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After Liang Hao finished, he happily ran back to his seat and took out his mobile phone to inform He Chen.

If Liang Hao failed, he would notify He Chen after he got back at night.

But if he succeeded, he would notify him immediately.

He Chen, after all, was a famous and powerful man in Singapore.

Even Liang Hao, when not being accompanied by his elders, was not qualified to meet and talk with He Chen.

Now, for Zhang Hans sake, He Chen even asked Liang Hao to help, which he hadnt expected before.

If he succeeded, He Chens attitude toward him will be different from before.

Now, of course, he was overjoyed and dialed He Chens number directly.

“Elder He, my boss agreed.

Ill make sure of the meeting time for you tomorrow…”

Seeing her brothers excitement, Liang Mengqi pouted.

“How can you get so excited You good-for-nothing!”

“Haha,” Liang Hao smiled and said, “How can I not be happy After all, I have helped Elder He.”

“Why do you always think of Elder He The most promising man is behind you.

What about the man your sister used to like!” Liang Mengqi said, shaking her head.

“Hes not just amazing… If the Zi family knew about it, they would celebrate for three days and three nights.” Liang Hao shook his head slightly.

“Didnt you say she had a bad relationship with her family” asked Liang Mengqi in a low voice.

“Thats very normal.

After all, the Zi family has existed for nearly a hundred years and made many rules.

But Zhang can ignore all the rules.” Liang Hao shook his head.


Sister Yan may have some difficulties, for she hasnt informed her family yet.

Maybe she doesnt want them to know, or shes going to tell them at a special time.” Liang Mengqi shook her head and sighed.

“I dont know when they will hold their wedding.

Their life is already very romantic, and their wedding must be grand beyond imagination.”

“How can you look forward to their wedding more than they do” Liang Hao shook his head with a smile and said, “Youre right.

Tomorrow, I will remind Elder He and others in advance.

Otherwise, when these big men return to Singapore, they will definitely tell the Zi family about this.”

“Were back.” Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu came back with four cold drinks in their hands.

It would be more comfortable to enjoy the dinner today with a cold drink.

Zhang Han was also very serious when cooking.

The area of Zhang Hans restaurant was limited, and there was no place to put the oven, so the process of making roast duck was arranged in the restaurant next door by Zhao Feng.

Every time he borrowed the oven next door, Zhao Feng would leave a roast duck at the request of the manager, which made the manager overjoyed.

Zhang Han was in charge of roast pigs feet and other dishes besides roast duck.

Although it would take a lot of time for an ordinary chef to make so many dishes, Zhang Hans cooking speed was very fast, and all the procedures were carried out in an orderly manner.

While waiting for the dishes, Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and dialed Lei Tiannans number.

“Director Lei.”

“Director Zhang.” Lei Tiannans words with a smile came from Zhang Hans mobile phone.

Hearing this, Zhang Han shook his head and smiled.

“Manager Lei is so well prepared that even the token has been sent to me.

Since Im a director, what about my treatment” Zhang Han asked.

“The treatment is detailed in the app, and you will get 100,000 extra points every year.


“Thats enough.

Ill check it myself.

Thats all.” Zhang Han hung up the phone directly.

Then he clicked open the app of the Safety-Force Center and saw that the score shown below was 113,482.

Of the more than 100,000 points, more than 10,000 of them were obtained recently by Xu Yong and Instructor Liu by arranging for their men to do tasks.

There were 999 unread messages in “My Friends”.

Zhang Han clicked on it and found that those were all friend requests.

“How many people want to be my friend”

Zhang Han directly clicked to ignore the unread messages, and then transferred 50,000 points to Protector Leng.

But Protector Leng didnt accept it.

Zhang Han thought Protector Leng was not online and was about to put down his mobile phone.

But Protector Leng sent a voice message to him.

“Director Zhang, come on, its not a lot of points.”

After hearing this, Zhang Han directly typed back: “Its natural and proper to pay off debts.

You must accept it.”

“Well, Ill take it.” Protector Leng forced a smile.

After the battle of Strange Peak Island, he was puzzled for a long time.

Unexpectedly, Protector Zhang, who had been received several times by himself, was a Grand Master Strong!

At that time, under Zhang Hans control, the strange card flew directly out of He Qingtians body.

