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Surrounded by oohs and aahs, Headmaster Shan shook his head slightly and said, “Maybe its not him.

Have you forgotten the master in charge of the Sea Dragon Star Area”

“Isnt that master the black-robed man” someone asked.

“No, its someone else, but they come from the same team.

That master is an elder.

Maybe he did it to teach these unbridled ancient demonic beasts a lesson.” Headmaster Shan heaved a long sigh of relief.

His nerves relaxed a lot.

At the same time, in the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Many angry voices could be heard there.

“Damn it, why cant I get out of this damn Domain”

“More than a hundred beasts were killed in the Sea Dragon Star Area, including seven of my clans younger generations.

If we do not avenge them, I cant appease the hatred in my hearts.”


“We cant get out of here for the time being, nor can we go back.

Without the barrier, well clear this place with blood!”

“The power of the barrier is weakening at all times.

We will soon get out of here.”

Many beasts were furious, but there were also some calm and rational ones.

They said, “Things shouldnt go on like this.”

“We Ancient Demonic Beasts require bloody experience.

It is time for the big battle to end.

Dont forget that there is still a Supreme Expert outside.”

“Yes, its time to end this.

Send some juniors to contact those human groups.

Then, both sides should agree to make rules to restrain our respective clans.

Meaningless killings are unnecessary, at least for now.

In this area, the Human Clan will eventually be wiped out by us.

Let the juniors have some experience first.”

“What if they dont agree”

“Hehehe, then tell them that soon after, we will descend.”

After talks, many Great Devils chose to contact the Human Clan and make rules.

In other words, they chose to negotiate.

It was mainly because too many of the juniors had died.

They did not know who could kill more than a hundred beasts of the younger generation so quickly.

It might be the Supreme Expert.

It seemed that someone was going to be the scapegoat again.

The power of the Supreme Expert frightened them.

Therefore, they considered ending the big battle.

“Weve done enough killings.”

“The whole area already knows about the arrival of the Ancient Demonic Beasts.”

“Times have changed.

The glories of the Ancient Demonic Beasts are about to begin.”

After failing to find any ancient demonic beasts around, Zhang Hans team returned.

Back on the Dragon Base Star.

Looking at the crowd even in the wilderness, Liu Qingfeng remained silent for a long time.

Finally, he spat out, “Its a complete mess.”

In order to avoid some unnecessary trouble in a time of crisis, Liu Qingfeng opened the space station, so that the refugees could live on the planet.

After the cities were almost full, he arranged for them to live in the suburbs and the wilderness.

He just did not expect the population to be so large.

There were much more pedestrians on the streets in the main city of Mount Double Moons.

But near Mount Double Moons, there was still a quiet place in the bustling city.

“Lets cultivate and refine the absorbed essence energy,” Zhang Han said.

Recently, he had eaten a lot of ancient demonic beasts, and there were still more than a hundred beasts in his Space Ring.

Even Dahei and Little Hei, which both had a good appetite, could not eat too many beasts.



Dahei, which grew more than two meters tall, looked at its round belly like a beer belly, patted it a few times, and shouted at Zhang Han.

“Master, look at my belly.

Its so big.”

After saying that, the three beasts ran to the mountain behind.

Dahei lay directly on the lawn.

In just three seconds, it began to snore.

Little Hei lay beside him, while Tiny Tot lay on Daheis belly behind.

“Well, lets just absorb and refine the energy.”

Zhang Han looked at the time and said, “Its twenty past nine in the morning on the Dragon Base Star.

We should speed up the process so that we can start dinner at eight oclock in the evening.

These ancient demonic beasts must be eaten as soon as possible, or the energy in the meat will be gone.”

“Okay,” Dong Chen said with a smile.

He enjoyed the meal very much.

Gai Xingkong grinned and said, “It feels like a buffet.

We would crowd the table with food before eating.

Ha, we are so lucky to eat ancient demonic beasts every day.

I didnt even dare to think about it.”

“This is equivalent to a kind of wonderful tonic food.”

“Lets hurry up and cultivate.

Then, we can have a drink tonight.”

After a while, everyone quieted down and went back to the villa for reclusive cultivation.

Even Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Chen Chuan went to cultivate.

Liu Qingfeng, Sun Ming, and the others went to the company to learn about its recent situation.

They read the statements till it grew dark.

In the office.

“Fortunately, we didnt lose much.” Sun Ming breathed a long sigh of relief.

“The outer planets were affected, but our people evacuated relatively early.

We lost some buildings, but the amount of loss is modest.

Its about fifty billion crystal stones in total.”

Liu Qingfeng laughed out loud and said, “Its surprising.

There is originally a thickly scattered permanent population in those cities open to the refugees.

