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Chapter 194 Menacing Demeanor

“Aming, why not ask Dongheng to lay off a couple of days Hes still young and its normal for him to be interested in entertainment.” Suns mother was in a good mood, so she defended her son this time.

“Hum.” Sun Ming snorted softly.

After thinking for a while, he shook his head and sighed with emotion, then said, “Because of this incident, I feel deeply touched.

Dongheng, it was my fault for forcing you to learn software engineering in the past.

From now on, Dad wont compel you.

You can take part in the entertainment industry since you are interested in it.”

“Really” Sun Donghengs eyes brightened.

“Mmm.” Sun Ming said with a chuckle, “However, you cant muck about.

Once you decide to enter this profession, you should take it seriously.

I dont plan to start a company for the time being.

First, because I dont have enough funds, and second, because I intend to learn about media and see if I can pave a way for you!”

The sale of Sun Mings company brought him 150 million yuan.

However, it took over 100 million yuan to cure his illness.

The remaining 40 million yuan was not enough for Sun Ming to set up a company that he could operate.

“Dad!” Sun Dongheng was so moved that his voice trembled slightly as he said, “Thats so kind of you.”

“Well, Im broad-minded now.

From now on, you are free,” Sun Ming said as he smiled.

At this moment, Liang Mengqi, her two companions, and Zhao Feng were sitting at the table behind them, chatting.

Upon seeing Sun Mings familys action, Liang Mengqi whispered curiously, “Huh Theyre expressing their gratitude to the boss.

Did the boss give them some kind of special favor”

“Something special What do you mean No.” When he saw Liang Mengqi pouting with curiosity, Zhao Feng was struck by a thought, but he was a little speechless.

“Mengqi, youre imagining things.

The Boss has never made something special for anyone.

Every time he cooks, you are always there.”

“Hee, Hee, I didnt think the boss would.

I like the boss so much, and he has no reason not to tell me when he makes something special,” Liang Mengqi said with a smile.

“Dont think about him, Mengqi.

Im going to have to keep my eyes on you from now on.

If you dare to step out of line, I will stop you.” Yu Qingqing shot her a glance.

Liang Mengqi had such a good background that there was no need for her to become someones mistress.

However, this girl seemed to have fallen in love with the boss.

While she was staying with Liang Mengqi two days ago, she clearly heard this girl muttering the word “boss” while dreaming.

However, after hearing what she said, Zhao Feng looked at Liang Mengqi with a different expression on his face and said, ” Mengqi, I follow the boss now.

Give me your mobile phone number and Ill call you if the boss cooks some delicious food.”

“Hey This is a good idea, but… ” Liang Mengqi looked warily at Zhao Feng and said, “Why dont you ask for the phone numbers of Qingqing and the sissy Do you have designs on me”

“Er…” Zhao Feng wrinkled his brow.

He did not want to say that he had no design on her because he didnt want to tell a lie.

Since he felt it was too honest and straight-forward to admit it, he hesitated to answer her.

“So what if he has designs on you” Yu Qingqing snorted and said, “Its quite normal for him to have designs on you because you two make a cute couple.

Zhao Feng, come here for a second, Ill give you Mengqis phone number.

Please make sure to save it…”

Yu Qingqing quickly read out a phone number that was easy to remember.

Zhao Feng entered it and instantly called the number.

After hearing the sound of Liang Mengqis cell phone ringing on the table, he nodded, smiled, and said, “Your phone number has been saved.”

“Save it.

Save it.” Yu Qingqing waved her hand vigorously and said, “By the way, her phone number is also linked to her Wechat ID, so you can also add it as well.

I think you are a good man and have a chance at a relationship with her.”

“Okay, Ill make sure to inform you when the boss cooks something delicious.” Zhao Fengs eyes lit up and he quickly added Liang Mengqis WeChat.

Even if he got her phone number, he could not call her all the time, so it was much more convenient to have her Wechat ID.

“Hum!” Liang Mengqi snorted lightly, then touched her mobile screen a few times and agreed to let him add her as a friend.

Although she knew Zhao Feng might like her, she would not refuse to add his Wechat ID since she was familiar with him.

After all, some of her friends had pursued her.

Zhang Han was making sausage fried rice and noodle soup for lunch.

He did not intend to eat the red sausages slowly because if they were kept for a long time, they would start to spoil.

Therefore, he had to use them with each meal.

Perhaps this batch of red sausages would be used up in three or four days.

During these past few days, the normal customers, who were nonmembers, actually got to enjoy fine dining.

Mengmeng wanted to eat noodle soup at noon, so Zhang Han only made two classic dishes.

Namely, Szechwan style potato strips and cucumber with garlic sauce.

Then he took out two red sausages, cut them into slices, and put them on a plate.

Mengmeng was quite fond of eating the red sausages.

In truth, during the years when Mengmeng lived in North America, she was fussy about her food.

She didnt like greasy meat nor fat meat.

However, after meeting her father, she discovered that anything he made was really delicious.

A short while later, Lin Xue, who was had been standing in line, followed behind a white-collar woman in her 30s and entered the restaurant.

“Eh Is that her”

Lin Xue had no memory of Zhang Han, even after seeing him again.

But when she caught sight of Mengmeng, she remembered this father-daughter pair.

After all, Mengmeng was so cute that it made an indelible impression on her.

Just like in ordinary life, people would see a beautiful woman and instantly remember her.

