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The people at the foot of the mountain didnt go up directly.

After learning about the situation, the commander gave out an order.

“Kill those two animals.”


In the helicopter hovering above Mount New Moon, the sniper was ready to take aim at Dahei and Little Hei.

Aware of the danger, Little Hei rushed forward and quickly ran into the back mountain forest.

It knew it could get hurt by bullets.

“Whoa Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei showed its middle finger to the helicopter above.

“Come at me!”

“Bang! Bang!”

Under the gunshots—


The sniper frowned.

He knew he had hit the target, but how could the target not fall

Under the snipers gaze, Dahei rubbed its left shoulder with its right hand, and there was anger in its eyes.

In the meantime—

Not far from Mount New Moon, a Hummer was heading on its way there.

The Hummer was being driven by Xu Yong with Instructor Liu in the passenger seat.

They were going up the mountain to get ingredients.

But suddenly, they heard the gunshots on the mountain.

Their countenances changed.

“Come and have a look,” said Instructor Liu in a deep voice.

Having no time to respond, Xu Yong stepped on the accelerator and drove quickly in the direction of the sound.

Half a minute later, they saw the fleet ahead.

The police officers ahead were also surprised to see the oncoming military Hummer.

The car quickly drew near.

The frowning Instructor Liu got out first and asked angrily, “What are you doing”

“There are animals hurting people on the mountain, and many people have been trapped.

We are here to rescue them,” the captain replied.

“Animals hurting people This is our place, take your people away!” Xu Yong said in a deep voice.

“Who are you” the captain raised his eyebrows and asked.

Instructor Liu didnt answer.

He took out the certificate from his inner pocket and showed it to the captain.

The latter looked at it carefully, and his face slightly changed.

“Sir!” He saluted.

Then he quickly picked up the walkie-talkie and ordered: “Stop the attack and retreat!”

The two helicopters circled out.

Xu Yongs face darkened when he saw the trucks in the rear, and then he whispered a few words to Instructor Liu.

After the first loss of ingredients, Zhao Feng let Dahei and Little Hei live in the mountain without restricting them.

And if they wanted to go out to play, he would arrange for someone else to guard the mountain.

Obviously, the group who had stolen the ingredients had tasted the benefits and came back today.

Instructor Liu thought for a moment and waved to the police.

“Come up the mountain with me!”

Then they walked quickly towards Mount New Moon.

They walked through the dense forest and stepped on the lawn of Mount New Moon.

The scenery here was pleasant, but all they thought about was the two animals, so they were not in the mood to enjoy the scenery.

They could see from here that there was a powerful gorilla on the top of the mountain, who was looking at the two helicopters not far away and beating its chest to vent its anger from time to time.

“Its really big.”

The police captain was surprised.

On the other side, Xu Yong was very anxious when he saw the angry Dahei and he rushed toward it.

“Dahei, Dahei, come down.

Its us.”

When he got to Dahei, Xu Yong began comforting the gorilla and patting it on the chest.


Dahei muttered, pointing to the people in the back mountain, “Ooh, ooh, ooh! Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh…”

Xu Yong thought for a long time before he understood its meaning.

He hurriedly said, “They will be punished.

Believe me.”

At Xu Yongs persuasion, the gorilla finally calmed down, but still pouted unhappily.

Then it slowly made its way to the pet area.

The police captain went over to the so-called victims and began to interrogate them.

Soon after, he learned the purpose of the first group of people who went up the mountain.

“Take them back to investigate!”

The police captain pointed to Lu Chao and his men.

They were now pale with fright.

“Lil Chao.” Luo Sheng touched Lu Chaos hand and exchanged a look with him.

“I, I know.” Lu Chao nodded with a pale face.

Before taking action tonight, they had decided that if there were any accident, Lu Chao would take all the responsibilities and admit that all the workers, trucks, and plans were arranged by himself, which had nothing to do with Luo Sheng.

At the same time, he would insist that the reason for doing this was that he thought this place was ownerless.

As for Luo Sheng, he would help Lu Chao out at all costs.

This was the plan Lu Chao made for the worst accident, which was now happening.

Seeing Luo Sheng and Lu Chao being taken away by the police, Xu Yong frowned and said to instructor Liu, “That guy lost the cooking contest with our boss last time, and the man next to him is his master.

They must have been planning it for a long time.”

“We must teach them a lesson this time.” Instructor Liu gave out a brittle laugh.

