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Chapter 51 – Liang Mengqi visited the Mount New Moon

“Oh yeah! Mengqi, I love you so much! ” Zhao Dahu gave Liang Mengqi a big thumbs up.

“Look at you, you slut! You said to clean up, hurry up and clean up the dining table!” Liang Mengqi rolled his eyes and said.

“Understood!” Zhao Dahu saluted and went to clean up the table complacently.

If this had happened in the past, he would never have imagined that one day he would have to clean up after eating in the dining hall.

However, the key point was that he was actually so happy and excited!

“What a little slut.” Yu Qingqing glanced at Zhao Dahu and scolded him with a smile.

Qing Qing, lets go take a look at the bosss kitchen.

He told me that in the future, not only are there Egg Fried Rice, there will be more delicious food.

When we go shopping in a while, we cant just buy electric cookers.

Liang Mengqi said as he pulled Yu Qingqing towards the kitchen.

“Thats right, thats right.

Lets go take a look.”

Yu Qingqing and Liang Mengqi went into the kitchen to take a look.

“The frying pan is a bit small.”

“Yes, its small, and one is not enough.

Arent there two stoves Lets throw this wok away and buy two big ones.

“And electric cookers.”

“Yes, the most important thing is the electric cooker.”

“Theres also a steamer.

How much food can be steamed in such a small amount” “No, I have to change it.”

“Change the oven too.”

“Are we going to buy some special tableware as well Every time we use paper cups, paper plates and disposable chopsticks, spoons, we feel awkward.

“Youre right.

Buy one set each time.

At worst, we can just clean up our own dishes in the future!”


The two stayed in the kitchen for a while, until Zhao Dahu finished tidying up the table and threw the trash out.

After that, he walked to the kitchen and looked at the kitchen utensils on the counter.

“Throw it away!”

The two ladies spoke without turning their heads.

Zhao Dahu immediately reacted and joined the battle.

The three of them took these brand-new electric cookers, ovens and other utensils and … He threw it outside by the trash can.

It looked like the staff who were cleaning up the trash would be able to reap some rewards today.


At the same time, at Xue Qians house.

“Aiya, why hasnt there been a reply yet”

Li Fans notebook showed his mailbox.

He pressed his left finger on the F5 refresh button and refreshed it every ten seconds, waiting for Han Yangs reply.

“Dont worry, its normal not to be here during the day.

Well check the news later.” Xue Qian was lying on the sofa and reading the lyrics.

Seeing Li Fans appearance, he shook his head.

This guy, he was so excited when he saw a good song.

He refreshed his mailbox for two hours in front of his computer, expecting Han Yang to answer.

“Now that you have something to do, you can study the song.

As for me, Im in a hurry to finish discussing this song!” Li Fan wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

However, this was bound to be a useless action, because Zhang Han did not have the habit of using Penguin Software everyday.

In fact, he had not done it even once a few years ago.


Two hours later, Zhang Han walked down in an orderly fashion while carrying Mengmeng.

When Zhang Han saw that all of the kitchens had been changed to large cooking utensils, he could not help but pause for a moment.

“You guys … really bought a lot” Zhang Han said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Of course, Boss.

Since youve given me the chance, of course we should cherish it, hehe.” Liang Mengqi laughed and said: “Boss, I saw that there is a space on the left side of the tableware cabinet, so we placed all three of us inside.

The tableware is covered with names, we will use the normal tableware, and then we will go back and wash the dishes ourselves.”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng also needs to wash the dishes himself.” Mengmeng said with her childish voice.

“Mengmeng is the Little Princess.” Zhang Hans expression turned serious, and said: “You dont have to do this kind of thing any time; you just have to properly enjoy life with daddy.”

“Ugh …” “Okay.” Mengmeng cutely nodded her head.

“Eh “Boss, where are you going” Liang Mengqi asked curiously when he saw Zhang Han walking out.

“Go out and come back in two or three hours.” Zhang Han said as he looked at them.

Liang Mengqi was using his phone to watch TV while Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu were playing games in the dark.

From the looks of it, they were planning to spend the afternoon in the dining hall.

“Bring me” I dont want to be a light bulb here either.

” Liang Mengqis eyes lit up.

“Pfft, what electric light bulb” Yu Qingqing stared blankly at her, and said sinisterly: “I think that some talents have impure goals and want to follow along.”

“My bad friend!” Liang Mengqi let out a light snort, and did not turn back as he looked at Zhang Han with some anticipation.

“Then come.” Zhang Han nodded and walked out.

He planned to go to the Mount New Moon to harvest some wheat.

After all, he couldnt possibly give Mengmeng rice every day.

Furthermore, the vegetables that he had grown should be ripe by now.

Zhang Han planned to make two regular dishes for Mengmeng to eat tonight.

“Where are we going” Liang Mengqi and Mengmeng sat in the back seat, and when the car started, Liang Mengqi could not help but ask.

“Mount New Moon.” Zhang Han replied.

“Oh.” Liang Mengqi nodded.

