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The words of Mu Xue seemed to contain magic.

The temperature in the area was dropping sharply.

The name Black White Palace made everyone hold their breath.

It was like a giant mountain on their back.

Even all the elder martial artists and talents from the worldlet couldnt remain calm when they heard the name.

Only when they reached a high stage could they understand the meaning of the Black White Palace.

“Black White Palace! Black White Palace! Black White Palace!” Ye Longyuan repeated the name three times and clenched his fists with great force.

His arms were shaking.

He was not afraid of the name.

On the contrary, he was trembling in excitement and had a strong desire to fight against Zhang Han.

It was said that 30 years ago, Qin Langtian, a disciple of the Black White Palace, came to the outside world and killed many young martial artists in all the five small worlds.

Even lots of sect chiefs and protectors admired him.

Ye Longyuans father was killed by Qin Langtian during that period, when he was just born.

He had never seen his father and thus felt that he had flaws in his life and in his character.

Behind every arrogant person lies a tragic past.

They had to choose whether to become a person with low self-esteem or to continue to struggle.

“If you are from the Black White Palace, I must advance to the Divine Realm and kill you at any cost, including giving up the sacred pool in my sect.”

Ye Longyuans face darkened and he even wanted to kill Zhang Han immediately.

Ye Longyuan, the Devil Incarnate, was not only arrogant, but also faithful to his promise.

Hearing Ye Longyuans words, Zhang Han took a glance at him and was about to say something.

Lei Tiannan frowned and said, “Zhang Hanyang is the second director of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong.

I know his background well, and he is not from the Black White Palace.”

“Hahaha! Great!” Ye Longyuan laughed and said, “How great Zhang Hanyang is!

“You can keep my Golden Armor for a while.

When I come back to my sect, Ill kill you and take it back!”

“Ha!” Shi Fenghou sneered.

He looked Zhang Han up and down and then at Ye Longyuan.

No one knew why he sneered.

Maybe he wanted to attract more attention.

He had tried several times in vain to defeat Zhang Hanyang, and didnt want to fight against the young man anymore.

He knew that it was not the right time for him to show his final card.

Besides, he didnt know if he could defeat Zhang Han with his secret skills, because he had sensed Zhang Hans strong spiritual sense mind trick when the Demon Dancing Sword was stolen.

“It is true that he has reached the Divine Realm in some aspect, and it was reasonable for Ji Wushuang to announce that no one below the Divine Realm could defeat him.

“Invincible Grand Master Ill kill you as soon as I reach the Divine Realm!”

Shi Fenghou decided to retreat.

He had lost nothing more than the feathers on his wings, which was a small cost compared to the Golden Armor and Demon Dancing Sword.

Ye Longyuan was angry at the loss of his Golden Armor, but after seeing Mu Xues Demon Dancing Sword being robbed, he felt much more comfortable like Shi Fenghou.

Both Ye Longyuans Golden Armor and Mu Xues Demon Dancing Sword had been refined by them with their blood for many years, which could not only enable them to keep in contact with the treasures, but also prevent the treasures from being used by others.

Therefore, they believed that Zhang Han could do nothing with their treasures.

However, they would be surprised in a few days.

Thinking about this, Mu Xue sneered and then said in an attractive manner, “Zhang Hanyang, Ill keep you in mind.

Just hang on to the Demon Dancing Sword for me.”

Then she turned around and was about to leave.

Zhang Han, who had thought about it for a while, stopped Mu Xue and said seriously, “Leave your scabbard with me.”


Mu Xue turned around in an instant, and it seemed that she would kill Zhang Han in the next moment.

“Hahaha, okay, please hang on to the scabbard for me,” Mu Xue managed to control her mood and then said.

Then she threw the scabbard at Zhang Han without injecting any spiritual force into it.

The scabbard made an arc in the air and fell to Zhang Han.

Mu Xue turned around, stepped on the lake, and went into the jungle near the lake.

Ye Longyuan cast a stern glance at Zhang Han and then left the lake.

Shi Fenghou left from one side of the lake without even taking a look at Zhang Han.

Then Mu Xues voice was again heard,” Zhang Hanyang, please take care of them.

If you can still defeat me when I reached the Divine Realm and come to get them back from you, Ill consider marrying you.”

After hearing that, Zhao Fengs facial expression changed.

“What” Without hesitation, Zhang Han replied in a hurry.

“No need, Ill sell your sword in a few days.”


Mu Xue stumbled and almost fell into the lake.

Then she turned to Zhang Han and bit her lips angrily!

Even though it might have been a joke, as a famous beauty, Mu Xue was even more angry at being looked down upon by Zhang Han than losing the Demon Dancing Sword.

While continuing to move forward, Mu Xue made great effort to control her temper, so that she would not go back to fight with Zhang Han.

On the other side, Zhang Han took a glance at the scabbard of the Demon Dancing Sword and narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Its not over yet!” he suddenly said in an ethereal voice.


