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Zhang Han noticed the meaningful look in Zhang Guangyous eyes.

The corners of his mouth twitched, and he suddenly put on a serious face.

“Mengmeng, what your Mummy and Grandpa said makes sense.

But I think theyve underestimated my Little Princess.

Well, it happens that I plan to cultivate for a few days.

During this period, you can stay here and accept some missions without resorting to any privilege.

Just start from Level D and show them that it wont take long for you to reach Level S,” he said persuasively.

However, Mengmeng looked at him suspiciously.

“Daddy, are you trying to lure me, your dear daughter, into your trap Are you even trying to goad me into action”

Zhang Han didnt know how to respond.

He was rather speechless.

He once again experienced the fear Mengmengs sharp tongue used to impose on others back then.


Mengmeng suddenly let out a long sigh.


When Zhang Han heard her sigh, his heart skipped a beat.

“Oh no, is she going to say she would date boys to get back at me”

“Now that Daddy is going to cultivate for a couple of days, Ill complete some missions here.” A trace of pride flashed across Mengmengs cute face.

“Well reach Level S in just a few days.

No, well get to the top level,” Yue Xiaonao said with inflated confidence.

“In that case, we can team up,” Nina said with a smile.

“Felina and I have to wait for Father and Mother to come back before returning to the Roland Star.

We can carry out some missions during this time.”

“Ill go with you, too.” Chen Chuan raised his fist and said loudly, “Im very good at fighting! I can protect Mengmeng.”

On this kind of occasion, Chen Chuan would usually flatter Mengmeng.

He was smart, for he know that as long as he made the Little Princess happy, he could play with her and her friends.

“Thats a deal,” Mengmeng said as if she was a captain.

“Xiaonao, Nina, Felina, Chen Chuan, Dahei, Little Hei, Tiny Tot, and I are now on a team.

Just like what we did when playing computer games, we will go to kill… to accomplish missions.”

“Your team is quite special.” Chen Changqing laughed.

At present, on the team, Chen Chuan was the weakest.

Mengmeng was a little bit stronger than him.

Yue Xiaonao and Nina were stronger, while Felina, who was in the God Transformation Realm, was the strongest.

Chen Changqing himself was far from the God Transformation Realm, but Felina, the Dark Elf, was in the Realm.

In fact, this team was more powerful than all the teams Mengmeng had led before, not to mention that Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot were also on the team.

While Chen Changqing was laughing—

“Coo, coo.”

Tiny Tot slowly jumped out from Mengmengs schoolbag.

“Coo, coo.”

The palm-sized penguin happily ran to Zi Yan and stood next to her legs.

With a rustle, it turned into a faint ray of light and entered Zi Yans wrist.


Mengmeng pouted and said, “What does Tiny Tot mean”

“It ran away as soon as we agreed to form a team! Humph!”

“This is a sign of Tiny Tots upcoming awakening.

Recently, it has been sleepy, which is normal.

I guess it wont be long before it has its next awakening,” Zhang Han said with amusement.

Zi Yan blinked her beautiful big eyes, which glinted with a trace of bewilderment.

“Cant believe Tiny Tot is so similar to me.

It cultivates through having awakenings.

Eating and sleeping are its ways to cultivate.

“Well, when will I have my second awakening

“I cant let my strength stuck in the Yuan Ying Realm, right”

Zi Yan began to ponder.

After thinking about it for a while, she decided not to dwell on it, for it was not something she could control.

Therefore, this matter was settled.

Zhang Han, Chen Changqing, and others began to cultivate on Mount Double Moons.

Zhang Han had refined almost all the 20 kinds of Elemental Sources he obtained before.

Next came the most difficult part—integrating the Elemental Sources and forming the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

Even with Zhang Hans experience, he still felt clueless about this part.

Liu Qingfeng had been so busy that he didnt come to meet Zhang Hans group when they arrived.

He had been reading various files in the company and making decisions on numerous matters.

It seemed that he had become the business tycoon he used to be again.

Xiao Ling had thoughtfully stayed with Liu Qingfeng.

As Liu Qingfengs secretary and lover, she was even busier.

Liu Jiaran and Ah Hu were also in the company on the Dragon Base Star.

The other members of the security group were scattered in the Sea Central Star Area.

The disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect and the other sects, such as Yun Feiyang, Wang Xiaowu, and Jiang Bing, were strewn across the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Some of them had even led teams to explore and do business in the nearby star areas.

The company had not held the opening ceremony yet.

There were still some minor problems in the initial operation.

