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Luo Shan was very respectful to Zhang Han and Zi Yan, but he had not felt very stressed in dealing with them.

After all, he knew their temper.

But when dealing with Mengmeng, he was under pressure.

If he made the little princess unhappy… Even the thought of it gave him goosebumps.

All the top figures in Xiangjiang knew that they would rather offend Zhang Hanyang than upset his precious daughter.

“Uncle Luo, what are you doing here” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Im talking about business cooperation with a friend.

He happened to be in town today, so we came here to have some drinks and chat.” Luo Shan said with a smile, “Youre back.

Are your parents back, too”

“Of course, they are at home.” Mengmeng didnt beat around the bush.

She said straightforwardly, “Uncle Luo, theres something I want to tell you.”

“Whats the matter Im all ears.

If you need any help, dont hesitate to tell me,” Luo Shan said beamingly.

Seeing this, Luo Shans potential business partner sitting on the sofa was a little stunned.

“His attitude is so…”


This man also stood up, took two steps forward, and smiled at Mengmeng.


The boss of the nightclub breathed a sigh of relief.

“It turns out that they knew each other.

“No wonder those kids were allowed to come up here.”

The next second, his face turned pale.

“Wreck this place! Were here to wreck this place!” Chen Chuan shouted.


Well destroy this club.

Its not a good place.”

Mengmengs delicate face revealed a hint of seriousness.


The boss choked on his own saliva.


Luo Shan and his potential partner were both stupefied.

In less than a second, Luo Shan came to his senses.

Without saying anything, he waved to a middle-aged man behind him.

“Ma, summon the others here.”


The middle-aged man nodded.

He strode backward into a room to make a call.

“Errr…” The boss shivered.

Cold sweat covered his face.

But he had to ask something.

His subordinates at the door were also dumbfounded.

They watched their big boss ask subserviently, “Is there any misunderstanding”

“What misunderstanding Get lost!”

Luo Shan was, after all, a powerful leader.

His eyes revealed ferocity, which frightened the boss of the nightclub so much that he staggered back a few meters and collapsed to the floor.

“Our Little Princess has given her order.

Today, I wont go soft-hearted no matter who pleads with me for mercy,” Luo Shan said blandly.

His words were made for the boss of the nightclub, who had some connections and was qualified to socialize with Luo Shan.

As soon as Luo Shan said that, the bosss face turned chalk white.

He knew that it was useless to ask anyone for help.


The expression of Luo Shans potential partner altered slightly.

But he quickly put on his normal look.

He just stood on the side with a smile and said nothing.

He also felt that this was odd.

Ah Wu, Wang Yihan, and the other students were also transfixed with shock.

Ah Wu thought to himself, “Zhang Yumeng is really powerful.”

At this time, the middle-aged man walked out of the other room and whispered a few words in Luo Shans ear.

“It would take about 10 minutes.

Mengmeng, how about you take a seat and wait” Luo Shan smiled warmly at Mengmeng.

“Well then, lets sit down first,” Mengmeng said.

She and her group took their seats.

Luo Shan and his potential partner nodded and smiled at each other.

They didnt say anything else and sat on the sofa next to Mengmeng.

“Go get some drinks,” Luo Shan ordered a lackey as if he had become the boss here.

In less than a minute, many glasses of juice and cold drinks were served.

At this time, Luo Shan asked, “Mengmeng, did you suffer any grievances here Uncle Luo is here for you.

If you need anything, just tell me.”

“No, I didnt.

My father would have come here if I were wronged any bit,” Mengmeng said casually.

“Cough, cough, cough.” Luo Shan just took a sip of tea.

Hearing Mengmengs reply, he immediately coughed and almost spat the tea out.

“Thats right.

If Mengmeng had been wronged, that god would have been here now.”

“Then, whats this about” Luo Shan asked with a curious look on his face.

“My friend got bullied here.” Mengmeng put the sheets on the table and said, “Those people are really bad.

They set a trap and lured her into it.

Theyre even up to something more terrible.

They are all bad people.

This place is terrible.

They forbade us to leave earlier, so I stayed and came to you.”

Luo Shan checked the sheets carefully.

He would never be careless about things that concerned Mengmeng.

After reading the sheets, he fell silent.

“Its indeed a disgusting trick to deceive people.” Luo Shan nodded.

Those people had set a trap, lured people into their trap, and had been plotting more.

Combining all that with these IOUs, Luo Shan understood what was going on.

