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Chapter 473 Mengmeng Was Praised

“You are wrong!” Zi Qiang pretended to be angry and said, “Now Im the patriarch and its my duty to make some decision.

Besides, I have to deal with the chamber of commerce affairs.

Im playing an important role, so how can you regard me like that Yan, you should learn from Han.”

“Okay, he is the best.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at her father.

They talked for a while, then Sun Ming knocked on the door and walked in.

“I have checked it several times.

Everything is almost ready, and it will work normally after the opening ceremony tomorrow,” said Sun Ming, holding a pen and a black notebook, which many things were written in.

“Im afraid that after tomorrow, Mr.

Sun, you will be drowning in the cooperation intention contracts of all companies,” Liu Qingfeng said with a smile.

Those business aristocratic families were very sensitive to the change of the trend, and they even wanted to get close to someone powerful like Zhang Han regardless of the cost.

Even if they were not Zhang Hans friends, they just hoped that Zhang Han would know them.

Therefore, Liu Qingfeng could confidently predict that after the opening of the entertainment companies, all kinds of companies seeking cooperation would come to talk to them.

Although Liu Qingfeng had some shares, he always regarded himself as a helper in the operation of the entertainment company.

He could find out what the company needed or lacked and then help to solve the problems, but he would never get involved in managing the company.

Liu Qingfengs success was not accidental.

His ability to reach this height with his personal strength was enough to prove his wisdom.

“Miss Zi, I wonder, when you would like to start work Do you have any idea about the contract or something like that Please let me know, and Ill choose the contract according to your standard.” Sun Ming looked at Zi Yan.

“Well, I…” Zi Yan thought for a while and then replied, “I dont want to work in other parts of the country for the time being.”

This years Hong Kong Golden Horse Awards would begin, but Zi Yan wouldnt be nominated.

Although she could hurry to choose a film or TV series she wanted to participate in, the new work would not be released until next year at the earliest, or even later.

In contrast, Zi Yan wanted to spend more time with Zhang Han.

Women who fell in love could be very clingy.

In addition, Zi Yan knew that she had a lot of time and opportunities to work hard.

Although she would not give up her pursuit of becoming a movie queen, she was not very anxious.

Whats more, she was still paying close attention to Mengmengs kindergarten and its follow-up.

“Okay.” Sun Ming nodded, opened his notebook, and wrote a few words inside with a pen.

Liu Qingfengs mouth was twitching.

“Does this need to be recorded

“Arent you being too serious”

However, although Sun Ming seemed to be a bit rigid and didnt know how to change, his character had more advantages than disadvantages.

He worked seriously and in good order, which was very good.

So for a while, they all talked in the reception hall.

Half a month ago, the company was not systematic, but now, all the facilities and all kinds of personnel had been equipped.

Liu Qingfeng played a great role in it.

A mature management personnel system was very valuable.

The members of the security group spent every day in training and started to learn language early.

Under the guidance of professional teachers, they had made great progress in some areas of knowledge.

Instructor Liu and the members of Wolf Head Detachment occasionally taught the security group to shoot and use all kinds of equipment, and they even wanted to take them to drive tanks.

But Zhao Feng refused the plan, considering that he might not have a chance to drive a tank in the future.

Instructor Liu was a little proud recently.

Instructor Liu had been praised by his uncle, and 60 of his subordinates had advanced to the stage of Peak Strength Warrior.

As a Qi Strength Master, he enjoyed completing tasks with his subordinates, including fighting crime, and their efficiency was surprisingly high.

In fact, Instructor Liu could take more than 100 people out, but he needed to discuss it with Zhao Feng in advance.

Although he was an instructor, he was just the instructor of Wolf Head Detachment.

Recently, their efficiency in completing various tasks issued by the Safety-Force Center had been particularly high, and their scores had been increasing.

Now some people knew that in Mengmengs security group, there were many members at the stage of Peak Strength Warrior.

Many people in the martial arts circle sighed that Grand Master Zhang was really unfathomable!

Less than three months after he came to Hong Kong, he had established such a powerful force.

Lei Tiannan also sighed after knowing the news.

Having a sacred treasure was equivalent to having a whole sect.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan sat in the company until nearly four oclock in the afternoon, and then went down the stairs and drove to Saint Kindergarten in the western area of South Island.

When they got to the front of the kindergarten, there was no parking space.

It was not only the parents of the junior class, but also those of the middle class and the senior class students that came to pick up their children.

Nearly 300 students parents gathered at the entrance of the kindergarten.

Although the road here was very wide, the place closest to the kindergarten was still full of cars that had arrived early.

So Zhang Han still stopped at the back.

When Zhang Han was about to get out of the car…

Zi Yan pursed her lipstick-free lips and said, “Ill go with you.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled casually, watching Zi Yan pick up her cap, put it on, and lower the brim, only showing the delicate lower part of her face.

“I have made a decision.” After getting out, Zi Yan took Zhang Hans arm and said, “If I have time, I will pick up Mengmeng with you.

If I am recognized by fans, it doesnt matter.

Anyway, when Mengmeng brings friends home to play, they will find out that I am Mengmengs mother.

The only thing Im worried about is the paparazzi.”

“Its not a problem either.” Zhang Han chuckled and shook his head, saying, “Just let them shoot at will.

It doesnt matter.

We can do whatever we want.

Dont worry about what others think.”

“Im just worried about the power of public opinion, which is horrible, and I cant let Mengmeng be affected.

I dont care about other things.

When Mengmeng grows up, she must face some things on her own, and sometimes we cant help her, so let it be.

