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“Who Is Boss Ye coming”

The man in the Ferrari suddenly became cautious.

Now that the head of the club called the person Boss Ye, he must be Ye Han, the big shot of Eastern District.

There was a total of three sportscar clubs in the south island, and Ye Han was in charge of Mount Red Star.

In terms of social status, these childes present were all inferior to Ye Han; besides, they still had a long way to become the real top childes though they were rich.

When it came to identity, Ye Han, as the major investor for Mount Red Star, was regarded as a boss here.

Therefore, they had to fulfill all his requests.

“Make all the lanes.

Boss Ye is coming soon!” The head of the club glanced at his watch and said.

“Okay.” The man in the Ferrari nodded, and then he started the car and parked it not far away.

“My gosh, here Ye Han is.

We have to wait for a while.” After saying to the phone, Sun Dongheng drove his car to the parking area.

At this moment, a lot of viewers became upset.

“What the fu*k, why do we still have to wait Weve waited for almost an hour, cant the racing begin”

“I dont want to wait, either,” Sun Dongheng said helplessly, “I cant do anything now because the boss is coming.

To tell you the truth, Ye Han, as the big shot of Eastern District in south island in Hong Kong, is really powerful.

What You want to see him Well, Ill aim my lens at him later.

I dont know him, but my Brother Feng and Brother Hu are also formidable.”

“Brother Feng is in Southern District, while Ye Han is in Eastern District.

Its indeed different.

Thats right, I think they are on a par.” Sun Dongheng simply explained to the viewers.

In fact, according to their previous status and strength, Ye Han was much stronger than Zhao Feng.

But now, since Sun Dongheng did not know the details, he could only tell them that the two of them were evenly matched.

Moreover, his words could indirectly show that he was relatively awesome.

“Brother Dong, should we get out of the car” Lu Yin asked.

“Yes, they probably are right there.” Sun Dongheng glanced at the rearview mirror and said, and then he got out of the car.

At this point, people in groups also gathered to the roadside, and they could clearly hear the roars of the engines of supercars.

Soon, several supercars came into view.

There was a total of two teams, and seven or eight supercars on the left, led by Ye Hans Aston Martin one77.

On the right side were five supercars, led by an orange Lamborghini Reventon.

Then these supercars directly stopped at the intersection.

“Do you see that gray Aston Martin one77 The number of this vehicle is strictly limited to 77, and each of them values over 50 million yuan.

It is Ye Han who possesses one.

Actually, he is not only the big shot of Eastern District, but also a past master of supercars trades.

Hes really awesome,” Sun Dongheng said as he turned the phones camera, “The Lamborghini Reventon next to it costs more than 16 million yuan.

Do you know who is sitting inside The person gets out of the car.

Fu*k, is this Childe Lei He is also powerful, and his father, as the chairman of the Dingfang Group, values over three billion yuan.”

“How formidable they are.” Lu Yin was standing by Sun Dongheng and felt dazzled at this moment, and then she stuck her tongue out and said.

It was the first time that she had seen so many supercars.

She originally felt somewhat proud since she had earned more than one million yuan through the live broadcast, but she did not know that she even could not afford a tire of these cars until she came to Hong Kong this time.

Not only Sun Dongheng was a little surprised.

At this point, the crowd came out exclamations at times.

“Here Childe Ye is!”

“Childe Lei actually is here too.”

“Childe Ye doesnt look well.”

“Does he conflict with Childe Lei”


Everyone present knew that Ye Han and Childe Lei hated each other.

Now that they came here at the same time, they were bound to have a race.

All the people of the two teams got out of their cars.

After getting out of the car, Ye Han waved to the head of the club and said, “Open the monitor!”

Hearing that he said in an angry tone, the head of the club got a fright, and then he quickly asked the staff to open the monitor.

About forty small screens, which were connected with the monitors on the street lamps of every part of the road, were on the left wall of the house.

Since this place was transformed into a special racing venue, it definitely was equipped with complete facilities.

As Ye Han spoke, every one of his team also got out of the cars and walked up behind him, while eight people of another team followed Childe Lei.

If Zhang Han were here, he could certainly recognize that the two among them standing behind Childe Lei were Zheng Chenyu and Huang Wen with a bald head who had gone to the sea in the morning.

“Fang Lei, how do we gamble for a larger amount” Ye Han said to Childe Lei in a provocative tone.

“Oh Gamble for a larger amount with me Ha, ha, what will you bet” Childe Lei snorted.

In the aspect of money, he was indeed not afraid of Ye Han.

“Ten million yuan,” Ye Han said slowly.

“Ha, ha, ha, just ten million yuan” Although ten million yuan was not a small number for Childe Lei, he put on an indifferent expression at this time.