She did not continue asking, but Mengmeng could not help but flaunt his skills:

“Little, little big sister, Mount New Moon is… The PaPa gave Mengmeng a paradise.

“Yeah.” Liang Mengqi smiled, the dimples on her face made her smile look very sweet, and she laughed: “Then Mount New Moon must be very beautiful”

“Its nice to look at, but its really pretty.

Mount New Moon has it… There were many dogs, a large tree, many small houses, water, flowers, grass, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, and … PaPa, what else is there ” Mengmeng thought about the area where they grew rice.

He wanted to express but he didnt know what to say, so he could only seek help from the PaPa.

“And ponds, and crops and vegetables.” Zhang Han added with a smile.

“Wow, according to Mengmeng, that place is truly a paradise.” Liang Mengqi felt that this was great!

Yes, her heart had already used the wordgreatness to describe it.

With so many things, just thinking about it would be quite troublesome.

“But shes beautiful.” Mengmeng said with a proud and childish voice.

However, if they couldnt see it with their own eyes, they would definitely not know the beauty of the Mount New Moon.

When Liang Mengqi reached the Mount New Moon.

“This …”

Liang Mengqi was stunned.

“This… This is truly a paradise! ”

“Boss, how did you build this place” Isnt it too beautiful ”

“It feels like even the air is fragrant.

This is unbelievable.”

“Oh my god, this…” A rose “This …”

Zhang Han had already anticipated Liang Mengqis performance, so as she walked towards the back of the mountain, she kept chattering and sighing.

As for the Little Princess who was in Zhang Hans embrace, her expression revealed pride and pride.

The Mount New Moon was specially made for Mengmeng.

“So many dogs” When Liang Mengqi saw the dozens of dogs playing in the grass, his eyes turned green.

Many people liked furry pets like cats and dogs, but there werent many that were raised.

After all, pets would lose their fur, and going to the toilet in the house was very troublesome.

Although he could clean up, the house would have a bad smell after a long time.

This situation could only be improved when the dog was older.

They knew that they couldnt use the toilet in the house before going to look for their owner.

If all the pets were like the ones that Zhang Han had, without any germs or odors, and still hadnt shed hair, then the number of pets would probably skyrocket.

When LilBlack saw that Zhang had arrived, it ran over aggressively.

When Lil Black saw that there was an outsider present, it subconsciously wanted to act cool.

“Ow…” “Hum”

Just as it was about to call out, it saw that it was a girl, Xiao Hei unexpectedly spoke out in confusion, its eyes staring straight at Zhang Han and Liang Mengqi, not knowing what was going on.

Could it be that the beauty from before wasnt the mistress

Why did another beauty come in a few days It was so chaotic.

“Is this an iron-clad golden dog “Shes so beautiful.” Liang Mengqi exclaimed.

“No, no, no.

Its called Little Black.

Its the Ironbag Golden Emperor Dog.” Mengmeng corrected himself.

“Oh, hello, Little Black.” Liang Mengqi smiled and greeted her.

“Awoo, awoo …” Blacky responded in a gentle manner.

“You guys stay here for a while, Im going to work.” Zhang Han said as he walked towards wheat with the sickle in hand.

Liang Mengqi had initially looked at Mengmeng and Little Black playing, but when she saw Little Blacks fangs, she felt a little fearful and apprehensive.

She did not expect that Little Black would actually be so obedient when facing Mengmeng.

However, Liang Mengqi was still a little confused when he saw that Little Blacks fur would often stick close to his face.

After playing for an hour, Zhang Han finished harvesting half of the wheat field and stopped to trap the wheat in bundles.

At this time, Liang Mengqi walked over and asked curiously:

“Boss, Mengmeng is a little too close to the dog.

Shes still young, so her immunity is not high, she shouldnt …”

Before Liang Mengqi could finish speaking, Zhang Han shook his head and interrupted him: “Its alright, the pets here dont have those germs.”

“Eh …” Liang Mengqis expression froze.

Although she could not believe it in her heart, she did not say anything else.

Her gaze carefully sized up the surrounding crops, and said with a face full of praise:

“You really planted so many things, Mengmeng is so happy.”

“You grow it yourself, only then will you be able to eat well.” Zhang Han got a piece of wheat as he spoke and walked to the vegetable area.

He picked some beans, dug up a few potatoes, and picked two tomatoes and a few eggplants.

“Wow, do we have other delicacies for dinner” Liang Mengqi couldnt help but swallow a mouthful of saliva when he saw Zhang Hans actions and the sound of Egg Fried Rice.

“Its Mengmeng and I.” Zhang Han replied indifferently.

“Huh” Liang Mengqi was startled at first, but after that he grinded his teeth in anger and snorted loudly.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, Liang Mengqi and Mengmeng waited in the car.

Zhang Han walked back and forth a few times before he finally took down the wheat.

“Mengmeng, I really envy you for having such an outstanding father.”

Before entering the room, Liang Mengqi could not help but sigh once more.


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