“In a while, Ill report this to the police.

Then, specific police departments will come to investigate.

Anyone in the wrong will not be able to escape,” Luo Shan said.

“Oh, right.

We can ask the police to handle this.” Mengmeng realized that it was a good idea.

When the boss of the nightclub heard those words, he felt surprised and elated.

Although there were some shady businesses here, those were done by others and had little to do with him.

“Is Mr.

Luo showing mercy to me Is he taking a roundabout route to achieve this goal Wow, he is a brilliant leader after all.

He gets things done flawlessly.”

He felt that he could breathe a sigh of relief.

Though his wish was beautiful, the reality was cruel.

The chat went on for minutes.

Luo Shan didnt even say a word to his potential partner.

He had all his focus on keeping Mengmeng company.

Soon, Ma approached Luo Shan and said, “Our men have arrived.”

“Theyve arrived”

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and other children ran to the window with curiosity.

Looking down, they saw that the entrance of the nightclub was blocked by a line of black cars.

Men in black suits rushed into the lobby on the first floor with baseball bats.

At a glance, one could tell the team was quite large in number.

“Get started.

Smash everything from the first floor to the seventh floor, then come back to the first floor.

Capture the man in charge of this place and dont let anyone leave.

Later, hand them over to the police,” Luo Shan waved his hand and instructed.


Ma made a phone call right away.

These words struck the boss dumb.

“So Mr.

Luo never considered letting me off the hook!”

He almost wanted to cry.

“Who the hell got me into this”

On the third floor, Peng had wrapped the wound on his head with ribbons.

He had to go to the hospital to fix his teeth.

At this time, he prepared to leave with his lackeys.

He was still swearing.

“How about we take those people down before leaving

“Well, we can tell the others to catch them and deal with them when we get back.”

As he spoke, their elevator reached the first floor.


The sound of glass being smashed was heard.


They walked out of the elevator.


Dozens of people were in the lobby, smashing everything as though they were playing a piece of music.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…”

“Well, pause for a moment,” Luo Shan said.


Ma immediately passed on the order.

“Mengmeng, are you going out to play” Luo Shan asked.

“Yeah, Ill go home after playing for a while.”

“How about I walk you out first Its a little messy here.

I dont want this to affect your good mood.”

Mengmeng stood up and said, “Well, you dont need to see us off.

We can go down by ourselves.”

Luo Shan thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “Okay.

Ma, walk them downstairs.”


Thus, Mengmeng and the others left.

They took the elevator to the first floor and happened to see Peng and the others.

“Bad guy, next time I see you, Ill hit you again.”

Chen Chuan shook his fist at Peng.


It was not until this time that Peng and the others realized that they had provoked the top big shots in Xiangjiang.

He swallowed dryly and didnt dare to say anything at all.

He didnt even dare to look at those children and kept his head low the whole time.

Mengmeng and the others marched out of the nightclub.

From the corner of their eyes, the men in black stood in two rows and respectfully saw them off.

When they found that the Mercedes Benz G-Class parked at the gate was Mengmengs car, many of them men hurried into their cars and parked their cars somewhere else to make way for Mengmengs car.

Ma walked back from the entrance and waved at the others.

“Go on.”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…”

In the VIP room on the seventh floor, Luo Shan stood in front of the window and watched the Mercedes Benz disappear into the distance.

Then, he turned to look at his potential partner and said apologetically, “Sorry, shall we go somewhere else to talk”

“Dont apologize.

I dont mind.” The man shook his head.

Before leaving, Luo Shan glanced at the boss of the nightclub.

“The police will do an investigation.

If the illegal business has nothing to do with you, shut this place down and go somewhere else to live, because you can no longer stay in Xiangjiang.

Of course, if you insist on staying here, dont blame me for not warning you if you get killed.”


Luo Shan knew that this boss was a cautious man.

He probably had left no evidence behind.

This matter had little to do with him anyway.

His fault was that he failed to control his stupid subordinates.

Shutting the nightclub down and banishing him would be enough to teach him a lesson.

After saying that, Luo Shan departed without looking back.

In Mengmengs car, Yue Xiaonao was still in the back seat, sitting with the others, while Wang Yihan was in the passenger seat.

After the car left the nightclub—

“Thank you, Mengmeng,” Wang Yihan said in a little depressed tone.

While driving attentively, Mengmeng replied, “Youre welcome.

