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Chapter 215 Recruitment of Personnel

This reminded Zi Yan of the five years when Zhang Han had a very hard time.

She was silent and felt somewhat sad for Zhang Han.

He had been forlorn and hopeless after being expelled by the Zhang family.

Even his close brothers did not lend a helping hand under the pressure of the family.

Although they tried to give Zhang Han some money, the stubborn man would not accept it.

Zi Yan was silent for a few seconds before she heard the voice of a woman.

She was immediately stunned.

A woman

“Where are you” Zi Yans voice became a little chilly.

“Im on Mount New Moon.”

“Did you take a woman up there” There was a hint of questioning in Zi Yans tone.

Zhang Han took a woman to the beautiful Mount New Moon He actually showed such a beautiful place to others What if the woman was fascinated by him What if the woman was obsessed with him Mount New Moon was built for her…daughter.

How could he take another woman up there

Zi Yan felt angry, thinking, what a bastard! Another average and disgusting man, a humongous bastard! He actually hooked up with other women while she was away!

Zhang Han seemed to feel the anger in Zi Yans tone.

He quickly replied, “No, what are you thinking Thats the mother of Mengmengs friend.”

“Hum!” Zi Yan snorted softly in response and said nothing.

However, she was muttering in her mind, the mother of Mengmengs friend Who is she Does she have a husband Is she a single mom

“She is the daughter-in-law of a restaurant member.

Her husband is busy so he didnt come today.

She came with her kid.

Mengmeng wanted to bring her friend to the mountain, so I brought them.” Zhang Han explained everything carefully.

“Anyway! Except for me, the hostess, other women cant go there!” Zi Yan said very aggressively.

“Mmm…” Zhang Han was a bit speechless.

It was not his idea to bring others up here.

“Ouch.” At that time, Zhou Fei, who had been holding back beside Zi Yan for a while, finally opened her mouth in an exaggerated fashion, like Dahei.

She ridiculed Zi Yan and said, “Me, the hostess.

You sound so jealous.”

“Spouting nonsense!” Zi Yans pretty face turned red and rolled her eyes at Zhou Fei.

Then she snorted softly and said, “Anyway.

Other women cant go to Mount New Moon when Im not around.

Do you agree or not”

“Okay, I promise you.” Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

“Fine, hum.” Zi Yan smiled and said a little smugly, “Well, its time for me to board the plane, so I wont be able to talk to Mengmeng.

Ill call from the hotel later this evening.”


Zhang Han finished speaking and hung up the phone.

From the sound of Zi Yans words, he could see that she was in a good mood, which made him feel reassured.

Whatever happened at work, the important thing was that she had a good mood.

Zhang Han didnt care about worldly wealth and trivial matters.

What did he fail to experience during the 500 years of his cultivation What he cared about was only one thing: having a home!

But Zhang Han did not know that the trouble had just begun.

Some people were already preparing to cause trouble for Zi Yan.

At Jiang Yuan TV Station, the three judges from that day, led by the obese guy, came out of the chief operators office with a smirk on their faces.

“That Zi Yan is such a fool.

She actually offended the upper echelons of her company,” The man with glasses said and hissed.

“Stupid girl.

Actually, with her beauty and her popularity before, if she cooperates with Mr.

Li, isnt she definitely going to become popular again Whats the use of pretending to be a pure girl Its so funny,” The fat guy said dismissively.

“But she really is a beauty.

If I could spend one night with her, I would be willing to give up several years of my life!” The middle-aged man with a flat head grinned.

“Stop thinking about it.

For such a pretty girl like her, only those influential people can enjoy her.

Ah, I suggest you go to the club and find your third chick,” The fat man said with a smirk.

“It seems as if you two havent gone to the club.” The crew cut man curled his mouth.

“Fatty.” At this time, the skinny glasses man thought for a moment and said, “Call Mr.

Li and explain the matter to him.

If we receive the money today, Ill treat you guys tonight at the Hongyuan Club!”

“Okay! I will ask him now.” The fat man took out his mobile phone laughingly and dialed a number.


Li, you will probably see Miss Zis program this evening.

I have edited the video, and I guess the effect will be surprisingly good.” The fat man got straight to the point.

“Okay, Im confident in regards to your competence.”


Li, about the reward you promised”

“Sent me your bank card number.

I will transfer it to you right now.”

Li Cheng finished speaking and hung up the phone directly.

In less than a minute, Li Cheng received a bank card number and immediately transferred 3 million yuan to it.

After that, he lit a cigarette, walked to the window, looked at the scenery downstairs, and smirked.

Oh, Zi Yan, Zi Yan, there is no way for you to escape from my palms.

Wang Yihan and Mengmeng frolicked for the whole afternoon, with sweat covering their foreheads.

They were running and jumping in the pet area and randomly asking Dahei to throw them high.

It was not until half-past 5 pm that the two little girls had finally played enough.

