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Chapter 41 – The Incense of Subverting Ideas

Although heaven fragrant wood was only a rank 1 spiritual treasure, it was basically the best seasoning on earth.

Just when Zhang Han just placed the heaven fragrant wood seasoning into the seasoning bottle, 2 more customers came into the restaurant.

Not sure what was going on, the 2 customers were again females and seemed to be around the age of 20.

This was the third batch of customers already, and furthermore, the females were all of the same suits.

Could it be that this restaurant attracts females

The 2 females seemed somewhat non-mainstream.

Their hair was dyed yellow-purple, which looks very bright, and their dressing was also somewhat wild, seemingly to be females in their rebellious phase.

“Hey, boss, give us the menu.”

One of the females which had a pointy face said loudly.

“No menu, there are only egg fried rice and cow milk today.” Zhang Han replied after packing the heaven fragrant wood.


The pointy faced female opened her eyes wide and sneered.

With some sneer in her tone, she said, “What kind of joke is this If you only have egg fried rice, why did you even bother opening a restaurant”

“What other people sell in their restaurant has nothing to do with you.” The pointy face females companion patted on her, then turned her gaze to Zhang Han and said, “How much do your egg fried rice and cow milk cost”

Without a menu, they naturally did not know the price too.

Thus, she asked.

Upon hearing that, Zhang Han slightly went into a daze.

He had never thought about the price before.

After muttering for a while, he looked towards the female who asked him and said, “How much do the egg fried rice and cow milk at other places cost”


The females brows wrinkled slightly.

She felt that this restaurant was becoming more and more unqualified.

If not for the restaurant being very clean, she would even suspect that this person did not even have a business permit.

“Normally for restaurants like yours, a plate of egg fried rice normally costs around 28rmb, and a cup of cow milk would cost 8rmb.”

Normally for small restaurants and peddlers, each plate of egg fried rice would only cost 12 rmb, and a cup of cow milk would only cost 3 rmb.

But for Zhang Hans restaurant which was this clean and graceful, the price would be higher a bit, which was pretty close to what female said.

“Oh, then, my egg fried egg will be 280 rmb per plate, and the cow milk will be 80 rmb per cup.” Zhang Han nodded his head and replied.

Little did he know, his words caused the expression of the 2 female customers to change.

Even Liang Mengqi also took a look at Zhang Han somewhat bizarrely, not knowing where he got the confidence from to dare to sell 10 times the price.

“Are you mad” The pointy faced females tone became sharp, as she said, “What kind of business are you doing A plate of egg fried rice for 280rmb Kitchen god Wang Longs egg fried rice can be sold for 5000rmb, but do you think that you are him If you were him, would you still be opening a small restaurant here”

Wang Long was Xiangjiangs famous chief god.

His title of chief god was absolutely not undeserved, his cooking skills were very high and even Zhou Chis movie, The God of Cookery, was filmed using his foods as a model.

Furthermore, Wang Long had worked as a chef in many famous 5 star restaurants that were in Xiangjiang and was deeply liked by the higher society people.

Even furthermore, many big shots whose name could shake an area were also his frequent customers.

Thus, he was able to sell a plate of egg fried rice for 5k rmb.

Even more, the 5k rmb egg fried rice was always mentioned by others and had been on the lead news for quite a number of times.

Many people knew about that, but Zhang Han did not understand any of that, and also did not have the interest to understand.

“If you are not eating, then leave.” Zhang Han frowned slightly when he saw that Meng Meng was somewhat afraid because of that females sharp voice, and said with a deep voice, “Also, I dont know whatever Wang Long or Li Long.

If he sells it for 5k rmb, I will sell it for 50k rmb then.”

“You!” The pointy faced female was just about to start fuming but was pulled back by her companion that was beside her.

Although her companion was dressed quite wildly too, it could still be seen that she was still the relatively tender type.

Although she was unhappy in her heart, her tone was still calm,

“Mister, the price that you are selling is indeed somewhat excessive, to the point that we can go to the consumer association to complain about you.

Furthermore, Wang Long sold a plate of egg fried rice for 5k rmb, but the rice he used is Thailand rice, and the rice was even dried for a year.

Not anyone can sell a plate of egg fried rice for such a high price.”

“Oh” Zhang Han took a look at the woman and said with a trace of disdain in his tone, “Lets not talk about drying the rice for a year, even if he dried the rice for a hundred years, his rice would also not be comparable to my rice.”

Regarding ingredients, in this world, there was no rice that could be compared to the rice that was grown at Crescent Mountain.

Whatever Thailand rice, Australia rice, North America rice, they could not be compared against Zhang Hans rice.

On earth, martial arts world or cultivation world may perhaps exist too, and they would perhaps also have high grade rice.

But who could confirm it if no one has ever seen it And even if there really were other high grade rice, dont forget that Crescent Mountain was still able to continue growing.

Crescent Mountain had only just taken form.

After Thunder-Yang Tree finishes constructing Crescent Mountain for 3 times, at that time, Crescent Mountain would thoroughly transform into a true treasure land.

At that time, the ingredients that were grown in Crescent Mountain would definitely be matchless.

“You! Truly unreasonable! Lets go!”

The female said angrily.

Fearing that the pointy faced female would start raging, she grabbed the pointy faced female and left the restaurant angrily.

“Daddy, they are so fierce.” Meng Meng said softly.

“They are but insects who have no insight.

You dont have to care about them.

Daddy will start cooking now, we will be able to eat in a while.” Zhang Han smiled slightly.

“Oh, alright.

Dont, dont care about the insects, en.” Meng Meng replied, then turned her head around and continued watching the television.

This scene caused Liang Mengqis expression to immediately become stiff.

The corner of her mouth twitched slightly as she sighed in her heart at Zhang Hans unusual teaching method.

