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Chapter 206 Under Great Pressure

“Brother Feng! I know you wont give us up!” Ah Hu was deeply moved.

He laughed and ran forward a few steps to give Zhao Feng a big hug.

“Brother Feng!” Elder Meng also opened his arms with a smile.

“Come on!” Zhao Feng directly raised his hand and refused his hug.

He chuckled as he said, “We will celebrate when we win!”

“Well! That will be great!” Elder Meng said while giving a chipper laugh.

“Here I am.” Gu Chen walked over and nodded to Zhao Feng.

“Well, lets go!” Zhao Feng directly turned around and walked out.

The group of people swarmed out of Feng Ming Nightclub.

They got in cars and headed for Mount Wannan.

At 6:50 a.m., they arrived at the foot of the Mount Wannan.

Mount Wannan was a relatively remote mountain behind New Moon Bay.

And it was close to Mount New Moon, a few minutes away from there.

As it was located inland, its scenery was overshadowed by Mount New Moon.

However, people rarely came here, so it was a good place to fight.

There was a large open space at the foot of the mountain.

They parked their cars on the side of the road and walked toward the appointed place.

“Fuck, the group of idiots clamoured for a fight, but theyre late!” Elder Meng grunted after he looked around, finding Lao Biao and his people had not arrived.

“Are they afraid to come because they hear that Brother Feng is coming” Ah Hu said with a smile.

His big brother Zhao Feng, who had beaten the legendary Kuang Xingtian with one move, had become invincible existence in their hearts!

“Wait and see.” Gu Chen shook his head and said.

Since he dared to pick a fight, Lao Biao definitely had an ace up his sleeve.

At 6:55, the chirping of birds could be heard occasionally in the tranquil mountains.

The warm sunlight fell on them.

However, roars of car engines disturbed their peaceful minds.

“Theyre coming!” Xu Yong fixed his eyes on the end of the street.

Nearly one hundred people averted their eyes toward the comers at the same time.

Led by 12 Mercedes-Benz cars, a Mercedes-Benz motorcade quickly drove over, with 16 Jinbei cars at the rear of the procession.

What a crowd of people!

Under their gaze, the motorcade stopped at the nearby roadside before Lao Biao and Meng Wu got out of the leading car.

The two of them led a dozen senior members, and more than one hundred minions brought up the rear.

The group of people strode forward in an imposing manner.

“Gu Chen, youre really punctual for our appointment,” Lao Biao said with a faint smile.

“No, its just that youre late.” Gu Chen responded in a flat tone.

“Haha, you came here so early.

Looks like you have someone to depend on” Lao Biao said as he looked at Zhao Feng, with a blast of coldness revealed in his eyes.

However, he pretended to be surprised and cried, “Ah Who is this If I remember correctly, isnt this Zhao Feng, who retired from the Jianghu two days ago Hahaha, Zhao Feng turns out to be your protector.

How powerful! I also admire you.”

“Fuck! Idiot, since youre **ing retired, how dare you appear here! Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng, you really dig your own grave.

Well, thats fine.

Well deal with you along with all the others!” Meng Wu snickered.

Hearing this, Gu Chen, Xu Yong, and his brothers were startled, but they saw that Zhao Feng looked fearless.

It seemed that he had a trump card.

Zhao Feng fixed the duo with an indifferent stare as he said tonelessly,

“Why need I explain to you what I will do Two good-for-nothings, are you qualified to go against me If you have the courage, then fight with me in person.”

Hearing this, Lao Biaos face fell.

He sneered and said, “Zhao Feng, youre really arrogant.

Thats true we cant defeat you, but there are many people who can beat you!”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Finishing his words, Lao Biao clapped his hands three times.

Instantly, a duo walked out of the crowd behind him.

Gu Chen felt their faces seemed familiar when he saw them.

Recalling for a while, he finally recognized them and his face changed slightly.

“Lengyu Brothers”

“Are they” Xu Yong raised his eyebrows.

Surprisingly, he did not expect that Lao Biao could find the duo.

Lengyu Brothers were not very famous among the underground forces in Hong Kong.

Common people rarely heard of their name.

However, the group of people, who joined the gangs earlier in Hong Kong, or rose to high rank at that time, had heard of their title—Underground Boxing Champion, Lengyu Brothers!

Two years ago, a foreign businessman on the south island held the underground boxing championship with a lot of prizes.

The competition was not formal, like the upcoming ten people fight, a bloody fight without any rules.

A total of more than 30 people took part in the competition and most of them were very famous masters, but a pair of amazing brothers fought their way out and took the championship with their excellent skills of Muay Thai.

Their strength was really remarkable.

“I didnt expect that you actually could find them.” Gu Chen narrowed his eyes and said, “But, as Zhao Feng is here, two of them seem not enough!”

