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They entered the bedroom on the second floor.

Zhang Han placed Mengmeng on the bed.

When he was about to help Mengmeng get changed into her pajamas, Zi Yan suddenly grasped Zhang Hans arm and pushed him gently in the direction of the door.

“Thats alright.

You should go out first.

I want to change, too.”

“Why dont…” Zhang Han trailed off, watching Zi Yan with beady eyes.

Then, he said, “Okay.”

Why dont I help you change into your pajamas


That statement would probably earn him a hail of daggers from Zi Yans eyes.

Seeing the sheepish look on Zhang Hans face, Zi Yan could not help but laugh.

“Just get out,” she said, giving his arm another shove.

“Alright, alright,” Zhang Han said, nodding.

When Zhang Han walked out, Zi Yan shut the door.

Zhang Han just stood there, watching the closed door intently.

In his minds eye, the image of Zi Yans beautiful and shapely figure floated before him.

Then, his traitorous mind supplemented that image with extra details, details which involved a gorgeous woman changing her clothes.

All of a sudden, a raging inferno of passion broke out inside his heart.

Men were prurient creatures.

There was a lot of truth in that statement.

Then again, there were nuances with regards to the prurience of men; a man who was obsessed with all kinds of beautiful women would be dubbed a playboy, whereas a man obsessed with only his wife would be dubbed a good man.

Happiness would befall to a man who could keep it in his pants around other women.

If a man failed to keep it in his pants Well, there was a term for that, too: adultery.

Of course, Zhang Han was a legitimate good man.

He had desires, too, of course; but his desires had been suppressed for a long time.

Then, Zi Yan came along and breathed life into his dormant desires!

“Should I… open the door and take a peek”

Zhang Han gulped.

“I dont think shell say no to me if I take a peek.

Shell even act shy and coy.”

“And the way she looks like when shes shy…” Zhang Han gulped again.

“That does it! Im opening the door!”

Zhang Han reached out and placed his hand on the door handle.

As he was pressing down on the door handle, Zhang Han could distinctly feel his pulse racing and his heart hammering in his rib cage like there was no tomorrow.

Only Zi Yan could incite such feelings of nervousness and passion in him.

Zhang Han liked it very, very much.

Burning with passion, Zhang Han pressed down on the door handle fully and slowly pushed the door open.

He looked right into the room.


What he saw inside was completely different from what he had imagined; Zi Yan had already changed into a pair of azure pajamas and was in the middle of helping Mengmeng get changed.

Feeling a bit odd, Zhang Han asked, “How did you get changed so fast”

“If not” Zi Yan pressed her lips together and smiled.

“Huh Hey, I never told you I was done.

I never called you inside, and yet you already opened the door.

Looks like somebody has shown his true colors!”

Mengmeng pouted her tiny lips and mumbled, “Hmm, PaPa showed his true colors.”

Zhang Han chuckled dryly and walked into the room.



Ill help you.”

Together, he and Zi Yan helped Mengmeng get changed.

The moment Mengmeng was in her pajamas, she took off in a ran and waddled all the way to the head of the bed.

“Story time, story time!” She yelled.

“Blankets!” Mengmeng shouted and then crawled under the covers.

Zi Yan climbed onto the bed from Mengmengs left and got under the covers too.

“Time to get to work, storyteller,” Zi Yan said.

Right now she, too, was like a obedient child, staring at Zhang Han with innocent eyes.

Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

Like usual, he lay on top of the covers and supported his head with his hand.

Before he could begin the story, he heard Zi Yans lazy voice.

“Why dont… Why dont you change into your pajamas and lie down under the covers with us”

“Eh” Mengmeng froze slightly.

A moment later, she raised her little hand and patted the spot on her right side.

“PaPa, change into your pajamas and lie down beside me.”

Zhang Han laughed.

“Sure,” he said before standing up and heading to the door.

He only took two steps before stopping abruptly.

He turned his head around and said, “I dont have any pajamas.”

“What How come you dont own any pajamas” Zi Yan asked in a puzzled tone.

“When I was younger, I liked to sleep in the nude.

Now I just sleep in my boxers.”

“Oh,” Zi Yan said with a nod, already planning to buy a few pajamas for Zhang Han tomorrow.

