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Chapter 1391 Demon Monarch Zhang Hanyang

Over 1,000 people, including Dai Wentian of the Illusory Mansion, Prince Feng, Qin Jun, and other outstanding disciples all fled in panic at a high speed.

However, Zhang Han didnt move at all.

He didnt even want to chase after them.

“Hahaha, Daddy, you are so naughty.” Mengmeng laughed.

“Theyre scared out of their wits.” Chen Changqing lamented, “If it were me, I would be so scared that I would shiver as well.”

“Yeah.” Wang Xiaowu echoed, “Young Lords demonic power is too strong.

If it were Demon General Mu Lunze, who is so powerful, I feel that we would have to use all our strength to escape.”

“Aha.” Yue Wuwei snorted and said lightly, “I can crush someone like Mu Lunze with one finger.”

“Elder Yue, youre amazing.

I used to think you were very mysterious, and now I still do.

I dont know how powerful you are, but you seem to be truly awesome.” Gai Xingkong cupped his hands.


Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Elder Yue is unfathomable.

He is also a key figure in the team and has helped my son a lot.”

Yue Wuweis expression changed a little, and he smiled slightly.

He seemed to be quite satisfied with what they said.

Zhang Han found it funny.

Actually, at this moment, there were buzzing noises in his mind.

The noises that seemed to come from the void were very noisy.

However, he restrained himself and endured them, giving the team a relaxed and casual impression.

He also said with a smile, “Elder Yue is indeed powerful.

Im far from being his match.”


Hearing Zhang Hans words, Yue Wuwei laughed.

He was easily satisfied.

But the next second, he straightened his face and said, “We would improve together.

I didnt stay idle when you were cultivating.

In the past few decades, I had been indeed rather lazy, but when I saw this kid cultivating, I felt that I might be caught up at any time, so I was driven to cultivate often.”

“Elder Yue is also a great benefactor to our Zhang Clan,” Zhang Mu said.

They had stayed together from Earth to the Cultivation World.

They first met in the Sea Dragon Star Area, and then they experienced the changes in the Chaotic Region, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, and the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Along the way, Yue Wuweis contribution was obvious to all.

“Im flattered.”

Yue Wuwei hurriedly waved his hand.

“I cant be considered a benefactor.

I would only be a guide or a great steward.

That shall be enough.”

He was the ferryman of Saint Warrior Planet and Mengmengs head steward.

It had nothing to do with Zhang Han directly, but with Mengmengs clinginess, Yue Wuwei felt that it was basically a direct relationship.

“Hey, my dad is sure powerful,” Yue Xiaonao said casually, “but its just that he is not handsome.”

She looked very serious.

Yue Wuweis smile gradually disappeared.

“Isnt an immortal-like bearing a kind of handsome look


“This girl has grown up.

I wonder when her taste will become normal.”

Yue Wuwei liked his beard the most.

It was also what Yue Xiaonao hated most.

Seeing Yue Wuweis expression, Lisa smiled and shook her head in silence.

“Zhang Han has gained a lot this time.”

Yue Wuwei thought for a moment and said, “His combat capability is amazing, and his realm is unknown.

Perhaps hes in the Integration Realm”

“Poof…” Yuan Yi spat.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!” The second king of the White Dog Clan barked several times.

“Oh my god, he is an Integration Realm master.”

“Hah, Ive said that I have the final say here.” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

“Elder Yue, Im still no match for you in the Domain of Seven Desolations, but you cant have me killed either.”

“Is that so” Yue Wuwei also smiled faintly.

He touched his beard and said, “It seems that I didnt hurt you enough just now and let you off the hook!”

“The point is that it really doesnt hurt.” Zhang Han pulled a wry face.

In Zhang Hans definition, the energy hidden in the void was the embodiment of the worlds law, which was very powerful.

He had just mastered a little of it and it blew his mind.

He was also in the process of understanding.


Mengmeng widened her eyes and looked at Yue Wuwei angrily.

