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Chapter 504 Brother-In-Law Will Be Punished

After they went back to the restaurant, Zhang Han started preparing dinner.

And because the operation of the restaurant had been terminated, it saved Zhang Han some time.

Mengmeng sat on the sofa on the ground floor watching cartoons.

Zhang Han had specifically given her a bag of fried chips.

The little girl was enjoying the chips complacently.

Sounds of crunching rang out from time to time.

As Zhang Han leaned on the counter in the kitchen, he took out his call phone, opened the browser, and looked through the latest news related to Zi Yan.

He found out the relative news was still about Zi Yans songs, the Purple Moon Entertainment Company, the filming, and the hot songs.

There were only two pieces of news related to the pink news, whose titles were “The mystifying boyfriend of the popular star, Zi Yan”

Since the title had a question mark, it indicated that the author was not sure yet.

Zhang Han clicked on the link and found out that the piece of news was a forwarded one.

However, there was a picture in the article.

It was true that Zi Yan and Zhang Han were in the picture, which showed that they were in a car not far away from the entrance of Saint Kindergarten.

Zhang Han stared at Zi Yan in the picture in his hand, who was beautiful, and could not help sighing as he said, “It is true that Zi Yan looks beautiful in the photo.”

In fact, Zhang Han was immune to beauties, even if the beauty was Zi Yan.

At first, he had not cared about her very much.

However, they had Mengmeng.

At first, Zhang Han had liked Zi Yan because of his love for Mengmeng.

However, he found out gradually that they were family members to each other.

He was attracted by Zi Yan unconsciously, which was an inexplicable thing.

In addition to this photo, there were several artistic photos of Zi Yan in the article.

The report said: By comparing the mouth, chin, ears, and so on, the degree of the similarities was as high as 99%, which confirmed the possibility that the female in the photo was exactly Zi Yan.

Then, these questions follow.

Who on earth was the man by Zi Yans side

How are they related Why were they in front of the entrance to Saint Kindergarten Could it be that Zi Yan had gotten married in secret

What on earth is the hidden secret Kindly look forward to the following report.

Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry and thought, “So, they will track it and issue a further report How can it be”

However, the report was indeed eye-catching.

Following that, Zhang Han opened a local browser that he frequently used and began browsing through Zi Yans news.


News related to Zi Yans pink news came overwhelmingly, which popped out one after another.

Zi Yan is married and has a child, who was caught by the camera while sending her child to school.

Zi Yan is married to a rich man Who on earth is the mystifying man What on earth has happened to Zi Yan during the period when she had been secluded from the entertainment industry for 5 years

There were various guesses, which could dazzle people into blindness.

As Zhang Han browsed the news, his cell phone rang.

It was a call from Luo Shan.

Zhang Han picked up the call and said, “Mr.


Luo Shan spoke straightforwardly, “Hello, Mr.


The reason why I am calling you is that there are many pieces of news related to you and Ms.

Zhang since you had been spotted at the entrance to the kindergarten.

A moment ago, my patriarch asked me if I should push the related news down.

If you think I should, then Id be pleased to help you out.”

Upon hearing his words, Zhang Han smiled and said, “Mr.

Luo, thanks for your kindness.

You can leave this issue alone for now.”



Zhang, if you need any help, kindly contact me anytime you want.”

“OK.” Zhang Han directly hung up the call after talking with Luo Shan for a while.

Luo Shans call showed that once a martial artist was socially superior to some extent, they would be influential.

When it came to some things, they did not even need to speak.

A lot of people would ask them in advance if they needed any help.

It was not an exaggeration to say that as long as Zhang Han said he needed money; he would receive hundreds of billions of dollars within minutes without even paying the relative interest.

After Zhang Han hung up the call, he took a glimpse at the clock, planning to cook dinner at six, so that when Zi Yan came back home, they could just eat dinner.

Zhang Han thought for a while, dialed another number, and said simply, “Xiao Feng, drive some cars over tomorrow morning…”

Because his little princess had felt unhappy since others had said her father was incapable, then it was all right.

Zhang Han thought, “I will show you what I have in detail.”

Though Zhang Han did not care about others opinions about him, he cared about his little princess.

Soon, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came back to the restaurant at six oclock.

“MaMa, MaMa, youve come back.” Mengmeng bared her tender feet and stepped on the sofa joyfully.

Upon seeing Mengmeng, Zi Yan smiled sweetly, walked over and put her shoulder bag down beside her, held Mengmeng up, and kissed her.

“Whoops, Mengmeng is heavier.

MaMa cant hold you up anymore.”

Mengmeng refuted her mother as she said, “No, I am not heavy.

PaPa said I am pretty lightweight when he held me.”

She thought, “Hmph, I am also fond of looking good.

I am not heavy at all.”

