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Chapter 1231 The Cultivation Progress that Astonished Zhang Han

“Waiter, Id like a filet steak, medium-well.

Bring it to this table.”


Mengmeng took a seat next to Zhang Han.

“Oh, our little fairy is here!” Zhang Han said with a smile.

He had sensed Mengmeng the moment she opened the Space Portal.

“Humph, no one invited me to lunch, so I had to invite myself.” Mengmeng pouted at Zi Yan.

“My lazy girl, who knows how long you would sleep” Zi Yan said.

“Mengmeng, how did you become so mighty” Zhou Fei was in a great mood to chat.

She said, “You gotta teach my Chen Chuan when you have time.

After all, he is like your younger brother.

You should look after him.”

“How can I look after him Im still a child myself.” Mengmeng shook her head repeatedly.

“Tsk, now you see yourself as a child” Zhou Fei narrowed her eyes and said, “Ungrateful girl, dont forget what I did for you when you pooped in bed…”

“All right.

All right.” Mengmeng felt a headache coming on and quickly said, “Im going to have a steak.

Aunty Feifei, dont mention that.

Isnt your son already very amazing He reached the Innateness Realm at eight years old.

How much higher do you want him to climb”

“Thats true.” Zhou Fei smiled and said, “My son is only eight years old and has reached the Innateness Realm.

Maybe he can enter the Elixir Realm at 10 and reach the Yuan Ying Realm at 14.”

Zhou Fei was wearing a self-satisfied expression.

From her words, Chen Chuang seemed much more impressive than Mengmeng.


However, Mengmeng sighed softly and said seriously, “Aunty Feifei, your vision is pragmatic.

Your son has reached the Innateness Realm within two years of cultivation.

But Im merely in the Elixir Realm.”

Zhou Fei was speechless.


Mengmeng had a bite at the steak.

To be exact, she took just two bites before saying, “Dad, you can have my steak.

Dont waste food.

Im going back to study.

Theres an exam tomorrow.”

After that, Mengmeng left with ease.

“She really can go anywhere freely now,” Zhang Han said with emotion.

After staying in the western-style restaurant for a while, they went to take a walk on the beach and then returned to Mount New Moon.

The family of three used the Space Portal this time mainly to let Zi Yan experience the pleasure.

In the blink of an eye, they went from a place where the night was falling to a place where the sun was rising on the horizon.

In another split second, they arrived in the polar region to see auroras.

The family of three spent a warm, peaceful, and happy time.

That evening, Mengmeng, Nina, Yue Xiaonao, Ah Hu, Xu Yong, Zhang Han, and some others came to the sea.

The crowd wanted to spar with Mengmeng to see how good she was at fighting.

Once Mengmeng struck, terrifying energy fluctuations emerged and caused their faces to be pale.

One of them exclaimed, “How can this be In the secular world, the highest realm one can reach is merely the Innateness Realm, isnt it”

“Mengmeng has control over that pearl.

Thus, the suppression nearby has temporarily disappeared,” Zhang Han explained.

Everyone was finally enlightened.

After doing some thinking, they found that it made sense.

After all, the Little Princess was the Heavenly Lord.

Still, many were stunned to see Mengmengs super powerful combat capability.

With mixed feelings, most of them soon returned to Mount New Moon to cultivate.

The next day…

Early in the morning, in the roars of the four supercars, the four pretty girls went to the First Middle School for the exam.

The final exam lasted for two days.

Three days later, the four girls went back to school as the other students did.

Everyone was now used to the supercars that occasionally appeared by the side of the teaching building.

“Hi, Mengmeng, Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina!”

Bei Jinnan and several students were standing at the gate of the teaching building.

When they saw Mengmeng and others coming over, they greeted them enthusiastically.

“The results of the exam will be announced today.

How do you feel now Are you nervous”

“Why should I be nervous Im definitely in the top five,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“If nothing goes wrong, Mengmeng will come first.

Nina will be ranked second.

Xiaonao will take third place.

You are like three overlords in our class.

Ahem, well, I also wonder how Felina did in this exam,” Bei Jinnan said with a smile.

“Top ten,” Felina said coolly.

Suddenly, Bei Jinnan didnt want to speak anymore.

“Maybe I wont be the top one this time.

Nina was only 10 points short of catching up with me last time.

Maybe she will come first this time,” Mengmeng said casually.

“Probably not.” Nina shook her head and said with a smile, “We certainly can get all the basic questions right.

But when it comes to writing and open-ended questions, Ill lose more marks than you.”

“It doesnt matter.

Anyway, this exam was simple.

Though I wasnt on my game this time, Im definitely in the top five,” Yue Xiaonao said nonchalantly.