At this time, it was just noon on the Dragon Base Star.

The rest of Zhang Hans group took a rest on Mount Double Moons.

The company was not far away.

Since Zi Yan and Zhou Fei had nothing to do, they soon prepared to go to the company.

Mengmeng and her team registered as members of the law enforcement group on the Internet.

They were all at Level D, which was the lowest level.

Mengmeng checked the mission board.

“Wow, there are so many missions to choose from.

These are simple.

Supervising projects Not interested.

Driving spirit beasts away Thats more like it.

Ill take this one.”

One had to start with the easiest missions before being qualified to handle difficult ones.

What Mengmeng and the others didnt know was that many would envy them for being able to carry out these low-level missions, because it was too hard to become a member of the law enforcement group.

In the eyes of many locals of the Sea Dragon Star Area, doing missions was a kind of exclusive welfare for the companys employees.

“No, Ill apply for a position there again.

Im even willing to work as a security guard as long as that can help me join the law enforcement group.”

“Ill do that, too.

Ill apply to be a security guard.”

“Then Ill apply for the position of a patroller.”

“Im going to apply for an agent job.

What about you”

“I want to be a salesman.

It is said that being a salesperson is great.

There are countless beautiful women with sweet voices in the sales department.

I love working there.”

Many people sent out their job applications online and then swarmed to where the interviews would take place.

Different departments had interviews in different places.

“Bah! What the hell”

A very handsome man with delicate features left the sales center.

“Another failure…”

Hearing others talking about him, the handsome young man sneered inwardly.

“Is there a post in the world that I cant get Humph, you brats dont know a thing about me!”

Then, he said silently in his head, “System, I just met three pretty women in the sales center.

Why did I fail to conquer them In terms of appearance, they can be classified as goddesses, cant they”

This man had a secret that nobody knew—he had obtained a Goddess-conquering System.

Relying on this system, he had slept with countless princesses and noble ladies in the Cultivation World.

He had traveled across five Star Areas before coming to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

When he saw there was a company here, he became curious and came to give the job interview a shot.

“How can mortals be your targets”

An emotionless electronic voice sounded in his head.


Ill try in a different place.

Its said that numerous beautiful women are working in that entertainment company.

Lets go and take a look.

What questions will I have to answer in a job interview for an entertainment company” the man asked.

“The code of the entertainment industry, the basics of acting skills, the tips of facial expression control, popular songs…”

Dozens of books emerged in his head in an instant.

They were all files on the job interview.

The system informed, “I hacked the internal network of the Heavenly Group and learned that the Heavenly Entertainment Company is preparing to release a movie, the Interstellar War.

The job interview is centered on this movie.”

“Oh, okay.

Ill learn all about movies.”

The man sat in a chair on the side of the road and began to digest the knowledge about films, TV dramas, as well as how to be a director.

“Im ready!”

The man stretched and said, “Its time to apply for the job.

I hope this place can surprise me.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, Ill at least sleep with a thousand women.

Haha, these women in these Star Areas are all inexperienced.

Its really easy to get them in bed.

I can mesmerize a group of women by just giving them a charming look.

Alas, after all, these women are from backwater.

With my ability, every time I have sex with a woman here, I will positively get her pregnant.

Perhaps in a few years, my descendants will be all over these Star Areas.”

The system said, “Only by conquering goddesses can you increase your strength.”

“I know.

Didnt I sleep with 13 Goddesses in the Wood Tiger Star Area Goddesses Yuan Yings are my favorite.”

The man licked his lips.

His cultivation method was given by the system.

It enabled him to improve his cultivation level through absorbing womens Yuan Yings.

The goddesses acknowledged by the system could enhance his strength greatly.

He was clearly aware that after he absorbed those womens Yuan Yings, they would be pregnant and remain normal in a short time.

But after giving birth to his children, they would quickly age in seven days and die within a year.

After they got pregnant, they were only able to have an abortion in the first few days.

Once that period passed, they would be doomed.

This was this mans evil cultivation method.

At first, he felt a little pained doing this to those beautiful women, for he felt it was a pity to make those pretty faces perish.

But gradually, he got used to it and even became addicted to this practice.

He easily passed the online test and made an appointment for the interview.

After waiting for a while, he came to stand in the line.

Most of those who came to the entertainment company for the interview were female.

Their strength was generally low.

When they caught sight of the handsome man, many of them gave him sidelong glances.

Beautiful women were popular.

So were handsome men.

“Whats your name” A woman with long blue hair walked over to hit on him.

“Call me Yin Ze.” He smiled gracefully.

