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Chapter 185 The Instructor Is Stunned

At this point, Zhang Han looked at Dahei, who was squatting nearby.

He had been listening for a long time.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei twisted its mouth, then stood up and started running over.

“Ah” Instructor Liu suddenly froze.

He saw the chimpanzee sitting nearby just now, but he had not expected it to be more than two meters tall.

Once it stood up, it was frightening.

But, how could an animal compare to a martial artist

Instructor Liu smiled scornfully and said, “Mr.

Zhang, you are good at joking.

Why are you sending a chimpanzee to fight against me Its not easy to raise a pet.

It will be a little impolite if I beat it to death.”

“It doesnt matter.

You can fight him using your full strength.

He has very good physical endurance,” Zhang Han said, while thinking that his words were really funny.

While speaking, he picked up Mengmeng, who had stretched out her small arms.

She seemed to know that they were going to have a competition.


After hearing what Instructor Liu said, Dahei was unhappy.

He stared at Instructor Liu as he extended his fist out towards him and turned down his thumb.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei put on a dismissive expression, as if to say, “Youre so weak!”

“Hmm Interesting!” Instructor Liu examined Dahei from top to bottom, then clasped his hands together, forming a ring.

At the same time, he shook his head and clapped twice, then said, “Since you sent him out, I wont hurt to show you my strength.”

“Instructor!” Zhao Fengs stomach trembled.

He could no longer hold back his laughter as he commented with a smile, “Instructor, be careful.

Puff… Ahem!”

“How odd.” Instructor Liu gave Zhao Feng a disgruntled look.

He did not know what this silly boy was laughing at.

“Come on.”

After doing some stretches to loosen up his arms, Instructor Liu suddenly became serious.

He moved and rushed towards Dahei like lightning.

He took three steps and moved five meters forward.

When he approached, he punched towards Daheis chest with a right hook.

He used eighty percent of his strength with this punch!

Dahei would probably be able to endure it with his great stature.

At the worst he would be knocked out by this punch without being injured.

However, what surprised him was that the chimpanzee, when facing his incoming fist, did not dodge but just stood there, as if it were struck dumb.

“In the end, animals are animals and know nothing about strength.”

Instructor Lius fist approached Dahei.

After seeing his reaction, he withdrew ten percent of his strength and hit it in the chest with only seventy percent of his strength.


A soft dull thud rang out.


Instructor Liu was instantly astonished! He felt that something was wrong.

Why didnt the chimpanzee slump to the ground after receiving that punch

“Oh, its really resistant to being beaten!”

Instructor Liu gave a loud cry, “Tallyho!”

His left fist hit Dahei in the chest with ninety percent of his strength.


Another soft dull thud was heard.

Instructor Lius eyes flickered for an instant.

What happened Why wasnt he even trying to dodge I failed to strike him down again.

How is he so resistant to my punches


Instructor Liu let out a loud roar again.

His right fist punched Dahei in the chest with all his strength.

However, the result was the same.

At this time, out of the corner of Instructor Lius eyes, he caught sight of Zhang Han, who was calm, and Zhao Feng, who was grinning.

Ahem, how disgraceful!

Instructor Liu suddenly felt his temperature rise as his adrenalin began pumping.

“Tallyho, tallyho, tallyho, tallyho…”

Both of his fists struck out quickly and forcefully, hitting Dahei in the chest.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

The sound was like a fiery burst of drums, but it was still too weak.

Instructor Lius motion was vigorous, but it was just bluster at this point.

In the eyes of Zhao Feng and Zhang Han, however, this scene was a bit funny.

Why was it so similar to… ooh, ooh, ooh, He was punching Daheis chest with small fists…

“Pit-a-pat… Ha, ha, ha…” Zhao Feng finally burst out laughing.

Instructor Liu continued attacking for two minutes.

Two minutes of intense movement caused Instructor Liu to breathe fiercely.

When Zhao Fengs laughter rang out, he finally realized that something was wrong.

He did not draw the last punch back but slowly raised his head.

He saw Dahei, who had an expression of disdain on his face.

Mengmeng, who had been watching from nearby this whole time, had become a little unhappy.

Dahei was her friend, and he had been punched by this scoundrel for so long.

The little girl, therefore, could not help speaking up, “Dahei, why is he hitting you He is a bad guy.

Uh… why dont you hit him”


Dahei responded, then looked at Instructor Liu who was dumbfounded.

It bowed its head and roared,


When Dahei opened its mouth wide, he roared and spat drops of saliva on Instructor Lius face.

The next moment, Dahei lifted his foot and kicked towards Instructor Lius leg.

After feeling an irresistible force, Instructor Liu flew high up into the air.


Instructor Lius expression froze.

Why was it that… he could do nothing against this strength

As his body began to descend, Dahei grabbed Instructor Lius ankle.

Instructor Liu suddenly felt like he was flying in the air because his body was being swung around.


His body suddenly thumped against the ground.


