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Meiqi was still thinking.

She didnt know at all how to deal with this.

One: Thanks to the hottest ten songs written by Hanyang and her promotion, there was no doubt that Zi Yan would make a great comeback and become popular again.

She would become the top star of Royal Entertainment Company and maybe get even more popular than she had been before.

She did not doubt that, as Zi Yans popularity had been high before.

By using her experience in various aspects, she would certainly be more successful this time.

Two: Would Li Cheng allow her… to help Zi Yan Even though these ten songs would be a hit, her future development was also controlled by Director Fu.

Helping her would get her in trouble.

Moreover, she finally could rely on Li Cheng.

She had contributed so much to keep herself safe.

How could she be willing to face such a crisis

If the quality of Hanyangs ten songs was superb, as Zhou Fei had said, and they were incomparable, she would have the confidence to enhance the popularity of ten artists.

However, if she did that, Zi Yan would completely abandon her.

Meiqi did not know what to do.

After hearing Zhou Feis words, she rolled her eyes and thought for a while.

Deep inside, she gradually gravitated toward the second thought.

However, she did not intend to say anything for the time being.

She smiled and spoke up.

“Congratulations, you were able to get ten songs from Hanyang, which is very nice and praiseworthy.”

After saying that, she pretended that things were difficult and hesitantly said, “However, the photography teams have already been arranged.

I think that we should wait a few days and talk about this later.

It is better for you to make use of this period to practice the songs well.

What do you think, Zi Yan”

When she said that, everyone present turned to look at Zi Yan.

She remained as aloof as ever and said nothing from beginning to end.

No one noticed the disappointment in the depths of Zi Yans eyes.

Even now, Meiqi still wouldnt give her any resources.

This seemed self-explanatory.

She was also one of the people that Meiqi wanted to suppress!

The room slowly quietened.

One could even hear a needle drop.

Under everyones gazes, Zi Yan slowly stood up.

She looked at Meiqi, shook her head faintly, and spoke lightly.

“If it is not convenient, we wont need to do that.

A photography team can also be hired by paying money.

Feifei, lets go.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she walked out of the meeting room with Zhou Fei.

“This…” The smile on Meiqis face gradually froze.

Everyone else looked at each other and began to talk.

“Zi Yan is going to be a superstar.

Ten songs written by Hanyang! Its unbelievable!”

“Compared to her, I feel so unlucky.

I followed Hanyangs Weibo and left more than 100 comments, but I didnt even get one song!”

“At the last meeting, they said that anyone who got a song by Hanyang would be rewarded, right”

“Yeah, yeah, it seems that luck now favors Zi Yan.

With this operation, she can definitely make a comeback.”


All the people present were talking.

Meanwhile, Xu Ruoyu felt extremely embarrassed, as if someone had slapped her in the face.

She mocked them at first, but they just said calmly that they had already gotten the songs from Hanyang.

When Zhou Fei asked that question, she became so weak that she just said, “I didnt!”

It was so embarrassing!


Xu Ruoyu bit her lip hard and stamped her feet.

Then, she left quietly.

Others also stood up successively and left with emotion.

Meiqi walked back all the way to her office.

She had lost her mind.

She just didnt know what to do.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei returned to the office.

“Its so cool! Did you see those peoples stunned faces Hahaha! Great! When Xu Ruoyu heard that, she looked like she had just eaten sh*t! Great!” Zhou Fei sat down on the sofa, shaking her head as she spoke.

She had been depressed for a long time, so venting her anger made her feel really good!

“Alright,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Go on.

Lets take a detailed look at the ten songs.

I want to finish recording the songs today.

Contact the recording studio later and give them double the usual commission.

We will finish the songs overnight.”

“Well finish all of them today Isnt that too hasty” Zhou Fei was stunned.

“Any songs written by Hanyang are usually released on the Internet the next day, right Thats why we need to release them tomorrow.” Zi Yan grinned.

There was another reason she did not mention.

While they had been in the meeting room, she had noticed Meiqis sparkling eyes.

She was definitely not thinking about how to help her.

Zi Yan and Meiqi had worked together for a few years.

Thus, she could tell that the look in her eyes had been hesitant.

She had been considering the potential gains and losses.

Why had she behaved like that Did she covet Hanyangs ten songs

Whether she did or not, Zi Yan planned on being vigilant.

Zhou Fei didnt think too much.

She was still very excited right now.

After hearing these words, she stood up and said, “Shall we continue then Lets try the song The Chaser.

Wow, I almost forgot it.

The song that you just sang was melodious.

Its very good.

Hanyang is amazing.

He can even write good healing songs!”

“Lets practice.

If we get more familiar with the songs, we can record them much more efficiently in the studio at night.” Zi Yan nodded.

They sat in front of the computer and started to work again.

On the other side of the corridor, in Meiqis office, what was happening was similar to what Zi Yan thought.

“Sister Mei, you have to find a way to deal with this.

Zi Yan is an artist of our company.

