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Chapter 507 Record or Not

At 8:00 a.m.

on Friday, Zhang Han and Zi Yan took Mengmeng to Saint Kindergarten.

“Bye-bye, PaPa.

You promised me that we will play with Big Heihei and Little Heihei after school gets out at noon.”

Mengmeng walked toward the class team and couldnt help looking back, then reminded Zhang Han after taking two steps.

“Well, I will pick you up at noon.”

Zhang Han assured Mengmeng, and the little lady chuckled and waved her hands at Zhang Han, then ran to the class team.

Seeing Mengmeng was happy, Zhang Han was in a quite smooth mood as well, and left the kindergarten with a smile on his face.

After driving back to the restaurant, there was already a moving van in front of the restaurant, which was loaded with pianos, wine cabinets, and all kinds of things.

The restaurant was not entirely removed.

The kitchen counters and utensils, emerald decorative walls, TV, beds, and closets were not moved.

It could be said that it was the case of checking-in.

Zhao Feng had released the news to transfer the restaurant two days in advance.

Zhang Han didnt ask about the price, and Zhao Feng didnt really care.

Relatively speaking, profits from transferring the restaurant were tiny.

Zi Yans mansion in Yunyin Garden was sold for 73 million yuan.

Zhao Feng let people handle a series of procedures.

As for the clothes and toys in the room, they were also brought to the castle.

“We have a lot of memories here.” Zi Yan in the passenger seat gawked at the restaurant.

“Um, how about buying it” Zhang Han became dazed for a moment, then asked with a smile.

“No.” Zi Yan turned around, looking at Zhang Han with big shiny eyes, pursed her lips, and smiled leisurely.

“We will have more memories in the future.”

“Haha, yes,” Zhang Han replied.

“So, lets go decorate our new home,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Ok.” Zhang Han started his car and headed for Mount New Moon.

When they arrived, they made the staff put the things they brought in their respective places, and everything was settled.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan returned to the master bedroom on the third floor, with a large bed in it.

Zi Yan, like a child, hurried a few steps, jumped up, threw off her slippers, and rolled up on the bed.

“Hah.” Zhang Han grinned, and was ready to rush up.

There was a bright flash of light in Zi Yans eyes, as she said, “Go out first, wait for me to let you in.”

“I dont want to go out…”

“Ah, follow my words.

Go quickly.” Zi Yan urged him.

“Fine.” Zhang Han walked out with a smile and closed the door.

At the same time, a yellow McLaren was driving toward Mount New Moon.

“Oh, thanks, Master Bei, for your 10 Super Rockets.”

“Thank you, Abby, for the five Planes.”

“Gifts are coming so fast.

Please dont mind if sometimes I havent noticed it.”

“Has Master Bei talked Ah, I am going to my bosss… house No, its a manor, a villa I cant remember, but it seems to have a name.

Im here for the first time, and I will show you guys later.”

“What You ask who my boss is It will scare you if I say his name! Haha, so I cant say it.

Mengmeng also cant film anymore.

My dad is now working for the boss as the president of a company.”

Sun Dongheng drove forward along the highway slowly.

Because there were no cars on the road, he interacted with the fans at the same time.

After this period of development, Sun Dongheng had become the No.

1 outdoor player on the live broadcast platform, with live broadcast gimmicks such as “Fun Life”, “Daily Life of the Silver-spooned Generation”, and “Beauty”.

Last week, he signed with the live broadcast platform at a high salary of 30 million yuan a year.

In general, people liked him, and the market price was 20 million yuan.

Although the live broadcast was hot, it was classless as it emerged not long before.

However, Sun Dongheng himself was somewhat rich, and the senior managers of the live broadcast platform were not sure that 20 million yuan was enough to keep him.

Besides, the senior managers were very optimistic about his traffic, so they gave him an additional 10 million yuan, which made Sun Dongheng extremely happy.

20 million yuan was given to his family, and the rest was kept for his own use.

Changes took place from his hair to feet, even his underwear.

His hair was much longer, in a slicked-back style, which he had to take good care of every day.

His hair was no longer yellow, but in natural black, making him like a young, handsome male.

A handsome appearance, cheerful style, and outgoing temperament are what made him an online celebrity.

“Ah, thank you, 20 Super Rockets from Master Bei, thanks a lot.

Master Bei is really wealthy!”

Sun Dongheng gave a thumbs up to the screen, and his brows deliberately bunch together, making his nose taller and his eyes deeper.

This made some young fangirls type the word “handsome” on the screen.