The riots of the ancient demonic beasts brought us more benefits than loss.”

It was interesting.

After saying that, Liu Qingfeng sighed again.

“I still hope that this kind of incident will happen less frequently.

Its a little scary.

Thats all we can do for the time being.

Those ancient demonic beasts have returned to the Blue Sand Wind Domain one after another.

We dont know what will happen next.

The companys progress must be made after the Blue Sand Wind Domain is in stable condition.

Well, lets take turns having a holiday recently.

Our boss said that we will have a long holiday this year and we can go back to Earth.”

“Ha, its time to go back.

Ill see my son,” Sun Ming said with a smile.

The others present also relaxed a lot.

They had to say that they had been under great pressure recently.

The ancient demonic beasts were so rampant that they felt as if their heads were tied to their belts.

Lord Nan Shan curled his lips and said, “Holiday If you want to go on holiday, just do it.

I wont go back.”

When the ancient demonic beasts appeared, most people got worried, while only a few people got excited, such as Lord Nan Shan.

The great world of cultivation was really wonderful.

He expected to participate in the world one day and compete against the Ancient Demonic Beasts.

What a wonderful life!

Moreover, he had just heard that the boss had killed some powerful ancient demonic beasts with his fist skills.

He was frustrated.

How could Zhang Hanyang improve his strength so fast

But his expectation was even stronger.

In the following days, everyone began to cultivate on Mount Double Moons.

On the whole, there was often someone breaking through.

Zhang Han prepared a lot of ancient demonic beast meat.

Almost all the Inner Elixirs had been eaten by Little Hei.

Dahei was the biggest eater among them and had gained a lot of weight.

Little Hei had undergone another massive change, so its body was more well-proportioned and majestic.

As a cultivator at almost the middle stage of the Elixir Realm, Yue Xiaonao could defeat a cultivator at the late stage of the Elixir Realm, but she always complained that her fighting capability was so low.

After all, Mengmeng could even fight against a cultivator in the middle stage of the Yuan Ying Realm.

Yue Wuwei had a headache.

“Well, you arent the Heavenly Lord.

You cant compare yourself with her.

Also, youre usually lazy.

How can you have remarkable fighting capability Its out of my hands!”

He could not do anything about her.

Finally, Lisas words helped him get rid of Yue Xiaonao.

Gradually, a week passed.

The Star Area completely calmed down, and there was no trace of an ancient demonic beast.

In Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

There was the Heaven Connecting Star in the opposite direction to the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Heavenly Dragon Star Province was very far away from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

Zhang Han had used the administrative division on Earth to describe the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, Heavenly Dragon Star Province, Sea Dragon Star Area, and other places, which gave Zi Yan, Zhang Guangyou, Zhao Feng, and the others a direct understanding of these places.

If the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven was at the provincial level, then Heavenly Dragon Star Province would be at the city level and Sea Dragon Star Area would be at the town level.

Heavenly Dragon Star Province was a prosperous city, which consisted of dozens of counties, villages, and towns.

They were located in the same large area.

If it werent for the Blue Sand Wind Domain, it looked like an irregular big circle vertically.

Heavenly Dragon Star Province was very far away from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

There had been tens of thousands of masters who had personally created a Space Passage between the two places.

It was actually a secondary space that was comparatively safe.

Heavenly Dragon Star Province was surrounded by wild Star Areas, where there were no signs of human beings but Starry Sky Beasts lived.

It took them a hundred years to create a relatively safe secondary spatial passage.

Originally, a careful ride on the King Vessel through those wild Star Areas from Heavenly Dragon Star Province to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven would take half a year at least or two or three years at most.

With the secondary spatial passage, the ride on the King Vessel would only take about a month, if they traveled at their fastest speed without stopping.

Along the way, there were hundreds of planets.

Especially on the base planets, there were permanent staff from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, who were assigned to detect any surrounding secret realms and guard the secondary spatial passage, roughly, against some natural and adverse environments, or the obstruction of shattered continents, or the Starry Sky Beasts and so on.

In Heavenly Dragon Star Province, Heaven Connecting Star was the planet closest to the passage to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

As the starting point, it was named Heaven Connecting Star.

On Heaven Connecting Star now.

A total of several hundred people, including Headmaster Shan, dozens of members of the Omnipotent Troop, and even Taoist Deadwood, were standing on an enormous steel machine, which was a space station that came from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven and had the function of high-end detection.

“Weve informed the nearby planets.

We thought that they would arrive two days later, but they came so fast.” An old man shook his head and added with a sigh, “The Zhenlong Faction is indeed the largest force in the Star Dragon Area.

They came too fast.

With their help, the pressure on us will be much less.”

“Thats right.

Those who had been sent should be at the peak stage of the Void Refining Realm.