Of course, she must obey your orders.

Plus, she cant have all of Hanyangs ten songs.

That is not right.” Xu Ruoyu was begging Meiqi.

“I dont want too many.

Four would be enough.

Sister Mei, you must help me.

I will definitely follow your lead after I become popular.”

“Yeah, I know that.

Lets talk about this later.” Meiqi really had a headache.

She shook her head helplessly and said, “After all, these songs were given to Zi Yan by Hanyang.

I cant directly take them from her.”

“Sister Mei,” Xu Ruoyus agent said, “She is an artist of the company, so the songs she got also belong to the company.

Why cant you arrange it Maybe Hanyang gave her ten songs just because of the influence of our company.”

“Alright, I will figure out a way.

You can leave.” Meiqi waved her hand.

Less than three minutes after Xu Ruoyu walked out, someone knocked on the door again.

“Come in.”

Two more people walked in.

Meiqi looked at them helplessly and said, “Bai Wei, whats the matter”

“Sister Mei…” Bai Wei smiled in embarrassment, but she still said, “Zi Yan got ten songs from Hanyang.

I wonder what you will do.

If… I mean if its possible, could you leave one song for me”

“I cant promise you this.” Meiqi frowned slightly before saying, “Go ahead.

I will give you the resources that you deserve.

Dont hitch your wagon to the stars.

I have my own plans.”

“Alright then.” Bai Wei curled her lips and left with her agent.

Five minutes later…

Someone knocked on the door again.

“Come in!”

Meiqi took a deep breath impatiently.

How many people had come to see her

Was the temptation of Hanyangs songs that great

It was actually really great.

Even she herself was quite tempted.

While looking at these people, Meiqi sighed and said a few words to send them away.

So many people were coveting Zi Yans songs.

She should do what they wanted

No, Meiqi knew that this greed was coming from the bottom of their hearts.

If she had been in their place, she might have also acted the same way.

When another person knocked on the door, Meiqi did not respond.

Instead, she took out her cell phone, walked to the window, dialed Li Chengs number, and told him about the whole thing.

“What did you say”

An exclamation came from the phone.

Just within half a day, the news that Zi Yan had gotten ten songs from Hanyang had spread in the whole department and the entire company like a virus.

This made everyone jealous.

They all envied Zi Yans good luck.

Getting ten songs from Hanyang was akin to winning the top-prize lottery.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the music department seemed to have become a bit weird.

Many people were talking about whether Meiqi could get some songs from Zi Yan and distribute them to everyone.

A 19-year-old man who was new in this circle licked his lips and shook his head after hearing this.

In his opinion, if they really got the songs from Zi Yan, it would be akin to robbing her.

Finally, when it was five oclock, everyone got off work and left.

“I dont know what Sister Mei is thinking about.

If she really gives us four songs, then you will be popular, Ruoyu.”

On the first floor of the hall, Xu Ruoyus agent was speaking.

As they were walking out.

Xu Ruoyu looked a little excited.

After hearing these words, she shook her head and said, “I went to Sister Meis office just now.

She said that the result will be out tomorrow.

I also called Mr.

Li and he gave me a positive answer.”

“Thats great!” The agents eyes lit up.

“Right now, 90% of the most popular songs on the ranking list are Hanyangs.

One could say that whoever gets songs from him will be a superstar.”

“However, public relations and publicity are also very important.

There is a small number of people who are not popular despite singing his songs.” Xu Ruoyu smiled.

“They are just amateur singers.

The popularity of singers with professional teams is soaring.”

The agent smiled.

While they were talking, they reached the parking lot.

Upon noticing that a group of people had gathered not far from their car, the agent was curious.

“What are they looking at”

“I dont know.

Lets go and see,” Xu Ruoyu said curiously.

The two of them walked over.

When they were near them, they heard these people discussing.

“Wow, this sports car is so beautiful.”

“Of course it is beautiful.

Its a Bugatti.

What do you think”

“Its also a limited edition.

It is said that this car is worth more than 60 million!”

“Its so expensive.

Lets take a photo and post it online.

The car owner hasnt come yet.

Xiao Li, Ill go to the door.

Take a photo of me!”


Xu Ruoyu and her agent went closer and finally saw what was behind the crowd.

The dazzling sports car they had seen in the morning was parked there quietly.

“Its this car Which big shot came to our company to play” Xu Ruoyu said in amazement.

Meanwhile, two women were taking pictures in front of the car.

Xu Ruoyu was also somewhat tempted.

“Take a picture of me too.” Xu Ruoyu took out her cell phone and handed it to her agent.

Then, she walked to the place near the drivers seat.

Just as the woman who had been taking photos was leaving, she went closer, bent her waist slightly, put her arm on the roof, and showed off her curvy body.

As her agent was ready to take photos of her…


Suddenly, the headlights of the sports car flashed a few times.

Then, a sarcastic voice came from behind them.

“Oh Are you taking photos with our car Did we agree on this”


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