“How dare you hit my daddy”


How could you bully Uncle Zhang He is such a nice guy.

Dad, youve gone too far.” Yue Xiaonao shouted.

From her expression, it seemed that she was fanning the flames while watching the sense of bustle.

“Hey, its not like that.

I didnt even get to him.

I put my foot in my mouth and was bragging just now.” Yue Wuwei felt greatly troubled.

Both Mengmeng, the Heavenly Lord, and his daughter were blaming him.

He couldnt take it.


Just as Mengmeng wanted to say something, Yue Wuwei quickly changed the subject.

“A lot of people get to survive this time.

In fact, this matter doesnt have much to do with those people.

After they leave this place, the news will spread inevitably.”

“Yeah, the news will spread.

The demons have been killed, and the local humans will surely hate us.

As for the Demonic God Temple, so many big clans of theirs have also died.” Dong Chen looked at the white dogs, the giant apes, and several big clans not far behind them, who were heading for the exit.

“The law of the jungle applies.

Its normal that theyve got killed since they cant defeat us.

It doesnt matter,” said Yuan Yi.

“Even if those Demonic Kings arent glad about it, since we have my king, Giant Ape King, and the brothers behind us on our side, they have to endure it even if they arent willing,” said the second king of the White Dog Clan.

Zhang Han and the others thought about it.

There was no doubt that when they went to the Demonic God Temple before, the Exotic Beasts didnt show any hostility.

After all, they were related.

But now, quite a few clans had their clansmen killed.

If Zhang Han and his team went over, then even if those clans didnt attack them for the sake of the Giant Ape King, the White Dog King, and the other Kings, they still might make things difficult for them.

There might be a fight if they encountered someone with a bad temper.

But that might not happen due to Yue Wuweis presence.

However, they would leave eventually, and they didnt want to have the white dogs and the giant apes bear the consequences later.

“Dont look at me.

Ask him.” Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Yue Wuwei pointed to Zhang Han.

He was the soul of the team but not the backbone.

“After we go out, well go to the human territory and find a city to rest,” Zhang Han said.

“I also need to cultivate in seclusion for a few days.

The news will spread, but the human territory is very large, and only a few people can recognize us.

Moreover, even if they recognize us, it wont matter.”

“Will you guys not go back to the Demonic God Temple” The second king of the White Dog Clan said, “Maybe our king wants to teach Little Hei some skills.”


Little Hei rolled its eyes and stopped wagging its tail.

It was a little haggard.

“Dahei can also learn from my Giant Ape Clan,” said Yuan Yi.

“Im not going.” Dahei poked its head out of Mengmengs schoolbag.

“Ill follow my host.”

“Lets go to a city to rest and experience the Domain of Seven Desolations,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

Last time, they were in such a hurry that they couldnt experience the place much.

They got to do it now.

They could tour around and gain more experience.

The atmosphere in the team gradually improved.

Theyd gained much along the way and had a good time returning.

In addition to Zhang Han, the others also took many intact spirit weapons on the street, most of which were at the fourth tier and some at the fifth tier, and there were so many of them.

Jiang Yanlan was very lucky.

She got the essence of the black phoenixs soul.

It took her a long process to absorb it so that her bloodline could change.

On their way to leave the Fiend Cave, they saw many humans, demons, and Exotic Beasts.

The three great armies noticed the team that had shown up right in front of them.

There were the white dogs, giant apes, and several other big clans, as well as those dozens of people who had barged in.

There was no sign of the Demon Clan or any other teams.

“Why did they come out first”

“Did they just go in to watch the show before leaving”

“The white dogs and giant apes are also there.”

No one dared to ask what was going on.

Everyone watched the main force leave.

Except for the white dogs and the giant apes, the others left without saying a word.

They didnt dare to make any noise either.

So the three great armies kept waiting again.

One hour, two hours…

Soon, five hours passed.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A group of several hundred people suddenly appeared from the Fiend Cave.

“Theyre out!”

“Theyre out!”

