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Zhang Han felt very happy for the time being.

He felt so lucky to have Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

He even felt grateful to the divine thunder over the sky.

Generally, people would say: “Thank you for not killing me.”

But when it came to Zhang Han, the situation was: “Thanks to the thunder for striking me.”

Sometimes Zhang Han thought that if he got through the divine thunder over the sky and was lucky enough to have access to the immortal world, things would be different now.

He was destined to be lonely, without a destination or purpose, like a walking corpse.

But now, he had many goals.

To live a simple, stable, and comfortable life with Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and his parents was really great.

What he needed to do at present was look for his parents, develop his own forces, and accumulate strength.

When a certain level had been reached, he would choose to leave or stay here.

That would be his decision to make.

“It would be good ifthe door of the world were still here.”

“The door of the world” was a kind of spirit treasure in the nine-level space system, which recorded the coordinates of a large number of places, not all of them, in the heavens and the Earth.

It included the places where eight generations of mighty people had been to before.

It could be said that “the door of the world” was handed down from the ancient times in the Cultivation World, and Zhang Han was its ninth-generation master.

There were a lot of coordinates inside when he got it.

As for the many places that werent in there, as long as he had been to those places, the coordinates would be recorded.

Whenever he wanted to return to some place, he could use that.

It was equivalent to a portable door, which was extremely convenient.

“The door of the world” was one of Zhang Hans few treasures and also the most commonly used and practical spirit treasure.

“Im being too greedy.”

Zhang Han laughed bitterly deep inside, since he was already lucky enough to have been reborn with the thunder yang tree.

But the nine-level spirit treasure, “the door of the world” He was really asking too much.

Even if it was at hand, he still wouldnt be able to open it with the strength at the Qi Refining Stage!

While he was thinking, the films title had passed and the wonderful story began.

With the medium-sized popcorn in her hands, Zi Yan ate some and then handed some over to Zhang Han.

When he ate it, he would occasionally lick Zi Yans slender fingers, but she didnt mind at all.

Then she would pick up some and put it into her own mouth.

Shed gotten used to it.

They often kissed, so indirect kisses were nothing to them.

That reminded Zhang Han that when he was eating roast duck, Zi Yan hummed while secretly applying the mustard under the table for him to eat.

That time, she also kissed him indirectly and she was very shy with rosy cheeks.

A smile appeared on Zhang Hans mouth while he was thinking.

Unconsciously, Zi Yan and he had created a lot of memories.

Mengmeng was extremely obedient at the moment, eating her popcorn carefully.

“Its so sweet.


The little girl was very happy, but was also a little worried that MaMa would not allow her to eat a lot.

Therefore, she was eating silently there.

She didnt make any noises to attract MaMas attention.

When watching the adventure story, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were very quiet, while Mengmeng was livelier.

After finishing the small-sized popcorn silently in Zhang Hans arms, she watched the movie for a while.

However, she saw Zi Yans popcorn on the chair later.

After finding that MaMa was watching the movie carefully, she stretched out her cute little arm.

“Mm, let me have a taste.”

While muttering, Mengmeng took some popcorn and began to eat happily.

Zhang Han noticed what Mengmeng did, but he just smiled lightly without saying anything.

Then, he continued to watch the movie with Zi Yan, hand in hand.

The movie finished at 10 oclock, and it was nearly 11 oclock when they got back to the restaurant.

After Mengmeng fell asleep, Zi Yan changed her clothes.

“Im going to work.”

Zi Yan went to the door, then turned and stood on tiptoe before kissing Zhang Han on his lips.

“Well, I will see you out.” Zhang Han nodded.

Coming downstairs, they found that Zhou Feng, Zhao Feng, and six security women, including Leng Yue, were sitting at the round table.

“Hey Why are there so many people” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“They are your full-time bodyguards.

They will protect your safety when you go out in the future.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Come on.

Ill be safe with the companys staff.” Zi Yan licked her mouth.

“Ill be worried when youre away,” Zhang Han wrapped his right arm around Zi Yans waist and said softly.

His great care warmed Zi Yans heart.

When they came near, Zhao Feng and the others stood up.

“Madam,” Zhao Feng smiled and said, “I will introduce them to you.

This is Leng Yue, their leader, responsible for the safety of your trip.”

“Hello, Madam.” Leng Yue nodded and greeted her.

“Hello.” Zi Yan smiled slightly.

“This is Xiao Nan, this is Lan Xi, this is…”

Zhao Feng introduced the other five women in turn and they all greeted Zi Yan.

“Then lets go.”

After the greetings, Zi Yan took the lead and walked out.

The group of people left the restaurant.

Zhou Fei and Zi Yan got in the Bugatti Veyron, while the other six women, including Leng Yue, got in three black Mercedes-Benz S600s, respectively.

The destination was the Avenue of Stars in the eastern part of Jiansha District, where several shooting projects would take place.

The first car was driven by Leng Yue, followed by the car driven by Zhou Fei and the two other cars.