As they were talking, the leader of the Animal Society looked at Dahei and made his request to the police chief.

“Please help me catch the gorilla and the dog.”

“They are my bosss pets,” Instructor Liu replied.

“Im sorry, but gorillas are not allowed to be raised privately.

We have the right to take them back,” said the leader with full confidence.

“Well, are you sure” Instructor Liu stared at the leader.

“Believe it or not, Ill detain you here for a few days to let them have fun with you.”

“You!” Not knowing Instructor Lius identity, the leader angrily pointed at him and asked the police captain for help.

“All right, stop talking about it and do what the sir says.” The police captain waved his hand and ordered: “Youd better hurry down the mountain.”

“Okay.” When the leader heard the captain call that man “sir”, he said nothing and ran away swiftly.

At the foot of the mountain, Luo Sheng was stunned at the dozens of broken trucks and almost fell to the ground while his face kept changing.

“Dammit! We rented all these trucks!!!”

Considering the fact that they were escorted to the police car by the policemen while the other people had already returned to their cars, Lu Chao was disappointed and desperate.

“Its not safe for them to have Lu Chao be arrested alone.”

Luo Sheng pondered for a while, and finally took out his mobile phone to send his master Wang Long a message.

Luo Sheng concealed the whole story and told Wang Long that he heard that Lu Chao was going to the mountain to get ingredients and wanted to stop him, but he was taken away by the police.

Now he could only rely on Wang Long.

Wang long had just gotten up.

After freshening himself up, Wang Long heard the ring of the mobile phone and went to the sofa to pick it up.

The message made his face change slightly and his brow furrow.

“A mere farce!”

Growling angrily, Wang Long gave up making breakfast, put on his coat, and hurried out.

While walking, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Officer Hu, Im sorry to disturb you so early, but I need your help.”

After going downstairs, Wang Long drove his BMW 7 series to the agreed meeting place to see Officer Hu.

After the two met, they went to the New Moon Bay police station, and on the way, Officer Hu had contacted Captain Wu in charge of this matter.

“Captain Wu, this is Wang Long.”

In the reception room, Officer Hu briefly introduced them.

“Nice to meet you, Captain Wu.” Wang Long hurriedly got up and shook hands with him.

“Hello, Ive heard about chef Wang for a long time,” Captain Wu replied with a smile.

“What happened on Mount New Moon today I heard from my great apprentice, Luo Sheng, that it had nothing to do with him, but I believe more in the judgment of the police.

Captain Wu, lets talk about the whole story.

You can rest assured that if this is really their fault, I will not meddle in it,” Wang Long said slowly and sincerely.

“They are suspected of stealing other peoples property.

The ingredients and livestock on Mount New Moon are the personal property of Mr.

Zhang, who runs Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

Just because there was no guard on the mountain, those people regarded those materials as ownerless and thus wanted to take them for themselves.

At present, the specific situation still needs to be investigated and verified.

As for Luo Sheng, from what we know, it really has little to do with him.

Therefore, if you want to bail him out, we can let him leave the police station for a while after finishing the report.” Captain Wu gave a brief account of what had happened.

After hearing the whole story, Wang Long could not remain calm out of shame.

The fake smile on his face disappeared.

What were they doing at Mount New Moon Obviously, they wanted to encroach on the ingredients.

At the same time, Wang Long felt that Luo Sheng… was not innocent.

He should have already known about it.

Luo Sheng had said that he would investigate the source of the ingredients.


Wang Long sighed inwardly.

“Since when did Luo Sheng begin to give in to personal interests

“He used to be a very simple child, dedicated to learning cooking, and living a positive life.”

“Well, let me help you for the last time.

I should be a good master from beginning to end.

Wang Long closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

When he opened his eyes, he nodded and said, “Ill bail him out!”

“OK, then sign this bail agreement,” said Captain Wu.

After signing his name, Wang Long stood up and said, “Thank you very much, Captain Wu.

Please come to my restaurant when its convenient for you, and Ill make a good dish for you myself.”

“Youre welcome.

I think he will be able to get out in about an hour.

Do you want to wait here” Captain Wu smiled.

“No, Ill leave and come back later.” Wang Long shook his head.

After leaving the police station with Officer Hu, Wang long thanked him and they parted.

Wang Long got in his BMW, pondered for a while, and then started the car.

