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“I dont like foreigners, but I like Mengmeng,” Wang Yihan said with a smile.

“I also like Yihan,” Mengmeng replied as she laughed.

Wu Guang, who felt somewhat embarrassed, took it to heart and said, “I like Mengmeng too.”

Upon seeing the little boys appearance, Zi Yan and the others could not help but smile.

If Zhang Han had been here, he would have been lost in thought.

“I also like Mengmengs daddy because he cooks really delicious dishes.

I cant get enough of them,” Wang Yihan said as her eyes brightened greatly.

“I like my Papa very much.” Mengmeng followed suit.

“Me too.” Wu Guang was like a weathercock that said whatever the two little girls said.

“I like Mengmengs Mommy as well.

Shes so beautiful,” Wang Yijan said while staring at Zi Yan.

“My Mama is really beautiful.” Mengmeng threw herself into Zi Yans arms.

“I, I like her too.” After glancing at the two little girls, Wu Guang looked at Zi Yan and repeated the same thing.

The interaction of the three children made the adults present burst out laughing.

This time, Mengmeng said first, “I like Aunty Lili and Aunty Feifei as well.”

“I also like Aunty Lili and Aunty Feifei,” Wang Yihan repeated.

“Me too.” Wu Guang followed suit.

“I also like…”

The three kids mentioned all the people present.

Actually, they forgot Wang Jiawen, who was the only male in the room.

The children seemed to totally ignore him.

Wang Jiawen was still waiting aside earnestly.

One second, two seconds…

Half a minute passed.

Despite his eager gaze, the three little guys actually changed the subject.

What they did made Wang Jiawen feel as though he did not exist.

“Ahem, ahem.” He coughed slightly and said, “Yihan, Guangguang, Mengmeng, dont you like me”

“No!” Wu Guang was impolite this time as he spoke playfully.

“I dont like my daddy either.” Wang Yihan smiled.

“Huh” Mengmeng, who was surprised, failed to understand why they did not like Uncle Wang.

She blinked her big clear eyes and stared at Wang Jiawen for a moment before she muttered, “If neither of you likes him, should I like him”

“You shouldnt like him.

Say what we just said, Mengmeng,” Wang Yihan said.

“Very well.” Mengmeng nodded.

“Erm…” Wang Jiawens face was as hard as stone.

He was completely speechless for a while before he said angrily, “Im going to cry over the fact that you dont like me!”

“Go ahead, daddy!” Wang Yihan said relentlessly.

She was aware that her daddy was just joking.

How could he cry

“Owww…” Wang Jiawen pretended to be sad and cry while covering his eyes with his hands.

Meanwhile, he observed the three kids expressions through the spaces between his fingers.

When they saw Wang Jiawen truly crying, the children were at a total loss.

“Ouch, Uncle Wang, dont cry.” Mengmeng, who was kind-hearted, waved her hand in a hurry and said, “We also like you.

Stop crying, stop crying.”

“Daddy, dont cry.

I really like you.”

“I also like you, Uncle,” said Wu Guang while stepping close to Wang Jiawen.

“Dang, dang! Ha ha ha! You should like me!” Wang Jiawen took his hands away while he was laughing.

“What Daddy, youre a liar! You did not cry!” Wang Yihan said as she pouted.

“Huh Didnt you cry Uh-huh…” Mengmeng muttered.

Upon seeing the expressions of the two little girls, Wang Jiawen did not know whether to laugh or cry, for he absolutely could not really burst into tears!

While they were speaking, Zhang Han went upstairs with two dishes in his hands.

When they caught sight of him, Zhang Li, Luo Qing and Zhou Fei rushed downstairs to help him with the dishes.

Zi Yan, Wang Jiawen and Su Yu led the three kids to the rectangular dining table by the window on the second floor.

Since Zhang Hans family and Zhou Fei usually ate at the tea table, this table was rarely used.

After a few minutes, all the dishes were almost served.

“Lets drink this bottle of wine today.” Eventually, Zhang Li went upstairs, carrying a bottle of Lafite.

When Wang Jiawen glanced at the wine, his mouth trembled slightly.

He had glanced over all the wines on the wine cabinet downstairs, so he knew that they were worth a lot.

When he heard Zhao Dahu saying that the wines had been sent by Liu Qingfeng, he was shocked.

Wang Jiawen choked on his own vomit and did not recover from the shock for a long time.

The more frequently he contacted Mr.

Zhangs family, the more unfathomable he found them.

Wang Jiawen felt really lucky to be familiar with such people.

It was very fortunate that Wang Yihan got along well with Mengmeng.

According to a saying, whoever loves someone also loves their dog.

Because Mengmeng liked Wang Yihan and Wang Yihan was pleasant, the ties between Zi Yan, Wang Jiawen and Su Yu warmed up gradually.

This was a very common worldly wisdom.

Moreover, Wang Jiawen decided that he would bring Wang Yihan to play with Mengmeng whenever he was free.

In fact, friendship was based on constant contact and sincerity.

Although some people had lots of relatives, it was impossible for them to keep in touch with all of them.

However, people who were not very close to their relatives would have true friends and foster better relationships with their friends than with their distant relatives.

Each relationship needed effort and sincerity.

People were likely to treat scheming individuals who thought others would not figure out their true intentions as a joke.

Wang Jiawen now realized what this meant.

He intended to stay in touch with Zhang Han and his family in earnest.