Every time Protector Leng recalled this scene, he couldnt help shivering.

He hoped that Zhang Han would accept the 50,000 points and give him an excuse to ask Zhang Han for help in the future.

There was not much chance of getting help from a big man.

Unfortunately, Zhang Han was a man of principle.

Since Zhang Han told him that “its natural and proper to repay debts”, he knew that Zhang Han had his own bottom line and principles.

“I just took it for granted…” Protector Leng shook his head helplessly.

On the other side, Zhang Han exchanged the remaining points for five Fire Stones after paying back Protector Lengs points.

Then he continued to cook.

After the meal was done, Zhao Feng came in, and two vans stopped near the door.

Inside the vans were flowers and grass taken from the mountain, while there was another truck carrying decorative shelves for potted plants.

During the day, Zi Yan, Zhang Li, and Zhou Fei talked about the flowers on the mountain, and then they decided to decorate the restaurant.

After getting Zhang Hans consent, they informed Zhao Feng to make arrangements.

Zi Yan specially told Zhao Feng that aside from roses, other flowers could be brought here.


Because on the second floor, that bunch of 999 roses was still blooming.

She hoped that it would remain the only bunch of roses in the restaurant that represented love.

Sometimes, Zi Yan would behave like a little girl because Zhang Han was her first love, and generally speaking, women are more demanding of their first love.

Though Zi Yan had been very assertive and strong after years of struggle, she enjoyed being a little girl in Zhang Hans tenderness.

Zhang Han enjoyed Zi Yans change, especially their positions in bed, which began to increase.

Zhang Han was not in a hurry because there would be a lot of time for them to get along with each other in the future, and he would get what he deserved.

After entering the restaurant, Zhao Feng took a look at Liang Mengqi and smiled at her.

With Liang Hao at the table, there was no place for Zhao Feng.

Sometimes Zhao Feng would think that it was time to change to a group of larger tables.

Considering the size of the restaurant, Zhao Feng gave up the plan.

If the tables were larger, the restaurant would be too crowded.

After greeting everyone, Zhao Feng went directly to the kitchen counter.

“Master, Ive taken all those treasures to the mountain and brought back some flowers and ornaments.

There are 1,136 night-luminescent pearls in total, and I brought back 22.”

“OK.” Zhang Han nodded.

At this time, Zhang Han finished the last dish and began to take the dishes to the second floor with Zhao Feng.

At this time, because there were three little guys, the atmosphere on the second floor was very active.

The chubby Wang Yihan was having a good time with Mengmeng and started to speak in a loud voice.

Conversely, Wu Guang was very shy, and he had been acting as a junior attendant of the two and obeying them.

The adults here stopped talking and watched the three little guys play.

Seeing Zhang Han and Zhao Feng serving the dishes, Wang Ya and Zhang Li also went downstairs to help, and the table was soon filled.

Looking at the delicious food on the table made all of their mouths water.

Wang Jiaxuan and her husband were still a bit constrained.

After all, this was the first time coming to Zhang Hans restaurant.

When they saw Zhang Han cooking and serving, they looked at each other and were moved.

“Its admirable that a man as great as Mr.

Zhang is also a good man who understands life.”

They thought of a few partners who were not in a high position, but employed a lot of nannies to ensure their quality of life, and they were even a little picky.

It was impossible for them to cook.

But now, when they saw the table full of delicious food, they were envious for a while.

Sometimes, cooking by yourself was also a kind of self-cultivation.

“Its amazing that Han can cook so many dishes.” Rong Jiaxin smiled at Zhang Han.

“Yes, yes.” Mengmeng nodded and said proudly, “My Papa is the most powerful.”

This sentence was almost Mengmengs mantra.

But Zhang Han was always happy when he heard this sentence.

Sometimes, Zhang Han would even come up with some ideas… to make further efforts.

He wanted to be that omnipotent father adored by Mengmeng all the time.

But he also hoped that one day his daughter would achieve more than himself, which would make him happier.

It made sense to hope that their children would become the dragon and phoenix among people.

Zhang Han didnt know when he started to have the relatively contradictory idea that he wanted to see Mengmeng grow up step by step while also having her stay a lovely little girl and princess… In fact, Zhang Han knew that this was the meaning of “father”.