I believe that with her fathers protection, Mengmeng wont be wronged.” Zi Yan pursed her mouth and shook her head.

“You are right.” Zhang Han smiled confidently.

“Its my duty to protect you and Mengmeng.

I will eliminate all threats and hidden dangers for my family.

Although I am still at the entry level of cultivation, I can use my ability to protect my family in this world.

The only thing I want to do now is to accompany you.

Im afraid there will be riots when the small world comes back, so I have to be prepared in advance.”

“Make sure you are safe.” Zi Yan reminded him.

“Dont worry.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Good afternoon, Mr.

Zhang and Miss Zi.” Wang Jiawens voice came from the front.

They looked sideways and saw Wang Jiawen and Su Yu coming.

“Hello.” Zi Yan nodded and asked, “Shall we wait at the door or go in to meet Mengmeng”

“Well go in and meet her in the little square ahead.

We have the access card, so we can swipe it to go in from the right door and out from the left door later,” Wang Jiawen said.

“Oh, right, I also have that card.” Zhang Han nodded, reached into his right pocket, and took out a card the size of his thumb.

“There are so many people ahead.” Zi Yan looked at the crowded school entrance, where a long line of people was.

“Now its 4:20, were not late.

Lets go and line up first, or there will be more and more people.” Su Yu checked the time.

Then they went to the back of the crowd and began to line up.

At 4:35 p.m., the teachers of each class took the students out of the teaching building one by one.

The parents also began to pass through the school entrance on the right side of the path in an orderly manner.

After a few minutes in line, Zhang Han and Zi Yan took the lead to enter the campus.

As soon as they arrived at class five, they were seen by Mengmeng.

The little girls eyes lit up, and she ran to her parents from the crowd in the middle.

“PaPa, MaMa, here you are! I missed you so much!”

“Here we come!” Zhang Han walked forward two steps quickly with a smile, bent down, and held Mengmeng in his arms.

“Mwah, mwah, mwah.” Mengmengs face approached Zhang Han and Zi Yan, then she kissed them on their cheeks several times.

“PaPa, MaMa, did you miss me” asked Mengmeng happily.

“Of course.

How about this, Mom and Dad had promised Mengmeng to pick her up on time, and they definitely came on time,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Mm-hmm.” Mengmeng twisted in Zhang Hans arms.

“Mengmeng, your parents are so good-looking,” Martin, standing two meters away, said enviously.

“My PaPa is super handsome, and my MaMa is super beautiful.

PaPa, PaPa, let me down,” Mengmeng said proudly, and then twisted again in Zhang Hans arms.

After Zhang Han put her down, she introduced him.

“PaPa, he is Martin, my new friend.

You see, his hair is black, his eyes are black, and his skin is black, but he is not Chinese.

Well, he is… Hmm…”

“I am Kenyan,” Martin scratched his head and said.

“Nice to meet you,” Zi Yan waved to him and said with a smile.

“Nice to meet you, Uncle and Aunt.” Martin greeted them and then ran back to the class group shyly.

“Lets go home.” Zhang Han took Mengmengs small hand and walked to the door on the other side.

“Lets go home!” Mengmeng cheered.

Before getting in the car, the little girl waved goodbye to Wang Yihan.

After getting in, the mother and the daughter sat in the back seat.

Zi Yan gently touched Mengmengs face and asked, “Did you have fun in kindergarten”

“Yes.” Mengmeng giggled and replied, “Ive made several new friends, Stefen, Muen, Martin.

And Teacher Lu praised me for my singing.”

“Really Mengmeng is really good!” Zhang Han turned his head and said with a little exaggeration.

“Hahaha…” Mengmeng smiled more happily, but she quickly added, “But I prefer to be with PaPa.”

“You can be with Mom and Dad after school,” Zhang Han said with a smile, started the car, and drove slowly back to New Moon Bay.

“What did you play at school today” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“We introduced ourselves, played the game of passing the handkerchief, and learned Chinese, English, and Cantonese.

I learned a few new Cantonese sentences,” Mengmeng replied excitedly.

“Really Mengmeng has learned new Cantonese sentences Tell Mom.”

“Okay.” Mengmeng prepared for a while and said, “MaMa, listen to me.”

“‘Hello in English isni hao in Chinese andnei hou in Cantonese.

“‘Good morning in English iszao shang hao in Chinese andzou sen in… No,zou sen meansmorning.

“‘Man xiang hou meansgood evening, andda jia hou meanshello everyone.

“‘Nei hou,man xiang hou, andda jia hou, I remember them all.”

“Wow.” Zi Yan was surprised.

She looked at Mengmeng with loving eyes and praised her loudly with exaggeration.

“Mengmeng is so wonderful.

You learned so much on the first day.

How amazing you are! Ill ask your PaPa to reward you with ice cream in the evening.”

“Oh, great!” After being praised, Mengmeng was very happy and almost danced in the back seat.

At the same time, she updated her definition of kindergarten.

“In kindergarten, I can play games and study with my friends.

When I have learned some new knowledge, PaPa and MaMa will be very happy and praise and reward me.”

“OK, lets go for a walk after dinner in the evening, and then buy ice cream for Mengmeng,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“PaPa, after a weeks class, the teacher will reward us with little red flowers,” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han and said.

“Dad will wait for your little red flower,” Zhang Han said proudly.

He knew that Mengmeng thought that getting a little red flower would make her mom and dad happy, which was one of the reasons why Mengmeng was encouraged to go to kindergarten.

Zhang Han was very happy with his daughters love.

“What a considerate daughter I have.

“The boys are much more naughty and disobedient than Mengmeng.”

Zhang Han liked the word “daughter” more and more.

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