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“What should I do”

Prince Fengs eyelids couldnt stop trembling.

This was a situation beyond his reach.

The most important thing was, with his strength, he would only die if he made a move.

Dai Wentian

Perhaps he might not be that mans match.

Prince Feng didnt dare to act rashly.

He stood still at the back.

Under everyones gaze, Yue Wuwei was getting closer and closer to Protector Hong.

“Dont kill me!”

“Im Protector Hong of the Myriad Mountains Palace.

If you dare to kill me, Taoist Lord of Dragon wont spare you!”

Protector Hong roared angrily.

His words woke up many people in an instant.

Yes, he had Taoist Lord of Dragon back him up!

Taoist Lord of Dragon was one of the supreme human cultivators.

Even the seniors of the Demon Clan were wary of him.


An old man suddenly flew out of the seven-island area near the Sea Eye and stood in front of Yue Wuwei.

He sighed as he said, “Fellow Taoist, why must you do this We can sit down and talk it through.

We are all humans; dont be made fun of.

If Protector Hong has offended you in any way, please do Taoist Lord of Dragon a favor and spare him.”

“Get lost! Who do you think you are to speak here”

Yue Wuwei didnt listen to him at all and waved his sleeve.


The old man spat out a mouthful of blood and was smacked into the sea.

No one could stop Yue Wuwei at all.

Seeing this, everyone from the Myriad Mountains Palace fell silent.

The other sects said nothing more.

In this situation, no one dared to say anything.

“What the hell do you want!”

Protector Hong couldnt run away at all.

He stopped and looked at Yue Wuwei with grief and indignation.

“Blame it on your bad luck.”

Yue Wuwei stretched out his right hand.

Under Protector Hongs gaze, a giant hand made of energy crushed him.

“Soul Refining!”

Yue Wuweis face darkened as he refined the souls of Nan Qinghai, his two companions, and Protector Hong.

With a flash, he flew back to Zhang Han.


When he landed on the ground, thousands of people nearby retreated hundreds of meters.

They were really scared of being killed.

Everyone was clearly aware that logically speaking, such an expert wouldnt make an appearance here at all.

He suppressed everyone present by himself.

How terrifying!

And without doubt, he broke all those unwritten rules.


In the distance, Dai Wentian sighed deeply.


Its the grudge between Protector Hong, Han Chuan, and those people.

We are unable to stop them.

We can only let it be and report this matter back to the sect leader.”

“Theres no other way.” Prince Feng smiled bitterly and continued, “I think the number of human beings who are qualified to talk to that old man can be counted on one hand.

We dont have to feel sorry for those who have offended such a strong person.”

In the martial arts world on Earth, there was a famous saying that no Grand Master could be insulted.

Wu Dao Grand Masters were powerful, noble, and inviolable.

It cost ones life to cross the line and anger them.

It was even more so in the Cultivation World.

In other words, the strong could not be disgraced.

Sometimes, luck played a big role.

Arrogance would eventually bring bad karma upon the owner.

All those who had wanted to speak earlier, including the Soul Expert Qin Jun, as well as those from the Myriad Mountains Palace, the War Saint Abyss, and the Illusory Mansion, were feeling lingering fear.

Sometimes, underestimating the opponents strength could cost them their lives.

“Im gonna search their souls.

You take care of this place now.”

Yue Wuwei said to Zhang Han calmly.

He had to figure out where those people had come from.

If the rules of the Northernmost Sea were broken, it would affect the overall situation of the Saint Warrior Planet.

“All right.”

Zhang Han nodded and continued, “Dont worry, accidents may happen at times.

Its nothing serious.”

“I hope so.”

Yue Wuwei sighed softly, closed his eyes, made an incantation gesture with his fingers, and began to search the souls absorbedly.

No one disturbed him.

Yue Wuwei in this state was actually quite intimidating.

All of a sudden, everyone felt that Yue Wuweis way of doing things was very similar to Zhang Hans.

The most noticeable thing about them was that they were quite easygoing in front of their men.

Even when Yue Wuwei was tricked, he would do nothing but glare at the culprit, his white beard shivering.

But sometimes, when he lost his temper, it could be terrible.

It seemed to Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, and even Zhang Mu that when Yue Wuwei flared up, he did not have the kind of horrible aura that would make peoples hearts palpitate as Zhang Han did.

Was it killing intent

When Zhang Han was infuriated, his killing intent would be so intense that it seemed to become something tangible.

However, Yue Wuwei seemed to be missing the aura.

It made many people present feel a little strange.

“What on earth did Zhang Han experience to make him so fierce”

Even though they had this question in their hearts, they knew it was not the right time to talk about it.


Zhang Guangyou whispered, “When will Elder Yue finish his work”

“A few minutes, or maybe more than ten minutes.

It wont take long.” Zhang Han glanced at the crowd and added with a chuckle, “Dont worry, it can be stopped at any time.”

“Daddy, Grandpa Yue seems to be very powerful.” Mengmeng blinked her eyes quickly.

He seemed to be much stronger than many of the people here.

“Before we met him, he had been guarding the Saint Warrior Planet for hundreds of years.

How could he not be powerful” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

While they were talking, Zhu Qingze and Zhu Li, who were not far from them, were communicating with each other.

A while later, Zhu Qingze nodded and flew towards the seven islands in front of him.

Zhu Li, the Ninth Princess, walked over.

