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Everyone returned to Feng Ming Nightclub.

They gathered together and went over to the restaurant next door.

Xu Yong booked a private room on the top floor, and the four tables in the room were enough to accommodate a total of more than 50 people.

The private room was on the seventh floor, where everyone could have a view of the beach.

It had French windows, and there was also an open balcony, with several tables and chairs set out for them to take in the sights.

Everyone took their seats.

Zhang Li and Luo Qi sat beside Zhao Feng.

After all the food and drinks were served, Zhao Feng lifted his glass and said,

“I have something to say.

First, let me introduce this beautiful woman beside me.

Shes our bosss sister.”

“Hello, everyone.

My name is Zhang Li.

Let me propose a toast to you!” Zhang Li stood up gracefully, lifted a glass of beer and drank it in one gulp.

Judging by her manner, it was as if she was trying to show everyone present, how approachable she was.

“Hello, everyone, my name is Luo Qing.” Luo Qing was a little nervous and shy, so she spoke in a low voice and drank a glass of wine.

She was not used to drinking and made a face at the bitterness of the drink.

“Ha, ha, ha…”

The crowd burst into laughter, which made Luo Qing blush.

“Secondly,” Zhao Feng added, “Ill talk about the rules at work and in your spare time.

Ive reminded you all about your work attitudes more than three times already, and you should keep it in mind.

When you are at your leisure time, Ill tell you now…”

At this moment, Zhao Fengs eyes narrowed and he shouted, “Drink in the way you like, and enjoy in the way you like! Ill drink up this glass of wine first!”

“Ho, ho.


In an instant, the atmosphere was enlivened.

Many people were cheering and shouting, and almost everyone drank a glass of beer, following Zhao Fengs example.

What they pursued after when they entered into society was to have such a casual atmosphere!

Zhao Feng knew what was going on in their minds, and he was also aware that they needed to relax, since the recent trainings had been very tough.

Therefore, he broke the ice, at the beginning.

Seeing that Zhao Feng was a little frivolous and unruly, Zhang Li could not help staring at him.

After the first toast, everyone began to gather in groups to drink.

“Hey Brother Yong, what a pity you didnt witness what happened today! Xia Shanhao was totally stumped by Brother Feng!”

Ah Hu boasted excitedly to his brothers and said in an extremely loud voice,

“At first Xia Shanhao put on an act and was aggressive toward Brother Feng.

But later, he looked so scared! Looking at his expression, it was like he had just eaten **.

You have no idea how happy I am! In the past, Xia Shanhao was someone who was superior to us, but now, things are different.

I only respect Brother Feng and our boss.

Everyone else is nothing!”

“Ha, ha, ha.

If only we were there.

I cant imagine how happy we would be if we saw Xia Shanhao being suppressed!”

“Come on.

Lets drink.

Ah Hu, why are you not drinking yet Hurry up.”


In addition to Ah Hu and the people around him, many people at other tables were all playing the finger-guessing games.

They shouted while making gestures.

The atmosphere at the dinner was very lively.

Zhao Feng seemed so excited as he talked loudly and drank with the others from the start.

As the atmosphere gradually increased in gaiety, Zhao Feng was quiet.

He looked at his brothers, who were enjoying their drinks, and the smile on his face attracted Zhang Lis attention.

About one and a half hour later, Zhang Li felt a little hot, so she left the table and went to the open balcony.

She sat on a chair, admiring the fantastic view of New Moon Bay, against the evening sky.

“Do you think its too noisy inside”

After a while, she heard Zhao Fengs voice behind her.

Zhang Li turned and saw Zhao Feng walking toward her with a smile.

He held two glasses of red wine in his hands and sat down opposite Zhang Li.

“Its a little bit noisy.

I think theyre quite interesting, unlike most people from the underground forces.” Zhang Li said, as she took a glass of red wine, clinked her glass with Zhao Feng, and took a sip.

“The people from the underground forces are not necessarily all bad.

Take the business circle for example, there are a lot of cheats and schemers in it.

Sometimes the officials are also corrupt.

However, the people inside, most of whom were my former cronies, though they like horsing around, are actually really nice.” Zhao Feng smiled as he glanced at the bustling crowd inside.

“Im not saying they are bad.

There will always be good people and bad ones in every group.

