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Chapter 221 The Three Mentors Get Fired

“Erm…” At this moment, deputy operator Mas face also changed.

He whispered, “Chief operator, so…”

“No more of your nonsense!” The chief operator shot him a dark glance and said, “The superiors already expressed their strong dissatisfaction and almost started cursing! They asked me who introduced the three unqualified instructors.

Do you understand the meaning of their words”


Deputy operator Mas body quivered and his face turned pale.

He was completely stunned.

Other people were astounded at the same time, for they had not expected the problem to be that big.

It was the superiors words that indicated who was at fault in this matter! “The three unqualified” made it clear that the three mentors actions had surpassed the limit of their tolerance.

It would have been fine if it had not caused a tempest.

But now, they have to give an explanation to the people who are paying attention to the development of this matter.

Besides, they asked who introduced the three mentors, which meant that even their superiors would be held accountable!

There was no doubt that the consequences of such a straightforward interrogation ranged from punishment to unemployment.

Deputy operator Ma was well aware of this.

Otherwise, his face would not become so pale.

“Chief operator, erm…” Deputy operator Ma stood up and asked in a hurry with some confusion.

If something really went wrong and they had to face SARFT, even his patron could not help him! At this point, he was truly afraid.

Fortunately, the chief operator told him the good news.

The chief operator snorted with his eyebrows furrowed and said, “I told the superiors that the three of them applied for the job on their own!”


Hearing what he said, deputy operator Ma was shocked.

After which, he took a deep breath and let out a long sigh, only hearing the strong beat of his heart, with his head was covered in sweat.

However, he finally relaxed a little.

He looked at the chief director gratefully and said, “Thank you, thank you, chief operator.”

“All right, dont talk nonsense.” The chief operator shook his hands and said, “You should know what to do.

Theres no room for compromise on this matter.”

“Yep, I know, I know what to do.” Deputy operator Ma nodded repeatedly.

At this point, he was not dissatisfied with the chief operator at all in his mind.

“As for the rest of you,” The chief operator glanced around at the others and said, “Everyone is responsible for this matter, so each of you has to handle it properly.

If it cannot be handled properly, then all bonuses will be canceled this month!”

As soon as this remark was made, everybodys face changed.

They were somewhat helpless and angry.

They were completely implicated by accident!

“Everyone should get to work now.” The chief operator directly picked up the document and turned to leave.

As for deputy operator Ma, he quickly followed.

About half an hour later, the program which invited the three men as mentors had come to an end.

Just as the host concluded the program, a figure came in hastily.


This figure let out a cry.

Everyone turned to look and were surprised to find that the man turned out to be deputy operator Ma.

At this time, he was scowling and had a frightening expression.


Didnt you hear what I said Stop recording!” deputy operator Ma reprimanded them, then looked at the obese man and the other two mentors while saying, “You three, come here!”


The hearts of the three men skipped a beat as worry filled their faces.

They got up and obediently followed deputy operator Ma all the way to his office without saying anything.

“What was wrong with your last show” Deputy operator Ma said with his eyebrows raised.

“Which program” The obese man asked cautiously.

The three of them had pulled a few strings and requested for deputy operator Ma to allow them to work here.

Therefore, seeing deputy operator Mas semblance of anger, they were careful and did not dare to speak casually.

“Are you playing stupid” Deputy operator Ma glared at them and did not want to say more.

His tone became chilly as he stiffly said, “All right, Im not interested in the reason either.

I just came to inform you that the three of you should go to the finance department right now and get your salary.

Then ** off as far as you can!”


The three men were shocked and the expressions on their faces changed greatly.

“Elder Brother Ma, whats going on Why” The obese man quickly asked, “Is it because of public opinion online recently Elder Brother Ma, thats slander.

We recorded the program normally.

Its Hanyang who wrongfully discredited us and guided public opinion.

Were preparing to prosecute him! Elder Brother Ma, if this is the reason, you have to help us!”

“Bring a lawsuit against him” Deputy operator Ma laughed with rage, then gritted his teeth and said, “Dont you have any freaking idea what youve done Dont you know your own ability Do you think you can compare with Hanyang He produced 50 masterpieces in just a few days.

What do you have to show Dont you realize that this matter has already been heard by my superiors You almost got me involved! What the hell! Get out immediately and dont appear before my eyes again!”


The three of them became deathly pale.

They had not expected the matter to turn into such a major controversy.

“Do you want me to repeat myself” After seeing the expressions of the three men, deputy operator Ma coldly said, “I dont think you are suitable for this industry, so be careful in the future.”

The three men looked at each other and waddled out.

They didnt even go to the finance department and just left the TV station directly.

