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Chapter 1353 The Delegation

“Its been tough!” He Tao said, “Such a long time has passed.

I can complete the whole set of practice that our tutor taught us in 79 seconds.”


I can complete it in 60 seconds.” Ling Duoduo snorted.

Chu Changan glimpsed at Ling Duoduo, nodded, and praised her as he said, “Not bad.”

He didnt even mention his time to complete the set.

However, Ling Duoduo knew that this guy performed faster and practiced harder.

About 45 seconds was enough for him to complete the set of practice.

The other peoples scores were almost the same.

He Tao was the first to name his time to complete the set, but he was ranked bottom.

When all the trainees arrived.

“Hello, Mr.


The six of them got up and greeted him.

“Take your seats.” Zhang Han waved his hand.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng sat on the chairs on the side like students.

Six or seven people, including the president of the branch and the deans, sat behind with a smile and a kind attitude.

“I havent lectured you for quite some time.

Hows your practice going” Zhang Han asked.

“I finish the set of practice in 79 seconds,” He Tao said.

The others spoke successively.

“Well, not bad.” Zhang Han praised them, “If its within 100 seconds, youll pass, and youll be marked excellent if within 50 seconds.”

He Taos facial muscles instantly stiffened a lot.

It turned out that he was only good enough to pass.

“Here are the training videos that Ive made up according to your individual situations, including some cultivation techniques and occult arts suitable for you.

They all belong to the academy, and you can earn some points to exchange for them.”

Zhang Han sent each of them a message.

He continued, “There will be a new chief tutor of Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

If I have time, Ill come and check you out.”


Treasure, will you stop being our tutor” Ling Duoduo asked immediately.

“Ill stay at Dragnet Academy for a long time and will come here often.

Its just that I wont come over every day,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Everyone came to realize that Mr.

Treasure was withdrawing himself behind the scenes.

He would lecture them every so often.

“As long as he can stay in the academy, it will be fine.”

The president of the Spirit Branch, the deans, and other high-level officials looked at each other.

Ever since the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, Zhang Hanyang, won the Earth Dragon List, they all felt that he might go to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven to have further development.

For now, it seemed that he would still stay in the academy for a long time.

As a matter of fact, Zhang Han planned to let the guys cultivate in Dragnet Academy during this time to learn all kinds of basic cultivation knowledge.

He didnt know how long it would take for his injuries to recover.

Without his soul sense, Zhang Han felt like he was blind.

After sitting in Class Nine of the Illusions Department for more than half an hour, Zhang Han announced that class was over.

Generally speaking, the classes would last for at least two hours.

However, the rules of Dragnet Academy were not important to Zhang Han.

“Daddy, are you tired” Sitting aside, Mengmeng asked with concern, “Shall we go home Mummy and I will make delicious food for you.”

“Why are you so obedient now” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“Thats how I should behave.” Mengmeng said with a smile, “We care about you so much.”

“Its because you have an appointment to go out at night,” Zi Yan said with a snort.

“Hey How do you know that” Mengmeng looked at Zi Yan suspiciously.

“I know everything.” Zi Yan wore a profound look.

“How could you counteract my effort” Mengmeng snorted.

“Im just worried whether my dad is tired.”

“Im indeed a little tired,” Zhang Han said with a smile, “but soon Ill be all right.

I feel that Ill recover in a week or two.”

“Im afraid that it wont happen so soon.

I feel that it may take a month for me to recover.

“The fastest recovery will take one or two weeks.

“However, its hard to say exactly how long it will take.

Its very painful to have lost my soul sense sea.

“I should take advantage of this period…”

Zhang Han thought for a while.

Back in the manor, Zhang Han sat on a lounge chair and enjoyed the afterglow of the setting sun.

He soon fell asleep with his eyes narrowed.

In the kitchen.

“Mummy, hurry up, or the food is going to burn!” Mengmeng exclaimed.

“What should I take What should I take” Zi Yan was a little flustered.

“It seems that I need to add some salt.”

After Mengmeng finished speaking, she took the salt from Zi Yan.

“Why did you spill a handful Its too much.”

“I accidentally got too much.

Take some out.

Why are you so mean to me”


It wasnt that two were better than one while the mother and daughter got busy in the kitchen.

Instead, they kept having arguments.

The most important thing was that it was chaotic in the kitchen.

Even if the ingredients were prepared in advance, it didnt help.

But the dishes cooked were delicious.

After they got busy for two hours, Mengmengs and Zi Yans delicate and tender faces were dirty in several places.

When the dishes were served, Zhang Han woke up and looked at the fine food on the table with a smile.

After dinner, Mengmeng ran out to hang around.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan strolled around the manor for a while and then went back to their room.

After washing up, they lay on the bed and soon fell asleep.

At first, Zhang Han slept for 20 hours a day.

After resting for a few days, Zhang Hans sleeping time changed to 18 hours, which showed that he was recovering fast.

Another week passed.

His sleeping time had reduced to 13 hours.

During this week, in addition to going out for a walk during the day with Zi Yan and Mengmeng, Zhang Han would go to his room to work.

Zi Yan checked it out several times and felt that her husband was busy with something like supernatural powers and occult arts.