Zhang Han took five lion-headed geese.

Zhang Han cooked them with the same method as last time: spiced geese with foie gras.

This time, Zhang Han made pan-fried goose livers and Su Yu couldnt stop praising it after she enjoyed them.

Wang Yihan, however, was very concerned about her father, so she insisted on taking a few pieces of goose meat back for him to taste.

As she was Mengmengs good friend, she didnt have to obey the rules of the restaurant.

As a result, the girl directly brought back almost half a goose.

Rules were meant to be broken.

But, in this restaurant, there was only one loophole in the rules, and that was…Mengmeng!

After dinner, there was nothing to do in the restaurant, so Zhao Feng sat down for a while.

Then, around 9: 30 pm, he left the restaurant and went to the Feng Ming Nightclub.

At this time, the restaurant was very boisterous.

Gu Chen and others were sitting at 30 tables, just like a wedding banquet.

This made the manager of the restaurant both happy and a little frightened.

Thirty tables of good alcohol and dishes were indeed very profitable, but he also knew the identities of these people.

Last time they even had a fight.

Fortunately, the young lad was strong enough to put his opponent down with ease.

Otherwise, the restaurant would have been in turmoil.

“Call our big hero and ask him when he will arrive.” Gu Chen glanced at his watch and said with a smile.

“All right!” Ah Hu quickly took out his mobile phone and called Zhao Feng.

He smiled and said, “Edler Brother Feng will be here in ten minutes!”

“Okay, then tell the waiter to start serving in ten minutes,” Gu Chen nodded and said.

Elder Meng got up after hearing his words and went to the reception desk to tell them the serving time, then asked them to serve some good alcohol in advance.

This mornings war meant that they had won the speaking rights for the entire Southern District.

It was clear that even if Zhao Feng did not return, Gu Chen could take over the Southern District on his own.

So Gu Chen wasnt stingy about todays celebration.

All the alcohol they ordered was of high quality.

The brothers also knew that Gu Chen was about to take off, so they would definitely ask the man to treat them to a decent meal.

Ten minutes later, the dishes started to be served and the alcohol was also placed in position.

When the dishes had almost finished being served, Zhao Feng slowly walked in the door.

“Elder Brother Feng!”


“Welcome, Elder Brother Feng!”

“Elder Brother Feng, I love you!”

When Zhao Feng arrived, many people began cheering.

Zhao Feng had a good relationship with them before, and he saved them from the depths of despair, despite some difficulties.

Everyone bore this in mind.

For them, Zhao Feng was a hero, so even the quieter people began shouting when he appeared.

Under the cheers of the crowd, Zhao Feng smiled and kept nodding his head as he walked towards Gu Chen.

“Come on.

Im gonna get you drunk tonight!” Gu Chen smiled and said.

After inviting Zhao Feng to sit beside him, Gu Chen picked up a glass of alcohol, stood up, scanned the crowd, and shouted out, “The first glass is to our hero, Zhao Feng!”


The crowd drank the first glass of alcohol at the same time.

“Zhao Feng, you should also say something,” Gu Chen said.

“I do have something to say.” Zhao Feng nodded, stood up with his glass in his hand, and said, “To you, my brothers.

I take this first drink.”

“All right!”

After he finished, Zhao Fengs eyes swept over Ah Hu, Elder Meng, and everyone else who was present.

When he saw Zhao Fengs look, Gu Chen had an ominous feeling.

Why does he seem to have something important to announce

His instinct was right.

Zhao Feng cheerfully said, “We will drink to our hearts content tonight, but before that, I have to say one thing!”

“I want to open a company! A security company.”

“Its not intended to guard others.

The company only serves one family, that is, my bosss family.

I am only establishing this security company out of my affection for you, my brothers.”

“I guess you guys must have an idea of my previous strength.

I was not a match for Kuang Xingtian before.

So, why was I able t defeat him this time Its because of my boss!”

Zhao Feng was very emotional while talking.

It can be said that the master gave him a new life, enabling him to reach a level that was inaccessible to him before.

He bore this in mind deeply.

After taking a deep breath, Zhao Feng slowly said,

“I can tell you that my boss is a very, very powerful person.

He is so powerful that you cant even begin to imagine it.

Upon my application, he agreed to let me run the company, so Im informing you about this before our party.”

“I cant tell you too much.

You just need to know that I have only spent a few days with my boss and my fighting ability has already increased ten times more than before!”

After hearing Zhao Fengs words, most of the people present widened their eyes.

Who didnt want to have a strong body and become a well-known figure among the underground forces

They all had the heroic dream of traveling around the world with a blue shirt and a sword! At this moment, they were obsessed with Zhao Fengs words.

Gu Chen gave a wry smile and said, “You almost persuaded me, but I have a different ambition.

Zhao Feng, take it easy and leave some people for me.”


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