Actually, he had kept this idea in mind ever since he had come over with Wang Yihan for the first time and had been conquered by Zhang Hans cooking.

However, he had felt stressed when hed found out that Zhang Han was really formidable.

Now, he just wanted to follow his heart.

The dinner, which included balanced portions of vegetables and meat, was quite hearty, so all the adults and children enjoyed it.

Mengmeng and the two other kids ate as quickly as birds.

After having dinner, the three of them ran to the sofa and began to play with their toys.

At the dining table, when the adults were almost full, they started drinking red wine and chatting.

Occasionally, they would take a bite of food.

“By the way, Zi Yan…” Su Yu had suddenly remembered something.

Thus, she put down her chopsticks and said with a chuckle, “I browsed through Weibo on the way here and saw that you emerged endlessly in the news.

In addition, I learned that Hanyang gave you ten songs.

I listened to the three songs you released.

They sound really great! You sing very well.

When will you release the other seven songs I cant wait to listen to them.”

Zi Yan grinned and said, “Ill release three songs tomorrow, but the remaining four will be released after a period of time.”

“This album will make Zi Yans popularity soar.

I think that the three songs you released will definitely win a lot of prizes.

You will become a top singer soon,” Wang Jiawen said with a smile.

“Thanks for your lucky words.” Zi Yan chuckled.

Upon hearing this praise, Zi Yan felt very excited.

After all, Wang Jiawen did not laud her blindly.

She only told the truth.

“I just checked your Weibo.

I remember that you had six million followers in the morning, but now you have ten thousand more.” Su Yu sighed with emotion.

“They are increasing really fast.”

“Hey, today is the first day, but our publicity has already taken effect.

I estimate that the number of Zi Yans followers will increase dramatically next week if we release three more songs.

After netizens divert their attention, we will release the album and MV, which will apparently attract peoples attention once again.” Zhou Fei shook her head as she spoke.

She had a specific plan for their current missions.

“How awesome is my sister-in-law” Zhang Li stuck out the tip of her tongue.

“Its all thanks to Hanyangs generous help.

He is even more awesome.

Thanks to his identity as a lyricist, he possesses 70 million followers.

How terrible.

He is called…” The instant Zhou Fei mentioned Hanyang, her eyes lit up.

She was about to praise him recklessly when…

“Ahem.” Zi Yan pretended to cough inadvertently.

She kicked Zhou Fei in secret.

Thus, she stopped Zhou Feis next words.

After thinking for a while, Zhou Fei glanced at Zhang Han, who was standing beside Zi Yan, and said after a pause, “Although he is awesome, my brother-in-law is even more outstanding.

His cooking skills could help him conquer the world.”

When she finished speaking, Zhou Fei laughed several times.

She knew that Elder Sister Yan was worried that Zhang Han would be jealous.

If she were in her shoes and had a boyfriend who made great progress with the help of a woman and praised the woman while they were having dinner, Zhou Fei would also feel uncomfortable.

When Zhou Fei changed the subject all of a sudden, Wang Jiawen and Su Yu understood her intention, despite their initial surprise.

Therefore, they agreed hastily.

“Yeah, Mr.

Zhangs cooking is really amazing.

He is the most powerful cook I have ever seen.”

“I cant help eating, even though I seldom have dinner at night.”

“Thats right.

Brother Zhang Hans cooking is the best in the world.” Luo Qing also agreed with some relatively ostentatious words.

“My brother is undoubtedly awesome,” Zhang Li said with a smile.

Upon looking at their expressions and hearing what they said, Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He found it really interesting that they had praised Zhang Hanyang and then suddenly stopped.

“Are they afraid that I will be jealous”

“Erm… How could I be jealous of myself”

No one mentioned Hanyang again.

Instead, they talked about some interesting things that had happened in their daily lives.

After dinner, Zhang Li, Zhou Fei and Luo Qing cleaned up the table.

At about 7:30, Zhang Li and Luo Qing went to work.

Wang Jiawen, Su Yu and the two kids did not leave until nine oclock.

Zhou Fei also left with them.

While watching Zhou Fei getting into the Bugatti, Wang Jiawen felt a little dizzy and thought to himself…

“Theyre unfathomable!”

He believed that Mr.

Zhang was powerful all the time.

However, as he met him more frequently, he discovered that what he had known before was only the tip of the iceberg.

“How is someone who owns a supercar worth over 60 million yuan only the boss of an ordinary restaurant Are you kidding He is living the life!”

In the evening, Zhang Han told stories to coax Mengmeng to sleep as usual.

After Mengmeng fell asleep, Zhang Han and Zi Yan could do whatever they wanted.

He had been counting down the days.

Zi Yan had had her period last Sunday, so hed had to restrain himself until Friday!

However, Zhang Han had not expected that he would wait for so long.

Usually, Zi Yan would have a day off on Sunday, but Meiqi had enthusiastically booked the companys best shooting team for Zi Yan.

Furthermore, she had arranged subsequent press conferences and entertainment programs for her.

Zi Yan had been completely busy.

On Sunday, the team had begun to shoot some MVs of the songs in Hong Kong.

Then, theyd had to shoot the scenery of the places of interest in the mainland and try their best to create an album of good quality in all aspects.

A few days had passed quickly.

Seven days ago, Jiang Zonghao and Zhang Han had reached the agreement that they needed to compete with each other on Mount Yun Ding.

Today was the day.


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