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Chapter 1386 Covering the Sky and the Sun

On the way back, Jinchuan had already planned it out.

The thoughts and words of the elders of the Illusory Mansion and the War Saint Abyss were almost the same as what he thought.

How should he deal with the situation

He would use the demons power.

The Demon Clan was very arrogant, even more so than the three great sects.

They considered the Domain of Seven Desolations their territory and thought that all living things in the world were just nobodies.

They disdained joining forces, so Jinchuan told the truth directly.

If they did not join forces, he could just watch the fun.

After the white dogs and the giant apes were defeated, it would be time for him to fight for the group of people.

The risk was not low, but it was what Jinchuan wanted.

“It doesnt matter whether those people die or not.

“Lets get the fight started!”

Therefore, the current situation had occurred.

Two Demon Generals departed with five thousand demons.

“Something went wrong.”

Yuan Yi was tall and could see far into the distance.

When it saw the demons coming, its tone became quite serious.

“Lets go now and get out of here!”

The second king of the White Dog Clan was even more straightforward.

It knew that they couldnt win, so why would they stay here

“What about Daddy and Elder Yue” Mengmeng was a little anxious.

She didnt want to leave her father and the others here, but what could she do if she didnt go

She didnt know that.

The little girl had a confused look on her face at this moment.

The second king of the White Dog Clan said in a hurried tone, “If we dont leave now, we wont get to do it later.

Deep-sea Beast Demons are extremely good at hunting.”

The tension was spreading.

“Will we fight the Demon Clan” Mu Xues eyes lit up.

Most of them were at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak Stage.

However, it was still far from enough to fight against the demon army.

“I want to fight, but Im not powerful enough.” Chen Changqing sighed.

“Ill cover you.

You go first.”

Chu Qingyis expression was calm.

The Devil Shadow Clan was the spatially favored one.

They were familiar with space manipulation techniques and were proficient in various body movements.

Their ability to flee was extremely powerful, hence, she had the confidence to say that.

At this time, Zi Yan looked in the direction of the imperial city.

Although she was far away from it, she could feel that Zhang Han was sitting there cross-legged, and he was about to wake up.

Just as everyone was nervous, they heard Yue Wuweis calm voice.

“Just fight them as you please.

Leave the rest to me.”


“Im tired.

“I feel like a busboy.

“Not only do I need to suppress the black phoenixs soul and inner pellet, but I also need to suppress the demons out there.

“But it doesnt matter.

These are all trivial problems.”

“Elder Yue!”

“My father has said that, so there will be no problem.” Yue Xiaonao became confident.

“Great!” Ah Hu laughed.

“We can finally fight a great battle!”



Everyone was relieved.

On the demon armys side.

“Milord, what are those humans laughing at”

“You tell me.”

“My apologies.”

“What are they laughing at Arent they afraid of getting themselves killed”

“How strange.

Later, well kill off most of them and leave a few behind to control the one who drew the sword.”

“Go get them! Charge!”

This battle attracted a lot of attention.

The Exotic Beasts no longer attacked the Bounded Domain.

It was simply too tough.

Some of them even felt pain in their heads after crashing Bounded Domains.

They all stopped and looked at the scene behind them.

“Lets go support the white dogs.”

“Lets help Senior Yuan Yi.”

A small minority of races that had good relations with the white dogs and giant apes set out.

“Let them settle the battle outside the city themselves.”

Unexpectedly, the Devil General Mu Lunze gave a kind smile and his voice was calm.

He slightly waved his hand.

The five thousand demons moved to block the path of the Exotic Beast and the Human Clan.

Mu Lunze guarded the area alone with 5,000 demons.

He was very confident because he had the strength to do so.

“Things arent supposed to be like this.”

The elder of the Illusory Mansion glanced at Jinchuan with anger.

“I have always been like this when I do things,” Jinchuan replied in an aggressive manner.

That elder was rendered speechless.

“Forget it.

Theres nothing we can do about the current situation.”

Several elders of the War Saint Abyss spoke up successively.

“We are also well aware of what happened in the Sea Eye last time.

That group of people came from the Outer Domain, so they cant be considered a major group from the Domain of Seven Desolations.”

“They show no respect to us.

That man killed several high-position officials of the Myriad Mountains Palace ruthlessly.”

“This can be considered retribution.”

Just as they were discussing, they thought that some of the white dogs and giant apes outside would be killed.

At this time, Zhang Hans eyes trembled.

It was a sign of awakening.

His meridians had changed, and all of them had turned black.

The Devil Scripture Chapter was completed.

The final consolidation phase was about to be over.

“Will we fight them or not”

Seeing that the demons were blocking their way, several Exotic Beasts that wanted to go over and help got furious.

They felt like fighting those demons.

“Lets observe the situation first.

Senior Yuan Yi has yet to escape.

That means it has some confidence.”

“Thats right.

If theyre in danger, well go up and fight.”

They seemed to be unafraid of the Demon General Mu Lunze.

They would have the strongest one among them deal with him as they would only fight the ones of their level.




The word “kill” was shouted by a Demon General outside the city.

The voice echoed.

The five thousand demons charged forward with reckless abandon.

“Ill kill the second king of the White Dog Clan first!”

Another Demon General sneered.

But then, he suddenly fell into a daze.

“What Why, why cant I move”

“Whats going on My body is out of control.”

The two of them suddenly discovered that a kind of mysterious energy enveloped them.

It was as if they couldnt control their bodies.

“Just some trivial Demon Generals.

How dare they act rashly in front of me”

In the imperial city, Yue Wuwei snorted, his eyes shining with a green light.

After suppressing those two Demon Generals, he even took control of their bodies and placed their hands behind their backs, arched their chests, and raised their heads.