Bei Jinnan said, “Xiaonao, please say no more…”

He really wanted to tell them that he couldnt understand geniuses like them.

“Well, every time they said that they didnt do well in the exam, they turned out to be number one or among the top ten.

When they said their performance was okay, they actually ranked among the top five.”

Thus, Bei Jinnan no longer wanted to discuss the exam.

Thinking of his scores, Bei Jinnan felt a surge of sadness and murmured, “This time, I might… Well… I probably cant make it into the top 30.”

“You fell down in your studies again” Mengmeng glanced at Bei Jinnan and said, “Is it because of your dating Does it cause your grades to plummet”


That girl is just a good friend of mine.”

“Humph!” A cold snort and a stomp came from not far away.


Bei Jinnan looked over and hurriedly went away to chase after a girl.

“What the heck Hes got another girlfriend” Yue Xiaonao looked that girl up and down.

After returning to their classroom, Mengmeng and the girls were immediately surrounded by classmates.

Li Muen was also very happy to see them in school.

They chattered for a long while.

Then, Bai Yilin, the lead teacher, walked into the classroom with the transcripts.

“Zhang Yumeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina, you girls are amazing.

“Now, Ill briefly announce the results of the exam.”

Bai Yilin clapped his hands and looked at the transcripts.

“Zhang Yumeng, 739 points, ranking first in our class and in the grade.”


There was a round of thunderous applause.

“Nina, 733 points, second in our class and in the grade.”

There was another round of warm applause.

“Yue Xiaonao has improved a lot this time.

She has earned 711 points, ranking third in our class and sixth in the grade.

“Felina has also progressed very fast.

Shes scored 699 points, ranking seventh in our class and fifteenth in the grade.

“The questions in this exam are much more difficult than those in previous ones.

What surprises us is that Zhang Yumeng and Nina still can get such high scores.

In the whole grade, only the two of them have earned more than 720 points.

What does this mean The two have gained a thorough understanding of everything weve taught you in class.

Theyve served as great examples for you.

Ive also told you that to be a top student, you not only need to answer the basic questions and absorb the content of the textbooks but also to do some expansive learning.

In this exam, there are several expansive questions not shown in class.

Many of you dont have a clue to solve them, am I right”

Bai Yilin looked back and forth at Mengmeng, Nina, and the others.

He also admired them from the bottom of his heart because they were truly amazing.

“As for the rest of you, your average scores are lower than last time, which is normal.

The scores of the whole grade are not as high as last time.

Our class is still the top one.

Were the champion among all the classes in this grade…”

Bai Yilin went on to talk about the scores.

He named some students with better grades, as well as some who fell behind, such as Bei Jinnan.

“When the next semester starts, youll be in the third grade, which is also the last year of junior high school.

“Everyone, work hard to study.

Your days in senior high school will come soon.

You should strive for good grades and make it into advanced classes.

By the way, you should do more sports during your leisure time.

Your grades in sports in junior high school also count in the senior high school entrance examination.

“Next semester, were going to move to a classroom on the fifth or the sixth floor.”

After chatting for a while, Bai Yilin clapped his hands and said, “I wish all of you a wonderful holiday.”

As summer vacation arrived, most of the students were very happy.

At around nine oclock, the students left in succession.

Li Muen got in Mengmengs car.

“Im so happy.

Its finally summer vacation,” Li Muen said jubilantly.

“Where are we heading”

“Lets have some ice cream and then discuss where we will go to hang out,” Mengmeng replied.

The girls drove to the ice cream shop located in a mall that they often visited.

Each of them bought an ice cream cone and ate it while walking.

“Ah, Mengmeng, look over there.

Isnt that Yihan” Li Muen suddenly patted Mengmeng on the arm.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina all looked at the girl pointed out by Li Muen.

It was indeed Wang Yihan.

Her hair was black again.

She was dressed in sportswear, which made her look simple and innocent.

Wang Jiawen and Su Yu were walking beside her, talking and laughing.

Wang Yihan was also smiling happily.

“Shall we ask her to hang out with us” Li Muen asked.


Mengmeng hesitated and shook her head.

“No, shes with her parents.”

After eyeing Wang Yihan for moments, the girls headed out of the mall.

During this period, Mengmeng did some thinking.

“Judging from Mr.

and Mrs.

Wangs expressions, they did not get a divorce.

I think theyve reconciled.”

Mengmeng didnt know the details.

But Wang Jiawen and Su Yus expressions clearly manifested the reunion of a couple or the attitude of letting bygones be bygones.

The girls spent the whole day having fun outside.

When it was getting dark, they returned to Mount New Moon.

“Daddy, when are we going to the Sea Dragon Star Area” Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han and asked.

“Theres no rush.

