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“It just so happens that the place we will set off for the return journey is the Seven Directions Sea Eye.” Yue Wuwei chuckled.

“When we came here, we used the space power in the Seven Directions Sea Eye.

There are Space Rules in that place.

The way to go back is not difficult.

Youll see when you get there.”

“But isnt there going to be a fight Do we have to go back from there”

“It doesnt matter whether there is a fight or not.

It wont prevent us from leaving.” Zhang Han smiled with confidence.

Even if he were the one with the highest cultivation here, he still had a way to get out, let alone Yue Wuwei was with him.

“This world is really interesting.” Yue Wuwei shook his head and laughed.

“This place is called the Domain of Seven Desolations, also known as the Land of Sealed Demons.

I heard about that from Zhu Li,” Zi Yan said.

“The Domain of Seven Desolations… The Land of Sealed Demons…”

Yue Wuwei murmured, “This place may be a forbidden area for all living creatures in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

The Ancient Road of Starry Sky may be located in the center of the Demon Clan.”

“This world is truly too advanced.

It scares me.” Dong Chen sighed softly and said, “I felt like I was like a superman flying in the sky after I entered the Yuan Ying Realm.

Yet, I didnt expect that I would fall before I could flaunt my power.

Indeed, there is always someone more powerful.”

“Im really sorry for troubling you so much this time.” Nina pursed her red lips slightly and raised a glass of wine.

“I dont know how to repay your great kindness.

From now on, I…”

Since this all started because of her, she was constantly worried about the consequences.

But Zhou Fei had a good way to deal with her worries.

“Nina, dont talk about that anymore.

Chen Chuan will marry you in the future.

Were a family, so you dont have to be so courteous to us.”

She was using humor to lighten the mood.


A blush instantly crept onto Ninas face.

Nina couldnt even speak coherently.

She quickly put down the wine glass and bowed her head slightly, feeling mortified.

“Aunty Feifei, how can you tease Nina” Mengmeng made a face at Zhou Fei.

When they were done chatting, everyone was almost done eating.

They got up and left the tavern.

Then, they walked out of the town, rose to the sky, and continued to fly forward under Ninas guidance.

Ahead of them, there was also a big road outside the town.

People were flying forward at a low altitude.

From the looks of things, they were definitely heading for the so-called Seven Directions Sea Eye.

That place seemed to have become the center of the vortex.

However, moments later, Zhang Han and the others deviated from the main road and flew rapidly across a plain.

It was tedious to travel through the night.

Plus, they had to guard against the strange beast on the grassland, which was energy-consuming.

Yue Wuwei could have let the others travel by his boat.

If so, they could travel faster.

However, Yue Wuwei didnt do that.

The way he saw it, this journey could be a pretty good training session for the others.

After flying for another day and a half, they stopped by a small town to have a meal.

Then, they set off again.

Just like that, they advanced for five days.

After taking many turns, Nina finally sensed the signal more clearly.

“Its in the sea over there!”

Nina suddenly pointed to the sea.

Yue Wuwei examined that area with his divine sense.

Then, he said with a strange look on his face, “That direction should be where the Seven Directions Sea Eye is.

Not far from our left side, there is a dock where many large ships are parked.”

“In that case…”

Zhang Han frowned slightly.

After thinking for a while, he said anyway, “Nina, the signal you sensed had been fuzzy before.

But its become clearer after we reached the sea.

Thats to say, your mother has gone to the depths of the sea, where almost no human beings have set foot.

Since her position changes with time, its very likely that shes been held captive by the Demon Clan.”


“Been held captive by the Demon Clan”

“To rescue her from the Demon Clan would be very difficult.”

The people around all looked a bit comprehensive.

Having stayed in this world for some time, they were fully aware of how powerful the Demon Clan was.

If Ninas mother was in the hands of the Human Clan, they would at least try to negotiate with them.

But if she has been captured by the Demon Clan, negotiation would be off the table.

“Compared with those who came here directly from the Hanchuan City, were two days late.

Fortunately, it seems that the competition in the Seven Directions Sea Eye may have just started or havent started yet,” Yue Wuwei remarked.

“In fact, this is also good news.

If were sure Ninas mother is in the Seven Directions Sea Eye, we can leave right after we get her out.

Now, Im only worried that she may not be there.”

“Lets go there now.

We cant find out the answer unless we go there,” Zhang Han suggested.

“Lets go!” Yue Wuwei said.

While the group was in the Domain of Seven Desolations, Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han practically called all the shots.

The two seemed to be very familiar with this place.

They always knew what to pay attention to and how to react.

The others just listened and watched.

By observing the two, they had also gained experience.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Everyone flew toward the sea.

Moments later, the corners of Yue Wuweis mouth trembled slightly.

He waved his hand and neutralized the attacks of dozens of big fish.

He said, “If we fly straight to that place, we will have to fight against many strange beasts in the sea.

The large ships they ride have magic seals.

Those ships are not under attack.

It seems that the Seven Directions Sea Eye has been recognized as a training field in this world.”

“Why dont we get on one of the ships as well” Yi Hou said with trepidation.

He had just sensed the large school of fish below.

“Damn it.

Every single one of the fish possesses the power of the God Transformation Realm.

“This is preposterous!”

If Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han were not with the others, they would be swallowed by the beasts in the sea in no time.

“Oh my god, the sea is so horrible.

Han, you traveled thousands of miles across the sea to get back.