Having landed countless women, he was experienced in dealing with women.

At first, he would show his cultured and refined side.

Then, he would change his strategy according to the personality of the women and how close they got.

He would continuously work hard to endear himself to the woman.

Yes, this was the way of conquering goddesses.

“How long will it take to get those weak idiots in bed Perhaps Two hours”

Yin Zes eyes were a little flirtatious, which traced the womans collar downward.

“Well, she has big boobs, a slim waist, cute butts, and long legs.

Its just that her face is not pretty.

Her eyes are a little too small.”

He did not even need to ask the system to know that this woman would be given 83 points for her appearance.

That was a pretty high score.

If he was bored, he would ask her out.

However, the system would definitely not acknowledge this woman as a goddess.

“Which position have you applied for” the woman asked curiously.

“Department manager,” Yin Ze replied blandly.

That was the highest position people could apply for.



“Bravo! Youve actually passed the written examination for the department manager,” the woman exclaimed with astonishment.

The people nearby were also a little surprised and discussed with each other.

“A department managers monthly salary is 5,000 crystal stones.

It is said that the workload is not very heavy.

A department manager only works when there is a project.

He or she can also live in a villa provided by the company.”

“The pay and benefits are particularly good, but the written test is too hard.

I tried it.

The questions are too difficult.

Many do not have fixed answers.

We need to write down our own understandings.

Yet, how can I have an understanding of things that I havent learned about before”

“Only one in a million can pass the written test for the department manager.

This young man is good.

But its hard to say if he can pass the interview.

The written test is only the first challenge.

The interview is the most crucial test.”

“He seems very confident.”

Hearings those discussions, Yin Ze showed a frivolous smile.

He looked at the pretty woman beside him and said modestly, “It just so happens that I have studied the entertainment industry before.

Thats why I passed the first test smoothly.”

“Thats already amazing.”

“Its fate that let us meet today.

Why not give me your number” Yin Ze asked with a smile.

“Its not appropriate, is it” The woman played hard to get.

“Among tens of thousands of people, the two of us meet today and have a great talk.

Isnt that a good reason for us to become friends” Yin Ze said casually.

“Im not an easy girl.”

“No, you are the easiest kind to get in bed.”

Yin Ze felt the urge to retort.

But on second thought, he didnt.

After all, it seemed that he still had to wait in line for a couple of hours.

As there was nothing else to do, he would flirt with this woman for fun.

The people around watched the two with interest.

Five minutes later, they exchanged phone numbers.

Half an hour later, the two grew so intimate that they were almost leaning against each other.

An hour later, someone couldnt stand them anymore.

“What are you doing Be quiet.

Dont disturb others.” A girl with a ponytail frowned and said, “If there were a bed, you two would have sex right away, wouldnt you”

“What did you say”

Yin Ze didnt say anything, but the woman at his side was annoyed.

She looked at the girl with a ponytail coldly and prepared to berate her.

The girl with a ponytail said, “There is an unwritten rule in the Heavenly Group.

It states that those who have passed the written test, no matter which department they applied to, they have to behave themselves when they come over for the interview.

One will be disqualified from the interview if one quarrels, makes a fuss, and so on.

Whats more, one will be blacklisted by the Heavenly Group and wont have any chance to attend a job interview in the Heavenly Group ever.

Are you sure you want to quarrel with me here”


The woman looked furious.

“Forget it.

We were just chatting.

Dont be angry.

It will soon be our turn to be interviewed.”

Yin Ze smiled, not holding grudges at all.

Since the line was moving up to the interview hall, he began to behave himself and even put in some distance from the woman beside him.

The blue-haired woman blamed all this on the girl behind her.

A short while later, Yin Ze entered the interview hall.

He grew nervous and put the previous dispute at the back of his mind.

The interview for the manager was on the second floor.

Yin Ze walked upstairs.

To his surprise, the woman with a ponytail behind him followed him.

“Shit, shes also competing for the post of department manager.


Among many groups of interviewees, there might not be one that had applied to be the department manager.

However, in Yin Zes group, there were two.

“You dont need to queue up for the interview of department manager.

The entrance is on the side,” said the man who led them upstairs.

When they arrived at the hall on the second floor, he pointed to a dozen people seated there and said, “Go sit down and rest for a while.

The interview will start when enough interviewees arrive.”

“Okay,” Yin Ze said politely.

“Thank you.” The girl with a ponytail nodded.

Without giving Yin Ze a look, she sat down in a chair next to him.

It seemed that she felt a bit disgusted by him.