Some of them are even at the early stage of the Integration Realm.

They must be able to suppress those ancient demonic beasts.”

“Hahaha, finally, its going to be over.

Ive been on tenterhooks for a long time.

Ive had it.”

In a harmonious atmosphere, they talked and laughed.

Someone asked, “Arent they from the Astral Domain Why the Star Dragon Area”

“You havent been to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, so of course, you dont know why.

The Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is huge.

It has a double-ring shape.

The outer ring occupies 70% of the area, and the inner ring occupies 30%.

Around the outer ring, there are nearly 200 Star Areas.

Dont compare them to our Star Areas.

Every Star Area there refers to a Domain superior to a Star Province.

For Heavenly Dragon Star Province, this secondary spatial passage will eventually reach the Star Dragon Area.

Because each Star Province will send some geniuses over every few years, the Astral Domain will protect us.

It is in the charge of those subsidiary Star Areas.”

“Its so complicated.

How could there be two hundred Star Provinces under the control of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven”

“There are actually more.

Some Star Provinces dont even have such passages.

Maybe their passages were destroyed, or they suffered catastrophes.

For example, our Heavenly Dragon Star Province was almost swallowed up by ancient demonic beasts.

If those great devils in the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain appear, Heavenly Dragon Star Province will probably be removed from this world.”

“This kind of catastrophe is very rare.

It may not even happen once in a thousand years.

Heavenly Dragon Star Province is so unlucky.”

“The Zhenlong Faction is the largest force in the Star Dragon Area, which is a superior Domain responsible for us.

If they send people here, we dont have to worry about it.”

“Im a little nervous now.

This is the first time Ive seen the great cultivators from the Astral Domain.”

“Look at you! Whats there to be nervous about Theyre also cultivators, who are much stronger than us.

They cant be born with three eyes, or three heads and six arms.”

“There is really a clan with three heads and six arms.

Theyre called the Void Clan, and theyre very powerful.

Its said that they live in the Astral Domain.”


There was much discussion in the crowd.

Some of them had never been to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, so they were curious about it.

Most of these people were comparatively young cultivators because almost all the seniors present had been there and had a one-sided understanding of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Dozens of high-end King Vessels soon came into view and leaped out of the secondary space.

The fleet stopped near the space station.

No one got off, and only the signal was connected to inform the Omnipotent Troop to board the King Vessel in the middle.

The crowd flew straight into the vessel through the door.

Some well-equipped guards could be seen on the way inward.

They were wearing close-fitting armor, each of which had an Azure Dragon symbol on the arms and chest.

It stood for the regular troops of the Zhenlong Faction.

Each of them had an aura of coldness, which made them look great.

“The Zhenlong Faction is the largest force in the Star Dragon Area.

I finally see it today.”

Many members of the Omnipotent Troop got slightly excited and looked around.

They walked inward along the corridor and saw a man in black standing in front of the door.

“Follow me.”

He led the way inward.

After passing through a few compartments, they arrived at the hall.

He turned around and said, “Your representatives are allowed in.

The others can wait here.”


Some people, including Headmaster Shan, looked at each other.

In the end, only eight people, including Shan, entered the lounge.

When the door was open, they discovered that there were only a dozen people already in the lounge, which could certainly hold all the people present.

But they were not allowed in.

Some members of the Omnipotent Troop felt slightly depressed.

They could feel that those from the Zhenlong Faction were a little arrogant.

In the lounge.

The representatives, including Headmaster Shan, were taken to a circular sofa area.

A man, with a square face and small eyes, was sitting inside.

He looked a little cold and different, but he was easy-going when he spoke.

“Please be seated.”

The representatives took their seats.

“Let me introduce myself.

Im Yan Bo, the chief supervisor assigned by the Zhenlong Faction.

You can call me by my name.”

Seeing that one of the representatives was going to speak, the man said, “You dont need to introduce yourselves.

Just tell me about the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

I want to hear the details.”

“Blue Sand Wind Domain…”

An elder present explained the situation roughly.

If there was anything missing, the others would fill in the details.

The Blue Sand Wind Domain rapidly shrank, followed by the appearance of Great Devils and inexplicable laughter.

Then, the disaster struck.

The younger generation of the ancient demonic beasts launched a sweeping invasion in the outer area.

Later, a master appeared in the Sea Dragon Star Area, who had been in contact with the central zone of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

The elder introduced almost everything he knew.

He even mentioned the Rising Sun Operation as well as the black-robed man.

“Oh He killed the Peacock King and the Iron Armor Dragon at the early stage of Void-refining Realm with his fist skills”

Yan Bo immediately became somewhat interested.

“Who is he”

“I dont know.

Ive never seen him before.