The next thing Zi Yan saw, however, downright short-circuited her mind.

Right before her eyes, Zhang Han was taking off his jacket, and then his clothes, piece by piece.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Zi Yan pulled the covers over her head.

Moments later, she was filled with curiosity; she lowered the blanket a little, revealing a pair of beautiful and large eyes which were blinking as they peeked at Zhang Han.

“God, he has an amazing body!”

Zi Yan bit down on her lower lip as she sneaked a peek.

Today, Zhang Han was dressed in casual attire.

With the jacket out of the way, she saw a white, short-sleeved T-shirt which clung to his torso.

Moments later, even the T-shirt was gone, and Zhang Hans torso was left bare.

His pecs and abs were defined.

His biceps were very tone as well.

Overall, his build was very balanced and well-proportioned.

He muscles were not as exaggerated as those of a bodybuilder, of course; but he still looked fit and muscular.

Looking at him would give one the impression of a perfectly proportioned male body.

Even Zi Yan was giving him silent cheers in that moment.

The next thing Zi Yan saw made her pause.

Zhang Han first unbuckled his belt and then took of his pants straightaway.

In a split second, Zhang Han was left in a pair of boxers which clung to his body like a second skin.

“Ah!” Zi Yan let out a soft yelp and quickly yanked the blanket upwards to cover her eyes.

Her heart was leaping around in her chest like a little deer.

“He, hes so big down there.

Its like hes…”

Zi Yan spent a few more seconds in her thoughts before she lost her self-control and lowered the blanket furtively.

But Zhang Han was already climbing into bed by then.

Under Mengmeng incessant urging, Zhang Han lifted the blanket and, for the first time, lay down in the bed.

Lying between the two adults, Mengmeng looked absolutely delighted.

“PaPa, hug.

MaMa, hug too,” she said.

Prompted by the kids urging, the two adults leaned further into the middle.

Just like that, the family of three was having a group hug under the blanket.

“Ill get on with the story now, okay” Zhang Han said.

Then, he cleared his throat lightly and began his narrative.

“So the king of dwarfs and the king of dark elves embarked on a dangerous journey together.

Their goal was…”

Zhang Han told the story in a deep voice.

However, Mengmeng seemed to be very energetic today; she listened to the story with deep interest and showed no signs of dozing off at all.

Well, that had gotten Zhang Han into a bit of a state.

“Little girl, why arent you sleeping yet!”

So, Zhang Han deepened his voice further while slowing the pace of his voice, as if he was singing a lullaby.

Only then did Mengmeng start to feel sleepy.

Around ten minutes later, Zhang Hans wish was granted; the kid was asleep.


Zhang Han chuckled and reached out with both his arms to pick up Mengmeng.

Then, he got up and walked over to Mengmengs little bed and laid her down.

Zhang Han draped the blanket over Mengmengs sleeping form and then planted a gentle kiss on her pink cheek.

After that, Zhang Han climbed swiftly back into Zi Yans bed.

Zi Yans mind was already a bit hazy due to sleepiness.

“I, I didnt say you could come up,” she said in a delicate voice.

“Hey, get off the bed.”

Zi Yan reached out her palm and shoved Zhang Han gently.

From the look on her face— like she wanted him but was too shy to ask for it— and the way her voice sounded like right then, Zhang Han knew that he would be an idiot if he got off the bed now.

So Zhang Han grabbed Zi Yans hand, the same one she had reached out in order to push him.

Then, he pulled Zi Yan into his arms in one swift motion.

“Hey, what are you doing You meanie!”

Zi Yans face was flushed.

In mock anger, she said, “You… Hump… Mm…”

She felt the pressure on her thin, sexy lips before she could even finish.

Just like that, the two of them were wrapped in a tight embrace.

Zhang Han could feel Zi Yans softness vividly; Zi Yan, too, could feel wave after wave of his overwhelming masculinity crashing down on her, nearly suffocating her in the process.

It was as if the temperature of the room was rising higher and higher.

Soft sounds of their kisses filled the quiet room.

Zi Yans kisses still felt rather awkward and stiff; however, under Zhang Hans teasing, Zi Yan was starting to respond.

Their body temperatures skyrocketed.

