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“As youve mentioned, I guess it might be because we have the local aura,” Dai Wentian said uncertainly.

“The situation beneath the Sea Eye is complicated.

There are many unknown spaces there.

Our head and the others have only been to the edge of the Sea Eye.

When they sensed the immense terror there, they immediately retreated.

In all these years, the Seas Eye had never changed.

Yet, a sword has appeared this time.

Furthermore, an extremely strange phenomenon has emerged.

It seems that theres something wrong with the Sea Eye.”

“These issues should be left to our head and the other higher-ups to worry about.

We can stop dwelling on them.” Prince Feng chuckled.

“No matter what, this time, that man has created a piece of legendary history.

I looked down on him before, but now… Im beginning to admire him a little.

With a single sword strike, he made the world tremble and slaughtered 700,000 demons.

Such a great achievement is rare to be found.”

“Thats right.

He killed tens of thousands of demons.

Thats truly frightening.

Hes only in the Yuan Ying Realm.

However, the combat ability he displayed just now was far beyond the Yuan Ying Realm.

Could it be that he is able to control the Sea Eye” Dai Wentian instantly gasped in horror.

Then, he shook his head repeatedly and muttered, “Impossible.

Thats impossible.”

“It should be the energy eruption of the Sea Eye.

He extracted such energy only because he used the divine sword that had stayed in the Sea Eye for many years.” Prince Fengs theory was similar to Dai Wentians.

That was the only explanation, for there was no other way to explain why Zhang Han had suppressed the demons with a single strike.

Demon Killer Zhu Qingze, Zhu Li, Soul Expert Qin Jun, and the others all felt quite emotional as they watched the scene before them.

In the Domain of Seven Desolations, the Human Clan had been repressed by the Demon Clan for ages.

The Human Clan had fought back countless times but hadnt made things better.

Yet, to their surprise, today, an outsider slaughtered 700,000 demons with a single strike!

Even though the man who achieved that was not a native, it was still soul-stirring.

Many members of the Human Clan on the islands let out heaven-shaking roars.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

“He is really strong! Hahaha, how mighty!”


“Theyre leaving.

If they safely make it back to their place, the Demon Clan will have no choice but to suffer the losses in silence!”

“When the divine sword strikes, who can contend against it Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon had suppressed our Human Clans talents for many years, yet in the end, he was killed by the divine sword he longed for.

How ironic! How ridiculous!”

“They got on that boat.

Theyre about to leave!”

“That man looked really cool just now.

Ive sort of fallen for him.

What should I do”

The clamor of the crowd became ever louder.

This victory was truly heartening.

The Demonic God Temple was also in an uproar.


“Woof, woof.”

A lot of shouts mixed with some majestic roars sounded.

Those onlookers were delighted to see the troops of the Demon Clan suffer heavy casualties.

Among them, the two most astonished were Yuan Yi and the second king of the White Dog Clan.

They had more or less communicated with Zhang Hans group before.

“Its amazing.

Daheis master is indeed extraordinary.” Yuan Yi widened its eyes.

Suddenly, it laughed and said, “That little thing is greeting us.”

Many other giant apes looked over and saw Dahei sticking its head out of Mengmengs schoolbag.

After seeing Yuan Yi and the other giant apes, it howled several times and waved at them.

“Oow-oow-oow, oow-oow-oow.”

This was Daheis way of saying “Bye-bye.”

Seeing this, the second king of the White Dog Clan glanced at Little Hei, who was guarding Mengmeng, with dissatisfaction.

“You dog, you dont know how to behave like a good dog.

Even that stupid ape has reached out to bid goodbye.”

Looking at Little Hei, who was proud and aloof, the second king of the White Dog Clan bared its teeth.

It wished it could run over and bite it.

Of course, that was just a thought.

“Were leaving.”

Yue Wuwei was truly relieved.

He looked at the group and said with a smile, “Youve performed very well in this adventure.

Our enemies were far stronger than us, but no one died.

This is the best result.