When you got in trouble, why didnt you call me right away”

“I called you repeatedly some time ago, but your phone had been switched off,” Wang Yihan said.

“Oh, right.” Mengmeng was taken aback.

Then, she said with resignation, “The place I went had no signal.

But I will come back every time the mid-term and final exams take place.”

Wang Yihan nodded and fell silent again.

Mengmeng also felt that this childhood playmate of hers seemed a little strange now.

There werent many topics they could share.

But in the past, they always had a lot to talk about.

Later, Wang Yihan took out her lighter and lit a cigarette.

Mengmeng was shocked by this.

“You smoke now”

“Yeah, I smoke when I want.” Wang Yihan looked out of the window.

“Smoking is bad for your health,” Mengmeng said seriously.

“So what” Wang Yihans tone was a little stern.

After those words came out, she pursed her lips and said, “Sorry, I was a little distracted just now.

I was thinking about something else.

Mengmeng, can you pull up”

“Oh, okay.”

Mengmeng parked the car by the side of the road.

Wang Yihan opened the door and sat beside a flower bed.

Mengmeng followed her.

Yue Xiaonao and the others stayed in the car, not saying anything.

They were all bemused.

“What… What on earth has happened to you” Mengmeng stood beside Wang Yihan and said, “You dyed your hair, picked up smoking, and have been associating with those people.”

“Mengmeng, we are different,” Wang Yihan said self-deprecatingly.

“In what way”

“You grew up in a family that showered you with love.

You are different from others since you were born.

Youre destined to be rich and live like a princess.

Your dad gives you everything you want.

But my family isnt like that.” Wang Yihan shook her head.

She appeared to be a little sad, but she refused to cry.

“Arent Uncle Wang and Aunt Su treating you well” Mengmeng asked again.

“You only see whats on the surface.

When we were having fun together, they did treat me well.

But later, things changed.

Life became different,” Wang Yihan said.

“They often quarreled with each other.

They began to run their own companies.

Then, they separated.

They were both very busy and no one cared about me.

At first, I lived with Dad.

But he soon became too busy to take care of me.

I went to Moms place, and Dad only sent me money to pay for living expenses.

Later, they were both swamped with business.

I became a live-in student.

Well, I have a lot of allowances, but so what Mengmeng, why do you have such good parents”

“Because they are good people.” Mengmeng never thought this turned out to be an emotional problem, so she was slightly caught off guard.

“Yes, they are good.

But my case is different.

My parents dont care about me.” Wang Yihan shook her head.

She was not just rebellious.

She also wanted to make trouble and use various methods to get her parents attention.

She longed to be loved and taken care of.

After all, every girl wanted to be a little princess.

Wang Yihan was envious of Mengmeng.

But she also felt that the difference between them was like a chasm.

She didnt want to get too close to Mengmeng because she was too dazzling.

Her perfect life would hurt her feelings.

Therefore, Wang Yihan said, “Mengmeng, we used to be such good friends.

Sometimes, I missed you very much, but I told myself not to contact you.

I know when I see you, Ill envy you and feel upset.

The time I spent with you in childhood was wonderful.

Its a precious memory of mine.

That time was a very happy time for me.

But now, life is different.

Everything is different.”

While speaking, Wang Yihan became a little emotional.

She threw the cigarette butt into the flower bed, stood up, and added, “Mengmeng, thank you for what you did for me this time.

I didnt know what to do if you hadnt come.

Im leaving.

Im going back to school.

Go play with your friends.


I hope you will never be in the situation Im in.”

After saying that, Wang Yihan quickly ran to the side, hailed a taxi, and took off.

Mengmeng stood where she was and looked ahead in a daze.

She seemed to have realized that she had lost a friend.

She felt a little despondent.

Her mood also became downcast.


Yue Xiaonao got out of the car and said, “Dont worry too much.

There are many miserable people in the world.

Her life is okay.

Lets go.

Get in the car.

You take the passenger seat.

Ill drive.”


Mengmeng nodded and got in the passenger seat.

Yue Xiaonao began to drive.

The car went sometimes too fast and sometimes too slow.

Yue Xiaonao was still familiarizing herself with driving.

Even so, looking at this toy-like car, Felina showed an eagerness to drive in the depths of her eyes.

But she would not say her thoughts out loud.

Mengmeng looked at the scenery outside the window.

She was absent-minded during most of the journey.

When they returned to Mount New Moon, it began to get dark.