Ill train you first,” Zhang Han said, “Well go there after youve mastered all the basics.”

“Oh, okay.

Ill go to cultivate now.”

“I was not talking about that kind of cultivation.

I meant I would give you some training.” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“Find a beautiful island.

Well go there.”


Mengmeng was stunned for a moment and then realized what Zhang Han said.

The pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet appeared in her right hand.

She instilled her will into it and stared at it for a while before saying, “There are no people there.”


She casually waved her hand, and a Space Portal appeared.

The three of Zhang Hans family stepped out of the bedroom and crossed the portal before landing on a small island with beautiful scenery.

The island was not very big.

The sand on the beach was very fine.

It was very comfortable to walk barefoot on the beach.

There were also some coconut trees around.

“Lets build a pavilion.

Sweetheart, watch me.”

Zhang Han cast his soul sense.


Four trees in a distance were uprooted and landed beside them.

Their ends pierced deep into the ground, leaving only a short part sticking out of the ground.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

It was as if there were knives cutting the trees.

The leaves, the bark, and the branches flew up and gathered together, quickly forming a round vault more than three meters high.

Bit by bit, some patterns were carved on the trunks of the four trees.

When the patterns were finished, many small glimmering stones were embedded into the surface of the trunks one after the other.

In the end, Zhang Han set a crystal stone at the top of the pavilion.


Bits of profound auras radiated from the pavilion.

“The pavilion is done.

Ive also cast a set of formations that can repel heat and bugs,” Zhang Han said.

“I did this all by controlling my soul sense.

Mengmeng, you give it a try.

Make a sling chair for your Mummy.”


Mengmeng was full of confidence.

With a stir of her soul sense, a thick tree was pulled up, cut up, and reassembled.

Two minutes later…

“This is my sling chair” Mengmeng looked as if she was about to go crazy.

The sling chair beside Zi Yan was almost like a wooden board that was a bit curvy.

“Because you are not familiar with this subtle control of power and hadnt practiced before.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “Subtle control of power is a meticulous work like carving.

It is indeed somewhat difficult.

Cultivators are usually good at fighting.

But many people have a common problem—they rely on cultivation methods, secret skills, and supernatural powers too much.

They conduct long-term cultivation only to strengthen those.

Im not saying that they are doing it wrong, but there are smarter ways.

I once saw a cultivator controlling 100,000 swords, each of which could make its own moves.

His sword formation constantly altered and moved in alignment with his will.

That was the real Myriad Swords Formation.”

“I also want to learn such cool moves.” Mengmengs eyes gleamed.

Hearing this, Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “That man was only in the Yuan Ying Realm at that time, but he was able to kill a cultivator in the God Transformation Realm with the Myriad Swords Formation.”

Killing a cultivator in the God Transformation Realm with the strength of the Yuan Ying Realm was quite an impressive feat.

That man had been in the Tribulation Stage for 50 years.

His aptitude was even much better than Zhang Hans at that time.

He was famous around the world for his Myriad Swords Formation.

In the end, he was praised as Immortal Master Myriad Swords.

“I am not talking about the Myriad Swords Formation but the path he took.”

Zhang Han looked at the undulating sea and said, “The soul sense is the energy in the soul sense sea that cultivators can control in the beginning.

The more refined cultivation begins from the God Transformation Realm.

The man I mentioned started the refined cultivation of his soul sense from the outset.

There are three stages for the control of the soul sense, namely the primary stage, the meticulous stage, and the perfect stage.

“The primary stage is not about the normal use of the soul sense as you can do now.

Instead, it represents the initial mastery.

If you can make two sling chairs, you will be considered to have gained the initial mastery.

Getting to the primary stage is relatively simple.

Most cultivators can achieve that after practicing for some time.

Then, you need to head for the meticulous stage to gain meticulous control.

If the primary stage is two-dimensional, adding the sensing ability, the meticulous stage is three-dimensional.

Then, what you feel will be stereoscopic.

Thats what it is like.

The perfect stage is like the comprehensive control of points and planes.”

Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head and said bracingly, “Now we have a pavilion.

As the Little Princess in our family, your task is to make two sling chairs for Mummy and Daddy.

We want the angular kind.”

“Okay! Ill definitely complete the task!” Mengmeng replied in a confident voice.

Then, she asked, “Normally, how long will it take to reach the primary stage”

“Two days.” Zhang Han thought about it and answered Mengmeng with the shortest possible span.

“Then Ill do it in two days too!”

Mengmengs competitiveness was spurred.

She ran to the side and began to use her soul sense to make sling chairs.

One, two, ten, twenty…

It seemed that each of the chairs Mengmeng made was almost the same.

They were not beautiful chairs.

Some of them were even a bit ugly.

