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Chapter 153 A Breathtaking Moment

“It seems that you are very familiar with Golden Triangle.” Substitute of Leng Feng said in a low voice.

As soon as he spoke, Zhao Feng and Ze Long turned to Ning Xuan.

“Ha, ha, ha…”

Ning Xuan laughed and looked more relaxed than usual.

It seemed that she had dropped her masquerade when she arrived in Golden Triangle.

After giving a short laugh, Ning Xuan looked at Leng Feng and said, “Brother Leng Feng, let me tell you a secret.

I… Ive been here before, ho, ho, ho…”

“Oh Havent you” Substitute of Leng Feng said slowly and then fell silent.

No one was aware of his expression for they failed to see his face.

It was a mercy that they could not see it, or they would catch sight of the tension in his eyes.

He just listened to Leng Feng with headphones and repeated what he said.

If he was not wearing a bulletproof vest, he would have been nervous enough to give himself away.

“Brother Leng Feng, dont take my words to heart.

I came here just to see poppies with others.” Ning Xuan said with a chuckle.

“Oh.” Substitute of Leng Feng responded, compressing his lips.

Seeing his facial expression, Ning Xuan narrowed her eyes and said laughingly, “Brother Leng Feng, you scarcely useUh orOh to answer.

Moreover, to my surprise, you wear not only thick clothes, but also two hats in such a hot place, and your tone doesnt sound like usual.

Perhaps… youre not Leng Feng”

This remark made Ze Longs and Zhao Fengs faces change.

Substitute of Leng Feng shivered and leaned toward the window.

Fortunately, Zhao Feng was between Ning Xuan and him, otherwise, he would be so scared that he had to betray himself.

Ning Xuans face sank seeing this scene.

Her hand moved all of a sudden and pulled out a sharp dagger from her waist.

A chilling light glinted on the dagger.

Ning Xuan suddenly handed the dagger sideways to Leng Feng, but her wrist was caught by Zhao Feng.

“Take it back.”

Zhao Feng stared at Ning Xuan with a frigid glance and said coldly.

Ning Xuan caught a trace of cruelness in his eyes.

She knew that if she did not take the dagger back, Zhao Feng was bound to stop her.

So she frowned, saying in a disgruntled tone,

“Dont you want to know whether he is Leng Feng If not! What shall we do Are we abandoned Dont you care about your own safety”

She had some doubts when she disembarked because she knew that Leng Feng was not only a military counselor, he also possessed excellent physical quality.

However, this “Leng Feng” staggered when he jumped from a half-meter high in front of her.

She watched him all the way and found that there was something wrong.

She had to determine Leng Fengs identity before they arrived in Golden Triangle.

If he was Leng Feng, he had a password box with diamonds which were worth more than 20 million US dollars in his backpack! If he wasnt, then they would get into trouble.

She had already sent the news to General Hu.

The transaction object this time was General Will.

There were a variety of forces in Golden Triangle and General Will was the leader of one of the powerful forces, while General Hu was his deadly enemy.

“Dont stop me, Zhao Feng.

I think hes the one with the problem.

Its better for him to take off his hat and reassure us.” Ze Long, who was on Ning Xuans right, said with a sneer.

At that time, Zhao Feng did not stop them anymore but turned to Substitute of Leng Feng.

Eventually, under the gazes of these three people, Substitute of Leng Feng slowly raised his head and moved the brim of his hat up to showed his face.

Seeing that he was “Leng Feng”, Ning Xuan felt relieved.

She smiled and put the dragger away, saying, “Brother Leng Feng, dont blame me for being rude.

Its too dangerous here and were not as smart as Brother Leng Feng, so…”

“Since hes Brother Leng Feng, then we can be reassured.” Ze Long smiled.

Substitute of Leng Feng did not answer but put his hat on again.

He leaned against the sear, looking out of the window.

Two kilometers away from them, Leng Feng stared at the screen on the laptop.

He picked up his cell phone, narrowing his eyes, and dialed,

“General Will, this is Leng Feng…”

Fifteen minutes later, Zhao fengs car drove into Golden Triangle.

In front of them was a valley, and the mountains on both sides were covered in lush green vegetation, surrounded by the fresh air and elegant environment.

“Having stayed in the city for a long time, I think its a nice place, which is like a paradise.” Ning Xuan said with a smile, looking at the valley hundreds of meters ahead.

“Ha ha.”

Zhao Feng laughed.

Compared with Mount New Moon, it only had a little larger area.

Considering the surroundings, air and so on, Mount New Moon was the most beautiful place Zhao Feng had ever seen.

Zhao Feng, however, was suddenly stunned after chuckling.

He thought that something was wrong ahead.

Perhaps it was too peaceful

The experience and intuition as a former special soldier reminded him that there appeared to be some crises ahead.

