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Chapter 502 Refining

“Hmph!” Mengmeng snorted gently, pouted her lips, turned around, and did not look at her PaPa anymore.

However, the little girls big crystal-clear eyes blinked and blinked continuously, indicating that she was pondering.

She observed the look on her Papas face sneakily through the corner of her eyes, who sat in the front seat.

Zi Yan saw the expression on the little girls face and could not help simmering with laughter.

Zi Yan reminded her as she said, “Mengmeng, you have to explain the reason why you dont like PaPa anymore so that PaPa can think of ways to ask for your forgiveness.”

Meanwhile, deep inside her heart, she found the scene somewhat funny and interesting.

Back when she had coaxed Mengmeng this morning, Rong Jiaxin had said that she would punish her Papa when he came to pick her up in the afternoon.

It was evident that Mengmeng had thought of her original intention.

However, it was somewhat cute of her to be close to Zhang Han a moment ago and pretend to be displeased now.

“Yes.” Zhang Han turned around, took a glimpse at Zi Yan first, and then looked at Mengmeng.

He smiled as he said, “Mengmeng, if you dont tell me the reason, how will I know it You need to tell Papa the reason first.”

“Mm…” Mengmeng turned her head back, stared at Zhang Han, and pouted her tender mouth as she said, “PaPa, why were you not at home this morning I am not happy because I did not see you this morning.”

Zhang Han chuckled as he said, “Because I went out because I needed to attend to something.

After I finished it, I hurried here to pick you up, Mengmeng.”

It seemed that Mengmeng had figured out her thoughts.

As her big eyes shined gently, she said, “You cant do that, PaPa.

Well, you need to inform me in advance that you need to go out.

You have to say you are wrong.

After that, you should ask me whether I can forgive you or not.”

Zhang Han smiled as he said, “All right, all right.

Its Papas fault that I did not inform you in advance.

I made a mistake.

Kindly forgive me, Mengmeng.”

“No, I wont forgive you.”

“Ah” This time, Zhang Han was somewhat confused.

He found it funny as he asked, “Why”

“PaPa, you cant just apologize verbally.

You need to give me some gifts, for example, ice cream.

In that case, I will forgive you, PaPa.”

Zhang Han laughed out loud.


All right.

Then, we will go to the mall up ahead first.

I will go buy ice cream for you now.

Is that OK”

“Okay!” Mengmeng had been pleased the entire time.

At this moment, she could not pretend anymore and began to smile happily.

Zi Yan by her side stroked Mengmengs tiny head as she smiled happily, feeling that the little girl was somewhat smart and curious.

Consequently, Zhang Han turned right, drove for five minutes, and arrived in front of a mall.

He got out of the car, jogged over, and bought a strawberry ice cream, which was Mengmengs favorite.

After that, he got back in the car and said, “Here you go.


A gentle smile lingered around the corner of Zhang Hans lips as he handed the ice cream to Mengmeng.

Whenever Zhang Han stared at Mengmeng, he would smile unconsciously.


Thanks, Papa.

PaPa is the best.” Mengmeng took the ice cream over and enjoyed it contentedly.

Zi Yan said, “By the way, honey, several adapted songs, which we have been working on with the company, will probably be finished within three days.

After that, I can rest for a few days.”

Upon hearing Zi Yans words, Zhang Han smiled, started the car, and drove back to New Moon Bay as he said, “Its good that you can rest.

Then you can accompany me.

If you go to work and Mengmeng goes to school, I will be at home alone and feel lonely.”

“Huh” Upon hearing her Papas words, Mengmeng was confused and put down the ice cream quickly.

She said hurriedly, “PaPa, you wont be lonely, you wont.

I will be by your side.

Then, I will not go to school…”

It seemed that the decision had been made pleasantly.

Before the little girl finished her words, Zi Yan said, “You cant do that.

Mengmeng, you should go to school.

During the day, you can come to work with MaMa along with your Papa.”

“Hum, I want to accompany PaPa.”

“You can accompany him after you get back from school in the afternoon…”

As a result, Zi Yan and Mengmeng started chit-chatting in the back seats.

When they went back to the restaurant…

Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, his sister, Zhao Feng, and all the members of Rong Jiaxins family were all there.

