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Chapter 218 To Call Black White

After discovering the video, Xiao Li clicked on it out of curiosity to have a look.

Her brows wrinkled up after she discovered that the video had been edited.

“Why have their comments been cut out It seems like they want to cheat others.”

Xiao Li opened the comment area, only to find that most of the people supported the three mentors.

This video alone really did make the three mentors seem reasonable, but the truth was not what it appeared to be on the surface.

Xiao Li played the video saved in her mobile phone, which was a full version, and watched it again.

After she finished watching it, she became silent.

Should she post it

She was a little hesitant because she was not a busybody, but she subconsciously took a look at the three mentors Weibo.

As a result, she noticed that each of the three of them had released a sanctimonious message earlier in the morning, which briefly accused Zi Yan of having a bad attitude.

“They are taking this a little over the top.”

Xiao Li grunted, hesitating for a minute with her eyebrows raised.

In the end, she finally decided to post the full version of the video that she had saved in her mobile phone onto her Weibo,

The full version of the incident relating to Zi Yan happened in the Jiang Yuan TV Station.

Because Xiao Li liked to use Weibo, she had gained about 10,000 followers.

Although the quantity was not large, she did have many V-level fans.

After seeing the message for the video, they clicked on it with curiosity.


Once this video spreads, itll produce a strong reaction from the public.”

Plenty of influencers forwarded it because this incident was very popular and they would also get many followers by right of this video.

Because of that, this video spread rapidly from mouth to mouth, taking merely two hours to reach the 10th place on the most searched hashtags.

This video immediately came to the attention of those who denounced Zi Yans attitude and caused them to stop talking.

It seemed like the evaluations of those two mentors went too far.

But the woman who rushed out from behind scolded them excessively.

Although the video had calmed down a lot of the people denouncing her, most people just stopped condemning her and still supported the mentors.

They thought the mentors in the program were like teachers, so you had to respect them and listen modestly even if they criticized you!

Only less than a tenth of the people supported Zi Yan, not only because they were former fans of Zi Yan, but also because they truly believed that the mentors words went too far.

The programs were shown to people, so why didnt they try to create a cheerful atmosphere Why did they make such offensive remarks

No matter how netizens chose, this incident was completely hyped up.

However, the full version of the video did relieve Zi Yan and Zhou Fei.

The fact that public opinion was becoming violent exerted a lot of pressure on them.

In this era, the power of netizens was very strong.

If the comments were totally one-sided, the turmoil was likely to affect Zi Yans program in Shang Jing.

Fortunately, the full version was released.

Zi Yan believed that people had a sense of natural justice, but she did not expect that the three mentors had no moral compass.

In the luxurious rooms of the Hongyuan Club in Jiangyuan City.

The obese man, the thin man with glasses, and the middle-aged man with cropped hair had gathered together.


What a meddlesome bastard.”

After the three men watched the full version of the video, the emaciated man with glasses cursed.

“Fortunately, we have prepared ahead of time.

Theres no point in releasing the full version,” The obese man hissed.

“Send the message first” The man with cropped hair took out a laptop, opened his Weibo, and posted a message:

The video released last night was indeed clipped.

When we got the video, it had already been clipped.

This episode of the program would have been broadcast normally, but on account of its bad impact, the scenes of Zi Yan were all edited directly.

Everyone knows that we are really angry since we scolded like this.

But, the main reason was that we wanted the vast majority of netizens to see the behavior of bad entertainers and their true colors.

The words and deeds of some artists should really be rectified to show people a pure Entertainment Circle.

“I dont believe these words myself, but money makes the world go round.” The man with cropped hair smiled with all sorts of feelings as he posted the message.

“Ive sent the message too.

If Zi Yan and her agent see it, they will probably be infuriated.” The obese man laughed and showed his computer screen to the man with cropped hair.

“Ho! Youre very capable when it comes to making up stories, you even almost fooled me.” The man with cropped hair praised him while clapping his hands.

A Weibo message:

We wanted to smooth things over, but after much deliberation, we think the video must be exposed so that everyone can decide whether my personal evaluation went too far.

Not only our peers, but also the vast number of netizens know that her songs are of poor quality.

In truth, this female artist is a complete fake.

What she did is completely beyond my comprehension.

When the three of us went backstage to greet her, she did not even move her hands in acknowledgment; she just looked down on us with a cold expression.

This artist is out of line.

After reading the message of the obese man, the two men happened to gather together beside the man with glasses.

The man with glasses did live up to his 400-degree myopic lens.