He sneered and said, “Ten million yuan is too little, and it is better for us to bet on your one77! If I win, you should give me the car.

If I lose, Ill give you my car and 40 million yuan!”

Hearing his words, Ye Han frowned all of a sudden.

He, who was always cautious, pondered.

He found that he still was afraid of an accident though he had a trump card.

In fact, he did not want to bet on the car as it was an apple of his eye, so he said, “Dont talk nonsense.

Just gamble for ten million yuan.

Do you still want to bet with me”

“Coward.” Childe Lei felt pity, and then he shook his head and said, “Okay, ten million yuan.”

“Ha, ha.

Lets follow the former rules.” Ye Han waved his hand to the people behind him and said, “Ask the racing driver to come to the front.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a man with flattop haircut in his thirties got out of the passenger seat of the sportscar at the end of the motorcade.

On catching sight of him, everyone present was totally surprised, and those who recognized him could not help exclaiming,

“Isnt this the person who won the first place in the last South Island Supercar Racing He is recognized as the North King.

My gosh, they really take the racing seriously this time and intend to bet on ten million yuan.

Since Childe Ye invited the North King of cars, he will be sure of success.”

Even Sun Dongheng explained to the viewers and said, “The North King is very awesome.

Do you see that it is a ten-million-yuan-level gamble…”

Seeing what had happened, a variety of viewers were dumbfounded, for they had never seen such a scene before.

The luxury cars, like raindrops, as well as the ten-million-yuan-level gamble were pressing their nerves and made the number of viewers go up steadily.

Soon, the number exceeded 800,000, and would break through one million.

“Hey, you just lost two million yuan to me.

Now, youre going to give me ten million yuan.

Ha, ha, I have already said that you are too young to compete against me.” Childe Lei shook his head repeatedly and waved to the people behind him.

The racing driver, who was ready to take part in the racing, got out of the last car of Childe Leis team.

He was relatively thin, with long hair and a beard.

Seeing his appearance, the North Kings pupil shrank and he shouted, “King Hult”

“Hult” After thinking for a while, Ye Han suddenly remembered the origin of this name, and he looked ghastly in an instant.

Hult was a native of Maya Island, who had participated in a world-class racing competition.

In that competition, he was one of the top 16 racing drivers.

It was obvious that the North King, who was only famous in the south island, was definitely not a patch on him, for he performed really great in professional racings.

“Do you dare to compete against me” Childe Lei sneered again.

“Go ahead!”

Ye Han gritted his teeth.

Apparently, it was impossible for him to hold it back and he had to promise him!

“We still have a good chance, for you are really familiar with the roads here.

You must take it seriously, and Ill reward you greatly if you win,” Ye Han said in the drivers ear.

“Lets get started now.

Dont waste time.” While speaking, Childe Lei directly waved to Hult and handed the car key to him.

The next moment, Hult took it and got into the Reventon at the head of the team without any hesitation.

However, Ye Han asked the racing driver to get into the Lamborghini Gallardo behind them, because he was always reluctant to take his own car as the race car.

The two racing drivers got into the cars, driving them to the starting line and silently waiting.

Ye Han and Childe Lei also took their men to the wall, with screens on it.

During this period, Childe Lei quipped Ye Han that it was indeed a waste for him to own a one77.

Ye Han had planned to hit back but failed since he was powerless.

He felt that he was doomed to lose another ten million yuan today and was really angry at the thought of the result!

At this moment, a staff suddenly walked to Ye Han and whispered in his ear.

Meanwhile, he pointed to Sun Dongheng twice.


Ye Han looked over with his sharp gaze.

He came over with vigorous stride, as if he had found the vent.

At this moment, all the people present felt somewhat amazed, and they all took a few steps back to give Ye Han a way.

“My God, really”

Sun Dongheng was also shocked, and quickly put the phone down.

Looking at Ye Hans posture, he was going to come to him.

“Brother Ye.”

As Ye Han approached, Sun Dongheng greeted him in a hurry.

“Are you doing the live broadcast” Ye Han grabbed Sun Donghengs collar without hesitation and said as he frowned, “Do you understand the rules here”

Sun Donghengs heart gave a great leap.

“The live broadcast is still on.

Is my image, which has been maintained for several days, going to be ruined”

However, he did not know that the viewers in his broadcast room were a little worried about him at this time.

“Is Brother Dong going to be beaten”

“Fu*k, really Shall I call the police”

“NMB, Ill abuse you if you bully my Brother Dong!”

Sun Dongheng wanted to be a man of real fiber, but his reason finally over his intention.

He gave a wry smile and said calmly, “Brother Ye, you misunderstood me.