When the motorcade drove into the valley and reached the center, Zhao Feng secretly put one hand on his waist, where attached his gun.

In the meantime, Zhao Feng looked at both sides of the valley with great vigilance.

Suddenly, his pupils contracted.



The bombs around the motorcade exploded with flames and smoke all of a sudden, hindering the motorcade from going forward.

“Its an ambush!”

“Enemies attack!”

There were more than 20 men in these cars and they took out guns in succession.

When they were about to resist, a volley of shots struck.

In addition to Zhao Fengs car at the center, the four cars ahead and behind were all raked.

Some bullets hit the bodies of the cars, some broke the windows, and of course, some bullets hit the people inside the cars.

Within ten seconds, there were more than a dozen men shot.

Other people either ran out of the cars or started the vehicles to drive forward.

There was confusion at that time.

“Drive; drive forward!” Zhao Feng let out a cry to the driver who was already scared silly.

He put in gear in confusion after hearing Zhao Fengs words.

The instance he stepped on the accelerator, a clear and loud shot rang out from a distance.



The first breaking sound was caused by the main drivers window, and the second rumbling was owing to the driver being shot.

“A sniper”

Zhao Fengs face changed.

Just at that moment, he rushed to the main cab, opened the door and kicked the driver down.

Then he quickly closed the door, started the car and drove forward.

Meanwhile, he pushed down the drivers chair, hid himself behind the door and drove insanely onwards for two minutes.

After the enemys attack, there remained only two cars of the five.

“What the **! Why were we attacked as soon as we entered Golden Triangle” Ze Long stared and cried, feeling frightened.

He thought he was out of danger, but just after he finished speaking,



With a loud noise, Ze Long looked back and saw motocross chasing after them one after another from the jungle on both sides of the valley.

“Fuck! Be quick! Be quick!” Ze Long let out a cry.

“Dont yell!” Zhao Feng raised his eyebrows and said, “Dont forget there is a sniper outside.



Before he finished speaking, a rumbling came out, and the car was out of control.

This shot hit the tire on the left rear side, which stopped the car.

Zhang Feng spun the wheel sharply and the car rushed to the side mountain forest.

“Get out of the car!”

Parking the car by the mountain forest, Zhao Feng got out first.

He opened the rear door and dragged Substitute of Leng Feng out of the car.

As this substitute was carrying a rucksack, he was slightly clumsy.

Zhao Feng ran to the mountain forest, pulling Substitute of Leng Feng.

Besides Ning Xuan and Ze Long, there were only six men left.

The mountain forest area in front was a low elevation with sparse trees, which was small in size.

So the motocross could easily catch up with them.

“Theyll probably catch up after we cross this mountain.” While running with Substitute of Leng Feng, Zhao Feng paid attention to the surrounding environment.

He puckered up his brows finding they were in this position.

“Shall we run separately” Ze Long said loudly.

He thought it was important to stay alive.

What did money mean to him if he was dead

“Well die if we run separately!” Zhao Feng sneered and said, “Dont concentrate on running.

We should fight back and keep running after they approach us!”

The crowd rushed to the mountain.

When they reached the top, those motocross were only a few hundred meters away from them.

After shooting several times and succeeding in slowing the enemy down, they rushed to the mountain on the other side.

When running out of the mountain forest, everyones face changed.

There was a stretch of plain, which was over one thousand meters in length.

It would take them more than four minutes to pass the whole area at full speed.

It was estimated that those who drive motorcycles could catch up with them four times in these four minutes.

“What shall we do Where to run Fuck!” Ze Long was anxious and sweated.


Zhao Feng gave a cry and took the lead in running forward.

So the crowd ran frantically.

A minute later, more than 30 motorcycles on the back side reached the flat.

They all twisted the hand-controlling valves jokingly, as if they did it on purpose or as if they regarded Zhao Feng and his companions as their possessions.


More than ten seconds later, the motorcycle team caught up.

When they were less than 400 meters away, they all erected guns.

“Da da da…”

Most of the bullets hit the ground beside Zhao Feng and his companions, but a few passed them.

Even four of his men were shot and fell to the ground.

Ning Xuans face changed seeing this scene.

She gritted her teeth secretly and ran forward at an ever faster rate.

When they were 200 meters from the front jungle, the motorcycle team was only 100 meters away from them.

Perhaps they would be caught up after more than ten seconds.

What should they do

Their hearts gradually sank and turned cold.

At the moment when they felt desperate, a louder roar came out of the jungle ahead.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Dozens of cars drove out of the jungle, with a lot of people crying out… and the heavy machine guns!

“Get down!”

Zhao Fengs pupils contracted and he hastily held Substitute of Leng Feng down.

So did Ze Long and Ning Xuan.

“Thump, thump, thump…”

With a relentless shot rang out, none of the people of the more than 30 motorcycles behind survived.



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