Eventually, Zhang Hans hands were starting to get naughty.

Somehow, the shirt of Zi Yans pajamas had been pushed up to her neck.

The sight of her nakedness and the sheer beauty of it was, decidedly, something never to be divulged to outsiders.

Only Zhang Han alone could comprehend the profound depths of her beauty in this moment.

Time slipped past without either of them knowing.

Their lips separated from each other.

In that moment, it was as if there was sheen, or a sparkle, inside Zi Yans stunning eyes.

Her eyes glimmered and gleamed repeatedly.

Zhang Han knew what that meant.

Zi Yan was enamored; she was in the mood.

Which was why…

Zhang Han pressed himself on top of Zi Yans body.

His hands started to wander, demanding the feel of her skin.

“Oh, you meanie, you… Ah…”

Once again, she was hit by a wave of desire whose description was beyond the power of words.

Zi Yans face was completely red.

Zhang Han knew that tonight was his night of sexual bliss.

“Stop it, you meanie.

Mengmengs here,” Zi Yan said softly after their lips separated for a second time.

Panting slightly, Zhang Han said in low voice, “Phew… Then well go to the secondary bedroom.”


No, we cant.”

“Yes, we can.” Zhang Han could no longer contain the burning desire in his heart.

His hands sought out more skin.

That got Zi Yan so excited that her back was arching off the bed.


Alas, just when Zhang Hans excitement had risen to a certain level, Zi Yans lips slowly parted and she dropped the bombshell, “It, its my time of the month today!”


Zhang Hans eyes widened and froze in their sockets.

Her words had struck him like a bolt from the blue.

It was like she had just doused the fire inside his heart with a bucket of ice water.

He had no idea what was going on inside his own mind right now.

He was completely flummoxed, and in a who-am-I-where-am-I-what-am-I-doing sort of way.

It felt a little bit like when he wanted to cry but could not shed a tear.

It also felt a bit like what was expressed by the popular internet saying, “Ive already taken off my pants, and you only tell me now”


Zi Yan could not help but laugh at the look of bewilderment on Zhang Hans face.

“Look at you, acting like an idiot,” Zi Yan said in a tone of mock anger.

Then, she gave Zhang Han another gentle shove.

“Alright, alright, get off the bed.

My period came only this afternoon.

Besides, I dont want to be defiled by a pervert like you so soon!”

“Eh Ah, that…” Still in a state of half-stupor, Zhang Han lay down beside Zi Yan.

Two seconds later, he recovered his senses.

“Well, whatever.

Zi Yan is already mine, anyway.

Shell give herself to over me eventually.

Theres no point in getting all bent out of shape over one missed opportunity.”

An evil smile formed on Zhang Hans lips and he pulled Zi Yan into his arms again.

This time, he shifted their positions so that she was on top of him.

He stared into Zi Yans beautiful eyes and said, “Ill let you roam freely for a few more days, little red riding hood.”

“Humph! Pervert.”

“But I have a severe case of blue balls right now.

What should I do” Zhang Han teased, grinning at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan reddened even further at that suggestive remark.

“Cold shower!” She shot back.

With Zi Yan looking so adorable, Zhang Han stole another kiss.

Although he had run out of luck at the end, he would still consider tonight a big win.

Other than the fact that he could not follow through on the final step, the rest of his plan had been pretty much smooth sailing.

Despite all the effort he had put in to seduce her, Zhang Han did not get his wish.

Still, he did not try to force things.

They had all the time in the world after all.

It was totally fine to take things slow.

Everything would work out eventually!

In the end, Zhang Han and Zi Yan just lay there in each others arms, whispering words of adoration to each other.

Slowly, they both descended into a peaceful sleep.

The night went by silently.

Zhang Han slept in the next morning, which was a rare thing for him to do.

They were both woken up at eight oclock in the morning by Mengmeng who was the first to wake.

Zi Yan opened her eyes hazily.

She immediately noticed the state of undress in her upper body.

She blushed and nudged Zhang Han to put on some clothes.

Zhang Han laughed out loud and got up to put his clothes back on.

After washing up, he went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

However, the moment he came downstairs and looked out of the window, he froze.

“Why are there so many people waiting outside” Zhang Han thought.


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