Everyone began to eat and talk less.

The three little guys, each with a roast pigs hoof, had greasy mouths.

Even Wang Yihans face was covered with oil.

However, she said indifferently, “Its so delicious!”

After dinner at about eight oclock, they sat on the sofa to have tea, and the three little ones were playing with toys.

At 8:30, Wang Jiawen took them away.

In the evening, they would go to Wang Qiangs house with three bedrooms and one hall, where they planned to stay the night.

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Li and said, “The flowers have arrived.

Lets put them on display.”

“OK, lets go!” Zhou Fei smacked her butt and stood up.

“Ill go, too.

Lets go.

Lets go!” Mengmeng climbed down from the sofa and ran to the stairs.

As soon as she ran two steps, Zhang Han caught her and held her in his arms.

With a smile on his lips, Zhang Han walked quickly to the stairs and said, “Lets go, we are the first ones!”

“Well, we are first, we are the fastest, PaPa and I are the fastest.” Mengmeng looked back with her big eyes while cheering.

According to the little ladys expression, it seemed that being the first to go downstairs was the happiest thing.

Sometimes it is easy for children to be satisfied.

Zi Yan and the others couldnt help laughing as they went downstairs.

At this time, on the first floor of the restaurant, only Zhao Feng was sitting at the members dining table playing with his mobile phone.

Seeing the crowd coming down, he stood up and led them out.

He took all the goods out of the van.

Among them were flowers, grass, soil, and barrels of spirit water, night-luminescent pearls.

“That should be almost enough.” Zhao Feng looked at Zi Yan and said, “Look at the shelves on that truck, and there are all kinds of shapes and sizes.

You can choose what you need.”

“OK.” Zi Yan nodded and looked at the van next to her.

“The long one could be placed on the right side of the piano, which would separate those tables.

There are grooves on it, and we can put the grass on it directly as long as a few flowers and two night-luminescent pearls.” Zi Yan pointed to a shelf on the truck.

“Ill get it.” Zhao Feng jumped directly from the truck on the left and took the shelf down.

“This long shelf can be put on the left side of the kitchen.” Zi Yan pointed to a longer shelf.

Zhou Fei also pointed to one and said, “These two short ones can be put under two windows.”

“Yes, this one, too.” Zi Yan nodded.

So they began to choose.

While the others were giving advice, Zi Yan made the final decision, after all, she was the hostess who had the right to speak.

Zhang Han stood by with Mengmeng in his arms.

Mengmeng waved her little arm from time to time.

“All of them…”

After the selection, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, and Wang Ya started to take action.

Instead of letting the others work, they put on gloves and did it themselves.

Zi Yan had learned how to arrange flowers, so transplanting was very simple for her, it just required soil.

While the others were busy, Zhang Han and Mengmeng sat in front of the piano.

Zhang Han was playing the piano, while Mengmeng was humming in his arms.

Zi Yan first planted four flowers on the shelf on the right side of the piano.

Just as she was about to plant grass, she thought about it and pouted with her mouth, a little frustrated.

Just after Zhang Han finished playing a piano piece, she said, “Zhang Han, come and take a look.

Is the gap in the grass a little big”

Hearing this, Zhang Han stood up, looked at the shelf, and said with a smile, “Not bad.

Its neat and nice.”

“Its beautiful.

MaMa is amazing.” Mengmeng praised her.

Hearing this, Zi Yan was very happy.

She chuckled and said, “But I think the gap is a little big.

Its not as dense as the grass on the mountain.”

“Lets do it together.” Zhang Han chuckled and put Mengmeng on the ground to give her a night-luminescent pearl to play with.

Then he went to Zi Yans side.

The grass in the rectangular box at the top of the shelf began to gather in.

Gradually, the grass became dense.

“Then Ill hold the grass for you,” Zi Yan said, then stood beside Zhang Han, holding a handful of fragrant grass.

When Zhang Han finished, she would hand the grass to him.

In fact, these simple tasks could be completed in an instant by Zhang Han.

But he enjoyed working slowly with Zi Yan like this.

There are many times when the important thing is not the result, but the process.

It is like a persons life.

What you enjoy is the process itself.