Instructor Liu let out a cry and then felt as if he was walking upon air again.

His body was swung around and smashed onto the ground again.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

After a dozen consecutive blows, Instructor Liu was totally stunned.

What was happening

He stared off in a daze, feeling as if he was riding on a roller coaster, but the repetitive contact between him and the ground let him realize that he was so weak!

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…”

Zhao Feng was in a good mood as he stood by and watched the fight! But he also knew that although it looked painful, his instructor would not feel much pain because of the thick lawn.

Under these peoples gazes, Instructor Liu was swung around and slammed down about 20 times.

Dahei felt bored and shouted at Little Hei, “Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

“Ow Woo!”

Little Hei responded quickly.

At this point, the second round began with a game named “kick the ball!”




The shouting of Instructor Liu filled the air over Mount New Moon.

He was completely stunned.

Why was he being smashed by a chimpanzee at random and even held in a dogs mouth and tossed around

Oh, no! I, Instructor Liu, am a martial artist! Yet I am actually am being toyed with so easily.

Oh, my god.

Stop, its too much for me!

Instructor Liu stopped calling out two minutes later.

He was very depressed.

“PaPa, PaPa, why isnt he yelling anymore Did he fall asleep” Mengmeng wrinkled her face, thinking that the man fainted.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Hes all right.

Dahei, Little Hei, I think he has felt enough of your enthusiasm.

Just stop.”


Dahei replied and stopped.

Instructor Liu fell happily on the lawn and remained motionless.

“Terrific.” Zhao Feng gave Dahei and Little Hei a thumbs-up sign and whispered.

Then he walked towards Instructor Liu while holding in his laughter and said, “Instructor, get up, theyve stopped.”

However, even after he spoke, he noticed that Instructor Liu still was not moving.

“Whats wrong with you, instructor” Zhao Feng asked.

“I, I, ah… I…” Instructor Liu said in a really low voice, “I lost face!”

“Puff… Ahem, ahem.” Zhao Feng repressed a smile and consoled him, “Youre not disgraced, instructor.

I have experienced such torment before, and it was even more serious than what you experienced.”

“Hmm Really” Instructor Liu opened his eyes and looked at Zhao Feng.

“Its true.”

“Whoosh…” Instructor Liu exhaled a sigh of relief as he straightened himself up.

He glanced at Dahei carefully and stepped towards Zhang Han, standing abashed as he said, “Mr.

Zhang, this… I was… I actually…”

He did not know what he wanted to say.

All he could think about now was how he wanted to leave here.

He would not come here again in the future, not for the rest of his life.

“Are you assured now” Zhang Han said with happiness.

“Im assured.

Im assured.” Instructor Liu nodded his head continually.

“Good.” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “You can go back.

Zhao Feng, buy a batch of livestock and let them drink the buckets of water under the tree, then place them with the others.”

“Okay, master.” Zhao Feng nodded.


Zhang, cheers then.” Instructor Liu said, saluting.


With Zhang Hans permission, Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu, who was depressed, went down the mountain.

As they approached the bottom, Instructor Liu began walking faster and faster, until he was almost jogging.

Back in the car at the base of the mountain.

“Whoosh…” Instructor Liu sat in the passenger seat heavily, breathing out a sigh of relief.

“Instructor, dont blame me.

I said that my master was very awesome,” Zhao Feng said with a chuckle.

“I dont blame you.

I dont blame you…” The instructor mumbled.

Then he glared at Zhao Feng and punched him, cursing in rage, “Its all your fault.

Why didnt you tell me earlier I was completely disgraced! I was even played around with by a chimpanzee and a dog like I was a sandbag!”

“Ive told you so long ago.” Zhao Feng answered in a soft tone.

“Ah!” Instructor Liu sighed heavily and then burst out laughing, “Ha, ha, ha.


This trip is till worthwhile even if I was beat! The more powerful your master is, the more relieved I will be.”

“Thank you, instructor.” Zhao Feng stopped laughing and said earnestly.

“All right, dont say these emotional words.” Instructor Liu patted Zhao Feng on the shoulder and said with some curiosity, “Your master… didnt even make any moves.

What level has he reached as a martial artist”

“Im not sure.” Zhao Feng shook his head, then spat out a few words which shocked Instructor Liu,

“Ive only seen him take action a few times.

My master moves very fast, like lightning, and is much quicker than Little Hei.

When he is running, he can advance more than ten meters as long as he touches the tip of the grass.

That is to say, he can basically hover over the lawn.

If his foot touches the water briefly, it is like a dragonfly skimming over the water.”

“What are you saying Fly over the lawn! Walk on water My god, he is at least a Peak Strength expert.” Instructor Liu gulped.

“Oh, by the way, my master still hasQi in his body.

I dont know if you understand it or not.

He seems to be even stronger when usingQi.” After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng added.


Instructor Liu almost gushed out one mouthful of blood.

He was struck dumb with amazement, causing his eyes to widen, “A Qi Strength Master”



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