Zi Yan put Mengmeng on the sofa and asked smilingly, “Were you obedient at school today”

“Yes, I was,” Mengmeng responded.

After that, she said, “MaMa, I dont like Wang Kai anymore.”

Zi Yan was astounded and asked, “Wang Kai Is he your classmate”

Mengmeng pouted her lips as she said, “Ah, he… today…”

After Mengmeng finished her story, Zhou Fei grinned as she said, “You favor your father so much.”

Mengmeng said somewhat proudly, “MaMa, PaPa said that I can just ignore Wang Kai if I dont like him.

He even said he would give Yihan more pieces of meat as a reward.”

As for the reason why she was proud, it was unknown.

Zi Yan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“If you do not like someone, you can just ignore them.”

Though it seemed that what Zhang Han had said was not faulty at all, Zi Yan still felt that something had gone wrong.

After she pondered for a while, she took a glimpse at Zhang Han first, who was cooking in the kitchen, and looked at Mengmeng as she said, “Wang Kai must have said these words to you unintentionally.

He did not do it on purpose.

He is little and does not understand all of these things.

Since he apologized to you, you should say everything is fine now and forgive him.

Mengmeng, you can try to make friends with him later on…”

Zhou Fei reminded her as she said, “Whoa, Elder Sister Yan, as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

Since Mengmeng does not like him, she should play with someone she likes.

It will also be the same when she grows up.”

Whether its in class or in society, everybody has people they like and dislike.

In Zhou Feis opinion, it was not necessary to make friends with everyone.

“What I said means the same as what you said.

If she dislikes him, I will not force her to do that.” While talking, Zi Yan stared at Mengmeng, touched her cheek, and said, “Mengmeng, though you are beautiful and cute, that does not mean everybody will like you.

If someone dislikes you, as your father said, you should just ignore them.

If some bad people bully you, you should ask your PaPa to teach them a lesson.”

“Oh,” Mengmeng responded.

The look on her face indicated that she seemed to have gotten Zi Yans point.

She pouted her lips as she said, “There are no bad people at all.

MaMa, I learned several lines of Cantonese today.

Let me show you…”

As a result, Mengmeng and Zi Yan started chit-chatting.

Zhou Fei, who sat by their side, took out her cell phone and checked the news and reports, which she paid attention to all the time.

If she found out there were some extremely distorted reports, she would inform the company as soon as possible.

After Zhou Fei had been browsing through the news for 10 minutes, Zhang Han put the dishes on the round dining table.

“Time for dinner.”

“Here we come.” Zi Yan held Mengmengs hands and led her to the bathroom to wash her hands.

Zhou Fei put away her cell phone and followed behind them.

As she walked, she said, “Sister Yan, the pink news is everywhere, and the effect is good.

Probably it will spread in mainland China.

News spreads fast on the Internet now.

Everybody is guessing who on earth the brother-in-law is.

There are many interesting reports.”

As the trend of various kinds of reports became more and more critical, the local entertainment company in Hong Kong felt somewhat astonished.

It did not occur to them that the traffic flow related to Zi Yans topic would be so abundant.

Sometimes, as for how to measure the level of a star, it would be the traffic flow.

If one had many fans, his or her traffic flow would be abundant, which was highly favored by the merchants.

After dinner, it was not until 9:30 p.m.

that Zhou Fei left.

At 10 oclock, the family members lay on the bed together.

It was not until Zhang Han had been telling the stories for more than 10 minutes that Mengmeng fell asleep gradually.

At this moment, Zhang Han took the portal out that had been refined by the serene world stone.

Zi Yan asked curiously, “What is it”

Zi Yan could see the profile of the portal vaguely in the gentle light.

Zhang Han chuckled as he said, “It is a treasure.

Whenever you run into the danger, I will stand by your side directly.

Come here, stretch your hands out.”

Upon hearing Zhang Hans words, Zi Yan stretched her hands out obediently and put them in front of Zhang Han, who seemed to be waiting for Zhang Han to put a ring on her.

Zhang Han chuckled as he asked, “One hand is enough.

Which hand would you like the ring to be on”

Zi Yan put her right hand in front of Zhang Han and said, “Hum… As the saying goes, the left is for males, the right is for females.

Then, the right hand.”

Zhang Han took the chance to kiss Zi Yan.

He moved his fingers.

A sheet of serene world stone landed on the right wrist of Zi Yan.


A light flashed and a mark shone on Zi Yans right wrist.

The mark disappeared two seconds later.

It seemed that the mark had not ever existed at all.

Following that, Zhang Han took control of another sheet of stone, making it land on Mengmengs right wrist.

As the last sheet of stone landed on his left wrist, he exerted his soul sense and instantly sensed the connection between the three sheets.

Zi Yan stared at her wrist, muttered, and said, “So strange.

Did it hide beneath my skin Or did I absorb it”

“It is just attached to your wrist.”

