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Zhao Feng was totally stunned by that.

As time went on, he also had an understanding of the martial arts world.

He knew that Obvious Strength was the beginning for martial artists and people who got Inward Strength and Peak Strength were already powerful masters.

He had already mastered Inward Strength, which made him 10 times stronger than before.

Qi Strength Masters had great inner strength and their moves were more powerful.

Some people also had some mysterious abilities.

For many martial artists, it was hard for them to breakthrough and become a Profound-stage Master, let alone Earth-stage Master or Heaven-stage Master.

Heaven-stage Masters were at the same level as Protectors at the National Security Agency and were quite influential in the martial arts world.

Then, there came a question: What did being a Wu Dao Grand Master mean in the martial arts world

He heard from Instructor Liu that Wu Dao Grand Masters were respected by all, who could set up their own clans and were on top of the pyramid in the martial arts world.

However, He Qingtian was not only just a Wu Dao Grand Master.

His eldest disciple, Master Hong, was an Early-stage Grand Master and also a Protector of the National Security Agency, who had fully mastered the firing palm.

He Qingtian had reached the peak of the middle stage of Grand Master many years ago.

It wasnt clear whether had broken through to the late stage.

If he had made a breakthrough, his power wouldnt just be doubled.

As for the director of Hong Kong, Lei Tiannan, he was a powerful Middle-stage Grand Master.

He was quite close to the late stage and had various means.

The battle between them would definitely be furious, but their target was the same, Zhang Han.

One party wanted to kill him, while the other one wanted to protect him.

However, as a party to protect him, they could only win.

Neither a draw nor a loss would be allowed.

Therefore, Zhao Feng also felt great pressure.

But after making things clear, he found that his master was so… calm.

As always, he made others feel that he was very confident.

Whats more, Zi Yans expression seemed to be telling him that she wasnt afraid either, as if she trusted Zhang Han very much and believed he would win.

If it was put in Zi Yans words, it would be: “My husband is an immortal.”

Zi Yan was a bit worried at first, but after she noticed Zhang Hans expression and words, her worries dissipated.

Since he said that hed take her there to show her his real power, he must have been 100% sure.

Zi Yan believed that it was unlikely that Zhang Han would put himself in danger.

Zhao Feng stared at them for a long time, and finally went to arrange the flights.

While he was doing that, Zi Yan also received a phone call.

“Liang Hao Mm.

Im with my husband now.

Whats the matter Oh, we know.

My husband will go to teach that man a lesson tomorrow morning…”

After hearing that and hanging up the phone, Liang Hao was totally shocked.

“Brother, how is it Do they want to leave tonight” Liang Mengqi hurriedly asked.

“No, they wont.

They…” Liang Hao took a deep breath and said, “Theyll go there tomorrow morning.”

“Huh” Liang Mengqis expression became stiff.

Therefore, neither of them slept well at night.

They got up at 5:30 the next day and drove the Escalade to the mountain gate area in the extreme northwest without even having breakfast.

At Clearwater Bay Wharf in that area, they could rent a boat to go to Strange Peak Island.

Strange Peak Island sloped gently, which was a place frequented by fishing enthusiasts and was also the largest gathering spot in Hong Kong for fishing.

When Liang Mengqi and Liang Hao arrived at the location, there were already numerous luxury cars in the parking lot.

There were a lot of Rolls-Royce Gusts, Rolls-Royce Phantoms, Bentleys, a variety of limited cars, and all kinds of super sports cars…

It was even more fascinating than most auto shows.

The Escalade they drove seemed to be the worst among them.

People were coming and going in a continuous stream.

About 100 troops with real ammunition were guarding there.

“Its magnificent.”

After getting out of the car, Liang Mengqis face became twisted.

“After all, its the battle between the super great masters on the list.

Sister, the powerful people in the martial arts world have a lot of means.

Youll see that later, but…” Speaking of that, Liang Hao sighed, and then said, “I hope that Zi Yan and her husband will not come.

That Grand Master He is too powerful.”

“The boss wouldnt do something that he isnt sure about.” Liang Mengqi shook her head.

“I hope so.”

Liang Hao led her to the wharf.