“Im here, wow! This gate is incredibly luxurious, isnt it Its so cool!”

Sun Dongheng looked at the front and suddenly shouted, then slowly parked the car a few meters away from the front side of the main gate.

He opened the car window and stretched out his head, pointing his cell phone at the door.

“Look, Cold Immortal School, what a characteristics name! How about it Cool, right”

Bullet screen: 6666666

“Have you seen it The mansion covers the entire mountain, its so big! Lets go in and see.”

After speaking, Sun Dongheng drove the car over, and the window was not closed.

“Sun Dongheng, are you broadcasting” Two members of the security group in charge of the gate greeted him casually when Sun Dongheng passed by.

“Ah, Brother Ma and Brother Hua, why are you here” Sun Dongheng slowed down and greeted them.

“We are here to guard the gate.

As soon as we finish our task, we come here to breathe the fresh air.” Brother Hua laughed.

“Brother Feng is in the main residence, the upper castle.”

“Okay, got it,” Sun Dongheng responded with a smile and drove the car inside.

After driving for a short distance, he thought about for a while and said, “Ill park my car on the side of the road.

Let me show you the surroundings first, but I have to go offline when I reach the main residence.”

So Sun Dongheng parked the car aside, got out, and aimed the camera at the front.

“Look, its big here.

Many individual villas.

Do you guys know the house prices here in New Moon Bay Such a luxurious mansion in the middle of the mountain is extremely expensive, let alone covering such a large area.

Dammit! Look at the big castle in front.

How beautiful it is!”

Sun Dongheng moved the camera around and finally settled on the castle.

Looking from afar, the castle in front was the same as that in a fairy tale, making both ones mind and eyes pleased.

At this time, bullet screens filled the screen.

“How much does this cost Its scary! How wealthy Dong Huangs boss is!”

“Such a large area, so many mansions, hundreds of millions of yuan!”

“Hundreds of millions of yuan Im afraid youre kidding.

A conservative estimate is that its worth more than 10 billion yuan.”

Sun Dongheng saw that the number of people in the live broadcast room had exceeded two million, and shook his head with a smile.

There were too many people and so many gifts, so sometimes he couldnt count them.

“How much is this worth Its hard to measure.

Let me show you the castle.” Sun Dongheng walked up slowly and saw many people passing by.

Among them were some from the security group and others from the Wang family who Sun Dongheng didnt know.

To the 50 people from the security group, Zhang Han gave each of them a villa, which made them very happy.

However, they still enjoyed living together.

So five or six people lived in a two-story villa.

At the same time, every member was given a Mercedes S600, which were bought last time.

Zhao Feng bought some more because of insufficiency.

These behaviors could prove wealth and generosity.

In addition, everyone was given a bank card with one million yuan on it.

All the money earned from receiving security tasks was originally owned by them, but these guys were really embarrassed to take it.

After discussions, they took 30% and left the company 70%.

But that 30% was also a large amount.

After seeing the treatment of the security group, it would have been unreal if those more than 60 people in the Wolf Head Detachment were not jealous.

They were even more envious of the relationship between the security group and Zhang Han.

To them, wasnt this the prototype of a sect

Many had even suggested that they be included in the security group.

Instructor Liu also struggled for a while and wanted to join in, but they were the Wolf Head Detachment.

If he was to quit, he couldnt account for it to his elder uncle!

But no matter how tangled Instructor Liu was, Sun Dongheng strolled for more than 10 minutes before he got to the front of the castle.

Looking at the small square, Sun Dongheng grinned.

Pointing the camera to the front, he was shocked when he saw the panda car!

He hurried to retract the lens.

Recent news about his boss and his wife was spreading all around, and their popularity was spreading across the Internet, occupying the forefront of various most-searched hashtags.

If something was accidentally leaked, he knew that his dad would scold him.

“Ok, enough, I have to go offline.

See you guys in the afternoon, bye-bye.” Sun Dongheng said farewell a few times, and then went offline like lightning.

Putting the device back in his bag, he walked quickly.

“Brother Feng, why are you sitting at the door”

“Ah, Im taking a break here,” Zhao Feng said, putting down his cell phone.

“Where are the boss and madam Are they here” Sun Dongheng asked.

“Uh, theyre tiding up the house.

You can sit here and wait for a while, or you can just walk around,” Zhao Feng said.

Just now, he pushed the door open and found that it was not moving at all.

After groaning for a second, he understood what was going on.

After thinking about it, he sat down here, and the goods would be delivered later, so he made preparations to arrange it.