I only feel somewhat strange, since it is the first time Ive had dinner with people connected to the underground forces.” Zhang Li said, as she took a sip of red wine.

“Thats right.

Not only good people, but also bad ones are all around us.

I have seen a very gentle, married woman, having an affair with another, as she craved excitement.

I know a woman who indulged in smoking and drinking, but still sticking to her old love.

Then there is a highly educated white-collar worker who yells and beats her parents, and a girl with fearsome tattoos taking great care of a bedridden old man.

We shouldnt judge a person on the basis of his or her appearance, but by their morality.

These definitions are very general.” Zhao Feng shook his head and sighed with emotion.

“Why do you act like an elder What did you do before” Zhang Li asked curiously.

“I…” Zhao Feng shook his head, and with a chuckle, said, “I used to be a soldier in the special forces.”

“Ah! Special forces So how did you join the underground forces” Zhang Li asked again.

“Its a long story.” Zhao Feng smiled.

“It doesnt matter.

Xiao Qing and I can stay in this hotel tonight, as we have nothing important to do.

Just tell me the story, but have a drink first.” Zhang Li sat up straight, clinked glasses with Zhao Feng, and then cheerfully took a sip of the red wine.

Zhao Feng took a light breath and said, “I acted on impulse at that time, but I have never regretted making such a decision…”

Once he started talking, he found easy to carry on a conversation with Zhang Li and he told her about his own experiences.

He even mentioned that Zhang Han had saved his life.

Although he did not say anything about his cultivation and the martial arts world, the ups and downs of his life aroused Zhang Lis interest and wonder.

“You can write a book about your experience.” Zhang Li sighed with emotion, and said, “So you truly are my brothers man.

Youre lucky.

My brother is very kind to his men.”

“Yes, he treats us all very well.

I heard that boss used to be one of the four childes in Shang Jing.

But last time when I went to Shang Jing, I found that the other three childes were not even qualified to carry the bosss shoes.” Zhao Feng said flatly.

“In fact, those childes, who are very shrewd, are always making a profit at the expense of others interests.

My brother has suffered a lot before, otherwise he wouldnt have been so down and out.” Zhang Li sighed softly.

“Down and out How is it possible” Zhao Feng said in surprise.

Zhao Feng was indeed curious about his master.

“Do you think my brother is natural and unrestrained all the time In fact, he suffered a great deal.”

Zhang Li said in a distressed tone.

“Since my parents disappeared, my brother has been disowned by the family.

In order to find out what happened, he has been wandering around Shang Jing for five years.

He has had a hard time.

Although he has several true friends in Shang Jing, they didnt help him, due to the pressure from their families.

Moreover, my brother was so aggressive that he did not keep in touch with anyone.

He led a really tough life in those five years.

If Mengmeng hadnt suddenly appeared, my brother wouldnt have been able to cheer up.”

“Five years of vagrancy” Zhao Feng was a little shocked, and he said doubtfully, “How did Mengmeng appear all of a sudden Wasnt the boss and his family always together”

“No.” Zhang Li responded.

She took a sip of wine and thought for a while.

The she went on to say,

“In brief, my brother was a very powerful figure five years ago.

In that year, my sister-in-law, Zi Yan, was in trouble, when she was in Shang Jing.

My brother rescued her and they were in a relationship.

As a result, she became pregnant.”

“My brother didnt know at that time, as Zi Yan chose to go to North America to give birth to her baby alone.

Later, my brother became down and out.

It was only more than a month ago that Zi Yan brought Mengmeng back home to meet my brother, since Mengmeng was insistent about finding her father.”

“I see!” Zhao Feng was shocked.

At this moment, he actually empathized with Zhang Han, as he realized that Zhang Han must have led a very painful life at the start.

Besides, he now understood the reason why Zhang Han doted on Mengmeng.

As a father, he could not make up for his years of absence with money and other stuff.

If it were himself, he thought he would also spoil the kid.

“How close are the boss and bosss wife now” Zhao Feng asked.

He always felt that they were an affectionate family, but the situation probably was not as he imagined.

“Their relationship is gradually improving, that is, they will become a real family soon.” Zhang Li said.

Then she pointed at Zhao Feng with a smile and said, “They are at an important stage in their lives now.

Therefore, dont always be the third wheel.

You should leave them alone sometimes.”


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