Zi Yan asked somewhat adorably, “Then, If I absorb something, will it be gone”

Zi Yans words made Zhang Han break into a laughing fit.

“Of course it wont.”

They talked for another 10 minutes and fell asleep while holding each other in their arms.

The next morning, it rained lightly with a trickle in Hong Kong.

Since Zi Yan needed to be in a hurry to finish her work in the last few days, Zhou Fei arrived at 7 a.m.

After she ate breakfast with Zi Yan, they headed for the company together.

After Zhang Han tied up Mengmengs plaits by himself upstairs, he stood up and said, “Mengmeng, its time to go to school.”

Mengmeng strapped on her backpack as she said, “Time to go to school! After this week, we should have red flowers next week.”

Zhang Han smiled as he said, “Should you Then, Papa will be waiting for your little red flower.” He pondered for a while and added, “It is OK if you cant.



I definitely can get one.

Teacher Lu praised me, saying that I definitely could get many red flowers.”

“You are so amazing.”

Zhang Han held Mengmengs tender hands cheerfully.

After they went downstairs, they saw Zhao Feng sitting on the edge of a chair.

Mengmeng waved her hands and greeted him.

“Uncle Xiaofeng.”

Zhao Feng smiled amiably, stood up with a big umbrella in his hand, and said, “Good morning, Mengmeng.”

After they walked out of the restaurant, Zhao Feng held up the umbrella for Mengmeng.

He did not pay attention to his master since he knew all he needed to do was to take care of Mengmeng.

It did not rain heavily.

Whether people used an umbrella or not, they would be fine.

The rain was just somewhat heavier than a drizzle.

There were some pedestrians on the street, few of them held up an umbrella.

However, they all stared in the direction of the street side and exclaimed surprisedly from time to time.

Even Mengmeng was surprised when she saw the scene in front of her.

She asked, “Well, PaPa, why are there are so many people here”

There were 10 Phantoms by the street, namely, from the Rolls-Royce Zenith Collection.

And in the back of the line, there were three Maybach Zeppelins and five supercars in each direction.

As for both sides of each car, two men stood on each side, who were all dressed in Western clothes and leather shoes and wore white gloves.

They stood on the edge uniformly.

The looks on their faces were cold and distant.

Of course, they were members of the security guards group.

However, there was a panda car in the middle, which seemed to be a green leaf amid a crowd of red flowers.

Generally, any random car among all the luxurious cars surrounding the panda car definitely would be eye-catching on the street.

However, the panda car became an eye-catching focus now.

After hearing Mengmengs question, Zhang Han smiled gently and said, “This is a car procession to escort you to school.”

Mengmeng asked confusedly, “Huh One car is enough.

Why do we need that many cars here”

“Well… its because if we do so, it will indicate that we are super-rich.”

Zhang Hans answer made Zhao Feng raise the corner of his lips.

He thought that in some ways, his master was somewhat capricious.

He estimated that if his masters wife knew about this, she definitely would not allow others to accompany Mengmeng to school the next day.

While they were talking, Mengmeng got in the back seat of the panda car.

As Zhang Han was starting the car, Zhao Feng ran to the Rolls-Royce ahead of them, held a walkie-talkie, and monitored the motorcade.

As a result, the motorcade swaggered through the street and caught much attention.

They had left home at eight oclock.

By the time they arrived at the entrance to the kindergarten, it was 8:25 a.m.

No parking spots were available there.

The parents who had escorted their children here came and went continuously.

However, as they walked, they fixed their eyes.

They saw a long procession of luxurious cars driving toward the kindergarten slowly that stopped directly in the middle of the road in front of the entrance to the kindergarten.

Though both the cars ahead and behind the motorcade could not pass through, nobody dared to say anything at this moment.

“Theyre here! Theyre here!”

“F**k! Something goes wrong.

The news turns out to be true.”

“He is a f**king super-rich guy.

I guessed it right.

Zi Yans boyfriend in the pink news must be amazing!”

“Is it true that she got married to a rich guy Why is she here again Swish! Could it be that her child could even walk around”

“Take photos quickly.

This piece of news will be f**king breaking!”

Dozens of paparazzi were squatting across the entrance to the kindergarten, seeing if whether or not they could run into the kind of breaking news like from yesterday.

It turned out that their wish had come true!

Due to the rain, many platform awnings had been set up inside, where lay the childrens reserved small umbrellas.

Many teachers also noticed the scene at the entrance and saw the abnormally eye-catching panda car.

Lu Guo was slightly confused, who seemed to have figured out something.

She did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Lu Guo mumbled as she said, “This… He does spoil his child.”

She had communicated with both Zhang Han and Zi Yan and found out that Mengmengs mother was much more rational.

As for Mengmengs father…

Under a lot of peoples eyes as well as the sounds of photos being taken with a “Snap”, people in the motorcade all got out of the cars, and sounds of “Bang, bang, bang!” rang out.

