up his microphone and asked.

“I have no stress at all.

Because Im here to show myself,” TQ replied calmly.

Some singers shook their head at TQs words.

Only those with real strength had such a good mentality.

“I have seen your MV recently.” Zi Yan smiled and imitated several hand movements from that MV.

“The dance of the song is very innovative.

Come on.”

“Okay, thank you.

I also have some words for Mentor Zi Yan.”

TQ turned his gaze to Zi Yan.

“I love you, too.

I have also prepared a song for you, and its called Youre the Most Beautiful.

Though someones performance stole the show, it doesnt matter, and Ill burn the stage again with my song.”

Then he looked at the DJ and ordered, “Music!”

However, as he turned around, he didnt notice that Zi Yans face had changed within three seconds.

She was annoyed by the arrogant singer.

“Im a mentor, how can you make fun of me at will”

Zi Yan favorable impression of TQ had fallen.

Hearing TQs words, the other singers in the preparation room cheered.

They were looking forward to TQs song and its possible effect.

“Youre the most beautiful in my eyes, and every smile of yours makes me drunk.”

TQ began singing for Zi Yan full of tender affection.

Though the song was an adapted version, it had few differences from the original version and was thus not special.

“Your bad temper, your kindness, and your pouting when you are angry…”

Though he was singing with gusto, the song made Zi Yan uncomfortable.


Zi Yan pressed her button without hesitation.

The small screen above her showed “eliminated”.

TQ was stunned.

He was on the verge of panicking.

“How can her attitude be different from that just now”

“When that man was singing…”

“Zi Yan seemed to be enjoying his song.”

Because he was absent-minded, TQ was two beats slower when he sang the next line.

Although he immediately realized this and accelerated, he failed to stop Gu Fan from pressing the button and eliminating him.

The two “eliminated” signs made Gu Fan even more nervous with a flush on his cheeks.

“How could I, TQ, be pending”

He was too flustered to control his emotions and voice, and again made some mistakes.

Da Hua and Zuo Dong looked at each other.

Then Da Hua pressed their button.

TQ was thus eliminated.


TQ stopped singing with chaos in his mind.

He was a little angry at the same time.

“Why are my scripts different from that mans”

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