“Purple Moon, I was worried that you would be in trouble, but now all the troubles are gone.

You are so powerful,” Zhu Li said casually.

She didnt seem to have much respect for the strong.

The main reason was that they were on her side.

“Thank you for your help,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Youve helped me a lot, although we only seriously injured Han Chuan at that time.

When your husband came to pick you up, I forgot to give you a gift.

Here.” Zhu Li took out a Space Ring.

“There are hundreds of thousands of crystal stones inside.”

“Never mind.” Zi Yan waved her hand to reject her gift.

“Mmm.” Zhang Han nodded in agreement and continued with a smile, “It was fate that my wife came here and met you.

Im very grateful to you for not getting her involved in any disputes or other bad situations.”

“Haha, were helping each other out here.” Zhu Li smiled and added, “I have to give you a gift as I promised back then.”

It seemed that they were going to continue this process of giving and rejecting.

Unexpectedly, Mengmeng chimed in, “You dont have to give us crystal stones.

We have plenty of such things, and I myself have tens of thousands of top-grade crystal stones as pocket money.”

Zhu Li was speechless.

She quietly put away the Space Ring.

“Arent you going to leave later Youd better leave before the demons arrive.

Youll be safer here next time.” Zhu Li changed the subject.

“Its okay.

Were waiting for someone,” Zhang Han replied.

“Waiting for someone”

Zhu Li found it a bit strange.

If they were waiting for someone, why didnt they gather before

Zhu Li didnt ask any more questions.

She glanced at Yue Wuwei and then at Zhang Han and the others.

When she was about to say something, almost everyone let out a cry of surprise.

“Its begun!”

“It started before the demons showed up.

Hahaha, during the early stage, our War Saint Abyss will definitely get more energy!”


The Seven Directions Sea Eye that resembled a deep, pitch-black eye was an empty region with a circumference of several thousand meters.

No one was able to approach it.

Because of the vibrations of space, it had many spatial cracks.

If someone wasnt careful, they could get ripped apart by a spatial rift.

After the exclamations, no one paid attention to Zhang Han.

It was even to the point that all their eyes were on the Sea Eye.

It could be seen that the violent energy there was constantly surging.

The seawater flowed backward, rising to a height of 10,000 feet.

It was like a giant water column, constantly spinning.

In just two breaths, the water column turned into extremely clear water, reflecting the light of the sun, as beautiful as crystal.

“That didnt seem to be the case before.”

“An anomaly! Its definitely an anomaly.

The last time there was an anomaly, a sixth-tier supreme treasure appeared, together with extremely rich energy.

This time, there must be more wonderful things!”

“Lets get started before the demons arrive!”

Many people prayed inwardly, hoping for the Sea Eye to open as soon as possible.

Their words seemed to have been heard.


The crystal-clear water column suddenly began to rotate faster and faster.

Gradually, it seemed to have solidified before sinking into the Sea Eye.

The Sea Eye turned into a bottomless pit.

No one knew what was in there.

It was as if the surrounding space had been torn apart.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that although the Sea Eye could be seen and felt, it seemed to exist in a different space, making them spectators and occasionally giving them some benefits.

No one knew exactly what sort of existence it was.

The next second, a pitch-black beam of light from the Sea Eye rose into the sky.

The evil spirit was so strong that it made people tremble in fear.

“Whats going on”

“Evil spirit The area beneath the Sea Eye is absolutely a place of great danger!”

“Such amount of evil spirit is rare in the world!”

Many people couldnt help exclaiming.

Even the Great Devils from the Demonic God Temple had strange looks on their faces.

“Theres been a series of strange phenomena.

I have a feeling that somethings going to happen in the Sea Eye!”

Great Devils like Yuan Yi, who had seen the Sea Eye several times, had the same thought.

They knew very well that sometimes, an anomaly was a sign of uniqueness or something the world was expected to know.


Suddenly, a wave swept out in all directions from the Sea Eye with the momentum of a landslide and tsunami, like a blast.


Prince Feng, Qin Jun, Zhu Qingze, Dai Wentian, and the others all looked extremely serious.

They seemed to realize that the eruption of the Sea Eye this time was absolutely extraordinary.

Under the gazes of many people, the huge black column of evil spirit suddenly dissipated.

Instead, it was a rainbow floating above the Sea Eye.

At first glance, it looked like thousands of rainbows that were arrayed randomly.

“So beautiful.”

The eyes of Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Zi Yan, and the others lit up slightly.

The rainbow was very beautiful in nature.

Moreover, it came right after an enormous black column of evil spirit.

The contrast made it stunningly beautiful.


Under numerous gazes, strands of snake-like black energy suddenly rose densely from the Sea Eye.

They passed through various rainbows and formed a large loop before returning to the Sea Eye.

This strange phenomenon shocked everyone.

Zhang Han gasped in shock.

No one seemed to notice the change in his expression.

He looked dazed.

His pupils were constricting.

“What, what”


Zhang Han seemed to have been hit by a bolt from the blue.

There were huge emotional waves in his heart.

He didnt blink and even stopped breathing.

“What did I see

“What secret is hidden in this place”

Zhang Han frowned and touched his forehead with his right hand.

A trace of bewilderment, astonishment, and disbelief appeared on his face.

That was because he saw that all the rainbows merged with the black gas and formed a vivid and lifelike pattern.

This scene that suddenly appeared in front of him reminded him exactly of the Athanasia Demon Gong.

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