Finally, after taking care of one shelf, Zi Yan and Zhang Han went to the next one.

They were so busy until 10 oclock that the first and second floors of the restaurant were totally changed.

These decorations added a lot of vitality to the restaurant.

“Shall we turn off the light and have a look” When they sat on the first floor, Zi Yan smiled with satisfaction at the results, and looked at several night-luminescent pearls.

“OK.” Zhou Fei got up and went to the back.

“Ill turn off the lights!”

The lights went out.

Twelve night-luminescent pearls on the first floor began to shine softly.

“Well, how beautiful!” Mengmeng blinked and cheered.



The crowd marveled.

It was a very special experience.

After watching for a few minutes, they turned on the lights to light up the dining room.

It was nearly half-past 10, so they went back home.

Zhang Li didnt plan to go back to work these days.

The low building next to the main building of the company was about to be completed.

Zhang Li thought about it and decided to take a vacation for herself.

At half-past 10, Zhang Han, holding Mengmeng, went upstairs with Zi Yan.

After turning off the light, although there were no pearls in the bedroom, the soft light from the first and second floors could still shine into the room.

Now Zi Yan was not shy to change into her pajamas in front of Zhang Han.

After putting pajamas on Mengmeng, the mother and daughter quickly got into bed, and the last one was Zhang Han.

“Im going to continue the story: The king of dwarfs and the king of elves were in the sea.

They found…”

After telling the story for more than 10 minutes, Zhang Han found that both the mother and daughter were asleep.

Zhang Han shook his head because he had planned to do something romantic.

But Zi Yan was so tired last night that she even lost her voice.

Now she might be a little tired due to lack of sleep.

However, Zhang Han was confused by Zi Yan having such mysterious energy in her body, but her physical quality was very common.

When she talked too much, her voice would become dry, and she would also get sick like ordinary people.

Even after drinking several bottles of Yang Qing Water, her health had not improved except for her skin.

“Ill make some medicinal pellets for her tomorrow…”

Zhang Han planned to improve Zi Yans strength if she could absorb the medicinal pellets.

Only by empowering herself could she be safe at all times.

The night went by silently.

The next morning…

Zhang Han got up first to prepare breakfast.

By seven oclock, the mother and daughter got up.

“Wash and brush, wash and brush, brush and whiten your teeth.” After Zi Yan brushed Mengmengs teeth, Mengmeng hummed happily.

Zi Yan dealt with the little girl first, and then started to clean herself.

As she combed her hair, she also hummed.

“Hum, hum, ah…”

Upon humming a few words, Zi Yan suddenly froze.

She thought for a moment, and suddenly her big eyes lit up.

“Oh, yes!” She hurriedly found a pen and paper in the drawer and wrote down a few lines.

Then she looked at the words and hummed a few more times, the light in her eyes getting more and more bright.

She quickly took out her mobile phone and dialed Zhou Feis number.

“Feifei, are you out No Thats great.

Bring me a guitar, I have some inspiration to write songs.”

She looked at the short sentences she had written, hummed, and hurried to the stairway.

“Honey, honey, come here.”

“PaPa, come here!” Mengmeng said in Zi Yans tone.

Hearing this, Zhang Han put down his work and walked up the stairs.

“Whats wrong” Zhang Han asked.

“Listen to my melody: Hum hum, hum…” Zi Yan hummed a few words, looked at Zhang Han with expectation, and asked, “How is it”

“Huh” Zhang Han was stunned.

He thought for a while, then looked at Zi Yan and said with a smile, “OK.

Its very good.

My honey is amazing, and this song will surely become popular.”

“Haha.” Zi Yan was very happy to be praised.

“Then I wont accompany you this morning.

Ill finish writing this song.”

“Yes, dont get too tired.

Ill make breakfast first,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle and went downstairs again.

When breakfast was ready, Zhang Li, Rong Jiaxin, and the others also arrived.

After breakfast, Zhou Fei and Zi Yan stayed in the restaurant to work, and no one else bothered them.

Zhao Feng asked Leng Yue to go and accompany Zi Yan, while he and Zhang Han took the others to Mount New Moon.

Since the furnace, Fire Stones, and spirit treasures were all ready, Zhang Han thought that it was time to harvest.


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