“Dai Wentian.”

“Lord Dai, dozens of humans have broken in earlier.

The demons and Exotic Beasts are not happy about it.

Whats the situation inside”

“They also left when they came out just now.

There is an expert in their team who is very powerful.”

Hearing those questions, Dai Wentian got greatly annoyed.

He suddenly shouted, “So noisy!

“What are you making a fuss about!”

After he finished his words, many peoples faces immediately turned pale.

“Oh my god!”

They were so scared that they subconsciously wanted to escape.

Some of them even flew several hundred meters away.

However, upon closer inspection, they found that it was Dai Wentian who had shouted.

He looked weird.

No one from the Human Clan or the Exotic Beasts knew what was going on.

The demons were watching aside with hostility.

“An expert”

Dai Wentian looked at the two people who were closest to him.

His forehead was covered with cold sweat as he asked in a depressed voice, “Who the hell told you it was one expert It was two! Do you hear me! Theyre all dead! They were all killed by him!”

“Who… Who are dead” an old man asked in a low voice.

“Protector Dong,” Dai Wentian took a deep breath before he said slowly, “You should ask the disciples of the Myriad Mountains Palace about what happened in there.”

“Protector, Elder Jinchuan is dead.

Many disciples are dead.

It was that Demon King.

He killed them.” Some disciples broke down emotionally.

After surviving the calamity, they still felt a lot of fear.

“What did you say!”

Protector Dong exclaimed, “Elder Jinchuan is dead”

“Boohoo, they are all dead, leaving only us.

The rest have been killed by the Demon King.

He alone killed all of them.”

“Oh my god!”

There was dead silence in the field.

“What did you say!”

“So many people have gone in, but only you guys arent killed”

“The demons, Exotic Beasts, and most of the humans are killed”

After the crowd got a positive answer-

“Good heavens!”

“Zhang Hanyang has become a Demon Monarch!”

“He killed them all alone!”

“He didnt let go of the Human Clan”

“He really is a Demon King.”

“Go! Lets go now! Lets go back and report to the Sect Leader that something bad has happened.”

The human troop rapidly retreated because they noticed that the demons had reacted.

“Hahaha! Those idiots said that someone has killed those people all alone! What a joke! Lord Mu Lunze is the one leading them in there!”

Many Exotic Beasts were also confused and intended to observe the situation first.

Unexpectedly, the human army retreated and left directly.

As for the demons, after they waited for a while, someone lost his patience and sent another team to go to the Relic.

The next day, the team returned.

All of their faces looked pale.

“Theres… nothing in there.

Its a Deadland.

Lord Mu Lunze and the others are gone.”

“What Is Demon General Mu Lunze really dead”

“Damn it.


The demon army had nowhere to vent their anger.

They stared at the Exotic Beast army for a bit before giving up on starting a fight.

“Zhang Hanyang has become a Demon Monarch!”

“Is he a demonic cultivator And he has reached the level of the Demon Monarch.


The demon army retreated in confusion.

The Exotic Beasts waited for their people to return and left one after another.

The farce-like experience in the Fiend Cave ended just like that.

Except for Zhang Hans team, no one gained anything.

They only got frightened.

On Zhang Hans teams side.

After leaving the Fiend Cave, Yue Wuwei controlled the spaceship and came to the beasts.

“Lets part ways here.

Well go to a city and tour around,” Yue Wuwei said.

“When you have time, pay us a visit,” said Yuan Yi.

“Youll be welcome at any time,” the second king of the White Dog Clan also said.

“Goodbye, guys.” Mengmeng waved.

“Well visit you when we have time,” Chen Chuan echoed.

Everyone said goodbye to each other.

Under the white dogs and the giant apes gazes, Zhang Han and his team boarded the king vessel, which soon disappeared at the horizon.

“Demon Monarch Zhang Hanyang.”

Yuan Yi took a deep breath.

“It seems that this title will soon spread across the entire Domain of Seven Desolations.”

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