After dinner, Zhang Han asked with a smile, “Whats wrong, sweetheart Did something make you unhappy”


Mengmeng pouted and sighed before saying, “Alas, I met Yihan today.

She was in trouble…”

She told Zhang Han and Zi Yan what had happened to Wang Yihans family, but she didnt mention that she had destroyed that nightclub.

After hearing the story, Zhang Han and Zi Yan both fell silent.

“Mengmeng,” Zhang Han stroked Mengmengs head and said, “everyone will have many friends in their lives.

Some are childhood friends, some are adulthood friends.

In most cases, you have different friends at different ages.

Only a few close friends will accompany you for a lifetime.

You were friends with Wang Yihan, Martin, Stefen, and others.

But now, except for Wang Yihan, youre no longer in touch with them, right Now, youre good friends with Nina, Yue Xiaonao, and Felina.

But maybe in the future, they will have their own business, or get married.

Then, youll perhaps contact less frequently with them.

Its normal.

You will make new friends, and some old friends will fade away.

This is life.

Its like those articles you read me said.”

“But I feel things differently,” Mengmeng muttered.

“There are also friends who stay as good friends.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “Look, I and your Aunty Feifei have been very good friends.

Were like sisters.

Were both married, but that doesnt affect our friendship.

You will have such good friends in the future.

Maybe they will be Nina and Yue Xiaonao.”

“Im not unhappy.

Its just that I think Yihans case is a little…” Mengmeng broke off.

She didnt know how to express her feelings.

It was complicated.

“I also found this a little weird.

Back then, I thought that Wang Jiawen and Su Yu were a couple in love.” Zi Yan was a little confused.

“But they have lived separately for a long time.

Now, they are getting a divorce.

Its a big blow to their daughter.

If they dont pay more attention to Wang Yihan, she will take the wrong path.

That would destroy her future, wouldnt it”

Zhang Han didnt say anything after hearing her words.

No one spoke for a while.

Seeing Mengmeng and Zi Yan both gazing at him, Zhang Han said with amusement, “Well, dont worry about other peoples family affairs.

Ill ask someone to inquire about it later.

Its not good to meddle in others relationships.

But if I can, Ill help them.

After all, their family had also brought a lot of joy to Mengmeng.”

Thus, Zhang Han sent a member of the security group to inquire about the case.

In less than two hours, that man returned with a complete report.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were sitting on the sightseeing boat.

As they listened to the report, a look of surprise surfaced in their eyes.

“Their relationship has hit a rock because Wang Jiawen had an affair.

“He was set up.

Here are some photos and chat records.

“It was a trap set by his business partner.

Once, Wang Jiawen had too many drinks with that woman.

He didnt do anything at that time, but the woman claimed that they had slept together.

Later, she seduced him several times.

With some faked evidence she provided, Wang Jiawen gradually fell into the whirlpool.

Later, he did really have sex with that woman.

It seemed that that woman wanted him to divorce Su Yu and marry her instead, so she told Su Yu about their affair and kept harassing Su Yu.

“This is why Wang Jiawen and Su Yu began to quarrel.

For Wang Yihans sake, they didnt divorce at once.

The situation continued for more than two years.

Later, Wang Jiawens business got in trouble, and that woman left him mercilessly, taking away more than 10 million yuan.

“This had a great impact on Wang Jiawen.

His relationship with Su Yu did not return to normal either.

One day, he saw Su Yu getting out of another man elses car.

They had a fight again.

Later, the couple became more and more like strangers.

Recently, they are ready to divorce.

“As for Su Yu, she also had an affair after she found out what Wang Jiawen had done.

She went out to drink with several friends.

She drank too much and didnt want to go home, so she stayed in a hotel.

But that night, her former partner, well, who was also her friend, forced her to get in bed with him.

After that, that partner didnt contact her anymore.

Unexpectedly, Su Yu got pregnant.

She went to the hospital alone for an abortion.

At that time, she was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

“There are also some trivial problems.

Wang Jiawen and Su Yu both think the sweet memories of the past are beautiful.

It can be said that they still care about each other.

But in the face of reality, they can only bury themselves in work to numb their psychological wound.

Thats what happened.”

After the man finished speaking, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were both stunned.

“How, how did you know so much about this” Zi Yan grinned and asked in surprise.

“Cant believe you found out so many details in two hours,” Zhang Han touched his forehead and said.

“Its really amazing.”