When he approached, he saw that six people with fishing gear not far away were asking, “Why can they go inside, but not us”

What they got was a strict sentence: “No comment.

Its not open now.

Please go back.”

After a few words, those people shook their heads and didnt dare to say more.

They just asked when it would open.

After seeing that, Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi went closer.

Then, two soldiers walked over and looked at them calmly without saying anything.

“Uh, were here to watch the battle between Director Lei and Grand Master He,” Liang Hao nodded and said.

“Which family are you from” one of the soldiers asked.

“The Liang Clan of Singapore.”

“Go inside.”

The two soldiers directly moved aside, and then Liang Hao walked to the wharf with Liang Mengqi.

There were more than 20 people in line and several people were stopped there.

“Board this ship.

200 for each.”

A staff member went over to command them.

After paying the fee and boarding the ship, Liang Mengqi looked around at the people with curiosity.

Most of them were well-dressed and several people wore casual sportswear.

Some of them looked extraordinary and some people were very excited.

They were discussing in low voices.

“Oh my, even thinking about it makes me feel nervous now.

Itll be the first time for me to see a battle between Grand Masters.”

“Its not the first time for me, but Ill see Lei Tiannan fight for the first time.

He is my idol and will definitely win.”

“Of course, Lei Tiannan is the 11th strongest on our list, while He Qingtian is the 17th.

Hes six places behind him,” a chubby 17-year-old boy shook his head while saying.

“Talk less and listen more!” An old man next to the chubby boy frowned and scolded him.

Then, he said, “The battle between Grand Masters is horrible.

Grand Master He cultivated privately some time ago.

If he made a breakthrough, he wouldnt still be 17th on the list.

Its just a list that shows peoples power indirectly.

Since anyone can make a breakthrough, it wont be static.

If Director Lei loses, He Qingtian would be 11th.”

“Grandfather, why did they decide to have a fight” the chubby boy asked curiously.

Once he said that, most of the people present were attracted and were all ears.

They all knew that it was because of Master Zhang and Protector Zhang, but more than 80% of the people didnt know the specific reason.

The old man was stunned.

Then, he shook his head and sighed, saying, “This battle between the powerful masters is all because of something done by one who is just a Qi Strength Master, Protector Zhang.

He killed He Yunfei, which caused this battle.”

“Just a Qi Strength Master Hes rather arrogant!”

Many people looked that way, watching that white-haired old man carefully.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man dressed in luxurious clothes was shocked and his eyes widened.

Then, he strode over, saluted with hands folded and bowed, while greeting him respectfully.

“It turns out to be Grand Master Fang.

Sorry that I didnt recognize you.

Hello, sir, Im Li Helan from the Li family.”

“Hmm, youre a talent.


With you, the Li family will keep flouring for another 10 years.” The old man looked at the middle-aged man and then nodded slightly.

“Thank you for your compliment.” The middle-aged man was very excited after hearing that.

And that was just because the old man was a senior metaphysical Grand Master in Hong Kong, Fang Rushan, who could predict things.

After hearing the middle-aged mans words, all the people around him were shocked and they began to discuss in low voices.

“What! Hes Grand Master Fang”

“My God.

Hes Grand Master Fang, ranked 16th on the list.”

“Hes a legendary figure.

He has the ability of finding the most auspicious location for buildings.

He can tell what happened to a person five years ago and divine what he will experience in 10 years.

Thats profound and mysterious.

I really feel so lucky to have met him today.”

Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi had looked at him for a long time and still didnt know who the old man was.

After hearing the gasps and discussion from the people around them, they realized that the old man had such a background!

“Im sitting on the same boat as a metaphysical Grand Master.”

Liang Haos mouth trembled slightly.

The Grand Masters and Qi Strength Masters that he rarely met at ordinary times, as well as some martial artists, all appeared in front of him like cabbages in the market on that day.

There were indeed great masters, but it wasnt easy to see them.

Put it in another way, his status had not yet reached that level.

On the way there, Liang Hao was somewhat worried.

But at the moment, he didnt feel that diffident.

He had just boarded a boat randomly and found that there were a lot of great masters there who could kill him as easy as blowing off dust.