After another week, Zhang Hans spirit was much better.

He would have ten hours of deep sleep every day.

After half a month, he had recovered quite well.

Finally, one day, the peace he had was interrupted.

“Zhang Hanyang, the delegation from the Star Dragon Area is here.

Their first stop is the Pellet-refining Branch.

They will be here in about half an hour.” Headmaster Shan sent a message over.


Got it.”

“You cant just get it.

You have to come over and help gain some respect for our academy at the beginning.

After that, the other branches wont look so bad,” said Headmaster Shan with a smile.

“Okay,” Zhang Han responded.

After ending the communication, Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan, who was lying lazily on the bed.

“I need to go to the Pellet-refining Branch.”

“Ill tidy things up.”

Zi Yan sat up.

After thinking for a while, she wore a long dress and crystal sandals.

Her long hair fluttered.

She walked out of the manor with Zhang Han and took the matt ground vehicles not far away.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the Pellet-refining Branch.

At this time, there were many excellent third-grade disciples gathered in the plaza of the Pellet-refining Branch.

There were also various management executives and tutors waiting for the arrival of the members of the major sects in the Star Dragon Area.

By every Dragon Ranking List, Star Province would provide the Astral Domain with many talents.

But it was not only the ones on the Dragon Ranking List who could go to the Astral Domain.

Every time the delegation of the Astral Domain went to visit some major sects to look for suitable talents, if some were lucky enough to be selected, they would also join the major sects of the Star Dragon Area.

The Star Dragon Area was subordinate to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, which was also much more developed than Star Province.

Moreover, they could also have good development in the Star Area subordinate to the Astral Domain.

Walking on the central plaza of the Pellet-refining Branch, Zi Yan asked curiously, “Exactly how large is the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven”

When she was curious, her eyes blinked faster than usual.

Her long eyelashes fluttered, and her eyes were slightly shining.

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan from the side and smiled.

“The Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is huge.

Its prosperous central area is at least ten times bigger than the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The whole area is huge including dozens of other star provinces, such as the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Take the Vast Heaven Star in the center for example.

It would take many Dao Seeking decades to circle around it while flying on themselves.”

“Its so big.” Zi Yan made a weird face.

“To put it simply, if Heavenly Dragon Star Province is a middle-level provincial capital, then the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is equivalent to an international metropolis like Shang Jing City and Lin Hai City.” Zhang Han made an analogy.

“It will take a few months to go from here to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven through the safe passage they made.” Zi Yan said, “Will there be fewer chances for us to go back to Earth in the future”

“We can get there months at the fastest, and it will take six months to go back and forth.” Zhang Han said, “It will take half a year to go back and forth, but dont forget that we can take a shortcut.”

“What is the shortcut” Zi Yan froze a bit.

“The Ancient Road of Starry Sky in the Domain of Seven Desolations leads directly to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven,” Zhang Han said.

“What is the Ancient Road of Starry Sky” Zi Yan asked.

“The Ancient Road of Starry Sky is a stable Space Passage, which has been existing since ancient times.

The Ancient Roads are rarely seen.

Simply put, it can be regarded as a Space Passage.

Our daughter can create a Space Portal with a casual move on Earth and go to any place she wants to go.

The Ancient Road of Starry Sky is fixed to connect two places,” Zhang Han explained.

“Oh, I see.” Zi Yan smiled.

“So itll take us a short while to go to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.”

“Of course, the round trip will only take a few days.”

“Then why didnt you propose to go check it out” Zi Yan asked.

Zhang Han would always think about taking Mengmeng somewhere interesting to have fun.

Whenever there was a beautiful place, he would take Zi Yan there to experience it.

The Astral Domain of Vast Heaven was so huge that it was bound to be more exciting.

“Thats what the theory says.” Zhang Han burst into laughter and said, “The Demon Clan can do whatever they want in the Domain of Seven Desolations, and the Ancient Road of Starry Sky is also deep in their territory.

If we want to go through it, we need to kill our way in.”

If Zhang Han were to go there alone, he would find a way to get through it.

However, since he was going there with his team, he was still wary of the Demon Clan.

The overall strength of the team wasnt that high.

If he was careless and lost a few members, then the gains wouldnt make up for the losses.

Of course, with Yue Wuwei on the team, they should be safe, but there was nothing absolute in the world.

Nowadays, Zhang Han preferred to be secure while doing things.

“Anyway, our cultivation career has just begun.

Theres no hurry.

Lets take it slow.” Zi Yan smiled and then looked forward with a serious face, saying, “Were here.

There are a lot of people.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many people looked at the gate of the square.



“The first on the Earth Dragon List!”

“A top master.

Hes Zhang Hanyang.”

“Hes here.”

The deans, tutors, and other senior executives came over to welcome Zhang Han with smiles on their faces.


Treasure, with you here, we can rest assured.”

“Nice to meet you, Maam.


Treasure is so lucky to have married you.

Youre as beautiful as a fairy rarely seen in the world.

Your beauty is beyond description!”

“Hahaha! With Mr.

Treasure present, that group of people will definitely not be able to reprove this time.”


Everyone greeted Zhang Han one after another.

They couldnt help looking at Zi Yan.

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