“Well, I went straight to Wang Jiawen and Su Yu and hypnotized them,” the man in the security group said shyly.


“That explains it.”

“Their affairs are so complicated.” Zi Yan felt a headache was on the way.

“Well,” Zhang Han said, “since you have hypnotized them and know what they are thinking, write two files to state everything that has happened and Wang Yihans current situation and sent the files to them.”

“Okay, Ill work on it now and send the files to them tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you.” Zi Yan smiled and nodded.

After the man left, Zi Yan asked, “Will it work”

“Im not sure.

Its up to them.

Even an upright official finds it difficult to sort out his family affairs.

It all depends on what kind of choice they are willing to make,” Zhang Han replied.

This was a family affair.

Zi Yan knew Zhang Han didnt have a say in this.

She was just a little surprised.

At this moment, she was in a trance.

Moments later—

“Honey, will we always be happy as were now”

Zi Yan snuggled up to Zhang Han.

They both looked up at the beautiful night sky.


“Will you cheat on me in the future” Zi Yan asked again.

There was no doubt that Zhang Han was very excellent and charming.

Although Zi Yan was powerful and could get almost anyone under her control, what if some women threw themselves at Zhang Han when she was not looking

Since Zhang Han was such a good husband, Zi Yan felt that she should keep a close eye on him.

“How could you not have faith in me” Zhang Han raised his hand and spanked Zi Yan.

“I have faith in you, but I have no faith in other women.”

“Dont worry.

Ill take you with me wherever I go in the future,” Zhang Han said with amusement.

“If I stay with you all the time, will you get annoyed one day” Zi Yan sent her fragrant breath into Zhang Hans ear.

“Why would I be annoyed by a knock-out following me everywhere” Zhang Han grabbed Zi Yans hand and smiled wickedly.

“Its time for us to spend the night together.”

The corners of Zi Yans mouth quivered slightly.

She still wanted to hear some sweet nothings.

But Zhang Han put an arm around her should and led her back to the bedroom.

After a crazy ride in bed, Zi Yan, who was soaked in sweat, lay in Zhang Hans arms and fell asleep.

That night, Selina sat in a chair on the balcony.

There were two glasses of juice on the small table next to her chair.

“Mm, this juice tastes really good.”

Felina looked back on what had happened in the past few days.

She was very curious about this world.

“There also seems to be a lot of passion in ordinary peoples ordinary lives.”

As for the future, Felina was a little lost.

She was also a little worried that something unexpected might happen in the Small Sky Dragon Region.

However, since her mother was back, she didnt need to worry about these things.

“There are so many stars in the sky.

“Where is the Small Sky Dragon Region”

The sky was extremely beautiful at night.

Felina gazed at the sky, trying to find the distant Small Sky Dragon Region.

However, she observed for a long time but didnt see it.

She spent the whole night like this.

Early next morning, Felina began to look forward to breakfast.

“The food here is delicious.”

She swallowed subconsciously, eager to start the first meal.

But she had to wait for everyone to get up.


She suddenly saw that Mengmeng flew out of the castle that was not far away and went to the back mountain to practice soul sense secret skills.

In a moment, she began to wield her long Fire Whip.

“People here seem to be very good at cultivation.”

Mengmeng was at the Innateness Realm Last-Stage.

She was not particularly powerful, but her strikes would definitely be heavy blows to the surrounding plants.

In particular, Felina felt that the flames she released were quite extraordinary.

But every time when Mengmengs whip was about to hit the grass, a ray of red light would turn up and fend the strike off so it wouldnt hurt anything, though it caused the water in the nearby pond to rise and fall with splashes.

After watching Mengmeng for a while, Felina suddenly heard someone speak from behind.

“Shall we go there and practice, too You can spar with Mengmeng.

Of course, if you reduce your cultivation to her level, you will find that she is very powerful among those at that level.”

It was Nina speaking, who had just finished cultivating.

“No, I wont.” Felina shook her head in refusal.

“Its boring.”

“Whats the fun of suppressing my cultivation to spar with that little girl”

But a moment later, Felina nodded and said, “Take me there.”

Perhaps she felt that it was no big deal to help Mengmeng practice since she was living under Mengmengs roof and Mengmengs family was providing for her.

Besides, when the practice was done, Felina could go to the restaurant to enjoy delicious food.

Nina didnt know which of those reasons changed Felinas mind.

She smiled and took the lead to jump from the balcony on the second floor.