“Ahem… Id better stay low-key.”

Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi looked around, noticing many ships were coming and going.

It seemed that there were already many people on Strange Peak Island.

Strange Peak Island was not very large.

The terrain was relatively flat and there were not many plants.

To the east, there were hills extending nearly one kilometer, with an elevation of over 30 meters.

The right part was flat.

On the far right was the fishing place that people frequented.

There was also a five-story building, which was the fishing club.

In the middle of the flat ground, there was a rugged rocky area.

Just then, in the center of the rock stood a person, who was looking at the distant scenery with his hands clasped behind his back.

On the left side of the rocky ground, that was, below the hillside, there were many people standing there in the formation of a crescent moon.

Everyone was imposing, and it could be seen that they were all great martial artists.

With one glance, one could tell that there were three or four hundred people.

There were more people on the back of the hillside.

It was very crowded and there were nearly a thousand people there.

After Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi arrived at the island and saw such a scene, they became rather reserved.

“It looks like a grand event.”

Liang Hao smiled bitterly and dialed Chu Huis number.

After learning his location, he walked to the right with Liang Mengqi and saw Chu Hui in a corner at the back.

“Its half past six.

Youre a little late,” Chu Hui whispered.

“When did you arrive” Liang Mengqi asked curiously.

“My parents and I arrived here at five oclock.

Theyre in the front.” Chu Hui pointed with his mouth to the crowd below the hillside.

“What is the situation now” Liang Hao asked.

“The situation… The man standing there is He Qingtian,” Chu Hui curled his lips and said, “He came first, so this battle is inevitable.

Master Hong over there said very arrogantly earlier that his master will definitely win today.”

Liang Hao looked over and saw that several people headed by Master Hong were the closest to the field.

“Xiaohui, I just saw someone called Grand Master Fang…”

Before Liang Hao had finished his words, He Qingtian, who was in the center of the field, turned around and looked at an old man, while saying loudly, “Brother Fang, youre also here.”

“Grand Master He.” Fang Rushan nodded.

Some worries were filling his eyes while he was saying, “On the way here, I divined that there would be blood today… So, the battle between you and Director Lei can be reconsidered.”

Fang Rushan spoke politely, but He Qingtian laughed and shook his head directly, saying, “The man who will fall today must be Lei Tiannan! He has repeatedly stopped me from doing anything.

Does he really think that Im a coward”

“It seems that the director of Hong Kong needs to be changed.”

After saying that, he glanced at his eldest disciple.

He thought that after the battle, Master Hong might have a new name, Director Hong!

After Fang Rushan heard the words, he shook his head slightly and became silent.

For the battle later, he only divined that someone would definitely die, but he didnt know who the specific person would be.

After all, in a battle was between two Grand Masters, it could be said that the more powerful a man was, the more difficult it would be to predict things about him.

There were even people whose life was unpredictable.

The people who heard their conversation at the back began to discuss immediately.

Liang Hao also looked at Chu Hui while asking, “How many Grand Masters are there now”

“There are seven now, including He Qingtian who ranks 17th on the list, Grand Master Fang who ranks 16th, Master Hong who isnt yet on the list, Grand Master Ming in black who ranks 29th, Grand Master Bai who ranks last, 50th on the list, as well as the woman in the east.

Do you see her She seems to be in her 30s.

Shes Grand Master Lan from the Lingtian Sword Sect from the mainland.

It seems that she has a rather high status and everyone was very polite to her at the beginning,” Chu Hui explained.

“There are so many.

What about Qi Strength Masters” Liang Haos face trembled slightly.

“Qi Strength Masters There are at least a hundred present here,” Chu Hui curled his lips and replied.

Liang Haos mouth trembled a little and he sighed, saying, “The Qi Strength Masters, who are rarely to be seen at ordinary times, are worthless here.”

“Haha,” Chu Hui laughed and said, “I was also quite surprised when I found out about this.

Theyre all gathered here today, but when they leave here later, you wont meet one so easily on the street.”

While they were talking, suddenly, the crowd began to discuss heatedly.

Liang Hao and the others looked in the direction where people were talking about, and then, they were stunned.

