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Zi Yan glanced at Xu Ruoyu without saying anything, and stepped directly into her office.

“Shes really a joke!”

Zhou Fei did not want to argue with her at the door.

So after saying that, she walked forward, following Zi Yan.

“You!” Xu Ruoyu suddenly became angry, and stamped her foot while looking at them, “Why are you so arrogant in the face of disaster Huh!”

All the way back to the office, every person they met, looked at Zi Yan in a strange way.

There were also groups of people whispering at the side, their expressions showing what they were thinking.

“Elder Sister Yan.”

After entering the office, Zhou Fei said, “Perhaps it is difficult to handle the matter concerning Director Fu.

What if I ask Meiqi for the details first”

After thinking for a while, Zi Yan said, “Ill go alone.”

“Well, Ill wait for you here.” Zhou Feng sat down on the sofa as she spoke.

When Zi Yan was about to go out, she pursed her lips and said, “Elder Sister Yan, dont put up with people who speak ill of you.

You know that brother-in-law will always back you.

You can be the “boss” whenever you want.”

Zi Yan opened the door, rolled her eyes at Zhou Fei, then stepped out of the office with a smile.

What Zhou Fei said was somewhat reasonable.

Zi Yan, who had always been helpless, had been at a point of no return before, but now she could rely on Zhang Han, to save her.

Zi Yan knocked at the door when she arrived at Meiqis office.

“Come in, please.”

“Zi Yan, you are here.

Sit down please.”

When she saw Zi Yan, Meiqi nodded, smiled and gestured for her to sit.


Zi Yan sat on the chair facing the desk, then said directly,

“Elder sister Mei, I want to ask you whats going on with Boss Wu and Director Fu now”

“It isnt going well.” Meiqi arranged the files on the table and put them aside.

Looking at Zi Yan, she sighed softly and said, “Director Fu returned to the company yesterday morning.

He had been badly injured and his face was all puffy and swollen.

He was very angry with you.

In the meeting held in the afternoon, Boss Wu specifically mentioned this matter.

After all, it was the first time that an employee had asked someone to beat up the director.”

“How do we solve this problem” Zi Yans eyes flickered slightly, but she still asked calmly.

“Its not that easy to settle this.” Meiqi retained a frosty reserve and said, “Boss Wu wanted to see you yesterday afternoon, but I told him that you were on leave.

Since you cant run from the problem, youd better go to Boss Wus office to talk with him and figure out the solution now.

I think that you should disassociate yourself with those unknown people.

If you fail to handle it, you can ask Childe Li for help.

Hes very sincere towards you.”

“Oh.” Zi Yan nodded her head gently, stood up and said, “Thank you, elder sister Mei.

Ill go and see Boss Wu first.”

“All right.” Meiqi answered, with a smile.

After Zi Yan left the office, she shook her head again and sighed softly.

Wu Chengdongs office was on the top floor.

As the president of the company, he held a high position, and his office was equipped and furnished to the highest standard.

Fifteen minutes after Wu Chengdongs secretary informed him that she was at the door, Zi Yan came into his office.

“I was in a video conference.” Wu Chengdong said with a smile.

He stood up and walked to Zi Yan, then gestured gently and said, “Sit down, please.”


Zi Yan sat on the sofa with an aloof expression, while Wu Chengdong sat next to her.

He sized Zi Yan up and said with a chuckle,

“Youre like Helen of Troy.

Zi Yan, youre really beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“Fu Shan filled me in about what happened in Shang Jing and that you made some trouble there.

However, I quite understand you since you were forced to stay in Shang Jing for a long time.

In fact, no one will feel comfortable in the face of such a situation, but you are too impatient.” Wu Chengdong said kindly.

“I dont think I was impatient,” Zi Yan answered, with a slight shake of her head.

“You dont” Wu Chengdong smiled faintly and said, “I heard that there was something wrong with the contract, but you can discuss it with me.

Business cannot be achieved overnight.

Once the contract is signed, you will be free for a period of time, and you can go wherever you want.

“Thats true, but everyone knows what they intend to do.” Zi Yan looked at Wu Chengdong firmly as she said this.

“May I ask what is the relationship between those who went to pick you up and yourself” Wu Chengdong asked.

“I cant talk about it.”

“So you do know them.” Wu Chengdongs eyes narrowed and he said, “Zi Yan, it is fine if you dont know them.

But now you are in for it.”

What he meant was that if Zi Yan knew them, she would be held accountable.

If not, they could continue to negotiate, but she would not have the final say.

“I cant tell you.” Zi Yan responded again.

Looking at Zi Yans cold gaze, Wu Chengdong was stunned, for he had not expected that Zi Yan would ignore his warning.

She was indeed taking a tough stance!

“Lets get to the point.”

Wu Chengdong smiled and said,

“The director has talked over the contract personally, with you, but was beaten up violently by people you know.

