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Chapter 159 Something Was Going to Happen Again

Seven Attacks to Dredge Meridians, as its name implied, Zhang Han compressed the external energy and imported the power to Zhao Fengs body through attacking the seven acupoints by fingers, to achieve the effect of dredging Zhao Fengs eight extra meridians.

Generally speaking, to dredge ones eight extra meridians, Zhan Han should reach the Foundation Stage and have the energy of third-stage spirit treasure at least.

But Zhang Han was an expert who had reached Tribulation Phase after all, and he knew a lot about cultivation.

Seven Attack to Dredge Meridian was a very delicate method.

Even in the legitimism Cultivation World, this was a high-class method.

This method could achieve the effect of dredging the meridians by using a few times less energy than the ordinary way.

Once ones eight extra meridians of human beings were dredging, he was qualified to cultivate.

Because the amount of Jade-fire dew and pure Yang water was not much, Zhao Feng would not have the spiritual force when he waked up.

However, the strength and qualifications of his body had been improved a lot.

There was another way to compare.

Zhang Han once said that Zhao Feng was not necessarily Little Heis opponent.

Zhang Han meant that Zhao Feng didnt use weapons, and Little Hei didnt use its sharp teeth.

They relied on the strength of theirs to fight.

They might compete for a while, but Zhao Feng would fail in the end.

Now, although Zhao Feng had made a radical change, he was not necessarily Little Heis opponent under the above conditions.

Because Zhang Han found that with the arrival of Dahei, Dahei and Little Hei fought when they were idle, gradually Little Hei mastered some fighting skills.

Little Hei was very fast, and it could find attack opportunities by continually wandering.

So Little Hei had not suffered from Dahei.

This made Zhang Han look at Little Hei with new eyes.

He didnt expect Little Hei to master these skills on its own.

Little Hei was not an active fighter in peacetime, but his lethality would increase several times when he attacked at the enemy because its tusks were too sharp.

When Little Hei absorbed energy, its body absorbed only half of it, and his teeth absorbed the other half.

It seemed that shortly, its teeth would be the level of spirit treasure.

Little Hei and Daheis abilities were limitless.

Zhao Feng, who Zhang Han was going to accept as a disciple, was also so.

Soon, the energy in Zhao Fengs body slowed down and began to nourish his body.

Then Zhang Han moved his palm away from Zhao Fengs body, and no longer cared about him, stepped towards the pet area.

Zhang Han took out his cell phone as he walked and dialed Zhang Lis phone.

It was just over nine oclock in the morning, and Zhang Li was sleeping.

She was still sleepy when she answered the phone.

“Hello… Brother, why do you call so early You are annoying.

I havent waked up yet.”

“The restaurant was attacked.”

“Oh, what attacked… what” Zhang Li responded vaguely, and then she was shocked.

She sat up and said with her eyes staring, “What are you talking Was the restaurant attacked What happened

“Go and see.

You go there now.

The restaurant is in a mess.

Please replace all the glass and all the furniture.

The bank card is in the drawer at the counter.

The password is my birthday, “Zhang Han answered.

“Wait a minute.

Whats going on Why was the restaurant attacked Who did it” Zhang Li asked quickly.

“Dont ask these questions; do as I say,” Zhang Han said and hung up.

“Hello… Hello Why did you hang up Come on; you havent make yourself clear!” Zhang Li took a look at her cell phone, hummed softly.

Then she got up and dressed quickly washing her face casually.

She didnt intend to make up, so she wore a duck-tongue cap and hurried out to New Moon Bay with the white Maserati.

At the same time, what happened in the restaurant was also known to all parties.

Dong Tianpeng of the Western District was the first person who knew what happened.

Because twenty minutes ago, a bloody head was throw in front of his house.

After identifying it, Dong Tianpengs men called him.

At the time, Dong Tianpeng was having sex with two bright School Beauty in his bedroom, but when he heard Ze Longs head thrown at the door, he impotent.

Dong Tianpeng got up and went out, looking angry and irritable.

And then the report of the restaurant came next.

“Zhao Feng was killed That restaurant ruined” Dong Tianpeng frowned and lit a cigarette with two deep breaths.

As he exhaled the smoke, his face loomed in it.

At the same time, he muttered softly, “Tang Zhan is going to clean up his association.

Im afraid some people will be affected.”

He knew clearly that in the Forever Harmony Association, besides people along to Dong Tianpeng, there were people from Xia Shanhao and Ye Han, too.

He also knew that there were undercover people in his force.

This was normal.

At this time, a man in his forties beside Dong Tianpeng murmured, “In addition to Zhao Fengs death, the restaurant was sprayed with gunfire but without casualties.

According to the Bosss stubborn temper, he will not stop until Tang Zhan is dead.

The Bosss strength can cause a lot of trouble.

But if he is fighting with Tang Zhan head-on, it seems that he is unable to defeat Tang Zhan.

Dont forget that Tang Zhans securities are all recruited from Black Water Security Company with a lot of money.”

“Thats true,” Dong Tianpeng nodded and said, “but Xia Shanhao will certainly help the Boss of the restaurant.