He wrote a long speech of more than 1,000 words, describing them as people of high morals while accusing Zi Yan and Zhou Fei of being abominable.

“A hint of tact can be seen between the lines.

You write so well that you can become a poser.” The obese man gave him a compliment.

“Ha, ha, I just want to take advantage of this opportunity to undermine her.

I think we can make mincemeat of her this time around.

As for the two programs of Shang Jing, Mr.

Li has also arranged people to criticize her.

It will be hard for her to continue her acting career.” The man with glasses smiled contemptuously and dropped his upraised palm to click on the dropdown screen and send the message.

Each of them only had over one hundred thousand followers on Weibo.

As with Xiao Lis video, in spite of the small number, the message was forwarded directly by plenty of influencers.

Therefore, it spread abroad within hours.

After all, netizens paid great attention to these incidents.

Some people felt joyful on account of these messages, while some others felt depressed.

In a deluxe suite of the five-star Yuelong Hotel in Shang Jing.

“Theyre so shameless! Ahhh! How can these people do something like this This is slander!” Zhou Fei angrily threw her mobile phone.

She was so angry that she wanted to scratch their eyes out.

At the same time, Zi Yan sat on the side in silence.

However, her anger was revealed by her dreadful breathing and cold eyes at this moment.

“Feifei, as soon as I finish recording the program, we will sue them!” Zi Yan said coldly.

“Elder Sister Yan, in light of public opinion, I dont know if this program will still go as scheduled,” Zhou Fei said, feeling light-headed.


While speaking, Zi Yans cell phone rang, so she answered the phone.

As she listened to the words from the phone, Zi Yans eyebrows gradually began to furrow.

Tomorrows program was postponed until the day after tomorrow, as expected.

Moreover, whether Zi Yan could be on the program would be discussed by the programme division.

That was to say, the programme division wanted to wait and see.

If public opinion on the Internet became more and more negative, they would not allow Zi Yan to take part in the program.

If the consensus quieted down, Zi Yan would have an opportunity to be on the show and they could achieve a higher audience rating in light of this hot topic.

Inside the Hong Kong Royal Entertainment Company.

Li Cheng was smoking while sitting in Meiqis office chair, while Meiqi stood behind him, kneading his shoulders.

“I didnt expect those three to be so efficient.

Zi Yan has received so much criticism that even if the program of Shang Jing has postponed the screening,” Meiqi said with a chuckle.

“Thats right.

Their speed indeed surprises me, but Im so content!” Li Cheng shook his head and smiled, saying slowly, “The two men on the program in Shang Jing want to charge a lot, so this saved me a lot of money.”

“I guess she will not be on the program in Shang Jing once we take advantage of this hot topic.

Ill talk with her again when she returns.

It seems like she will be cheated.

She will eventually be seized by you, you lustful guy.” Meiqi said with a laugh, looking a little flattered.

“Dont worry, even after I get her, no one can shake your position as director.” Li Cheng said, patting Meiqis hand.

“Your heart is in the right place,” Meiqi said wittily.

In their opinion, Zi Yan was already in the bag.

Li Cheng was waiting for his chance to get Zi Yan.

But, he never suspected that Zi Yan already had a child and had found her kids dad, who was really formidable.

He could never have imagined that he would lose everything because of his lust.

Indulging in lust is equivalent to hanging a knife over your head.

This saying was somewhat reasonable.

At this moment, inside Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

After breakfast, Mengmeng and Wang Yihan, accompanied by Su Yu, played with toys.

Zhang Han sat for a moment and then went to the second floor.

He opened his laptop and logged on to his Weibo.

The mere sight of it was enough to shock him.

The incident at the Jiang Yuan TV Station ranked first in the most searched hashtags, while the full version of the video had risen to seventh, and the tags ranked eighth to tenth were about the messages released by the three men.

“It seems like she got into some trouble.” Remembering Zi Yans delicate and touching sob from the other day, Zhang Han arched his eyebrows, showing an air of majesty that contained coldness and an immortal spirit.

After watching the video which occupied the first position in the most researched hashtags, he naturally understood that the main focus of the video was aimed at Zi Yan and Zhou Fei.

Zhang Han sized up the comments and associated pages, then he played the full version of the video that ranked fifth in the most searched hashtags.

After watching it, Zhang Han finally knew what had happened.

After that, Zhang Han checked those three mens Weibo again and picked up his cell phone to dial the number of Zi Yan.

“Hello, Zhang Han.” Zi Yans voice was still crisp and pleasing to the ear, but there was a sense of exhaustion in her tone.

“You may as well come back.”


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