They all stood on both sides of the car.

People in the Phantom in the back took out a long roll of red carpet, put it in front of the back door of the panda car, and stretched it ahead.

Many people were somewhat confused and thought, “It is somewhat excessive to use a red carpet to make the path, isnt it”

After that, they saw Zhang Han getting out of the car, who opened the back door of the car and held Mengmengs hands.

As they got out, people held up an umbrella for them on both sides.

As they walked forward, Mengmeng asked, “PaPa, why are they all staring at us”

“It is because Mengmeng looks good and beautiful.”

“PaPa, you are also handsome.”

Mengmeng walked into the kindergarten cheerfully.

It was not until Zhang Han saw the little girl waving her hands, saying goodbye to him, and joining the procession of her classmates that he got back in the car smilingly.

The motorcade left.

At this time, in a Phantom at the back, Wang Kais father wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead.

Originally, he had been indifferent when Teacher Lu had talked to him about Wang Kai yesterday.

However, he was startled and became wet with cold sweat now.

Though Zhang Han had made a presumptuous scene, he needed to pay a small price.

Various reports showed up crazily all morning.

Zi Yans mysterious boyfriend showed up again with numerous luxurious cars.

Who on earth is he

The popular star, Zi Yan, seemed to be married.

Her daughter is studying in Saint Kindergarten


As those reports spread overwhelmingly, Zhang Han was busy making spiritual pills on the mountain.

Since he had many natural precious materials, he would keep refining the pills for about two days.

Before noon, at about 10 oclock, as Zhang Han was distracting his mind to control the cloud clusters above the soul sense sea, his cell phone rang all of a sudden.

The moment he picked up the call, Zi Yans murderous voice came from the other side.

“Zhang Han!!!”

“Ah” Zhang Han was distracted and lost control of his mind.


In an instant, thousands of layers of cloud clusters converged into a pitching black mass.

Five slim lighting bolts flashed across the cloud clusters, making Zhang Han feel somewhat dizzy.

The next moment, he suppressed the cloud clusters in a hurry, pulled them apart, and asked, “What happened”

“Why did you start making a scene again Look at the good deed you have done this morning.

You should not do that.

What you are doing now is teaching Mengmeng how to compare unrealistically.”


Consequently, Zhang Han stopped refining the pills hastily, went to the company obediently, and showed up in Zi Yans office.

Before Zhou Fei walked out of Zi Yans office, she saw the cold look on Zi Yans face and heard her solemn words.

She thought, “Whoops, the brother-in-law will be punished!”

However, more than half an hour later, Zhang Han walked out cheerfully.

After Zhou Fei walked in, she found Zi Yans face blushing and the lip gloss on her mouth was gone.

Zhou Fei asked surprisedly, “Yi! Elder Sister Yan, did you even make out in such a short period”

Zi Yan replied somewhat confusedly, “What No, we did not.

How can we do that within such a short period”

“Whoa, apparently brother-in-law lasts long while making out, doesnt he”


Zi Yans beautiful face blushed.

She said in anger, “Stop talking nonsense.”

“Hehe, hehe.” Zhou Fei giggled and turned on the computer.

As she browsed the news, she said, “Elder Sister Yan, your pink news is in first place of the trending topics on Weibo as well as various browsers.

It seems this pink news is pretty breaking.

“What Even the motorcade from this morning is among the lists of the trending hashtags.

They are all guessing who on earth the brother-in-law is.

“The effect is quite good.

Elder Sister Yan, the number of the followers of your Weibo account has surpassed 40 million.”


At the same time, many insiders were also paying attention to the news related to Zi Yan.

The headquarters of the outstanding Silver Fruit Video Company in China was located in Lin Hai City, which was economically developed.

At this moment, there were more than 20 people in the conference room, who were attending a meeting related to a project.

“The super variety show named Chinese New Voice, which we have been preparing, is almost ready.

We confirmed who the three guests would be.

However, the director suggested that one more supervisor should be added.

Since two of the guests will be assigned to the first group and the second and third groups will be assigned with one supervisor each, the discussion between the two supervisors will indeed be a selling point.

As for the position of the last-invited supervisor, 12 celebrities are interested in cooperating with us.

As for whom we should pick, kindly speak your minds out, everybody.”

As the man spoke, photos of 12 currently popular celebrities showed up.

A few of them were the first-tier stars and most of them were from the second tier.

Upon seeing the scene, the staff in each department all spoke their minds and started discussing it.

All of a sudden, the director of the program division, Cheng Xu, spoke up as he said, “I think if we can invite someone to our program, she definitely will bring much attention for us.”

The person in charge was surprised and asked, “Who”

Cheng Xu fixed his eyes, pointed at the table with his fingers, and uttered two words: “Zi Yan!”

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