They had prepared the ingredients to cook hotpot for dinner.

Originally, Ujimqin sheep, Hungarian sheep-pig, and Kobe beef were high-end ingredients.

If the sheep, sheep-pigs, and cows were raised on Mount New Moon for some time, the quality of their meat would be improved several levels.

Hungarian sheep-pig meat was also Daheis favorite.

However, since there were only 50 Hungarian sheep-pigs, the Hungarian sheep-pig meat was consumed fast.

Fortunately, the restaurant had Pearson, who could purchase some quite rare ingredients continuously.

Zhang Han did not make the kind of dishes like egg fried rice for dinner.

Though this restaurant was not running anymore, the normal eaters would also go to the canteen on the second floor of the company to eat.

After all, within a few days, they would move to Mount New Moon.

During that period, Zhao Feng told Zhang Han about the situation going on in the past two days.

Various kinds of necessities, like the furniture for the castle on the mountain, arrived one after another.

As for some customized items, such as the bed pads and the wardrobe, they were still going through an expedited production process.

Meanwhile, the electricity had been set up.

Two other planes that they had purchased were also sent over.

The construction of the airport was already completed.

Everything went on methodically.

Zhang Han was not greatly interested in these issues.

He only nodded in response.

Zhang Han did not pay attention to many things currently.

He had reminded Lei Tiannan that he should inform him if there were any other relic sites at Class C or above.

If the relic sites were not too far away, he intended to go there to look for treasures.

Since the door to the worldlet would open soon, of course he should make some preparations if there was an opportunity.

After dinner, it was not until nine oclock that everybody left one after another.

Zhang Han locked the door and played with Mengmeng for a while on the second floor.

At 10:30 p.m., Zhang Han coaxed Mengmeng into sleeping.

As always, he told her stories.

Mengmeng was quite absorbed in the kind of adventure stories like The Elves and the King and Secretive and Dark King of the Elves.

However, sleepiness soon came over her.

Dozens of minutes later, Mengmeng fell asleep heavily.

Zhang Han put the little lass on the little bed gently.

After that, he went back to his big bed and held up Zi Yan directly, who was staring at him with her big eyes.

“What are you doing…” Zi Yans beautiful face flushed slightly.

“Hehe.” Zhang Han chuckled and went to the ensuite bedroom in a hurry while holding Zi Yan in his arms.

He waved his palm.

A set of Business OL makeup for fun showed up on the bed.

“You are naughty…”

The most precious time is priceless.

More than half an hour later…

Zhang Han called out in a low voice.

His state of mind was caught off guard at this moment.


In an instant, the cloud clusters above his soul sense sea converged, the lightning flashed, and the thunder rumbled.

This time, two thunderbolts formed at the same time, which was good.

While there had been only one lightning bolt previously.

This was because Zhang Han had been suppressing his state of mind.

However, the additional thunder threw Zhang Han into confusion.

As he was about to enjoy the comfort of the remaining charm relaxedly, his soul sense sea began to fluster.

Helplessly, Zhang Han distracted his mind and continued suppressing the cloud clusters above his soul sense sea.

If he did not break through to the Innateness, he had to keep suppressing his soul sense sea.

There was such a long way ahead.

At eight oclock the next morning…

Zi Yan, who had tidied herself up, held Mengmengs hands and followed Zhang Han out as she said, “Time to go to school.”

As for going to kindergarten, Mengmeng already had a comprehensive knowledge of it.

Except for the fact that her Papa was not around, the rest of it was quite fun.

After they got in the car, they arrived at Saint Kindergarten at 8:25 a.m.

After Zhang Han walked Mengmeng into kindergarten and came back to the panda car, Zi Yan sat in the passenger seat.

As Zhang Han was about to start the car: “Crack!” An intern journalist named Wu Wei across the entrance to the kindergarten snapped a photo at the entrance to Saint Kindergarten.

Wu Wei thought, “The luxurious cars are as abundant as raindrops.

It seems there are too many reports like this.

I wonder whether I can pass the test or not…”

The young man with a crew cut, who was over 20 years old, scratched his head and glimpsed at the picture.