The scabbard of the Demon Dancing Sword fell to him.

Zhang Han reached for it, but it cut the skin of his thumb.


Both Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng were surprised.

“What is he doing”

Zhang Han did it with a serious look on his face.

And they didnt notice Zhang Hans shining eyes.

At the same time, the clouds above Zhang Hans soul sense again gathered together and it was going to rain.

There were thunder and lightning above the clouds.

This showed that Zhang Han was exerting his full soul sense!

In the eyes of others, Zhang Han was looking at his thumb very seriously.

Then he said in a calm voice, which echoed over the lake, “Im bleeding.”

“You… envied me in the ruins for getting the treasure and besieged me outside the ruins.

Now you have hurt me.

“I am merciful and forgive you.

“But its your fault.

“I dont want to kill you, but I will punish you.

“Therefore, Ill exert Demons Seal, Demons Skill, and Demons Spell, which will form the Demons Curse.

Only when you pay off what you owe me will the curse disappear!”


Zhang Han suddenly rose more than 10 meters into the air.

After saying these words, he closed his eyes and began to chant incantations in a low voice.

A drop of blood on his finger turned into a mist and disappeared.

Demons Curse was a kind of incantation favored by the strong when they wanted to bully the weak.

In this way, the strong could force the weak to owe huge debts to them and suffer from the demons until they paid off all the debts.

What was worse, the demons would grow stronger after the weak made a breakthrough in the process of cultivation.

The incantation was designed in accordance to the laws of nature, and thus followed the law of cause and effect.

Therefore, the strong first had to say something to convince the laws of nature that they were bullied and were forced to curse someone.

Zhang Han had learned this secret skill from an ancient book, and he knew that as long as the cost of the chanter was affordable to the cursed, the incantation would succeed.

However… the others didnt know this principle.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, both Lei Tiannan and Mo Chengfeng were stunned.

“What is he doing”

“What is he chanting”

“You are bleeding… You did it on purpose!”

“Is it a deliberate provocation in the martial artists style”


“Could Merciless Zhang do such a shameless thing”

“Its terrifying!”


“He must be exerting some secret skills!”

When everyone was looking at Zhang Han in confusion…

Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes and said in a loud voice, “Mu Xue, you tried to attack Master Wan and me.

You will be fined 10,000 pieces of low-grade crystal!”

In Zhang Hans opinion, there should be 10,000 pieces of crystal in such a big sect.

Mu Xue was his first target, and he planned to try a smaller amount.

If he failed, he would reduce the amount next time.

However, as soon as he finished casting the spell…

He succeeded!

Then Zhang Han turned his gaze at Ye Longyuans back.

“Ye Longyuan, you provoked me twice and you will be fined the Golden Armor and 10,000 pieces of low-grade crystal.”

He succeeded again!

“Wow, the talents from the worldlet are so rich.”

Zhang Hans eyes lit up and then he turned to Shi Fenghou.

“Shi Fenghou, you attacked me.

Now that you dont have any sacred objects, youll be fined 20,000 pieces of low-grade crystal!”


He succeeded once again!

Zhang Han waved his hands and sighed with relief.

In order to cast the three spells, he used up all his remaining spiritual sense energy, and even exhausted some of his strength.

In return…

A mark appeared on the foreheads of Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, and Mu Xue.

The mark was red and conspicuous.

It was a circle with the Chinese word “owe” in it.

It was an IOU of cause and effect under the Demons Curse.

On the day they were cursed, the mark would show on their forehead for 12 hours and then disappear.

After 30 days, it would appear again for 12 hours.

Which was a reminder to them that they should pay the money!

What if they didnt do so

It didnt matter.

The mark would remind them the next month.

What if they refused again

It didnt matter.

When they were making a breakthrough and trying to advance to a higher level, they would find out the consequences of not paying back the money.

What was that…

That was the Demons Curse!

“Hahaha…” Mu Xue laughed after hearing Zhang Hans words.

Taking a glance at Zhang Han, she left without saying anything.


“He must be joking!”

Shi Fenghou and Ye Longyuan couldnt help turning around and jeering at Zhang Han.

Especially Shi Fenghou, who was greatly moved by the truth “now that you dont have any sacred objects”.

“Dammit! I have no sacred objects I just forgot to take them with me!”

The three talents left the lake in an immortal manner.

None of them noticed the red mark on their forehead!

However, Mo Chengfeng found the mark and turned his gaze to Zhang Han in confusion.

“This… Did my eyes deceive me”

“They seemed to have a red circle on their forehead with the wordowe in it.”

But the pattern was so fuzzy that Mo Chengfeng was not sure.

But he thought of what Zhang Han had just said, and felt that there was something strange in it.

“Could Grand Master Zhang do this for no reason

“Of course not!