Just when Zhang Han was beginning to cook, Liang Mengqi opened her mouth and asked,

“Hey, you are not really intending to sell a plate of egg fried rice for 50k rmb right”

In Liang Mengqis point of view, a plate of egg fried rice for 50k rmb was really a bit over the top.

Although 50k was not much to her at all, but no one would want to anyhow spend their money away like this.

“280 rmb.” Zhang Han replied without raising his head.

In Zhang Hans point of view, it was reasonable even if he sold the egg fried rice for 50k rmb per plate.

But after thinking about it, there was no need to make others feel too astonished, just the price of 10 times more than a normal plate of egg fried rice will do.

“Oh.” Liang Mengqi nodded her head and curled her lips, “Faster a bit, Im feeling super hungry.”

“Faster a bit, Meng Meng is also feeling super hungry.” Meng Meng pouted her mouth hand urged.

“Alright, alright, it will be ready in a while.” Zhang Han laughed lightly and began cooking the egg fried rice.

There were quite a few methods to cook egg fried rice.

One of the methods was to mix the beaten egg with the rice.

That way, the egg fried rice that was cooked would be gold color, with every grain of rice being coated by the egg.

However, Zhang Han did not intend to cook it this way, and instead intended to cook the egg and rice separately.

Thus, Zhang Han poured the eggs into the pan and stir-fry it.

After stir-frying the eggs into small pieces, he took the eggs out of the pan.

Eggs cook very quickly and were not suitable for stir-frying for too long.

If the egg was overcooked, the taste of the egg would not be as good.

Zhang Han poured some soybean oil into the pan, added in the carrot cubes, stir-fry it for a while, and added in the rice.

After stir-frying it well, he added in the eggs and sprinkled a bit of salt and thirteen spices.

When the egg fried rice was about to be done, Zhang Han sprinkled the heaven fragrant wood seasoning.

Immediately, the fragrant of the egg fried rice became somewhat stronger.

After cooking finish, Zhang Han split the egg fried rice into 3 portions.

Zhang Han and Meng Meng used porcelain plate for the egg fried rice and glass cup for the cow milk.

While Liang Mengqi was given disposable utensils.

Zhang Han placed the 2 plate of egg fried rice and 2 cups of cow milk on the dining table and opened the crystal chandelier on top.

Immediately, the lighting in the house became brighter.

“Meng Meng, come, time to eat.”

Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and walked towards the dining table.

After sitting down, he took a look at Liang Mengqi indifferently and said, “You go take yourself.”

“Ah” Liang Mengqi slightly went into a daze and felt somewhat indignant in her heart.

In this restaurant, the customers still have to take the food themselves

“Humph! I will see if this egg fried rice of yours is worth 280 rmb or not!” Liang Mengqi knew that she would not be able to change Zhang Hans mind and thus snorted lightly and walked towards the kitchen unwillingly.

Seeing that the utensils were all disposable products, this treatment caused Liang Mengqis expression to become somewhat rigid and felt discontent in her heart.

But in the next moment, the fragrance that assailed her nostrils immediately dispelled all the discontent in her heart.

“It smells so nice.”

Liang Mengqi sighed in her heart as she felt her stomach starting to grumble.

She immediately took a plate of egg fried rice and walked back to the dining table that was in the front of the window.

She used 2 times her normal speed to open the disposable chopsticks.

When she was about to start eating, she stopped.

It was her habit to not rush when eating good food and leave the best for last.

Thus, she picked up the paper cup, intending to have a mouth of the cow milk first.

However, when she took a mouth of the cow milk, her eyes immediately opened wide.

It was the first time that she had tasted such tasty cow milk!

Other fresh cow milk, they would taste somewhat bland if you dont add sugar, and even more, if the milk wasnt cooked well, there would be a slightly sour taste.

And when you add sugar, it would change the taste of the milk.

Whereas this milk that she just drank, there was no taste of sugar at all, but when drank, it still tasted incomparably sweet and rich.

The milk fragrance was ample and was extremely rich.

As she drank it, she even forgot about the time and where she was, all the way until she finished drinking the cup of cow milk.

“Boss, why is this cow milk this fragrant” Liang Mengqi couldnt help but ask.

“This is the worlds purest fresh milk.” Zhang Han did not turn his head at all as he replied.

“Oh.” Liang Mengqi nodded her head endearingly.

Her gaze was somewhat excited as she looked towards the egg fried rice.

Since the cow milk tasted that good, the egg fried rice must definitely also be good!

Liang Mengqi wanted to use the chopsticks, but after thinking about it, she picked up the plastic spoon at the side.

Liang Mengqi picked up a spoonful of egg fried rice and ate it.

The egg was soft and tender, the rice was soft and a bit sticky, and the carrot cubes were a bit crispy.

While eating the egg fried rice, the texture was ample.

The fragrant of the rice, fragrant of the egg, and a bit of the fragrant of the carrot lingered in her mouth, making her to couldnt help but close her eyes and savor the taste.

“This……is this still even considered egg fried rice”

“Is there such tasty egg fried rice in this world”

“This egg fried rice is 100 times, no, 1000 times better than Wang Longs egg fried rice!”

Liang Mengqi was thoroughly astonished.

She was expecting the egg fried rice to give her a surprise, but she had absolutely never thought that the surprise would actually be this huge!


Only this word was able to describe it.

This egg fried rice was really fragrant! Even to the point that she felt that the egg fried rice she ate in the past were all fake!

She had eaten before the dishes that Wang Long cooked and had also tasted before the 5k rmb egg fried rice.

At that time, she thought that Wang Longs egg fried rice was one of the best in this world already, but the egg fried rice that was before her eyes right now had completely overturned her notion!


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