Ye Han will not stand by.

We also hope to overthrow Tang Zhan.

In this way, led by the Boss and assisted by our three forces, the chances of defeating Tang Zhan are much higher.”

“Even so, there is still a problem,” the man next to him frowned slightly and said, “as you can see from the last time Zhang Han wiped out the Changsheng Nightclub, he was a formidable man.

Im afraid, with his temper, hell go to attack Tang Zhan directly.

It is urgent to contact him and discuss the details of the action.”


“Dong Tianpeng nodded.

“You dont need to do this personally.

Ill go to New Moon Bay to find him.”

“All right.”

Similar scenes were shown on Xia Shanhao and Ye Hans sites.

At this moment, it seemed that something was going to happen between the underground forces on Hong Kong South Island.

Of course, it was not just the underground forces that were affected.

At this time, at the Southern District Police Headquarters.

When a police officer reported what happened in the restaurant, the director changed his face slightly and waved the officer out.

“Zhao Feng… dead”

The directors eyebrows frowned.

In the whole police station, he was the only one who knew Zhao Fengs identity.

He was not the direct supervisor for assigning tasks to Zhao Feng neither.

At this time, hearing the news of Zhao Feng, his heart was a little confused.

After several deep breaths, he took out his cell phone and dialed a phone call.


Zhao Feng, he… was dead.”

“What did you say” a slightly rapid voice came from the phone.

“After leaving the police station today, he went to a restaurant in New Moon Bay where he used to go.

In front of the restaurant door, he was shot by guns.

The restaurant was also affected.

But listen to the crowds instructions, Zhao Feng was taken away by the Boss of the restaurant.” The director answered slowly.

“Who did it”

“Its still under investigation.

Tang Zhan is the top suspect, but… ”

But they didnt have evidence.

The director didnt say the word.

Presumably, the other side knew what he meant.

Tang Zhan could not be caught without evidence.

“I dont care what method you use, in a month, Tang Zhan must be brought to justice.

The other party said a word and hung up the phone directly, leaving the director with a bitter face.

Tang Zhan was very cunning; he always did things watertight, which made the police headache.

As for Tang Zhan, everyone knew him well, but there was no evidence, and there was nothing they could do about him.

The director knew that Tang Zhan had a good relationship with several police chiefs and some higher-ups.

Arresting him without any evidence was just delusional.

Right now, even Zhao Fengs clues were broken.

Such excellent police failed.

Who else could they send over

Zhao Feng had been latent for nearly three years, but he came to such end.

The directors mood was also very depressed, full of sadness.

Meanwhile, Tang Zhan, Leng Feng and two other military divisions were in Tang Zhans mansion.

Tang Zhans face became happier and happier as he listened to the reports.

Today, Tang Zhan was targeting not only Zhao Feng and Ze Long, but also a dozen people who had been identified but had not been removed.

Today, he chose to round up all enemies in one fell swoop.

He wouldnt do it unless he was sure he could do it as world-shaking.

This was Tang Zhans style.

At the other end, Zhang Li drove to New Moon Bays restaurant.

Safety lines had been pulled up, and several police officers were taking pictures inside and outside the restaurant.

“This is the scene of the case.

Its working now.

No idle people are allowed to enter,” seeing Zhang Li coming, the captain said and stood in front of her.

“Why couldnt I This is my brothers restaurant.

Why cant I enter” Zhang Li said and crossed the safety line with a flick of her eyebrow.

“Yeah Thats good.

Call your brother back.

We need to ask some information from him,” the captain said heavily.

“Ill call and ask.

“Zhang Li was shocked to see the restaurant.

After hearing the words, she quickly took out her cell phone and dialed Zhang Hans phone.

“Hello, brother, where are you What happened to the restaurant How did that happen What Oh, oh.

Well, I see.

OK, OK…”

Zhang Li hung up.

She looked at the captain and said, “My brother cant come back.

Now Im looking for someone to clean the restaurant.

If youre over, you can go now.”

“What” The captain frowned and said, “Get out of here and dont hinder us from exercising our official duties.

Also, if you are the sister of the restaurant owner, let him come over quickly.

Better not let us catch him!”

“Catch him” Zhang Li stared and shouted, “Did my brother commit a crime Do you have an arrest warrant This is my brothers private restaurant.

Does he allow you to enter Are you responsible for the loss”

“Madam,” the captain suppressed his anger and said in a bad voice, “there has just been shooting here.

Youd better not make unreasonable noise here, or we have the right to arrest you.

And you cant prove that you are related to this restaurant for the time being.

I advise you to go back to where you came from!”

“Who do you say is making trouble for no reason” Zhang Li got angry and pointed to the captain and said, “Im looking for someone to clean up the restaurant now.

This is the private sector.

Have you finished taking pictures yet Will you please leave”

The captain looked severe and said coldly, “Come on, take her back to the police station.

I suspect she has something to do with the suspect.

Interrogate her!”

He was the one who handled the case here; he didnt need a woman to tell him what to do.

But just as his men were about to catch Zhang Li, an insult came from a distance.



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