“Its said that hes from the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“I dont know the specific information.”

A young man thought for a moment and said, “Wait.

I seem to have heard of that man.

Several people in the Small Sky Dragon Region said that the black-robed man is said to be Zhang Hanyang, the new king of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Now he is the most powerful one there.”


Upon hearing this, Yan Bo, who was sitting inside, burst into laughter and said, “Its so funny that someone is respected as the king in such a small star area.

But with his strength, he indeed has no opponent in the Star Area.

Forget it, he is just an outsider, and there is no need to pay attention to him for the time being.

Captain Ling, go straight to the Blue Sand Wind Domain.”


“You can leave now,” said Yan Bo, closing his eyes slowly to rest.

Headmaster Shan and the others left the hall and were quartered in a room that was much smaller.

Soon after, they arrived at the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Chief Yan led a team of hundreds of men.

Except for more than ten cultivators at the front including Yan Bo, other cultivators armors transformed into a five-meter-tall mecha each.

Headmaster Shan and the others were waiting in the back and watching them enter.

“I hope that peace negotiations will be achieved,” Headmaster Shan thought to himself.

In the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

There was endless blue sand, accompanied by infinite spatial fluctuations.

They went along to the core area.

A white world came into their view.

It was like another world.

“Why does it look like a land mass

“Chief supervisor, the energy fluctuations here are extremely intense, and the spatial fluctuations are also extremely intense.

They have both reached the level of alert.

It may involve a big problem.

In such situations, minor changes usually happen at the early stage, and real horrors are yet to come.

Shall we inform the Astral Domain” Another supervisor asked.

“No need for now.

Lets see the intention of those Great Devils.”

Yan Bo sneered and said, “As long as they cant come out, they cant do anything to us.

Inspect the surrounding environment and get the energy data.”

After that, they moved forward for another tens of kilometers.

They arrived at the border.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss, hiss…”

A middle-aged man next to Yan Bo took a deep breath and said, “I seem to smell ancient demonic beasts.”

Seeing this, Yan Bo looked slightly stiff.

He patted the man on the arm and pointed to the right.

“You smelled **.”

When the middle-aged man turned his head and saw dozens of lumps of ** floating in the void, he was immediately embarrassed with a blush.


Yan Bo raised his head and threw out a beam of red light, which was thousands of meters long, to the milky misty area.

Fluctuations appeared.

A large number of breaths were sensed from within.

“There are really ancient demonic beasts.”

Yan Bo looked at the fluctuations fixedly, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Ancient Demonic Beasts were very powerful and gifted.

It was possible for them to tame those beasts at a low level.

Once they had Ancient Demonic Beasts as their pets…

“On behalf of Heavenly Dragon Star Province, Im here to discuss some matters with you.

If you still want to travel around Heavenly Dragon Star Province, youd better behave yourself.”

He could feel the fluctuations coming from inside.

Some illusory figures of ancient demonic beasts seemed to be revealed in the milky fog within a radius of ten thousand meters.

They were coming out!


A huge claw, as if tearing through the space, came out from inside to attack Yan Bo.

“Thud, thud, thud…”

These people were swept away and flew backward.

As the main target, Yan Bo flew hundreds of meters away.

His face turned pale, and blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

But at this time, he was disheartened, and he felt a chill rising from his back to his brain.

“The attack just now…

“It is at least at the middle stage of the Integration Realm.

“So terrifying! So powerful!”

After seeing the enormous claw, like a crocodile claw, slowly drawing back, Yan Bo froze.

He felt his heart beating violently.

“How dare the weak come to negotiate with us” A powerful voice came from inside.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

After the sentence, several thousand ancient demonic beasts showed up from the milky mist, floating in the air.

These demonic beasts did not hide their auras, so it could be found that most of them were in the God Transformation Realm, with a few in the Void-refining Realm and few in the Yuan Ying Realm.

Yan Bos subordinates had already learned about this.

However, in terms of the realm classification, Ancient Demonic Beasts were not totally but roughly the same as the Human Clan.

“Im the chief supervisor of the Zhenlong Faction, in the Star Dragon Area, of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

Im here to investigate and solve the problem in Heavenly Dragon Star Province,” Yan Bo said after taking a deep breath.

“The Astral Domain of Vast Heaven Ive never heard of it.”

Yan Bo was speechless.

What a bunch of barbaric beasts!

He was angry and anxious, but he had to communicate with them.

His main purpose was to ask them what they meant.

They said something in a roundabout way and did not go straight to the point.

There were some words from the Great Devils inside, indicating that they would conduct a massacre first in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

They sounded very arrogant, but Yan Bo did not dare to say anything.

After the talk, these people left slowly, enduring the humiliation, as if they had signed an unequal treaty.

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