No one said a word all the way to the home of the man with glasses.

“Ah… What should we do” The obese man sighed deeply.

“What should we do Theres nothing we can do!” The man with glasses grabbed his thick glasses and brutally threw them on the bed.

Then he said in a heavy voice, “We cant just let it go.

We ended up in a lot of trouble, so that Mr.

Li definitely has some responsibility towards us!”

“Thats right! We wouldnt be in this bind if not for him.

He must compensate us for our losses.” The eyes of the man with cropped hair lit up.

“Ill call him.” The obese man took out his cell phone and dialed Li Chengs telephone number directly.


Li, the three of us have just been fire from the TV station, and this is all because of you.

What do you plan to do about this If you dont give us an explanation, we will have to make this matter public, and then…”

The phone call lasted for more than half an hour, but Li Cheng finally agreed to pay 1.5 million yuan per person in hush money to support them during this period of time until everything quieted down.

He paid a total of 7.5 million yuan, including the 4.5 million yuan this time and three million yuan last time, which caused Li Chengs heart to hurt.

He felt like it was ok to spend two or three million yuan to mess around, but he was in agony once he ended up spending seven or eight million yuan.

“That damn troublesome Hanyang!”

Li Cheng cursed in rage and instantly felt awful.

He took out his mobile phone to dialed a number for Shang Jing.

“Hey, hows it going over there”

“Zi Yan will be on the show as scheduled this afternoon.”

“Do as planned and Ill give you the reward when its done,” Li Cheng said with some pain.

“Okay, wait for me.”

After he finished speaking, the man hung up the phone.

At this moment, Li Cheng really felt the pinch.

He promised to pay the two men one million yuan per person, so he had spent 9.5 million yuan in total.

However, his total deposit was less than 20 million yuan.

In truth, anyone would feel the pinch if their deposit was reduced to half.

However, he believes that as long as he can get his hands on Zi Yan and “cultivate” her accordingly, the benefits she would bring to him would definitely exceed 10 million yuan.

But he took it all for granted.

At two oclock in the afternoon at the recording studio inside the Shang Jing TV station, Happy Show began.

Zi Yan and the other three stars were on the stage playing games and answering some questions with a total of five hosts.

After Zi Yans simple talent show, one of the hosts, An Qiang, began his offensive.

“Zi Yan, youre a big shot now.

I heard that you questioned the evaluations of the mentors in another program.

Can you tell us what you were thinking at that time”

The instant this remark was made, the atmosphere became frosty.

Zi Yan showed little emotion and did not answer.

At this point, the host responsible for field control quickly stepped in and said, “Xiaoan meant that many people were curious to hear Zi Yans thoughts.

Of course, everyone supports Zi Yan.

If it is convenient, please satisfy everyones curiosity.

If not, we can skip this question.”

After he finishing speaking, he gave An Qiang a strange look.

In fact, this kind of problem was likely to lead to silence.

“I can tell you.” At this moment, Zi Yan shook her head gently and bluntly replied, “Theres a saying that everyone should have heard, that is, casting pearls before swine.”

“Casting pearls before swine” Another brush cut man said with sharp words, “Zi Yan, you didnt say anything on the spot, but now you say you were casting pearls before swine at that time.

Are you making a personal attack against those mentors Or has Hanyang, who is popular recently, given you confidence”

“Poof…” The host in charge of field control almost choked on his own saliva.

He quickly said, “This idiom has many different meanings, so it isnt necessarily derogative.

After talking for such a long time, everyone should be thirsty.

Please have a drink, staff, and we can rest for a few minutes before continuing onto the next step.”

After finishing his words, he hurried aside with An Qiang and the brush cut man.

He asked them a few questions, but they did not answer.

However, just when they finished talking, the two mens cell phones rang.

They took them out and their faces changed after reading the messages.

They looked at each other and saw shock in each others eyes!

The three mentors at Jiang Yuan TV Station… had been fired!


This was indeed a minefield! Fuck, Li Cheng, do you want to cheat us

While they were getting a fright, the program continued to record.

This time, without waiting for the host to speak, the brush cut man hastily said to Zi Yan, “Zi Yan, I was a little tired just now, so I didnt speak clearly.

I meant that you were obviously casting pearls before swine at that moment.

Some people pretend to understand what they dont know, but you dont need to be angry with those kinds of people.

Ha, ha.

In fact, I want to know if you have a good relationship with Hanyang.

Thats right, thats it.”


Im curious about this too.” Echoed An Qiang, “Although the songs sung by Zi Yan arent of top quality, your voice and singing skills are totally excellent.

In my eyes, your voice is top-notch and sounds natural, which is charming.

I have all your albums at home.”


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