About 15 minutes later, the car was parked in the front parking space of Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

After getting out of the car, Wang Long sighed helplessly, straightened his clothes, and walked into the restaurant.

During this period, there were not many people in the restaurant.

Though most of the VIP diners on the first floor hadnt come, the ordinary tables were full, and there were four or five people waiting in line outside.

Seeing Wang Long coming in, Xu Yong, who was sitting inside, raised his eyebrows and asked, “What are you doing here”

“Well… Im here to visit Mr.


I dont know if its convenient for him,” Wang Long said with a smile.

“Whats the matter” Xu Yong asked.

Wang Long hesitated and finally said, “I want to apologize to him.”

Xu Yong was quiet for a moment.

Obviously, he knew what Wang Longs apprentice had done.

After thinking about it, Xu Yong nodded and said, “Come with me.”

Then Xu Yong took Wang Long upstairs, where Zhang Han and Mengmeng were having breakfast.

Sensing the arrival of those two, Zhang Han turned to look at Wang Long.


Zhang, Im sorry to have caused you trouble.

Its my apprentices fault, but Im also responsible as a master,” Wang Long bowed and said.

As one of the master chefs in Hong Kong, Wang Long had a good reputation for being rigorous and upright.

He hadnt expected his disciples to be so stupid, which disappointed him.

There was no doubt that his disciples folly disappointed him very much.

“Oh.” Zhang Han looked Wang Long up and down, and knew that Wang Long was a man of integrity according to his eyes and facial expression.

“I went to the police station just now and got the general information.

Lu Chao was found to be the mastermind, and my disciple Luo Sheng was caught by mistake.

So I bailed him out.”

“Do you believe it” Zhang Han smiled.

“I…” Wang Long paused for a few seconds and finally said, “I will give Mr.

Zhang an explanation after they find out the truth.”

Not knowing what role Luo Sheng had played in this matter, Wang Long hoped his disciple hadnt participated in it, although he could feel that the facts might be different from his imagination.

“Im sure the police will figure it out,” Zhang Han said casually and turned to eat.

“Then I wont disturb Mr.


Goodbye.” Wang Long made a shallow bow and went downstairs with a light sigh.

Xu Yong, who went downstairs with Wang Long, frowned slightly after seeing him off.

Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed Instructor Lius number.

“Instructor Liu, Luo Sheng has been released on bail.

It seems that the police havent investigated sufficiently…”

Wang Long again drove to the New Moon Bay police station.

All the way, he was worried and frowning.

“People will change after all.”

At the entrance of the police station, Wang Long sighed and got out of the car.

He went in and waited for 10 minutes, then came out with the despondent Luo Sheng.

“Thank you very much, master.

I didnt know Lil Chao would do this…” said Luo Sheng with a sigh.

Wang Long interrupted him before he finished speaking.

“Do you think I can believe it”


Looking up at Wang Long, Luo Sheng met his masters serious gaze, which scared him out of his wits.

“You disappoint me so much!” Wang Long said slowly, “With your present cooking skills and identity, do you need to do this kind of dirty thing”

“I, I, I…” Luo Sheng was almost incoherent with fear in the face of Wang Longs anger.

“I wanted to take the opportunity to get some ingredients for my master.”

“Haha.” Wang Long smiled and shook his head in disappointment.

After taking a deep breath, he continued, “This is the last time I will help you.

From today on, I am not your master, and I hope you can behave yourself.”

After that, Wang Long got in the car and left without sparing a glance at Luo Sheng.

Wang Long made a phone call while driving.

“Hello, Qi, issue a notice and announce that… Luo Sheng is no longer my disciple from now on, and his business has nothing to do with me…”

Luo Shengs face changed to red and back to pale again.

Looking at the back of Wang Longs car, he gnashed his teeth.

“Though your cooking skills are the best among the four master chefs, you cant get the corresponding status or earn as much money as them.

Because you are too stubborn! Haha, Wang long, I will definitely surpass you!

“And the two abominable beasts on Mount New Moon, I would have succeeded if it were not for them!”

With tears in his eyes, Luo Sheng looked around and then walked back from the side path to the main street.

As he walked, he took out his cell phone and made a call.

“Hello Head Wang, Im Luo Sheng.

Didnt you say that Mount New Moon was rented out I went to have a look yesterday and found that it was transformed into a planting base, which was against the contract, right You are not in Hong Kong When will you be back then Three days OK.

Ill invite you to have a tea talk when you come back.”