On Mount New Moon, many people did not take ordinary roads.

They also seldom went in and out through the gate.

“Mengmeng, take this.”

After arriving at the back Mountain, Nina moved her right hand up and down.


The two heaps of green grass under Mengmengs feet released swiveling energy, as though they wanted to grab Mengmengs legs and stop her from moving.


Mengmeng pressed her palms together and muttered, “Spiky Spiritual Tortoise!”


A shadow of the golden Dark Tortoise appeared.

It made the energy released by the grass below bounce off.

The connection between Nina and her move instantly dissipated.

“Youve become much stronger again,” Nina said, her eyes gleaming with surprise.

“Felina, why dont you have a try”

“You want to spar with me” Mengmeng looked at Felina, her big bright eyes blinking.

Eileens lips quivered.

In the end, she said, “Im worried that my moves will reduce you to tears.”


Doing trashing talk was Mengmengs common practice.

Without hesitation, she blurted, “How could a wimpy child like you make your big sister cry”


“Her words stung me.”

Felina was stunned for seconds.

When she arrived on Earth, she learned that people here came of age at 18 years old.

According to the local way of calculating age, Felina converted her elf age into the human age and found that she was indeed a little younger than Mengmeng.

“Fog Spirit!”

Felina narrowed her eyes slightly and cast a secret skill.

A wisp of faint fog shot toward Mengmeng.

She reduced her cultivation to somewhere between the Innateness Realm Medium Stage and the Last-Stage.

In her eyes, the move she made now was merely childs play.

“Never mind.

Anyway, Im doing this just for food,” Felina comforted herself inwardly.


Mengmeng waved a hand to make the shadow of the Spiky Spiritual Tortoise disappear.

Then, her hands reached forward and moved.

Two invisible palms seemed to have merged into one along with Mengmengs movements, which crushed that wisp of fog with a swish.

“Piercing Spikes!”

Felina immediately switched to another move.

In front of Mengmeng, several stalks of green grass suddenly grew bigger and turned into sharp spikes, charging at Mengmeng.


Mengmeng unhurriedly slapped the grass.

The small amount of energy was dispersed at once.


Felina was a little taken aback.

She raised her cultivation to the Innateness Realm Peak-Stage.

After making another five moves, she suddenly realized that she couldnt do anything to Mengmeng.

“Taste my fireball!”

Mengmeng was no longer just defending herself.

She threw out a fireball about the same size as her.

Carrying a trace of formidable pressure, the fireball whooshed toward Felina.


Felina resorted to a defensive method at the Innateness Realm Peak-Stage.

A shield appeared out of thin air.


To Felinas dismay, just as the shield appeared, Mengmengs fireball broke it with a single move.


A thicker shield was conjured up.


Mengmengs fireball broke it as well.

After the attack, it merely became a few inches smaller.

Seeing that, Felina became a little undecided.

She hadnt expected this Fireball Skill to be so powerful.

It looked simple.

But in the face of an attack, it could also make complicated attacks.

It was dozens of times harder to fend it off than to fend off an ordinary fireball.

Helplessly, Felina raised her cultivation again.

This time, she set up three defenses in the Elixir Realm and finally fended off the Fireball Skill.

“Now you know how powerful I am, dont you” Mengmeng said with a snort.

“You… Its just because Im not used to suppressing my cultivation,” Felina said stubbornly.

“Fine, fine.

Youre amazing.

Satisfied Youre younger than me after all,” Mengmeng said casually.

Bereft of speech, Felina pouted.

“I like to watch you sulk while knowing that you cant do anything to me, haha.”

Mengmeng laughed.

After teasing Felina playfully, Mengmeng said, “Have you washed up Ill go back and change.

Then, lets go have breakfast.”

“Okay.” Nina nodded.

Mengmeng directly leaped back to her bedroom on the third floor.

She washed his face, changed into a set of sportswear, opened the door, and went out.

“Daddy, Mummy, are you up Im hungry,” Mengmeng called in the corridor.

The door of the next room immediately opened.

“Weve been up for quite a while.”

“Then, why didnt you get out of your bedroom until now”

“I didnt want to get out of bed.” Zi Yan stretched.

She had had a wild ride last night.

Even now, she still seemed a little indolent.

These simple words stunned Mengmeng.

“Mummy didnt seem any bit embarrassed for being lazy.”

“Lets have breakfast.”

Mengmeng scampered down the castle, leading the way.