After we go back, you should all cultivate hard.

I hope that one day, you can really explore this place by yourselves.”

“You mean we can come here again” Chen Changqing was taken aback.

“I dont want to come here anymore.

This place is too scary,” Chen Chuan, who was listless on the side, muttered.

He didnt enjoy any bit of this trip.

“Lets go.”

“Its time to go back.”

“Its hard to tell when the next trip will be.” Zi Yan glanced around and saw Zhu Li, who was flying in the distant sky.

She felt that Zhu Li was quite interesting.

At least on this continent, she had someone she knew.


The Sea Eye quaked.

The boat sank deeper and deeper into the endless evil spirits.

Soon, it vanished from sight.

“Theyve left!”

Many humans fell silent as they looked at the Sea Eye that had gradually calmed down.

The competition for the energy had been ruined.

They had only obtained a little bit of energy from the beginning.

Given the current looks of things, the energy eruption had ended.

There would be no more energy.

The next grand competition for the younger generation would probably be held in decades.

Would this kind of incident occur then

Many human beings hoped that the Human Clan could rise to prominence like that man from earlier who had set off a strange phenomenon.

An enormous earth-shattering figure appeared.

This was simply too incredible.

That figure had imprinted in the minds of everyone present.

They probably could not forget it for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps when they grew old, they would say to their juniors, “There was once a man…”

Just as Zhang Han pulled out that sword and the giant figure as huge as a planet emerged, in the headquarters of the Stone Demon Clan, A 10,000-foot-long shadow suddenly disappeared, revealing the Stone Demon King sitting in a meditative pose on top of the stone platform.

He suddenly got up and looked to the east.

With a hint of shock, he said, “What, what is that”

In the cultivators abode behind the main hall of the Myriad Mountains Palace…


The mountain suddenly vibrated.

Then, a figure floating in the air appeared.

He was Taoist Lord of Dragon, the sect leader of the Myriad Mountains Palace.

He looked rather stern at this time.

He stared at the darkening world and then turned to look at the sea.



He turned into a jet of light, rushing over at an extremely fast speed.

Tian Xingzi, the sect leader of the Illusory Mansion, and Brass Immortal, the martial god of the War Saint Abyss, were both stunned.

The whole world became strange.

The aura coming from the other side of the sea made peoples hearts palpitate.

“What exactly is happening”

Their faces were written with horror.

But in this situation, they had no choice but to investigate.

In the center of the Demonic God Temple—


A large snake waved its tail and shattered the mountain beneath it.

Next, like a flying dragon, it soared into the sky.

A giant ape that was 100 meters tall woke up and roared several times.

Looking at the dark world, it also dashed out rapidly.


A giant fire condor, which was hundreds of meters wide when it spread its wings, flapped its wings.

Sharp broadsword light shot out from its wings, shattering the surrounding trees and sending rocks flying in all directions.

It was terrifying.

One Great Devil after another showed up.

“What is that”

They all gazed at the sea, where there seemed to be a figure as huge as a planet.

It could be said that all of the Great Devils who had been in secluded cultivation had awakened.

When Yue Wuwei first arrived here, only a few Great Devils had released their soul senses.

At this time, no one could sit still anymore.

The Demon Clan, the Human Clan, and strange beasts were all flabbergasted at this moment.

Even they could not imagine exactly what that aura represented.

There was no doubt that the Sea Eye was like a vortex, attracting everyones attention.

Well, the one who caused all this was Zhang Han.

However, Zhang Han and his group had already arrived in the outside world.

When the boat began to descend, Yue Wuwei cautioned, “Our way out may not be smooth.

Be careful, everyone.”

As it turned out…

“Who said its not gonna be smooth”

Zhang Han showed a mysterious smile and waved the long sword in his right hand.


A black hole appeared out of thin air in front of them.

It devoured the boat.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived in the Chaotic Region, as though they had traveled through a portal.

They had passed through the enormous passageway and appeared far away from the area filled with thousands of black holes.


