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Chapter 175 Attractive Trotters of Pigs

Long before she came, Luo Qing had heard Li Anna commenting on how delicious Zhang Hans cooking was.

She had always exalted his cooking skills to the skies.

However, Luo Qing now understood what Li Anna said was truly not an exaggeration at all!

Even words of praise were not enough.

This was a meal meant for immortals!

“Simply delicious… ”

Luo Qings gushing praises eventually turned into only two simple words.

These two words when explained, meant that she had eaten the best meal in her life.

During the conversation, she picked up another piece of braised pork.

Braised Pork was made from the streaky meat of the pig.

Lean and fat meat overlap each other, layer after layer, together with the chewy pigskin.

When you put one piece into the mouth, a stream of meat fragrance instantly filled ones entire mouth.

The amount of fat was not little, but it didnt feel greasy at all.

Lean meat needed a bit of chewing.

The fat mixed in the meat melted instantly, making the meat fragrant with a trace of sweetness.

With this mouthful, Luo Qing felt the happiness one can obtain from eating delicious food.

She normally couldnt eat any fat.

She would spit it out immediately when she ate it.

Even that greasy feeling made her sick.

Whenever she ate dumplings, if there were fat meat in the stuffing, she couldnt eat any.

But now, instead of eating her favorite spareribs and lean meat, she focused her attention on the red-roasted meat.

“It turned out that fat meat is so delicious.”

Luo Qing muttered softly.

She felt that this was the real taste of fat; what she ate before must be poor quality meat filled with water!

But she didnt know that flesh of the pig was infused with spiritual treasure.

At this point, people on the other side at the ordinary table, suffered.

The dishes came out of the kitchen and the fragrance swept through the restaurant in an instant.

People who had eaten already were not affected, but for those who were eating, they felt their appetites for their own food slowly decreasing.

For example, in a noodle shop, a person was eating a bowl of noodles.

When he saw all kinds of side dishes besides noodles on the table next to him and other people feasting on the side dishes, he would want to try that too.

He would think that if he had a side dish of his own, it would be just as delicious.

Thus, many people would choose to order two side dishes as well.

But, here, they couldnt order any even they wanted to.

No membership, no eligibility to eat!

“Oh, my God! Divisions of class!”

The diners affected by the smell of meat, gradually became depressed.

“I feel such regret! I had 900,000 yuan in savings.

How nice if I could pool more money to buy a membership card! I regret not having done so.

I really regret it!” A man pounded his chest and stamped his feet hard.

“Well, the cost of membership is too expensive.

One million dollars cant be taken so casually! Alas, its painful.

If the membership card sells for 100,000 yuan, I will buy five immediately! ”

“But now its ten million.”

“Yeah, ten million.

Theres no chance in my life.”

Two friends were expressing their feelings to each other.

They both saw a trace of longing in each others eyes.

Right now, if a naked beauty and a dish were put on display together, they would pounce directly on the dish!

It was inevitable that they held the dishes here in the highest esteem!

During all these talks, suddenly a low cry could be heard.

Was someone so greedy that they had to cry

One of the short-haired men turned his head and looked at his friend at the back table.

Seeing that the friend was crying, the short-haired man wiped his mouth and empathized with him.

He stretched out his hand and patted his friend on the shoulder, in order comfort his friend and at the same time, calm himself down.

“Dont cry.

Although you cant eat any dishes for the members only, Egg-fried rice and noodle soup are also delicious.

Well, even though we dont have a chance to buy the membership, we can still wait for the boss to be benevolent.

If one day, the boss is feeling very happy and decides to share the benefits, then we too will be able to have a taste.

Dont be sad.”

“Owww…” The man wiped away his tears, and his face was sad.

He said, “Im all right.

But I recall that even though I spent ten years in Hong Kong, I couldnt even afford to buy a membership card.

Thus I was not able to eat the dishes I wanted to eat.

I felt a little choked up.

I dont even have a girlfriend yet.

Im 30 years old and I feel so confused.”

“Alas.” The short-haired man sighed again and murmured, “If you want to blame someone, you should blame the dishes here that are so delicious.

For us, its almost a kind of torture…”

During the conversation, the short-haired man sat back in his chair and finished his food quickly.

He didnt want to continue to suffer here.

The other people there were also eating quickly.

Undoubtedly, the dinner experience of these groups of diners was not good.

But at least this made the queue time of the people shorter.

On the round table.

Mengmeng was happy to sit in a chair that was a little high for her.

She was swinging her legs and her two little hands held a big pigs trotter, which she was happily gnawing away at.

This dish was specially made for Mengmeng.

Because Mengmengs teeth were still growing, the pork trotters were very mushy and tender.

Roast pork trotter was also a dish suitable for beauty enhancement.

This dish not only improved skin quality but also tasted good.

There were roast pig trotters sold as street snacks and the business was booming.

It could be said that pigs trotters were a very popular delicacy.

Mengmeng was no exception.

When she was in North America, she always ate quite bland meals.

After all, Ziyan couldnt cook.

And when they went to restaurants, they ate only few varieties of food, such as western food and hot pot.