She went downstairs to the square and waved to Nina.

Then, they headed for the restaurant together.

Thanks to Wang Long, who used to be one of the four master Chefs, the restaurant was well organized.

The restaurant was divided into two regions.

One was the ordinary dining region for the masses, the other was the region with private rooms.

The restaurant provided a wide variety of dishes for breakfast.

The meal was sumptuous.

Wang Long also had many subordinates, even one of who was only in charge of reporting Zhang Han and his familys arrival.

When that man saw Zhang Han and the others coming from the castle, the cooks began to make breakfast for them.

More than a dozen stoves were turned on at the same time.

When Zhang Han and the others arrived at the restaurant, almost all the delicious dishes served to them were freshly cooked.

However, some dishes that required complex procedures and took a long time to cook could only be prepared in advance and be heated up before being served.

The breakfast was a buffet.

Everyone could just put the food they like on their plates.

It was similar to those buffets provided by hotels.

Well, of course, the ingredients all came from Mount New Moon.

In particular, after the Thunder Yang Treasure Land was established, the quality of the vegetables and animals growing here had been improved considerably.

“The milk-flavored steamed buns are yummy.

I also like the buns stuffed with crab roe and soup.

The steamed dumplings also taste good.

These are all delicious.

I bet you cant find these salted duck eggs anywhere in the Sea Dragon Star Area…” Mengmeng said.

She was very sweet, because she said that mainly for Felinas sake.

Seeing the little girl like this, Zhang Han and Zi Yan smiled and looked at each other.

“Our little girl has truly grown up.

She is very enthusiastic and considerate now.

“Is she a kind and thoughtful young lady now”

Zhang Han deliberated for a moment.

After everyone had taken a seat, he said, “Mengmeng, youve really grown up.

You seldom misbehaved lately.”

“I never misbehaved.” Mengmeng made a face at Zhang Han.

“Well, I wouldnt mind if you were a little naughty.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “Anyway, it would be okay if you were willful and arrogant.”

Sometimes, Zhang Han felt that wilful and arrogant people usually would not suffer losses in society, while gentle, considerate, and virtuous people tended to let others have their way and keep their own requirements to themselves.

Zhang Han didnt want Mengmeng to be the latter.

However, it was not easy to pass this idea to Mengmeng.

Anyway, Zi Yan was still at the table.

She had long repressed Zhang Hans way of parenting.

It was impossible to revive it.

Thus, Zhang Han merely tried to beat around the bush.

However, before Mengmeng could answer, Felina said, “She is obedient in front of you, but she is also very fierce when she is dealing with others.

She just demolished a building yesterday.”

“Pfft—” Zi Yan almost choked on her mixed congee.

She looked at Mengmeng in confusion.

“Eh What did you do, naughty girl”

Mengmeng threw a hard look at Felina, then lowered her head and stole a glance at Zi Yan.

Zhang Han pulled a wry face and said, “Its no big deal.

Mengmeng, did you see injustice and fight against it”

“Yes, thats right.”

Mengmeng immediately nodded and said, “Its about Wang Yihan.

I saw her in a nightclub.

She was tricked.

Those people there were very hateful.

They even tried to get her to work part-time for them.

I heard those guys say that Wang Yihan needed to sleep with their boss or something.”

Mengmeng told them the reason straightforwardly.

Zhang Hans face darkened.

He said, “That building did need to be demolished.

How dare they let their sordid deals bother my daughter.”

“Then you destroyed the entire building”

Zi Yan subconsciously combed her hair on her face and said, “If that was a big fuss, the National Security Agency should have contacted us, right”

“It wasnt me.

I didnt destroy the building,” Mengmeng explained.

“I saw Uncle Luo Shan there.

I went straight to him for help.

He called his men over and smashed everything there.”

“Oh, it was him.” Zi Yan smiled and shook her head.

She felt a little resigned.

She also felt it wouldnt be right to turn a blind eye to such a situation.

“Mengmeng, you did the right thing.

Let others handle the heavy lifting, such as smashing things.

My daughter is a delicate…” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Before he could finish his words, Mengmeng refuted, “Im delicate No, Im powerful.”

“Oh, okay, okay, okay.

Youre a powerful fairy.”


While laughing, Mengmeng glanced at Felina.

“Humph, how dare you rat me out”

But Felina didnt even look at Mengmeng.

She merely kept her head low and ate her food.

She also felt that she had said something she shouldnt have said.

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