They floated in midair and looked down at the scene below indifferently.

He made it look like they disdained to fight.

In fact, the two Demon Generals were quite flustered.

“Damn, Im possessed.

“Im really possessed.

“Im doomed!”

The two Demon Generals had no choice but to come to this conclusion.

There were hundreds of core subordinates next to them, all of whom were powerful.

They looked down fiercely.

It seemed that they had no intention of taking action.

Almost all of the demons who took action were in the God Transformation Realm.

In the beginning, they even set up a Military Formation to charge, which was more effective than they had expected.

But it was strange that their team was in disorder.

Shouts of killing filled the air.

Yuan Yi tried its best to fight against this group of God Transformation demons.

“You look down on us Brothers, smash them to death!”

“Bite them!” The second king of the White Dog Clan ordered.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In addition to Yuan Yi, dozens of giant apes charged forward.

The second king of the White Dog Clan led the team and went over.

Obviously, Yuan Yi wanted to protect the rear.

Chu Qingyi hesitated.

There were too many people on the other side, and she shouldnt be in the rear with her combat ability.

With a flash, she swept forward and first attacked with the Cloud Flowerfall Sword Art.

Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, Chen Changqing, Jiang Yanlan, and others were very close to each other, forming a battle line to fight.

They could take care of each other and also block the enemies.

The second battle line was formed by Mengmeng, Nina, Liang Hao, and so on, whose strength was second to the formers.

Then, there were Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Liang Mengqi, Zi Yan, Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, and so on.

Some were trembling with fear.

“Heavens, this is too terrifying!”

Zi Qiang was a little dizzy.

“Its okay.

Im here,” Zi Yan said.

“Yan, can you fight I remember that when you were a kid, you would faint while seeing blood,” Zi Qiang said in a low voice.

“Who said I cant fight Thats all in the past.”

In order to prove herself, Zi Yan quietly waved the Sea Moon Fan three times.

It was an upgraded move.

The rays of light hit the demons but did not kill them.

However, it made them injured easily.

Even though their defensive moves were very powerful, some mysterious energy from Zi Yans attacks penetrated their bodies.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

She made the move 20 times in succession.

Dozens of demons in the front row were dumbfounded.

“Retreat, retreat now.

I cant hold on any longer.”

“That womans supernatural power is so terrifying!”

“Her attacks clearly arent that strong, but we arent able to withstand them.”

They felt miserable.

They had no choice but to retreat.

At the same time, Zi Yan also felt the strength of the Demon Clan.

She could only kill two of them with her attack.

On the front lines of the battlefield were the giant apes, the white dogs, and Chu Qingyi.

Not only had they held their ground against thousands of demon elites, but theyd killed the demons with incredible speed.

After all, the two Demon Generals and hundreds of their core subordinates were watching from behind.

The lackeys in front suffered a disaster.

“What are they doing”

Demon General Mu Lunze frowned and was a little angry.

In just a few minutes, more than a thousand demons had died.

They were all from the formal army of the Demon Clan.

They had mastered a lot of military formations.

Unexpectedly, they didnt even use a military formation and directly charged over.

“What a bunch of idiots!”

Mu Lunze was furious.

The Human Clan was even more shocked.

“Those people are so powerful.

The demons are losing!”

“Hey, those two Demon Generals and some of their more powerful subordinates are just staying there.

Are they toying with the other party”

“If they attack, itll be a catastrophe for those people.”


Many people and even many Exotic Beasts were discussing with each other.

At this moment, no one was paying attention to the imperial city, nor were they continuing to attack the Bounded Domain.

Almost all their attention was focused on the battlefield outside the city.

A Blood Demon designated Voice-transmitting Technique and said sinisterly, “Kill the people behind first!”

He led a team of a thousand to fight from the side and approached in batches.

Just when they were spotted-

“Form the array!”

The thousand-man team finally showed their formation and rushed to Zi Yans group in an orderly manner.

“Youre courting death!”

Yuan Yi raised its huge fist.


The might of a single punch was capable of shattering a battle formation.

However, there were a thousand demons, which were enormous.

More surprisingly-

“Shadow Displacement Transposition!”

The leading Blood Demon executed his innate supernatural power.

It was a combination of a thousand people and boundless energy, forming a mysterious technique.

Wisps of energy covered Yuan Yi like a huge net.


Yuan Yis huge body was unable to withstand the pulling force.

In the blink of an eye, it morphed into a streak of light and switched places with the demons.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.


Chu Qingyis expression changed drastically as she unleashed the power of the Devil Shadow Clan.

With a flash, she appeared in front of Zi Yan and the others as if she had jumped into the void.

But the attack she faced was too powerful.

The leading Blood Demon laughed sinisterly.

“Go to hell!”


Many onlookers were nervous and shocked.

“There were many beautiful ladies standing there.

“Will he kill them all”

“Maam!” Mu Xue exclaimed.

The second king of the White Dog Clan widened its eyes.

“Oh no!”

The others didnt think of anything for a while.

At this moment, they forgot that Yue Wuwei was there, and they forgot everything else.

It was as if their hearts had stopped beating.

It was a suffocating feeling of helplessness.


But they saw that Zi Yans eyes were slightly fierce as she sneered.

She was like a queen, disdainful of the attacks of the demons before her.

“Thousand-Demon Soul Devourer Kill!”

The power of the military formation was revealed.

Two continuous attacks swept forward like a hurricane.


Under everyones gaze, Zi Yan raised her right hand with a sneer.

She pressed forward and said lightly, “Kill them.”


In her palm that was emitting light, suddenly, a small black shadow flew out.

It was flying in the air.

“Whats that”

The leading Blood Demons eyes narrowed.

But right then, the figure that covered the sky appeared in the void above.

The leading Blood Demon was dumbfounded.

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