Luo Sheng hung up the phone.

Suddenly, a disdainful voice was heard.

“A tea talk Youd better go to the police station for tea!”

Turning around and finding it was Xu Yong and Instructor Liu, Luo Sheng stared at and threatened them.

“The police station is right there! What do you want to do”

“Beat you up.”

Xu Yong clenched his fist and waved it at Luo Sheng.


Luo Sheng turned around and ran.

However, after just a few steps, he found two guys coming from the intersection in front.

He turned to Xu Yong and shouted, “I warn you, if you dare to cause me bodily harm…”

Before he had finished his warning, he saw a fist getting larger and larger.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

When Xu Yong finished venting, Luo Sheng lay on the ground and groaned feebly, his face black and blue.

“I, Im going to accuse you…” Luo Sheng insisted.

“Lets go.

Ill take you there!” Xu Yong grabbed Luo Shengs collar and went to the police station.

This made Luo Sheng worried and also confused.

“Are they really going to take me to the police station They are not afraid”

However, when Luo Sheng arrived at the police station, his face turned pale.

He saw that Lu Chao and the others were all handcuffed and put into a police car.

“What is going on

“Did Lu Chao confess”

“Take this guy with them.” Instructor Liu waved to a policeman.

He had just communicated with Dong Xiangchuan, who had decided to speed up the investigation.

As a result, all the suspects were sent to the Southern District headquarters.

After a series of interrogations, Lu Chao and his accomplices were unable to resist and soon confessed.


Luo Shengs tragedy arrived.

About two hours later, Dong Xiangchuan replied to Instructor Liu.

“They all confessed.

The four main criminals, including Luo Sheng and Lu Chao, can be sentenced to two to three years in prison, while the rest of the accomplices can be sentenced to several months to a year in prison.

They have been sent to the detention house, awaiting the courts official decision.”


Sometimes, peoples thoughts and actions can be influenced by greed, which makes them do the wrong thing.

And it would be hard for them to mend their ways once they took the wrong step.

In Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant—

“PaPa, where, where are we going” Mengmeng asked with a pouting mouth.

“Lets go to a… a work place.” Zhang Han tried to answer in a simple way.

“Where is that” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Where there are a lot of people at work,” Zhang Han replied.

This time, he planned to go to the headquarters of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong to check the quality of the hidden spirit stone in the treasure house.

If it was not bad, he planned to do some tasks in his spare time to earn 2,300 points to buy one.

A high-quality hidden spirit stone could even shorten the time for the Yuan Qing Tree to bear fruit.

Now, Zhang Han was still in the early stage of Qi Refining and scarcely had strength.

Only when he advanced to the Foundation Stage could he gain some confidence.

At the Foundation Stage, he would be able to use a lot more means than now.

For purposes of confidentiality, Zhang Han couldnt tell Mengmeng that they were going to the headquarters of the National Security Agency.

And even if he did, the little girl wouldnt understand where it was.

Therefore, he could only explain it as simply as possible.

“Is it fun there” Mengmeng asked with misgivings.

“Mengmeng still wants to play with Big Heihei and Little Heihei.

I havent shown them the big bear we bought last time yet.”

“Lets play with Dahei when we get back, shall we” Zhang Han smiled and touched his daughters little head.

“Well… Okay.” Mengmeng nodded.

They went out, got in the car, and drove to Longcheng District in the north of Hong Kong.

The National Security Agency of Hong Kong had only one headquarters, which was located on Tianyuan Avenue in the central part of Longcheng District, and there was no branch office, unlike some large provinces in the mainland with headquarters in provincial cities and branches in subordinate cities.

There was still some distance between Longcheng District and south island, and it took Zhang Han 40 minutes to reach Tianyuan Avenue.

When he arrived, he took a look at the building.

It was more like a companys office building.

The 30-floor building was surrounded by guardrails and had parking lots on both sides of the yard.

There were several characters glittering at the upper part of the building, which read: Hong Kong Security Bureau.

Zhang Han drove over and stopped at the gate.

A policeman came up and said, “Show me your certificate, please.”

“Here you are.” Zhang Han nodded and took the token out of his wallet.

Seeing the token, the police officer hurriedly saluted with a serious countenance.


He gestured to his companion in the guard room, who opened the gate to let Zhang Han drive in.

After getting out, Zhang Han walked to the building with Mengmeng in his arms.


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