“Then Ill sit here and wait.” Sun Dongheng smiled and sat on the steps and talked to Zhao Feng.

Back to about a dozen minutes ago—

In front of the bedroom door on the third floor of the castle, Zhang Han waited with anticipation.

He did not use his soul sense because it would be a lot less fun.

He just waited to see later what Zi Yan was preparing.

“Ding!” A message from WeChat arrived.

Zhang Han took his phone out and looked at it.

It was a voice message from Zi Yan, with a charming voice: “Well, you can come in.”

“Whoosh!” Zhang Han quickly opened the door, closed it, then looked inward.

The pale-pink lace around the big bed had been opened, and Zi Yan was hiding in it, and he could dimly see that she was wearing a sexy nurses uniform.

“Gulp…” A clear and audible swallowing sound came from Zhang Han.

Immediately, Zhang Han moved his body and appeared in front of the window like lightning, took off his jacket and tossed it, and flung his flip flops away.

The two kissed.

Gradually, Zi Yan pressed against Zhang Han and undressed him.

Zhang Han stumbled slightly.

Was there something she needed my help with

After a moments thought, he seemed to have guessed something, and a smile rose deep in his eyes.

But he pretended not to be aware of it and lay there at the mercy of Zi Yan.

Finally, Zhang Hans shirt was completely off.

Zi Yan lay on Zhang Han, pecked his lips, and said, “Come with me to record the program, will you”

“Recording a show It is not that great.” Zhang Han shook his head.

Zi Yan kissed Zhang Han after hearing his words, intense and hot.

After two minutes, their lips separated.

Zi Yans voice was even more charming.

“Record or not”

“Hmm… no.”

“Hmph!” Zi Yan snorted softly, her lips sliding across Zhang Hans upper body.

“Record or not”


Zi Yan mustered up her cheeks, and removed Zhang Hans last piece of clothes.

Zi Yan kissed Zhang Han on his lips, and then kissed all the way down.

“Ahh…” Zhang Han squinted his eyes.

About a dozen seconds later, Zi Yans vague voice came from down below.

“Record or not”


As a result, Zi Yan spared no effort.

Finally, at the last minute, Zi Yan looked up and asked, “Record or not”

“Okay.” Zhang Han compromised again.

Zi Yan bowed her head with satisfaction.

Finally, after a few minutes, Zhang Han cried out in a muffled voice.

Zi Yan put her hand over her mouth, got up, and ran to the bathroom.

She came back and leaned against Zhang Hans arms after brushing her teeth.

“Hmph, youre so lucky!” Zi Yan hummed softly.

“Haha.” Zhang Han smiled, while his hands were touching Zi Yan.

But because Zi Yan was on her period, he also controlled himself to a certain extent.

“Then shall I use the name Hanyang to record the program with you CP instructor group” Zhang Han asked.

“Instructor No.” Zi Yan raised her head and said with excitement, “You are a student! It is fun to go through the pre-selection process and pass all the way.

If you make me unhappy, I can still eliminate you!”

“Student Pre-selection process” Zhang Han was stunned, and then couldnt help laughing.

“If you think its funny, then I will be the student.”

“Uh-huh, Ill record a short video of a song for you in a moment, and tomorrow is the deadline.

First of all, you have to screen the song before you can participate in the program selections process,” Zi Yan said.

“Well then, is Chinese New Voice a program about new songs” Zhang Han asked casually.

“We dont need new songs in every link.

New songs are not easy to release, so you can adapt other songs.

Anyway, you dont lack songs,” Zi Yan said lazily.

“There are not many that I can remember, but its enough.” Zhang Han nodded.

In fact, he was not interested in going on the show, but Zi Yan was the source of his interest.

She wanted to play, then he would accompany her.

“Its enough.

Anyway, we can choose songs that pop stars are not involved in.”

“Well, by the way, if I participate in the show, I am only available from 9 a.m.

to 3 p.m.

I still have to send and pick up Mengmeng at school,” Zhang Han said.

“I know, Ill arrange for you to be done quickly.

Ill be there, so what are you afraid of I will cover everything for you!” Zi Yan said with a smile.

These words made Zhang Han unable to stop laughing.

After lying down for more than 20 minutes, Zhang Han patted Zi Yan on her waist.

“Lets get up.

Xiaofeng and Dongheng have been waiting downstairs for a long time, and those things from Yunyin Garden have also been delivered.”

“Oh!” Zi Yan sat up suddenly.

“Then the door has been closed for so long.

Do they all know what we are doing”

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