“The planets that form a Sudoku are changing, arent they”

“Theyre gone! They disappeared!”


Many people looked shocked.

When they first came here, they could clearly see the planets arranged like a Sudoku on the other side of the myriad black holes.

But now, the planets changed.

They gradually dimmed and disappeared.

What did this mean

It meant that they could no longer find the way to the Domain of Seven Desolations.

Hearing this, Zhang Han smiled but said nothing.

The way to the Domain of Seven Desolations was in his hands.

“About the sword you got…”

Just as Yue Wuwei wanted to ask something, Tricia, Felina, and Nina walked to Zhang Han.

“Thank you.

Thank you, Uncle Zhang,” Nina said through her sobs.

“Sorry to trouble everyone this time.


“Th-thank you.” Felina was not used to thanking others.

Still, at this time, she thanked Zhang Han very solemnly.

Tricia did the same.

The three elves bent over and got down on one knee.

Then, they held up their arms in a respectful manner.

This was the Elf Clans supreme way of expressing gratitude.

Seeing this, everyone seemed touched but said nothing.

Even Mengmeng, Chen Chuan, and Yue Xiaonao watched in silence.

Perhaps they didnt really understand what this meant.

Nonetheless, many adults on the scene knew that Zhang Han deserved this supreme gesture of thanks.

Tricia had been rescued.

This meant everything to Felina and Nina.

“I have nothing to repay you for saving my life.

From now on, I…”

Tricia prepared to make some sort of promise.

The Elf Clan attached great importance to promises.

However, Zhang Han shook his head slightly and waved his hand, causing the three of them to float.

“Theres no need to stand on ceremony.

Weve benefited a great deal from this trip to the Realm of Seven Desolations.

Lets go back to the Sea Dragon Star Area first so that you and your family can reunite and have a good chat.”

Zhang Han smiled.

In the past, Zhang Han never cared about this sort of thing.

Now, seeing this, he also felt a bit emotional.

The coldness and warmth in the world were all in ones heart.

The boat flew across the Chaotic Region.

To everyones surprise, it jumped into the secondary space in just two seconds.

Though the boat looked shabby, in fact, it was very powerful.

The group of people looked at the boat in amazement.

Tricia did not go to the side to chat with Felina and Nina.

Instead, she quietly sat there, watching the others.

Felina was looking around in silence, while Nina explained things to her mother in a low voice.

Chen Chuan ran over to greet them, then, casually hold Ninas hand and even locked arms with her.

Seeing this, Tricia showed a strange look in her eyes, but she smiled and said nothing.

Elves were rather conservative.

In the mortal world, boys and girls could hold hands, kiss, or even sleep together even if they didnt get married.

But that was not the way with elves.

At this time, Yue Wuwei finally found an opportunity to pose his question.

“Whats that sword you just put away”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Zhang Mu, Deep Fire, Gai Xingkong, and others all turned to look at Zhang Han.

Obviously, they were also very curious about the sword.

“Oh,” Zhang Han said casually, “I call it Seven-star Sword.”

Yes, it was the Seven-star Sword.

As a beam of light flashed, the Seven-star Sword appeared in Zhang Hans hand.

But at this time, this sword looked different from before.

It had withdrawn its brilliance, revealing the silver blade.

It looked no different from an ordinary sword.

But there were several fine lines on the sword, which seemed to embody vicissitudes of life.

This sword must have gone through a lot of battles with its owner.

It was covered in cuts, but it was tough and resilient.

Since it had repressed the overflowing evil spirits, how could it be an ordinary weapon

“Which tier is this spirit treasure at”

Yue Wuwei looked the sword up and down several times, his eyes gleaming.

“Remarkable! This sword is truly remarkable!”

Facing everyones curious gaze, Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly, as though he was about to answer the question.

However, after a good 10 seconds, he still didnt say anything.

“Come on, tell us.” Amused, Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

Now that Zhang Hans beautiful wife had urged him, the smile on his face became broader.

In the end, Zhang Han said, “Why not take a guess”

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