“Are you Zhao Feng” At that time, the short-haired man, one of Lengyu brothers, looked at Zhao Feng and asked in a low voice.


“I heard that you had beaten Kuang Xingtian with one move.

Is it true” the short-haired man asked.

“Dont worry.

You will follow in his footsteps soon,” Zhao Feng said flatly.

“We will pay more attention to you later,” the man, who had not been provoked by Zhao Fengs words, replied coldly and fell silent.

“Hehe.” Zhao Feng chuckled.

His unconcerned look made people feel that he was extremely confident.

“How can it be just the two of them” Xu Yong glared at Lao Biao and scoffed, “Dont tell me that you dont have **ing enough helpers.”

“Shh…” Lao Biao suddenly pricked up his ear before he said softly, “Dont worry.

Listen, they are coming.”


Suddenly, roars of car engines came from a distance.

Hearing the familiar sound, they all knew that it must be a supercar motorcade.

All of them turned to have a look and saw an Aston Martin Limited Edition One-77 leading the way at the end of the street.


Gu Chen suddenly went pale.

This supercar valued at 50 million was limited edition.

Normally, the one, who was able to drive this car and lead a supercar motorcade, could only be… Ye Han!

“Why is he here Does he want to get involved It turns out that… he is Lao Biaos trump card!”

“Today… Im afraid it would be a tough battle!”

Gu Chen was deeply distressed.

They drove fast.

After a few seconds, the motorcade arrived.

A tall man in sunglasses got out of the Aston Martin One-77.

He was Ye Han.

He didnt come over, but he leaned against the front of the car, lit a cigarette, drew heavily on it, and puffed out a cloud of smoke.

It looked like he was going to stand by and watch the farce.

His people all got out of more than a dozen supercars and leaned against the cars.

Only three of them, who sat in the front passenger seats of the three cars next to Ye Han, slowly walked over and their leader was a burly bald man, whose head was shiny, emitting the aura that chilled Gu Chen and his fellows.

“Li Aotian!” Gu Chen was shocked.

As the master of the Aoxiong Martial Club, Li Aotian was proficient in martial arts.

Gu Chen remembered that an ace fighter had once provoked Li Aotian and dueled with him.

As a result, Li Aotian beat the fighter up with the overwhelming momentum and made him disabled.

This was not the most important thing.

After all, there were many, many people who had great battle achievements.

It was worth noting that the disabled fighter had easily defeated Kuang Xingtian with one single move, which meant he was very powerful.

The duo standing behind Li Aotian was his noted disciples.

The trio teamed up with Lengyu Brothers, which seemed to tip the balance of the battle in Lao Biaos favour.

Li Aotian stood in front of them.

He raised his head slightly in a condescending manner and asked in a icy tone, “When will it start Dont waste my time.”

“Dont worry, Mr.


The fight will just be entertainment for you,” Lao Biao said impolitely.

“Just a few of them” Li Aotian sneered.

“Sorry, theyre not qualified to entertain me.”

When Gu Chen and his fellows heard it, a trace of anger flashed through their faces.

However, at this moment, no one spoke and even Zhao Feng kept silent.

He felt pressured because he knew more about Li Aotian than others.

When he was in the army, he and his instructor happened to watch how Li Aotian fought with others.

At that time, his instructor said he himself might not match Li Aotian, which meant that Li Aotian mastered Obvious Strength a few years ago!

However, now Zhao Feng still could not match his instructor.

He did not know how powerful Li Aotian was now, but he was clear that Li Aotian would be stronger than five years ago.

With this in mind, Zhao Feng could not help but feel depressed.

However, he thought that there was still a glimmer of hope to win, because the ten people fight was not up to how powerful they are, but how fierce they would be.

He was able to fight Li Aotian and hold him down.

Gu Chen and Xu Yong would deal with Lengyu Brothers while Ah Hu and Elder Meng would battle with Li Aotians disciples.

However, the idea was beautiful; the reality was cruel.

The next moment, at the end of the street came loud engine noises.

Gu Chens expression became stiff.

He slowly turned his head and murmured in an anxious voice, “There comes… more people”

Zhao Feng and others also averted their eyes toward the comers, because the coming opponents affected the battle result.

However, when they saw the comers clearly, all of them, including Zhao Feng, turned pale.

“Xia Shanhao and Dong Tianpeng actually came here!”

“What do they want to do”

“How, How shall we fight them”

“Hiss! They actually invited them here Oh my God!”

Dong Tianpeng and Xia Shanhao did not come over, but five people strode toward the battlefield.

Seeing them, Zhao Feng, Gu Chen, and other fellows also went pale.

The five masters had been famous for a long period of time.

Their arrival seemed to have announced the outcome of this battle.

“I, Gu Chen, will die today!”


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