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“Ive heard of these schools.

Theyre all very good, but… I dont know which one to choose.” Zi Yan blinked at Zhang Han and asked, “Do you have any ideas”

“Yes, next year, Mengmeng…” Zhang Han stopped when he saw Zi Yan puff out her cheeks angrily.

Zi Yan smiled and rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

“Were choosing a kindergarten, not a foster family.

Mengmeng can go back home, okay”

“Er…” Zhang Han shook his head, looked at Zhou Fei and said, “Tell me the specific information of these kindergartens.”

“Okay.” Zhou Fei looked through the information she had recorded and said, “The recruitment interview of these kindergartens has ended, so we need to ask some relevant person for help if we want to get Mengmeng enrolled.

Since the first four kindergartens have been open for more than a month, I think Hanji is more suitable.

It is a half-day school like Victoria Kindergarten with class time from 8 a.m.

to 12 p.m.

The other three kindergartens are all full-time, and their class time is eight hours a day, from 8:30 a.m.

to 4:30 p.m…”

Zhang Hans eyes lit up when he heard this.

“Half-day kindergarten is not so terrible.

I can sit outside the school for hours.”

“Which of these are half-day kindergartens” Zhang Han asked.

“Hanji, Victoria, and many others.

There are 13 kindergartens in my records, and these five have been selected based on distance,” Zhou Fei replied.

“Give me the information and Ill go to investigate them tomorrow,” said Zhang Han.

“Well, alright.” Zhou Fei handed over the document.

Zhang Han took the document and began to look through it.

He looked serious.

Zi Qiang wanted to play chess with Zhang Han, but he gave up on initiating him when he saw that the latter was looking through the records seriously.

While Zhang Han was reading and thinking, the room was quiet.

Only the sound of Mengmeng playing with her toys could be heard.

After two or three minutes…

Zhang Han raised his head, looked at Zi Yan, and asked doubtfully, “Why did you stop talking”

“We are all waiting for you, the head of the family, to make a decision.” Zi Yan blinked as she replied.

“Ha ha!” Zhang Han shook his head and laughed.

“Im going to investigate them one by one these days before I decide.”

Since he had decided to let Mengmeng go to school, Zhang Han did not want to regret this.

What he needed to do was find a kindergarten where everyone could relax.

“Okay, lets investigate first.

We cant make a hasty decision about it.” Zi Yan nodded.

Thus, the issue was settled for the time being.

Mengmengs attitude towards kindergarten was more casual.

As long as she could play with Papa, she didnt care where she went.

After sitting for a while, Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li returned to the companys hotel to get some rest.

At about 10.30 in the evening, Zhang Han and his wife and daughter went back to their bedroom.

Zhang Han said a story for about 20 minutes.

When Zi Yan and Mengmeng fell asleep, he stopped and lay still for half an hour.

After a while, Zhang Han quietly got up, took Mengmeng to her small bed, and covered the mother and daughter with quilts.

Then, he quietly opened the bedroom door, closed the door, and stood in the hall.

The ring on his finger suddenly shimmered.

All of a sudden, the five-element furnace appeared in the living room and landed on the ground without a sound.

The Fire Stone floating under the five-element furnace began to burn, illuminating the living room.

Zhang Han looked at the furnace and began to think.

“Guarding energy, mini array.”

“Talisman can also be used.”

“Its important that it is small and convenient.”

“Excessive intimacy must be prevented.”

“Four layers of protection are required.”

Zhang Han didnt like strangers cuddling Mengmeng, let alone kissing her.

In addition, he should ensure Mengmengs safety and not let anyone hurt her.

Therefore, Zhang Han began to refine something that would play a protective role.

The fire burned all night in the living room.

Zhang Hans face loomed in the light of the fire.

By the time the refining was over, he was actually a little pale.

This extremely complex micro array was very mind-consuming.

Sometimes, a fathers love was as simple as doing something silently for his child.

At about four oclock in the morning, two strands of black hair about three centimeters long flew out of the five-element furnace.

They then floated into Zhang Hans hands.

“Its done.” Zhang Han smiled and waved his hand to call back the five-element furnace.

Two strands of hair.

The first layer was meant to prevent intimacy, and the second layer was supposed to give a warning.

If there was spiritual force within 13 inches of Mengmeng, the warning array would be activated immediately.

If the strange spiritual force continued to move inward, the energy of the talisman would be activated instantly.

This was the third layer of protection, so Zhang Han could sense it immediately.

If the talisman was broken, the fourth layer of protection would start working automatically.

For Mengmengs safety, Zhang Han thought of all possible situations and made corresponding plans.

After going back to the bedroom with the two strands of hair, Zhang Han dropped them forward.

The two strands of hair flew over to Mengmeng and Zi Yan respectively, sneaked into their hair, and coiled on the back of their heads.

Suddenly, two light waves appeared and enveloped the bodies of Mengmeng and Zi Yan before they disappeared rapidly.

Zhang Han gently returned to bed and rested.

After breakfast, he put on his coat in the bedroom.

“I wont go with you” Zi Yan asked in confusion.

“Im just going to investigate, not to communicate with the school.

