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Chapter 147 Mere A Tang Zhan

At noon of the day, in the Royal Entertainment Company.

“Elder Sister Yan, your album… is off the market,” Zhou Fei said with a helpless expression.


Zi Yan responded.

Her delicacy face was as calm as ever, but a trace of loss and fatigue flashed through her eyes.

“En…” Zhou Fei hesitated for a moment and said finally, “Album sales totaled 23,000.

Its all because that Hanyang made so many excellent songs up to fifty at once.

Alas, the media companies that got the songs has been hyped crazy.

Peoples attention is all on those fifty songs, leading to the complete failure of our album.”


Zi Yan took a gentle breath and said, “Thats all right.

We failed this time.

Well come back next time.”

“Well, I dont know when it will be next time.

So many artists of our company went to Hanyangs Weibo for songs, but none of them succeed.

The old witch just lost her temper in the office.

Our album results in such a miserable, so I guess she wont want to see us for a while,” Zhou Fei said bitterly.

“There will always be opportunities,” Zi Yan said in a helplessness tone.

At first, she was thinking about making a comeback through an album, so as to continue her career of the show and get back the title of the best actress lost from her hands.

Although everything was difficult at the beginning, it was too frustrating to get such a failure at the beginning—especially the attitude of the company, which made Zi Yan feel neglected.

Fortunately, Meiqi promised her that she could participate in a program and another entertainment program about promoting her.

She had to wait a few days until she participated in the program to see if it worked.

Not to mention Zi Yans distress, not far from Ziyans office, Xu Ruoyu was in a lousier mood in her office.

“Get off the market” Xu Ruoyu rose from her chair and growled, “Why did the album come off the market For what The album was taken off the market in less than 10 days Are you kidding me”

“Ruoyu, dont angry, please sit down,” the agent said with a bitter laugh.

She said after Xu Ruoyu sat back on the sofa.

She said, “The company didnt deliberately pull the album off, just because… because the sales are so terrible.

Peoples attention has been attracted by those new songs since Hanyang give out.

As of yesterday, the fifty songs from Hanyang have already occupied all the major music lists.

All the artists who get the songs, if they have the media companies, have begun to publicize.

This lead to a sharp drop in the sales of our album.

Our album has no chance to sell so it goes off the market.”

“Hanyang! Hanyang!” Xu Ruoyu said distractedly, “Who is he Several songs are enough.

Why does he make so many songs What a bore! Tell me, you have left more than a hundred messages in his Weibo, didnt you But he didnt give you any song at last! That is so incomprehensible!”

“Well, we can do nothing about it.

Not only us but also many recent albums of other companies are off the market.

They are all planning to advertise new albums after this terrible period,” the agent said and sighed softly.

This was the first time that something like this happened in the Entertainment Circle.

The Entertainment Circle industry in China had no capacity to run against one persons songs.

This achievement was enough for Hanyang to be arrogant for a long time.

It seemed that the name “Hanyang” had become the most magical name in the Entertainment Circle!

On the other side, in Zhang Hans restaurant.

At eleven oclock of the noon, the familiar Toyota Landcool Luze stopped at the restaurant door.

Zhao Feng, with a haggard face, got out of the car and entered the restaurant.

At this time, Zhang Han was sitting on the sofa with Mengmeng and they were playing with toys.

When the little princess saw Zhao Feng coming, she looked at him with her big and limpid eyes, held out her small palms and giggled to greet him.

“Well… big brother, you have come.

Why, why havent you been here for days What did you do Did you go to travel Did you bring a gift to Mengmeng during the travel”

“Haha…” Zhao Feng saw Mengmengs lovely appearance and smiled happily.

He took out a gift box from his arms and said, “I really bring a gift to Mengmeng.

Open it and have a look.”

“Er Are there gifts” Mengmengs big eyes lit up, and she said happily, “Thank you, big brother.”

During the chat, Mengmeng reached out two small hands to take the gift box and handed it to Zhang Han.

She said childish, “PaPa, open it.”

“OK.” Zhang Han nodded and opened the gift box.

Inside the box was a crystal ball with a base.

Within the crystal ball was a snowy mini village with some trees around.

It showed a beautiful snowscape.

“Ah, there are so many toy people, so beautiful,” Mengmeng said and was very happy.

Every time she received a gift, she felt delightful.

“Do you see the little blue button below Press the button and it will start to snow in the crystal ball,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“Really I want to press; I want to press.

PaPa, Mengmeng want to press.” Mengmeng reached out to Zhang Han for the crystal ball.

After receiving the crystal ball, she couldnt wait to press the blue button.

Seeing snowflakes flew in the crystal ball, Mengmeng laughed.

She said, “Its beautiful.

Mengmeng likes snowing most.

Um… I can make a snowman, fight with snowballs, swim in the snowdrift, and… play lots of games.”