It was this moment that would remain in their mind for a long time, and they might even remember many years later that they once saw a very beautiful woman somewhere.

However, Lin Xue did not intend to go over to greet them.

Instead, she peered at the surroundings and nodded her head secretly.

Occasionally coming to such a restaurant, which was designed with a harmonious family style, gave her a good feeling since she usually only visited fancy restaurants.

She knew the rules, that they did not take care of diners, from Tasty Food of the World.

The program mentioned that diners had to get their own food and pay for it themselves.

Sh followed the white-collar woman inside, where she served herself a bowl of rice, poured a glass of milk, and sat at the white table.

The instance she took the first bite, Lin Xue totally froze.

“How can… this fried rice… taste so good”

“It really is as delicious as the program said.”

“No, it tastes better than they said.

Its so delicious.”


Ten thousand images flashed through her mind.

It seemed that the restaurant was going to conquer another batch of new customers today.

Except for the people who had only traveled to Hong Kong, the people with insufficient funds, or the people with a busy career, everyone else basically came to this restaurant every day.

Once a person sampled the food here, they would become a loyal fan of this restaurant.

There was no denying that the charm of these delicacies could not be resisted, and they thought that Zhang Han, the owner of this restaurant, was high-end.

Lunch time quickly ended and the restaurant had quieted down by 2 p.m.

At this time, right outside the restaurant, near the Central Office of the Southern District.

“Hic!” An Sen took the lead and exited.

He burped and patted himself on the stomach, then said, “Lets go get the real work done.

I can smack the two men, who only possess Obvious Strength, and send them flying!”

“You speaking as if you arent also in the Obvious Strength Stage!” Leng Yue snorted.

“Even if I am at the Obvious Strength Stage, Im still more powerful than them.

Im not being boastful.

If were just considering strength alone, you two are no match for me,” An Sen said while shaking his head.

“I have a hundred ways to deal with you, you stupid bulky man.” He Feng curled his lip to show his disagreement.

“Chief Constable, we will handle these affairs first.” While looking at Dong Xiangchuan, Leng Yue raised her right arm, glanced at her watch and said, “Well bring the two men back to the police station in about an hour and leave the interrogation to your department.”

“Okay.” Dong Xiangchuan nodded his head and reminded them, “If possible, dont use violence when you carry out this task.

Youd better talk to them first and ask them to come to the police station of their own free will.

Ive heard that that restaurant does a lot of business.

It all depends.

You should wait until theres nobody…”

“Dont waste time our time, just wait for us!” An Sen waved his hand disgustedly, then took the lead and left.

They got in the big Hummer and An Sen drove it.

He was a little anxious as he stamped down on the accelerator.

He wanted to defeat them heartily and bring them back to the police station.

Originally, after seeing Daheis stature, along with his incredible defense and strength, he was completely frightened, but when he heard that the strong man had disappeared and his opponents were just two martial artists who seemed to have just entered the Obvious Strength Stage, he was interested in fighting with them again.

His testiness and eagerness made him want to get there as quickly as possible, so much that he even disregarded the red lights.

Meanwhile, inside the restaurant.

“Papa, Mengmeng wants to go to Mount New Moon.” Mengmeng pushed into Zhang Hans arms on the sofa while speaking with a childish tone.

“Ok, lets go upstairs and change your clothes,” Zhang Han said as he nodded.

He could go to Mount New Moon and fetch some chickens to make stewed chicken with potatoes.

“Okay, Mengmeng wants to wear clean and beautiful clothes!”

Zhang Han took Mengmeng to the second floor and changed her into some sportswear.

As soon as they came downstairs and Mengmeng saw the sofa, which was covered with toys, she began squirming in Zhang Hans arms.

“Oh, Papa, put Mengmeng down.

We can bring toys to Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Dajin, and Daha.”

Zhang Han chuckled and then walked directly to the sofa with Mengmeng in his arms.

He took out a plastic bag and unfolded so that Mengmeng could put the toys she chose inside it.

Upon seeing this scene, Zhao Feg sat back in his chair while holding his mobile phone and continued to skim through Liang Mengqis Friend Circle.

He was starting to suspect that Liang Mengqi was not an ordinary person.

Since Zhao Fengs eye for detail was good, he could tell that everything Liang Mengqi shared was quite valuable.

The necklaces, watches, and other jewelry Liang Mengqi accidentally showed in some photos were all high-end goods with high value.

However, what attracted Zhao Feng most was a photo that was taken on a luxurious yacht with only seven or eight people.

Almost all of the people in it were beautiful women.

Liang Mengqi was dressed in a white bikini, which caused Zhao Feng stare absentmindedly.

“How beautiful and sexy…” Zhao Feng felt a little excited.

The moment he looked at Liang Mengqis photo, his heart thumped a little.

While Zhao Feng was busy admiring the photos, a black Hummer pulled in at a crazy speed and stopped in front of the restaurant.

It really stopped right in front of the gate of the restaurant.

Zhao Feng frowned when he saw its position and examined it with a cold look in his eyes.

Under Zhao Fengs gaze, three people exited the vehicle.

The man who took the lead was of really tall, over 1.8 meters in height, and his muscles looked like that of a weight lifter.

The other man and the woman were well-proportioned, but Zhao Feng felt that they were somewhat outstanding.

However, after seeing the expression on An Sens face, Zhao Feng arched his eyebrows slightly.

Why did they have such a menacing demeanor Did they want to cause trouble



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