You dont have to go with me.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“When will you come back”

“At noon.

Ill try to visit all the schools today.”

After they got out of the bedroom, Zhang Han explained his plan to the others, went downstairs, got in the panda car, and left alone.

He went to the nearest school, which was called Baoshan International.

This school was located in the center of Zhu Keng District.

Zhang Han began driving around its wall after activating his soul sense.

He observed that every gate of the school was guarded by several guards, and there were monitoring devices at the gate.

However, he still found a blind spot.

Zhang Han parked his car on the side of the road, where there were few people.

He jumped directly over the fence into the campus and found an area that was neither too big nor too little between 12 buildings.

After searching for a long time, he finally found the floor of the kindergarten.

There was also security personnel at the front and back doors of the building.

Zhang Han went to the side of the building, jumped in from the corridor window on the second floor, and began to observe the environment.

There were different teachers in each class whose main purpose was to train the childrens abilities, including independent thinking, before they entered primary school.

The children in the primary class were more active, while the junior class was a little quieter, and the children in the senior class were very serious.

“Not this one.”

“This style of education is a bit rigid.”

Zhang Han watched for a moment and then left.

He drove all the way north to Victoria Kindergarten.

After observing for a while, he left again in silence.

This way, Zhang Han visited six kindergartens in the morning.

Although they had different styles, their teaching ideas were almost the same, and they all taught two literature courses and three language courses.

So far, Hanji and Victoria were the most suitable for Mengmeng.

They were not far from home and had a good decoration style.

However, Zhang Han was still not satisfied.

On his way back to New Moon Bay, he received a call from Liu Qingfeng.

“Zhang Han, I heard that you are choosing a kindergarten these days.”

“Well, Ive just visited some of them, but I think theyre all about the same,” Zhang Han replied.

“I have a suggestion.

Have you ever heard of Saint Kindergarten” Liu Qingfeng said.


“Saint Kindergarten will open in a few days.

They only enroll 99 students every year and then divide them into small classes.

Among them, 70 students are the best ones that are selected through three interviews, while the other 29 places are put up for auction.

This years list was confirmed six months ago, but I have a good relationship with the schools board of directors and I can negotiate with them.

This school is west of South Island…”

Liu Qingfeng told Zhang Han everything he knew.

After hearing this, Zhang Han said, “Ill go visit the school in the afternoon and then we can discuss it.”

As soon as he said that, he hung up the phone.

After driving for half an hour, he returned to the restaurant at 12 oclock.

After lunch, Zhang Han looked at Zhou Fei and asked, “Have you heard of Saint Kindergarten”

“Saint Kindergarten Yes!” Zhou Feis eyes lit up.

“Its the top kindergarten in Hong Kong.

It is said that all the children of the richest and most influential families go there.

However, they stipulate that only 99 students will be admitted every year, and the enrollment starts six months in advance.

This years enrollment has ended, and I havent heard of any extra students getting admitted in the past few years, so I didnt consider it an option.”

“You just reminded me.” Zi Yan thought about it and said, “There is only a kindergarten in that school.

After graduation, students can easily be admitted to many famous primary schools in Hong Kong.”

“Ill visit it this afternoon.” Zhang Han nodded.

Mengmeng mumbled, “Papa and I can play at home…”

Obviously, Zhang Han was very concerned about Mengmeng and wanted to find the best for her.

Thus, at two oclock in the afternoon, Zhang Han went out again.

Saint Kindergarten was located near Mount Anxing, and there were several residential areas and two primary schools west of it.

The environment there was elegant, and the location was excellent.

Zhang Han drove around the school several times.

The school area was not very large.

There were seven or eight buildings with unique style, including a small western-style castle, a modern-technology house, and an outdoor playground.

The surrounding high-quality security guards, who were armed with guns, had been monitoring the whole space.

Zhang Han, who was hiding in a tree behind the school, thought for a moment.

Then, he jumped from a height of ten meters and landed on the ground of the campus.

He walked a minute forward until he reached the back of the modern house.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him.

“Who are you” An aged man with a white beard was frowning at Zhang Han.

“Hmm” Zhang Han was a little surprised.

“Late-stage grand master”

“Im Zhang Hanyang,” Zhang Han replied.

“Grand Master Zhang” The aged man was surprised but still alert before he showed obeisance.

“Im Lu Xiong.”

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Isnt Lu Xiong the 4th master on the martial artist ranking list of Hong Kong”

“What is Master Zhang doing here” The tight muscles of Lu Xiong showed that he was tense.

He had heard what had happened before and knew that he could not defeat Grand Master Zhang.

Zhang Han, who knew what Lu Xiong was thinking based on the aged mans expression, smiled and said, “My daughter is going to kindergarten, so Im here to take a look first.”

“I see.” Lu Xiong immediately relaxed and said with a smile, “This must be a good choice.

The children are very smart here.”

“What are you doing here” Zhang Han looked at Lu Xiong in confusion.

A late-stage grand master was very influential in the current martial arts world.

Under Zhang Hans gaze, Lu Xiong touched his beard, chuckled and calmly replied, “Im a cleaner.”

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