“Oh Em…” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “When winter comes, Dad will take you to the north to play with snow.”

“When is winter” Mengmeng said with her eyes lit up.

Standing up on the sofa and gathering herself in Zhang Hans arms, she said in a hopeful tone, “Mengmeng wants to play with snow now.”

“There is no snow in the north now,” Zhang Han felt both funny and annoying and said, “About two months later, it will begin to snow in the north.

How about Dad taking Mengmeng to play in the north at that time”

“Well… OK, there are two months before.

Two months have so many days.” Mengmeng muttered her little mouth and looked at her finger to figure out how many days two months were.

Of course, she couldnt figure it out by fiddling her fingers.

“Two months will pass quickly,” Zhang Han said with a smile and touched the head of Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng will wait for dad to take Mengmeng to the north and play with snow,” Mengmeng muttered.

After that, she began to play with the crystal ball in her hand.

Every now and then she gave a cheer, “Snow falls.

Snow falls.

Little people, why dont you go home Its snowing.”

Standing beside, when Zhao Feng saw this scene, he sighed at the bottom of his heart.

A trace of fatigue flashed on his face again.

In recent days, he felt exhausted physically and mentally.

The most important reason was that Tang Zhan gave a deadline for him to tackle the restaurant and the deadline was approaching.

First of all, he had to consider whether he should do or not.

If he didnt tackle the restaurant, there would be many reasons for the Tang Zhan to deal with him.

If Tang Zhan didnt deal with him, he would not have the opportunity to approach Tang Zhan again, nor obtained evidence.

How about tackled the restaurant Zhao Feng did not think of it, nor did he dare.

He couldnt bear to break the quiet life of Boss Zhang.

When Zhang Han saw Mengmeng began to play with the toys, he motioned Zhao Feng to sit down at the table on one side.

He took out two cans of beer from the refrigerator and sat down.

They both took a sip of the beer.

“Boss,” Zhao Feng hesitated for a while and said slowly at last, with complicated expression and heavy voice, “I heard… the news from North America this morning.

The Scorpions limbs couldnt be used anymore, and he could only spend the rest of his life in bed.”


Zhang Hans expression was very indifferent.

He took a sip of beer and talked in a common tone.

He said, “Im really kind to leave him alive.

Hed better pray that he wont meet me again in the future, or I dont mind killing him.”

When Zhang Han went to Changsheng Bar, he had already wanted to kill Scorpion.

But his strength was too low, and he knew that he should obey the law, otherwise Scorpion would surely be killed.

The title of Hanyang Immortal was a thing of the past.

Although Zhang Han had a very high vision, the current strength was the fundamental element of everything.

He wasnt a fool, and he wouldnt despise normal people because he used to be an expert at the level of Tribulation Phase.

For Zhang Han, Scorpion couldnt compare with a drop of Mengmengs tears, let alone Scorpion made Mengmeng cry for a long time.

In short, Zhang Han remembered Scorpion.

When his strength increased, he must kill Scorpion if he saw him.

The words made Zhao Fengs eyes tremble.

He never doubted Zhang Hans words.

Especially now, when he saw Zhang Hans extremely indifferent sight, he knew that Boss Zhang must do what he said.

Zhao Fengs face became bitterer.

He gulped two mouthfuls of beer and said,

“Boss, I know youre extraordinary, but… but people with Tang Zhan are a group of murderers.

Youre very fierce, but you should think about Mengmeng, your wife, Zhang Li, and Liang Mengqi.

You cant beat those murderers by yourself.

Boss, you know that Tang Zhan certainly wouldnt let go.

He gave me two weeks to deal with you, but I… I really cant do it.

Although the time is short, you and Mengmeng, as well as this restaurant are already very important for me.”

“Nice choice,” Zhang Han said and gave a light laugh.

He knew that Zhao Feng respected him from the bottom of the heart, so he didnt mind helping him.

But Zhao Feng didnt know that he was about to lean on a powerful man.

Although he knew that the Boss was a powerful man, the truth of it was beyond his imagination.

In his mind, Martial arts were legends, let alone a cultivated immortal who could fly to heaven, hide under the ground and reach out for stars and moon.

“Its not only a choice.

You and Mengmeng are attractive to everyone.

This restaurant is always a place that I can find peace.”

Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile and said.

“Boss, I sincerely advise you to leave New Moon Bay.

I can put it off for a while, but I cant put it off forever.

Tang Zhans deadline for me is approaching.

Moreover… he has a big action recently.

He may send me out.

If I leave, thats… ”

Zhao Feng didnt go on talking.

The meaning was obvious that if he left, the situation would change rapidly.

Tang Zhan would send people to deal with the restaurant at any time.

Zhang Han just smiled faintly at Zhao Fengs words and said,

“Mere a Tang Zhan.

He is only a nonentity.”



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