They left slowly under the attention of Zhang Han and Zhao Feng.

“Master, the renovation of the companys accommodation building has been completed.

We can check in a few days after the test.

The renovation of the nightclub still needs more than half a month.

Should we hold an opening ceremony then” Zhao Feng asked.

“No,” Zhang Han replied directly.


Zhao Feng had guessed his masters answer.

He smiled and said, “Right, the third floor of the nightclub has been transformed into a large restaurant.

Because the ingredients will also come from the mountain, how about we name it Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, too The membership cards can be used there.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and nodded.

After that restaurant opened, many clients would be attracted there.

Without so many people waiting in line, the current restaurant would be much quieter then.

However, Zhang Han hadnt expected that things wouldnt develop as he wished.

Many diners were still willing to line up in front of this restaurant and they would also say that what they ate was not food, but feelings.

They liked not only the egg fried rice, but also Zhang Hans cooking, as well as his attitude and temperament.

More importantly, many people had gotten used to seeing Mengmeng every day and occasionally seeing the beauty of Zi Yan.

Having meals here was a multi-layered enjoyment for clients mouths, eyes, ears, and even their hearts.

Apart from that, the meals for VIP members were rather cheap.

For example, the black and white truffles they had earlier were counted as vegetarian dishes and it would only cost 200 yuan per serving.

It was a great price for VIP members, since it was almost like having meals for free.

However, as for the big restaurant on the third floor over there, Zhao Feng prepared to adjust the price and make it profitable.

“Ill recruit several famous chefs later on.” Zhao Feng knew that he should make some preparation, but he didnt know much about it, so he planned to ask the professionals.

Liu Qingfeng had sent a management team over, each of whom was very obedient and had given pertinent suggestions.

With such good stewards, Zhao Feng felt less burdened.

He just needed to name the next goal, and in a short while, a few plans would be made.

Zhao Feng was very satisfied and felt that it was the right way to be a leader.

Zhao Feng told Zhang Han some other things.

He said that the training on the beach was almost over and then those people would be trained at the company for more than one month.

Training was a beneficial part, which was to give Ah Hu and other security members some professional training.

After talking for a while, Zhao Feng left and went back to the company to rest.

He barely stayed in the prior rented apartment now.

Because he usually ran errands between the company and the restaurant, he chose to stay in the companys dormitory.

The conditions were not so good, but he had stayed in much worse places, so it was nothing for him.

Zhang Han returned to the restaurant and didnt lock the door.

He went straight upstairs and sat down on the sofa.

Since he had nothing to do, he took out his mobile phone and looked at it.

There were only a few peoples numbers in the Contacts.

There were only the numbers of Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, Zi Yan, Zhang Li, Wang Juan, and Chen Changqing.

Zhang Han didnt save all the previous numbers, nor did he intend to.

Thus, only those peoples numbers were saved.

He rarely made phone calls, especially to the first five people, whom he often met.

As for the last one, Chen Changqing, Zhang Han did save his number and he remembered it clearly.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han dialed Chen Changqings number.

“Hello, the number you dialed is power off…”

“Where did this guy go” Zhang Han grinned.

Chen Changqing was his good friend and his playmate since childhood.

Zhang Han was naughty and outgoing, while Chen Changqing was introverted.

Zhang Han always called the shots and took him out to have fun.

Years later when they were older, Cheng Changqing went out for a while and started to hang out with Zhang Han again after he had returned.

He was thin and usually very quiet, but he was rather brave.

When Zhang Han was involved in a fight with seven hooligans as a teenager, obviously he couldnt beat them.

At that time, Chen Changqing rushed up without hesitation.

As a result…

Both of them were beaten up.

Everyone has several good friends in their life.

Chen Changqing was Zhang Hans good buddy.

However, one year before Zhang Hans accident, something happened to him and he suddenly left.

In the beginning, they could meet once in one month, and then two months, three months… He had not appeared since two months before Zhang Hans accident.

Chen Changqing came from the Chen family in Shang Jing, which was not so powerful as the Zhangs, but it was also a big family.

He still remembered that two years after the accident, Chen Changqing called him and only said one sentence, but Zhang Han always kept it in mind.

“Brother Han, Ill join you to go back home and kill those who have bullied you!”

Zhang Han remembered that he almost cried back then, but he refused later on.

After talking for a while, he knew that Chen Changqing was somewhere abroad to deal with some important things.

He said that hed come back in three years and create a bright future with Zhang Han.

“In the last life, you promised me a bright future.”

“In this life, I will take you to cultivate.”

He did the math and found that it was almost the time Chen Changqing said before, so he called to give it a try.

His phone was still powered off.

“What is this guy doing, doing business or studying abroad”

Zhang Han thought about it and couldnt figure out anything, so he shook his head with a smile and stopped thinking.

Then, he began to read the news on the phone casually.

It was 11:30.

Zi Yans four cars arrived at the destination.


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