Youre amazing!” Zhang Guangyou seemed uneasy too.

When he heard about the sea, he didnt really know what it was like.

Now he saw it with his own eyes, he finally understood how horrible it was.

“Thats nothing.” Yue Wuwei glanced at Zhang Han and said, “The route were on is relatively safe.

There are not many strange beasts in this area.

But in some other places, the number of strange beasts can be 10 times larger.”

“Ten, ten times”

Everyone was stunned.

In fact, along their way, they didnt run into strange beasts too frequently.

In this way, they flew for five hours and finally reached their destination.

The Seven Directions Sea Eye was called the Eye of Demon.

Looking down from the sky, they saw a crescent-shaped archipelago.

In front of that area, there were a few isolated islands.

There was a total of seven isolated islands, which were like stars surrounding the moon.

In the center area, the seawater was deep and dark, which looked like an eye in the sea that had been there forever!

Strong energy had shrouded that area, so most people couldnt get close to it.

On the seven islands stood many people.

In the nearby seas, there were more people floating at a low altitude.

There were thousands of them.

A fifth of them were human beings, while the rest were demonic beasts.

“Isnt that the second king of the White Dog Clan”

“Yuan Yi is here, too!”

Mengmeng and Zhao Feng exclaimed at the same time.

“Lets descend right off,” Zhang Han said.

“Nina, feel the mark.”

“I think… its quite close.

Its in that direction.” Nana pointed to the area on the right side of the group.

“We can wait here.”

Yue Wuwei said as he waved his right hand.

A mist immediately surrounded the group.

The Devil Clan made up more than half of those on the crescent-shaped archipelago, while the Human Clan only made up one-third.

There were plenty of islands.

Yet, hundreds of thousands of people were on those islands, so the islands looked packed.

Back into the distance, some large ships were sailing across the surging sea.

There were even more strange beasts of the Demonic God Temple.

Seeing the various clans assemble in one place, the others directly perceived how strong the Devil Clan was.

Those on the islands were not the only members present of the Devil Clan.

Many strange beasts were swimming in the nearby sea.

At this time, they were on the same team.

Yue Wuwei led the others to an island on the front edge of the archipelago.

They stood on a hill.

Although they called it a hill, it was more like a pile of rocks.

There were many similar piles of rocks around.

There were people standing on the islands as well as the coast.

Voices of discussion could be heard.

“The competition is about to start.

But the Demon Clan hasnt arrived yet.”

“That shouldnt be the case.

The Demon Clan has many branches.

They shouldve come here in separate groups.”

“Soul Expert Qin Jun has yet to arrive.”

“There are also many talents ahead of us, but they are not very famous.”

“I heard that Demon Killer Zhu Qingze has come out of his reclusive cultivation.

Although he is not young, he seems to be qualified to participate in this competition.

Do you think he will come”

“I guess he will.

The Illusory Mansion and the War Saint Abyss have also sent many of their big shots here, but they havent arrived yet.”

“Im really nervous.

I wonder if our Human Clan will obtain a good outcome in the competition this time.”

“I hope so.”

Everyone was talking about the competition.

Many of them mentioned the talented disciples of the War Saint Abyss, the Illusory Mansion, and the Myriad Mountains Palace.

But Zhang Han and his group knew little about those disciples.

So far, Demon Killer Zhu Qingze and Han Chuan were the only two they knew.

This whole world was strange to them.

Except for Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei, who were familiar with the Cultivation World, the others were all inexperienced.

At this time, most of them looked nervous.

On an island near where Zhang Hans group was standing, Felina, who was in a black robe, her face hiding under the black hood, appeared to be thrilled.

Every once in a while, she gave a murmur that only she could hear.

“We can make it.

We definitely can leave this damn place!”

Suddenly, several people appeared behind her.

They were Gu Yi, the middle-aged man who came with Felina on the king vessel, Lida, who got slapped by Zhang Han, and three of their subordinates and three Dark Elves.

“Felina, youre bravo.

I cant believe you know how to use schemes at such a young age.

I feel like killing you with a slap!”

Gu Yis face turned livid.

He was trembling with fury.

It seemed that he would attack Felina if he couldnt control himself.

“Youre here” Felina turned around and said in a daze.

“Humph, youre surprised to see us come back alive, arent you” Lida quickly took two steps forward.


A slap landed on Felinas face.

“Bitch! How dare you attempt to kill us Where exactly did you bring us You must have planned this out!”

“I do not know where this place is.” Felina was silent for two seconds.

Then, she calmly said, “This is my first return visit.

When I left this place at that time, it wasnt like this.”

“Who are you trying to fool” Lida raised her hand again, ready to slap Felina again.

“Thats enough.”

Seeing that some people around had turned to look at them, Gu Yi furrowed his brows and cast his oppressive aura toward Lida.

He didnt want to draw attention to himself.

Right now, he knew very well that he couldnt afford to mess with anyone in this world.

When he just arrived, he was also stunned by this world, too.

He almost got killed several times.

Even now, he still had a lingering fear.

That was also why he was angry.

At this time, Gu Yi had no intention to rescue anyone.

He looked at Felina coldly and said, “This exit is in this place.

Hurry up and tell us how to get out before the Demon Clan arrives.”


Felinas breathing quickened all of a sudden.

Then, she fell silent again.

Seconds later, Felina said in a more composed voice, “My mother knows the way out.

But I dont know anything about that.”

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