They saw that a long-haired man in a green gown was walking over step by step from the sea in the east.

With each step, he would advance more than 10 meters.

Under everybodys attention, the man was walking toward them from the sea!

He looked rather strong, with slightly black skin, a square face, and big eyes.

“Is that Director Lei” Liang Hao looked at the sea with his eyes narrowed.

Seeing that the man was approaching step by step, he asked in amazement.

“Looks like it isnt.” Chu Hui shook his head slightly, saying, “I heard from my family that Director Lei is nearly 190 cm tall.”

“Then who is that”

“Is he another great master”

“Brother Fang.”

The man arrived quickly.

After looking around, he finally fixed his eyes on Fang Rushan and greeted him by cupping one hand in the other before his chest.

“Grand Master He.” Fang Rushan smiled slightly and nodded.

It could be seen that they were on good terms.

Then, He Qingtian looked at the man and thought for a moment before asking, “Are you He Chen”

“Yes,” He Chen nodded and said, “I heard about the battle between Grand Master He and Director Lei, so I came over to watch.”


He Qingtian nodded and then looked away.

They just needed to greet a bit, since anyone could be there to watch the open battle between him and Director Lei.

He Chen nodded after hearing the words and then stood quietly on the far right.


On the hillside, when Liang Hao heard the name of He Chen, he was stunned first, and then his expression changed greatly.

He almost lost his voice.

“Its him!”

“Do you know him” Chu Hui asked with curiosity.

“Ive heard about him.

Hes a famous Grand Master from Singapore.

I only heard of him from the elders.” Liang Hao shook his head with a smile.

“Hey, its really an eye-opener today,” Chu Hui said with some emotions, “Theyre people with really great influence.

Many rich people can only stand on the hillside.”

Since he was managing the family business, he didnt know how many years hed need to work before he could be qualified to sit down there.

There were many chairs in several places below the hillside, while those who were sitting up there were all influential men in the business world.

Chu Hui was envious, but Liang Hao was hesitating.

Finally, he couldnt help saying, “Sister, lets go say hello to Grand Master He.”


The boss will be here in a while.

Should we…” Liang Mengqi asked slowly.

“Thats what I thought.”

Liang Hao nodded before taking Liang Mengqi there.

Chu Hui was surprised at first, and then also followed them.

After five minutes, they arrived behind He Chen.

“Grand Master He,” Liang Hao greeted in a low voice.

“Hmm” He Chen turned and looked at him.

He frowned slightly because he didnt like to be disturbed.

“Im Liang Hao from the Liang Clan, the eldest grandson of Liang Xing.” Liang Hao moved his head backward and said in a low voice, “I heard that my grandfather and you are old friends, so I came over to say hello.”

“Mm.” He Chen stopped frowning and nodded slightly.

“Your grandfather mentioned you to me earlier.

Your ability isnt bad.

You should be able to break through to Qi Strength in two years or so.”


Liang Hao exhaled and felt great pressure from talking with a Grand Master.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Thank you for your praise, Grand Master He.

Uh, well…”

In the end, Liang Hao wasnt able to say anything.

“Just be straightforward.

Dont be like a girl,” He Chen said while waving his hand.

“Here is the case, Grand Master He,” Liang Hao forced himself to say, “The whole matter is caused by Master Zhang, right Hes my good friend and will be here later.

I advised him not to come.

But if hes really here, can you give him a hand”

He Chen was stunned by his words.

After keeping silent for three seconds, he shook his head while saying, “Listen, boy, your friends coming here is the same as courting death.

Even if hes here, I wont help him.

And… I think Im no match for Grand Master He.

So, I cant help you with this.”

“Well… All right…” Liang Hao smiled bitterly, finding that hed taken it for granted.

Just when he was about to turn and leave, He Chen said, “Just watch the battle here.

Take a closer look, itll be good for your future.”

“Yes, thank you, Grand Master He.”

Liang Hao and the others stopped.

They stood behind him quietly.

In no more than a minute, there was suddenly a sensation in the field.

“Hes here!”

He Chen was surprised and looked to the west.

He saw a figure flying from the west, and in just 20 seconds, he arrived at the rocky ground, standing at the opposite side of He Qingtian 33 meters away.