As this thing will have a bad impact, the company will not provide you with any resources for the time being.”

“However, you can handle it yourself.

Whoever started the trouble should end it.

It is Director Fu and the contract that matters and I wont ask you for more details.

I do indeed think highly of you and youll be very popular once you go the right way.”


Zi Yan gave him a bland response.

“Was Wu Chengdong advising her to sign the contract To be with Lin Jie To profit from the childe in Shang Jing”

If the promise were kept, she would succeed.

If not, she would be left out in the cold by the company.

Ha, ha!

Zi Yan did not bother to say anything at this time.

She stood up and said,

“Boss Wu, Ill go back first”

After that, Zi Yan left the room directly.

A hint of displeasure flashed across Wu Chengdongs eyes as he watched her departing back.

He had a negative view of such wayward entertainers.

Loftiness and arrogance were not beneficial to success.

Only people who could rise to higher positions would succeed!

Not everyone was lucky.

There were plenty of people in the entertainment circle struggling to climb to higher positions, at a great price.

Wu Chengdong felt the situation was funny at this point.

It seemed to be false but now the scenario was real.

The superannuated stars should have prepared themselves to face such a situation.

After thinking for a while, Wu Chengdong took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Childe Lin, I just talked with Zi Yan and it looks like she knows those guys…”

On seeing Zi Yan returning to the office, Zhou Fei asked hurriedly,

“Hows it going Whats going on”

“Not good.” Zi Yan had a cold look on her face.

She shook her head slightly and said, “The company will not provide any resources for the time being unless this matter is handled properly.”


Zhou Feis eyes widened and she shouted, “You have obviously been left out in cold by the company.

Who gave the word Why are they handling it in this way Theyre so unreasonable.

We shouldnt be blamed! Ill look for the old witch!”

“Itll be futile.

It was Wu Chengdong who gave the instructions.” Zi Yan pursed her mouth gently and said.

“Boss Wu” Zhou Fei was stunned and depressed.

“Let it go.

I can use this time to accompany Mengmeng.” Although the end result was not good, Zi Yan found that she did not care much about it.

In fact, she even looked forward to staying at home.


“Was it because of Mengmeng or that idiot”

Zi Yan had a feeling that it was mostly attributed to Zhang Han.

“I have no idea when the idiot will officially pursue me.

How will he pursue me Will he become very romantic Will I agree with what he wants by then”

Zi Yan was thinking about this, as she sat in the office.

“Elder Sister Yan! Hello, Elder Sister Yan.

Dont be sad, theres still another way…” Zhou Fei tried to console her.

However, before she finished speaking, she saw Zi Yan smiling and heard her saying,

“Lets go and inform elder sister Mei.

Ill take the day off!”


Zhou Fei was totally puzzled.

She did not realize what Zi Yan intended to do until she opened the door and left.

“Oh, my god!” Zhou Fei shook her head repeatedly, and said with a sigh, “Love is really scary!”

The two of them came to Meiqis office, but the expectation backfired since Meiqi did not agree.

Besides that, she asked them to be punctual for work and earnestly persuaded them to show their boss their best attitude.

Anyway, Zi Yans thought of going home came to nothing.

On the other side of Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

The restaurant was almost empty at about 8:40 a.m.

After Zhao Feng cleaned up the restaurant, Zhang Han told him that they planned to go to the amusement park.

Then Zhao Feng went directly to handle the logistics.

At about nine oclock, the Sun family arrived.

Sun Ming and Suns mother walked into the restaurant, carrying a lot of stuff this time.

People saw that there were all kinds of small toys or gifts inside as they approached.

“Uncle Sun is here.

So many gifts… Are they for Mengmeng” After seeing the toys, Mengmeng stood up on the sofa and asked.

“Yes.” Sun Ming put several large bags of gifts on the sofa, with a smile.

“Why did you buy so many gifts” Zhang Han glanced at them and asked casually.


Zhang, we are here to say goodbye to you this time.” Sun Ming said, laughing.

“Uh” Mengmeng was stunned.

She looked at Sun Ming, puzzled, and asked in a childish tone, “Is Uncle Sun going on a long journey”

“Yes, well be going far away.

Its for something good.” Sun Dongheng replied.

“Ha, ha.” Sun Ming shook his head, then said with a chuckle, “I sold my company, and I recently decided to try a new career.

I plan to start a media company to pave the way for Dongheng as he likes music.

One of my friends has a well-established company in North America, and I told him about my idea.

Hes very enthusiastic and asked me to go over to learn more.

Moreover, my wife will be with me on this trip.”

It was apparent that Sun Ming had become more optimistic after the last incident.

Although career was important, it would be worthless, if he succeeded without his family.

He, therefore, wanted to start a media company and travel with Suns mother.

To start a company to pave the way for his son after coming back, was Sun Mings new goal now.

Hearing his words, Zhang Han smiled and said,

“Thats a good idea.”


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