“What the hell was that for”

Mo Chengfeng couldnt help being curious, so he approached Zhang Han, smiled, and asked, “Grand Master Zhang is indeed amazing.

I admire you so much.

May I know if Grand Master Zhang has cast any spells just now”

After hearing that, Zhao Feng paused and thought for a while.


The clouds above his soul sense sea were again restless, but Zhang Han had used up his soul sense and couldnt suppress the thunder any longer.

“Maybe,” he replied casually, and then took out four kinds of third-stage spirit treasures for restoring soul sense from the three storage rings in his hand.


The spirit treasures burst into pieces, turned into wisps of mist, and then penetrated Zhang Hans palm.

Zhang Han checked the time and said, “Its so late now.

Master Wang, lets go.”

It was 2:30 p.m., and the flight back would take one hour.

Mengmeng would leave school at 4:30 p.m., and he should pick her up as soon as possible.

After noticing Wang Zhanpeng, Zhang Han took the lead to walk to the right side.

“How can I put this stone away” Wang Zhanpeng held up the serene world stone and asked.

The stone was not only heavy, but also dazzling.

It was a holy object! He couldnt help glancing at it from time to time.

“Its so dazzling!

“It makes me uncomfortable!”

“You have no choice but to hold it,” Zhang Han replied.

He didnt have a Space Treasure at the sixth stage or above to store the fourth-stage serene world stone in.

Just like the serene world stone, both Mu Xues Demon Dancing Sword and Ye Longyuans Golden Armor couldnt be put into the Space Ring because Zhang Han had to maintain the seal on them to cut off their connection with their owners.

There were 17 space treasures in Zhang Hans hands, whose space varied from the smallest at one cubic meter to the largest at 15 cubic meters, with a lot of treasures stored in them.

Zhang Han had a rough look at them, and found at least 40 kinds of third-stage spirit treasures.

In other words, each of his opponents had two kinds of spirit treasures.

There were nearly 200 kinds of second-stage spirit treasures.

More than 500 kinds of first-stage spirit treasures.

A bumper harvest.

“Ill go with you.” Lei Tiannan hurried to follow Zhang Han.

He was still in shock.

What had happened just now scared him.

“My gosh!

“Even Master Ji admitted that no one below the Divine Realm could defeat Grand Master Zhang.

“Invincible Grand Master.

“Its amazing!

“No wonder he is called Merciless Zhang.

He is indeed merciless!”

Lei Tiannan didnt know what to say for a while, so he followed Zhang Han in silence.

The three of them were walking at a moderate speed in front.

Protector Leng was running hard behind them and finally kept up with them.

Mo Chengfeng, the sect chief of the Heavenly Talisman Sect, Fang Rushan the Divination Grand Master in Hong Kong, Ma Di, Junior Brother Lu, several martial arts masters in Shenzhen, and all the martial artists on the shore…

They were looking at Zhang Hans back and seeing him off.

Until Zhang Han disappeared in the jungle.

At this point, the entire lake was wrapped in silence.

There was no other sound but that of the wind blowing through the trees.

10 seconds after Zhang Han left…

Mo Chengfeng shook his head slightly and sighed.

“Zhang Hanyang has proved his strength through suppressing all the young talents on his own.”

Then he left the lake for the south.

“Invincible Grand Master! What an honor it is!”

Fang Rushan sighed in emotion and kept shaking his head.

“Even Emperor Qing has never won such an honor.

Zhang Hanyangs strength is enough for him to be respected by all martial artists.”

“But… Emperor Qing is still powerful, and he hasnt challenged Emperor Qing yet,” a young man stated.

The young man had seen the battle scene of Emperor Qing and was deeply attracted by his performance.

Today, Zhang Hanyangs performance awakened his memory.

But before he witnessed it, he still believed that Emperor Qing was better than Zhang Hanyang.

“Are you joking Emperor Qing has once fought against Ye Longyuan, the Devil Incarnate.

They exchanged three moves and ended up tied.

As for Merciless Zhang, he suppressed all kinds of martial artists on his own and even robbed them of their treasures and weapons.

Obviously, Merciless Zhang is much better!” a middle-aged man said.

“No, he is not better than…” When the young martial artist was about to argue with the middle-aged man…

Fang Rushan again shook his head and said, “We cant come to a conclusion about who is better.

Though Zhang Hanyang is an Invincible Grand Master, he might be defeated by those in the Divine Realm.

For example, when the young talents from the small world reach the Divine Realm, they must come back and challenge Zhang Han.

A golden age of heroes is coming, but…”

Fang Rushan spoke slowly and seriously, his eyes blazing like torches.

“Now, Zhang Hanyang is an Invincible Grand Master, and we should look up to him.

“After the battle today!

“The name of Merciless Zhang Hanyang will spread throughout the martial arts world of China.”

After that, Fang Rushan looked in the direction Zhang Han had left.

He sighed with relief.

He was so excited that he needed to calm down.

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