“He should be Director Lei,” Chu Hui reminded him in a low voice.

Liang Hao looked at him carefully.

He saw that Director Lei was nearly 190 cm tall and very strong, wearing an extra-large Tang suit.

He and He Qingtian were looking at each other.

It seemed that the confrontation between them had changed into a fierce energy and spread into the air.

All the people involuntarily closed their mouths and held their breath.

“Lei Tiannan!”

He Qingtian suddenly opened his mouth and said in a cold voice, “Are you sure you want to fight with me I can give you one last chance! Go back!”

“It seems that you havent made the breakthrough.” With his left hand on his waist, Lei Tiannan sneered and said, “You havent reached the late stage.

Who gave you the courage to talk to me like that”


After saying that, Lei Tiannan suddenly moved his right hand to his waist, where a dazzling soft sword was drawn out.

Just then, Grand Master Lan from the Lingtian Sword Sect narrowed her eyes.

“This soft sword is a Heaven-stage treasure, Soul-killing Sword, which is very famous.”

“It seems that you are determined to die!” He Qingtians face darkened.

“Then Ill show you what Ive learned when I was practicing privately in the extreme yin place.

Its an extinct kung fu, Nine-shadow Skill!”

After that, He Qingtians palms moved.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Suddenly, his figure was divided into two, and then divided into three, and eventually divided into nine, forming a crescent moon around Lei Tiannan.

After seeing that, many people who went there to increase their knowledge rounded their eyes.


“This is too excessive!”

However, many people in the martial arts world had been quite used to it because there were many skills more mysterious than that and it wasnt rare at all.

But all the Wu Dao Grand Masters present frowned.

With the common Replication skill, they could use their keen sense of smell to tell what was real or what was fake.

But they felt that the nine figures in front of them all had great energy, as if they were all a real body.

That was quite extraordinary.

Lei Tiannan was shocked.

He hadnt expected He Qingtian to have learned such a skill.

It could be said that everyone present had held their breath.

Just when the great battle between the two Grand Masters was about to start…

Suddenly, two figures came from the club on the other side.

They dressed casually.

It could be faintly seen that one was a tall and handsome guy, and the other was a gorgeous lady, whose two long legs were eye-catching.

It seemed that they were traveling there and strolling to the site.

“Whats wrong with them Dont they know that theres a big battle here”

Many people were confused.

Gradually, the discussion became louder and louder.

Many of the Grand Masters present also looked over.

Lei Tiannan was surprised and his face darkened.

“I told you not to come.

Why are you still here

“It seems that He Qingtian can defeat me now.

If Master Hong also takes action, then they…”

Thinking of that, Lei Tiannan felt depressed.

People who saw things clearly were also shocked.

“Oh no, the boss is really here.

Grand Master He, can you do us a favor Im begging you,” Liang Mengqi pleaded.

“Grand Master He, please help us this time.

Ill keep it in mind and repay you later.”

“I cant.

Im no match for He Qingtian.

Since theyre here… I guess that theyre determined to die.

No one can help them,” He Chen said slowly.

He didnt feel a little bit of energy from that Master Zhang.

Just then, He Qingtian retrieved his other figures.

He looked that way and stopped fighting.

Under everyones attention…

The two of them strolled over there hand in hand while chatting.

“What do they intend”

Everybody felt that was it so hard to figure it out.

Master Hong was also mad about that.

He strode forward and shouted in anger, “Master, thats Master Zhang.

An eye for an eye.

Ill kill them! Ill use their heads and blood to pay homage to Yunfeis spirit in Heaven!”

As soon as he said that, everyone present was shocked.

Especially Lei Tiannan, whose face had darkened.

Complicated feelings were expressed from his eyes and he sighed heavily.

But the next moment, a calm voice was heard.

“Its too noisy.”

Suddenly, that man raised his right palm slightly.

The next moment—


For Master Hong who strode over there…

A famous Wu Dao Grand Master…

A bloody mist burst out from his whole body.

He became powerless and fell to the ground.

He was breathless.

At that moment…

Almost all people rounded their eyes!

No one believed their own eyes.

Everyone gasped in amazement!


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