Mengmeng threw all of them aside.

Zi Yan looked at Mengmeng, who was practicing diligently, and smiled.

She glanced at Zhang Han and asked, “How long did it take you to get to the primary stage”

Hearing this, Zhang Han cleared his throat and raised a soundproof cover before answering.

“It took me seven days back then.”

“Pfft… then why did you tell Mengmeng it will normally take two days”

“Two days is the record of Immortal Master Myriad Swords.” Zhang Han laughed.

“I did this on purpose.

Mengmeng will get the hang of it in a couple of days, but Im afraid she will be depressed for a while.

Hahaha, does this count as setting up my child”


Zi Yan covered her mouth and sniggered.

She found this funny but still couldnt help rolling her eyes at Zhang Han.

After dispersing the soundproof cover, the two paced back and forth on the beach while watching Mengmeng, who was working hard on the sling chairs.


“Daddy, Im done.”

Mengmengs face was a little dirty like a peasant who had just come back from the field.

She looked cute like this.

But Zhang Han was blown away when he saw that there were three beautifully crafted big wooden sling chairs with adjustable backs in the pavilion.

“It took Mengmeng six hours.” Zi Yan laughed and said, “Ouch, youve been proven wrong.”

Zhang Han was speechless.

“My daughter, do you have to be so incredible”

“Good job.


Youre absolutely amazing,” Zhang Han praised.

Mengmeng immediately put on a big smile.

“Sit down and have a rest.”

The three of them leaned against the sling chairs.

Zhang Han took out a glass of juice and handed it to Mengmeng.

“Daddy, I think youre mistaken.

I saw Uncle Hu, Uncle Feng, and others make things like this without effort,” Mengmeng said, looking suspicious.

“They did that with spiritual force.

The soul sense only played a small part in their work,” Zhang Han said.

“One begins to control the spiritual force from the Qi Refining Stage.

Its as simple as using your hands and feet.

If you want to reach the primary stage of controlling soul sense, you just need to cultivate it.

But if you want to reach the meticulous stage and the perfect stage, you need to adopt the correct method.

If the method is wrong or you try to comprehend it by yourself, it will take more time.”

“How should I reach the meticulous stage” Mengmeng asked in confusion while drinking juice.

“As I said just now, its like going from a two-dimensional world to a three-dimensional one.

To reach the meticulous stage, you should make your soul sense…”

Zhang Han explained the concept briefly.

After Mengmeng finished drinking the juice, he taught her the specific method.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Hundreds of crystal stones appeared and entered the open space behind the beach.

Following that, twelve formation flags were inserted into the sand.

A formation was established.

“This is the Taiyi Magical Formation.”

Zhang Han said, “Create every pattern shown on it and youll make progress step by step.

Use your soul sense to control the sand or leaves to make the patterns.

The material doesnt matter.”

“Mengmeng, Im rooting for you!” Zi Yan encouraged.

“Well, I can do this!”

Mengmeng ran over, but her face soon darkened.

“Daddy, are you sure youre not fooling me”

“No, just practice.

It took me as long as five days to understand these things,” Zhang Han said.


A long, drawn-out snort filled with discontent was heard.

But that snort also carried a hint of resolve.

Mengmeng observed the patterns in the formation, which were moving.

At first, there was only one line.

Then, it suddenly turned into a cross, then into the pattern of the Union flag.

After that, it became a circle and doubled.

Gradually, a maze-like complex pattern was formed.

After that, Mengmeng saw a snake or two slithering over.

Then, more than a thousand snakes were dancing together.

Soon, a python appeared, which paraded the forest in a majestic manner.

Later, two bulges appeared on the forehead of the giant python, which then turned into two horns.

The python morphed into a flood dragon that entered a river and swam into the seas, rolling with the waves.

As lightning bolts covered the sky, the flood dragon turned into a five-clawed flying dragon and soared to the clouds.

That was what Mengmeng had seen from the patterns.

Mengmeng felt lost when she saw the last few images.

“What should I do

“This is hard.”

She was kind of stressed.

However, Mengmeng was unwilling to admit defeat.

Compared to gaining success in cultivation, she was more eager to hear her parents praise and see their proud smiles after she completed the task.

Mengmeng was very quiet when she was focused on working.

She blinked his big bright eyes as she stared at the pictures in the formation.

The patterns of the first phase had all been demonstrated, which were comprised of many lines that were constantly changing positions.


Under the control of Mengmengs soul sense, fine grains of sand kept gathering, forming a straight line five meters ahead of her.


Another fine line appeared.

A simple cross made of sand was done.

When Mengmeng tried to make the pattern of the Union flag…


The sand fell to the ground.


Mengmeng was stunned.

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