So Mengmeng hadnt tasted a lot of food.

But since Mengmeng returned to China to be reunited with Zhang Han, she gradually tasted more and more dishes and they were all super delicious.

The grease stains around Mengmengs mouth and face showed how much she loved this dish.


So delicious.

PaPa is the best.”

Mengmeng muttered vaguely.

Wang Yihan on the other side, seemed to have heard Mengmengs remarks Her eyes swept to the round table, where Mengmeng was happily gnawing at the pigs trotters and the Double Cooked Pork Slices, which they didnt have on their table.

Wang Yihan couldnt help salivating.

Todays dishes were all her favorite, especially ribs and pork trotters.

Initially, the two dishes were the same to her, in her heart.

But because she didnt have something while someone else had it, she was eager to eat the kind of food she didnt have.

This was human nature.

After all, it made sense that rare things were precious.

Wang Yihan put down her ribs and muttered, “Grandpa, I want to eat pork trotters and Double Cooked Pork Slices.”

“What Arent these dishes on the table enough for you” Wang Qiangs eyebrows were habitually creased, but when he saw Wang Yihans chubby face full of expectation, his tone softened.

He said, “Yihan, would you like to wait until Grandpa goes out to buy you pigs trotters later in the evening Can we eat these dishes first”

Wang Yihan was still in awe of Grandpa.

Although she was not happy after hearing what her grandpa said, she pouted and nodded.

She was still a little unhappy.

She looked at Mengmeng again.

Just then Mengmeng looked at her.

Mengmeng did not understand the expression on her good friends face.

The little princess looked at the pigs trotters in her hand and at Wang Yihans table and she discovered that there were no pig trotters on that table.

Mengmengs eyes moved.

Thinking for a moment, Mengmeng waved her oily little palm at Wang Yihan and said in a childish tone, “Well, Yihan, would you like to come over here You can come and eat here.

Lets eat together.”

“Ah May I” Wang Yihan, her eyes lighting up, asked eagerly and expectantly.

“Hum, yes,” Mengmeng answered with a giggle.

“Grandpa…” Wang Yihan looked at her grandpa.

Wang Qiang hesitated and looked at Zhang Han.

From Zhang Hans expression, Wang Qiang saw that he did not mind his granddaughter going over.

So he smiled and nodded, “You can go.”


Wang Yihan did not even say anything and instantly jumped down from her chair and ran over.

She ran to Mengmeng and looked up at Mengmeng with a smile.

“Xiao Li, move over there,” Zhang Han told Zhang Li.

Zhang Li turned around and saw Wang Yihan standing beside her.

She nodded and laughed and said..

“Your little friend is here.

You are welcome here.

God, youre a little bit heavy!”

During the conversation, Zhang Li sat Wang Yihan in her chair and went to the kitchen to bring Wang Yihan new tableware.

Then Li Anna and Luo Qing moved to the left in turn and Zhang Li sat beside Wang Yihan and continued to eat.

“Thank you, Mengmeng.

Its very kind of you.” Wang Yihan was moved to say.

“Youre welcome, Yihan.

This handsome man is my PaPa.

PaPa, you dont know her yet.

Shes my new friend Yihan.” Mengmeng introduced them.

“Nice to meet you, uncle.

Your food is delicious.

Its the best Ive ever eaten.” Wang Yihan greeted him politely.

“Well, if you think it tastes good, you should eat more.” Zhang Han smiled softly.

Zhang Han didnt pay much attention to other people or their children.

He didnt care about them.

But he loved Mengmeng and as long as Mengmeng was happy, everything was fine.

“Mengmeng, your father is better than mine.

My dad cant even cook.

Hes silly,” Wang Yihan looked at Mengmeng and said.

Mengmengs eyes narrowed into slits when she heard her good friends praise of PaPa.

She reached out her little hand, grabbed a pigs trotter from the front dish and handed it to Wang Yihan.

She giggled and said, “You eat it, too, Yihan.

This is delicious.”

“Hey, hey, hey…” Wang Yihan held out her hands and took the pigs trotter.

She looked at Mengmeng with a giggle and then began to eat.

At this time, Mengmeng seemed like an angel who made her dreams come true.

While eating, Zhang Lis eyes drifted over the remaining two pigs trotters.

She felt that one trotter for each child was enough.

So she quietly picked up her chopsticks and reached for the trotter.

However, when she was about to grasp the pig trotter she had been eyeing for so long, suddenly..


Zhang Hans chopsticks mercilessly blocked her chopsticks.


Zhang Li pouted and hummed, and instead put a piece of meat from the Double Cooked Pork Slices into her mouth.

She then stared at her brother and chewed loudly.

But even if she was noisy, the pigs trotters would not meant for her.

Nearly two groups of people had bad experiences when eating and this made the people behind a little afraid.

As soon as the people entered the restaurant, they realized why everyone went out with such unhappy faces.

Several people chose to take away their food.

Even sitting on the small chairs in front of the door would be better.

Wang Jiawen and Su Yu managed to get their places in the restaurant.



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