My camera is concentrating on myself.”

“Ha, ha.” Ye Han sneered and did not intend to give him an opportunity, so he waved to his subordinates behind him.

Suddenly, six or seven people came over with cold faces.

Sun Dongheng was totally in panic.

After thinking for a moment, he said hastily, “Im Brother Fengs subordinate.”

“Who” Ye Han raised his eyebrows.

“Brother Feng, Zhao Feng, Im his man.” Seeing Ye Hans expression, Sun Dong sighed with relief.

But he did not know that his words only shocked Ye Han for a while.

In fact, he knew that Zhao Feng was Mr.

Zhangs subordinate, and he was also really afraid of Mr.

Zhang, but it did not mean that he would give in to anyone who mentioned their names.

Moreover, he did not need to respect each of their subordinates.

Ye Han became much angrier at the thought of it.

He had lost money and been ridiculed by Childe Lei.

Now, he had to scruple to beat the man since he mentioned Zhao Fengs name, which indeed annoyed him.

Ye Han gritted his teeth and said, “Do you think that you fu*king mention his name…”

Then, something happened.

“Honk, honk, honk.”

Suddenly, several horns were heard from the supercars behind them.

Everyone turned to look and suddenly burst into laughter, because behind the two rows of supercars, a man in a cute panda car was sounding the horn.

“The person, who just possesses a car worth tens of thousands of yuan, actually minds them parking their supercars in the way Does he dare to sound the horn Is he kidding me”


When Ye Han looked over and saw the panda car, he could not help shaking.

In recent days, he saw a total of four or five panda cars, and his heart would give a great thump every time he caught sight of it.

He suspected whether the boss was coming, but every time it was a false alarm.

He even felt that he was so nervous.

Meanwhile, in his view, he had been so scared last time that he had sequela.

At this moment, he was inexplicably in panic as he saw the panda car.

“Is it him Its just kidding.”

After he saw Zhao Feng getting out of the Land-Rover next to the panda car.


Ye Han swallowed, and the clear sound was heard.

MMP, it was really him! Ye Han suddenly became anxious.

But at this point, a scream was heard all of a sudden.

“Brother Feng!”

“Oh, fu*k.” Ye Han was completely shocked.

If someone scared him in this way at ordinary times, he was bound to break his legs, but now, Ye Han only felt startled, thinking of a remedy.

“Ha, ha, ha.”

Ye Han loosened Sun Donghengs collar and smoothed it, and then he said with a friendly smile, “Brother, why dont you tell me that you are doing the live broadcast Hey, I like live broadcast and usually watch it.

If you told me before, I would have arranged a good place for you.

Show me how many viewers in your broadcast room.”

While speaking, he reached out his hand to take the phone.

After glancing at the screen and seeing himself, he waved his hand with a smile.

“Hello, everyone, Im Ye Han.”

Sun Dongheng was a little confused.

“What happened The thing is going to a reverse way so quickly.”

In addition, the content of bullet screens was not very friendly,

“Fu*k, he changes his face really fast!”

“You, Ye Han, arent qualified to provoke Brother Dong, for he is really awesome.”

“Brother Dongs Brother Feng is here.

What do you think Are you frightened”

“How shameless he is.

Whos he What an ugly man!”

As Ye Han saw these bullet screens, his facial muscles became very stiff.

“Ha, ha.

Hello, everyone, um.”

Ye Han gave a wry smile and waved his hand at the camera, and then handed the phone back to Sun Dongheng.

As soon as Sun Dongheng took the phone.

The bullet screens suddenly changed,

“Brother Dong is amazing!”

“Brother Dong is the most formidable person.”

“Dong Huang, youre so powerful and handsome!”


At this time, Sun Dongheng looked at the bullet screens with confusion and grinned, and then he focused his camera on Zhao Feng, who had gotten out of the car.

Only Zhao Feng and Ah Hu walked over, but everyone took several steps back.

They all knew that the person was Crazy of Southern District, and were also curious about whether he was going to make troubles here or not.

Soon, Zhao Feng got close to Ye Han.

Actually, he did not hate people, like Ye Han, from other forces, for he had left the underground forces after all.

He, therefore, nodded politely and said, “Childe Ye, you are here too.”

“Yes, I just want to enjoy myself.

Ah Feng, why are you here Welcome,” Ye Han said firmly with a smile.

“Because my boss wants to have a race.

Is it convenient for you now” Zhao Feng asked directly.

“Now…” Ye Han was lost in thought and glanced at Fang Lei.

“Should I play a trick on Fang Lei”

It was the high time for Fang Lei to conflict with Mr.

Zhang and tasted the fear of being dominated.


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