The reason why she detested Yin Ze was that she saw with her own eyes that when Yin Ze was chatting with that blue-haired woman earlier, his wanton hand “unintentionally” touched the blue-haired woman.

Sitting in his chair, Yin Ze sized up the people nearby.

There were more than 10 people here.

Half were men and half were women.

Since they were all competing for the same post, none of them talked to each other.

After waiting for more than half an hour, seven people came in succession.

The total number of interviewees amounted to 25.

Then, the interview began.

“Follow me.”

A woman took everyone to the elevator and came to the 17th floor.

After that, she told them to sit outside a conference room.

Unlike the group interviews downstairs, these people would be interviewed one by one.

The ones waiting for their turns watched the people before them enter the conference room, go out, and leave in succession.

No one knew if those who finished the interview had been hired or not.

The girl with a ponytail behind Yin Ze grew increasingly nervous.

Yin Ze, on the other hand, chuckled, not panicking at all.

“I have the system help me.

Why would I be nervous”

“Its your turn,” the staff member said to Yin Ze.


Yin Ze, who looked well-mannered and dressed in clean, white gowns, marched inside.

The decoration in the conference room was very modern.

There was a big semicircle table with eight people sitting by it.


The moment Yin Ze came in, he was taken aback and swallowed subconsciously.

“S-system, how many points do you give them”

His eyes were a little dazed, and his heart was beating violently.

Nonetheless, as a man who had landed countless women over the years, Yin Ze was very experienced in dealing with women.

In just a moment, he put on a calm face again and even showed a sunny smile.

“Oh, here comes a cute young man.”

He heard the two pretty women ahead talk.

“If he werent an interviewee, I would have thought he was already an actor.”

“Wow! Her voice is intoxicating, too!”

He asked the system in his mind, “How many points do you give this woman Whats going on”

However, the system didnt respond as if it had been switched off.

Nobody noticed that several faint energies were spreading in this room, probing.

They even invaded several electronic devices.

“Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…”

Seconds later, the system issued an alarm.

“Whats going on How many points can she get”

The system answered, “She is a Full-mark Goddess.

She has perfect facial features and perfect body proportions.

The sizes of her bust, waist, and hips are ideal.

She is impeccable.

She is now ranked first on the list of goddesses to be conquered.”

This was the first time that Yin Ze had met a Full-mark Goddess.

Yin Ze felt that his heart was quivering with excitement.

He waited for two seconds before asking in his mind, “Why havent you shown me the tactics to land her”

The system said, “The tactics are not available for now.”

“Why unavailable Didnt you always give me the tactics in the past” Yin Ze was astounded.

“Does this mean I dont stand a chance of landing this drop-dead gorgeous woman

“Damn it!

“How can this be I must have her even if I have to try all means!”

Yin Ze, who had slept with countless women, felt that every nerve of his was excited at this time.

The system said, “Its impossible to pry into her memories.

There is only a little bit of information on the internet.

I only collect a small amount of information about her.

Your current success rate is zero percent.

Host, you have to get to know her personally before I hatch a plan for you.”

“Tell me the bit youve learned about her.” Yin Ze couldnt wait any longer.

He desperately wanted to know about this woman right now.

The system said, “Her name is Zi Yan.

The woman by her side is Zhou Fei, who is a 90-point Goddess.

The two are besties and have both gotten married.

Zi Yan has a daughter and Zhou Fei has a son.

They are on good terms with their families.

The difficulty of conquering Zi Yan is Level Nightmare.”

“She is already married What a pity!”

Yin Ze suddenly felt a bit upset.

“Such a knockout should have only belonged to me.”

But on second thought, he laughed inwardly.

“Alright, I like challenges anyway.

Level Nightmare.

Not bad.

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

She is a perfect goddess.

Why isnt her husband guarding her all the time I wonder who her husband is.

Haha, you will pay the price for your conceit.

I have decided to cuckold you.”

After Yin Ze got the information, his interview began.

“Introduce yourself first,” Zhou Fei said straightforwardly.

In her opinion, the young man was handsome indeed.

But generally speaking, a good-looking young man at this age was not a competent worker.

If he was not capable enough, he would not be hired even if he were 10 times more attractive.

The system said, “To pass this interview, I recommend you to show them a mature image.”

Yin Ze took two steps forward with a serious face.

Then, he sat on the chair like a gentleman, put his knees together, and placed his palms on his knees elegantly.

With a smile on his face to show his confidence, he slightly lowered his voice and said, “Hello, everyone.

Glad to meet you all.

My name is Yin Ze.”

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