He instantly saw a Rolls-Royce Ghost, which was followed by a row of luxurious cars.

It was not until he had been waiting for half an hour that there came a chance for multiple luxurious cars to be together.

“Well” All of a sudden, he was at a loss, frowned, and said disgustedly, “Its ruined again.

Who is the driver He jumped in the line while driving a panda car.

Hmph, I can only come here again to take another picture in the evening!”

Wu Wei patted his forehead annoyedly.

He walked forward to the front of a motorcycle by the road and rode on the motorcycle, held his camera, and looked over the picture, which had cost him half an hour.

He thought, “Should I edit it”

He stared at the picture and looked it over carefully.

Since the panda car was quite obvious in the rear, it would work if he edited the picture.

However, the next moment, he fixed his eyes as he said, “It seems there is a young, handsome, and beautiful couple in the car.”

He zoomed in on the picture and saw the couple in the car were staring at each other while showing the side of their faces.

Only the mans side face could be seen.

As for the woman, a great half of her delicate face could be seen.

“So beautiful.

She looks familiar…”

“Ah!” The man exclaimed all of a sudden and opened his cell phone in a hurry.

He input the name Zi Yan and looked at the pictures shown in the search results.

After that, he stared at the picture in his camera and said excitedly, “F**ck, breaking news!”

He dialed through the supervisors number and said excitedly, “Supervisor, I took a picture of Zi Yan unconsciously.

She stayed in a car with a handsome young man.

The look on her face indicates that they are intimate…”

“Who are you talking about Is it Zi Yan Is it true”

“Well, as for this, the way I see it, the probability of a match based on the similarity of the profile in the picture is above 95%.”

“Shh! You come back right now!” The supervisor could not help gasping.

Since Zi Yan was a hot topic now, any news related to her would be valuable.

Consequently, Wu Wei rushed back quickly.

He went into the office of the supervisor with his camera.

Half an hour later, he walked out, smiling happily and excitedly.

It turned out the picture was real.

He had done a deed of merit and would become a regular employee the next day.

Besides, he got a bonus of 20,000 dollars, which made him feel like he had run into dumb luck.

Zhang Han drove Zi Yan to her company.

She had some complicated work to do in the next few days.

Zhang Han would be occupied today since he could not stop refining the serene world stone.

Consequently, he could not cook lunch and had no choice but to ask Zi Yan to arrange Mengmengs lunch.

After they said goodbye to each other, Zhang Han drove to Mount New Moon.

He directly drove to the front of the castle.

At this moment, the mountain seethed and teemed with life.

Though the greenness had become less, more and more human energy and vitality showed up there.

Many staff members from various companies went back and forth as they were setting up various kinds of furniture.

When Zhang Han had been there for two minutes, Wang Zhanpeng walked over while holding the serene world stone and the Demon Dancing Sword in his hands.

Wang Zhanpeng said, “Han, the Demon Dancing Sword is somewhat disobedient.

It becomes heavier and heavier.

Till now, it weighs thousands of pounds.”

“Got it.” Zhang Han nodded and stretched his right hand forward.

A drop of blood flew from his fingers, transformed into a piece of light-colored arms, and encircled the sword.

“Shake it!”

A fiery-red color flashed across Zhang Hans eyes.

He suppressed the Demon Dancing Sword once again.

Speaking of the superiority of these two fourth-stage spirit treasures, the Demon Dancing Sword was at a higher level.

This was because there was a hint of spirituality inside the Demon Dancing Sword.

Wang Zhanpeng felt that the sword in his hand became lighter and asked in great surprise, “What is the name of the trick”

A kind of trick like this was an eye-opener for him.

Up until now, he could not see where Zhang Hans limit lay.

Zhang Han had dazzling tricks, making him feel dazzled.

Zhang Han responded as he said, “A trick of suppressing the spirituality in the object.”

“Oh.” Though Wang Zhanpeng did not get the point, he still nodded.

“I will refine the serene world stone first.” As Zhang Han spoke, he walked from the back door on the ground floor of the castle to the front of the thunder yang tree.

At this moment, both Dahei and Little Hei walked over.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

They barked, indicating that they were here to accompany Zhang Han!…

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