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Chapter 1150 Competing in Body Refinement

“Its really chaotic!”

The Neutral Forces were quite astounded.

“Zhang Hanyang is really powerful.

His moves are so incredibly mighty that even the Tiger God could not remain calm after he saw them.

Is Zhang Hanyang also at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage”

“I have a feeling that if the two of them fight, the result of their fight will influence the whole battle.”

“Originally, the battle would last a very long time.

However, it might end once one of the two defeats the other.”

“The Tiger God is one of the top figures in the Cultivation World.

He is very close to the God Transformation Realm.

Can Zhang Hanyang be a match for him”

“Look at the nine dragon shadows.

Theyre absolutely brutal.

Theyve held up almost half of the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys forces! Their influence is still expanding.

Heavens! This move is simply unbeatable!”

The people of the Neutral Forces were not the only ones that had been stunned.

Even Yue Wuwei was a little surprised.

“Hes even stronger than Id imagined.

Where is the limit of his power He cant possibly kill the Tiger God who has already set a foot in the God Transformation Realm, can he”

On the other side.

Chu Qingyi seemed to be in a daze.

She never thought this would happen.

“What do you think, Older Martial Sister I was right, wasnt I Zhang Hanyang is a legend on battlefields!” Ye Longyuan said with amazement.

He felt that Zhang Hanyang was someone he could never defeat in his life.

“This is truly incredulous.”

Yan Chen gasped and patted his face, as though he was not sure if he was dreaming.

He then remarked, “I was in a good mood because I just made it to the Yuan Ying Realm.

But now, Im feeling a little down.”

“Dont be too hard on yourself.

Brother Yan, some people are born to be looked up to by us.

Well, Im talking about people like Zhang Hanyang,” Su Beimu said with absolute admiration.

Though the three were among the most talented disciples of the younger generation, they had completely given up competing against Zhang Han.

“Forget it.

We cant contend with him.

He is too strong.”

Yet, they treated few others with such reverence.


In the spaceship next to the Tiger Gods main vessel, the woman screamed in shock when she saw the scene on the battlefield.

“Zhang Hanyang

“He did have come!”

She prayed inwardly that the Tiger God could kill him.

Almost everyones attention was focused on the fight between Zhang Hanyang and the Tiger God.

It was indeed a fierce struggle between well-matched opponents!

At first, everyone thought that Zhang Hanyang was just a small potato.

But based on what they just saw, he was definitely a mighty figure, or he wouldnt have been able to launch such a strike.

However, it was hard to say if he could defeat the Tiger God.

Ever since the Tiger God led the Tiger Talisman Royal Family to overawe the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, his name had resounded like thunder in everyones ears.

The Tiger God had laid low for years.

How strong was his strength now

Today, his strength would finally be unveiled before everyone.


“Kill our way over!”

The Cloud Shadow Skys troops were thrilled collectively.

Along with the nine dragon shadows, they rushed forward rapidly.

The battle line began to move forward at an incredible speed.

This speed was over a hundred times faster than Hu Tianshans.

Hu Tianshan had been given the title of the King of War.

Then what would the person floating in midair in this scene be known as


Zhang Han launched a wide-range attack without effort.

It killed all the enemies in the area within thousands of meters ahead.

“How invincible!”

Li Mu never thought that he would be so excited.

“Zhang Hanyang alone has changed the tide of the battle in only a few seconds.

“If he were not invincible, who else could be”

The battle was extremely fierce.

At this rate, had the Tiger God not been here, there would be a winner in the battle on the Eagle Wing Star in less than an hour.

The one-sided war would eventually end.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Hanyang attacked as he flew forward.

The crowds near him retreated like receding tides.

He was utterly unstoppable!

The enemies staying here would only be courting death.

Even the tens of thousands of mechanical troops, aircraft, and fighters in the Tiger Gods path were quickly retreating.

The two were about to collide!

The Cloud Shadow Skys fighters backed away as well.

The fierceness of the battle dropped sharply.

The fighters only occasionally dealt a few sneak attacks.

But because of the long distance between them, the effect was not good.

The combatants of both sides all wanted to watch this fight properly.

Those nine blood-colored dragon shadows Zhang Han cast swept half the battlefield before gradually dissipating.

If Zhang Han was allowed to deploy his strength at will and launch eight or so strikes like this, then the Tiger Talisman Royal Family would be doomed.

There was no doubt that Zhang Han was very strong.

But what about the Tiger God

This fight was like a comet crashing into Earth.

Everyone wanted to watch it carefully.

As a result, the frequency of attacks decreased in an instant.


Finally, under all the nervous, enraptured, and excited gazes, the two collided.

Violent explosions rang out continuously.

In front of the Tiger Gods giant silver mecha, Zhang Hanyang seemed as small as an ant.

However, their attacks were both extremely powerful.

The giant silver mecha actually failed to subdue Zhang Hanyang.

This stupefied many people.

Zhang Hanyang was performing endless secret skills, while the Tiger God was using secret skills mixed with his mechas energy attacks.

As the battle raged, heaven and earth started to change color, and rumbles sounded nonstop.

The wind picked up, and the clouds were surging.

The violent energy waves generated by the fight forced the people nearby to retreat again.

“How formidable!”

Many cultivators at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage or Middle-Stage who were near them were somewhat frightened.


The silver mecha was knocked back hundreds of meters by a huge palm print.


In the silver mecha, the Tiger God spoke for the first time.

His voice was low and hoarse, but it carried a note of surprise.

“I thought Id already had a glimpse of the wonders of the God Transformation Realm.

Also, in the Sea Dragon Star Area, only the people in the Chaotic Region could be stronger than me, while the other sect leaders could only look up to me.

However, among this group of people who have appeared out of nowhere, one cultivator is actually able to contend against me, and he is so young.”

The Tiger Gods words put a grave look in the eyes of many high-position members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Yes, they felt that they had underrated Zhang Hanyang.

“Contend against you Thats not the case.”

Zhang Han shook his head and said blandly, “If you had taken that critical step, you might have been my rival.

Unfortunately, you finished your seclusive cultivation too early, and your comprehension ability is too poor.”

After fighting for a while, Zhang Han had learned a lot more about Tiger God.

In his view, Tiger Gods cultivation and the path he had taken were both beneath him.

The Tiger God wanted to take the path of Body Cultivation and attain the Sacred Body of Fire.

Though he was in the Yuan Ying Realm, he had been focusing his comprehension on the Body Cultivation and had abandoned the insights that a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator should have gained.

“Now, Ill show you the true might of the Yuan Ying Realm.”

Zhang Hans face was still calm.

Next, dazzling light flashed across his eyes.

He spread his hands to both sides and abruptly pushed forward.


In the small river not far away, the light red water suddenly began to flow in the opposite direction.

The water seemed to have turned into raindrops and fly all over the sky before condensing into light red long swords.

They were mixed with the power of heaven and earth, forming the Myriad Swords Formation.

The blades of the swords were even flashing with a trace of sharpness.

“What supernatural power is this”

“How can a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator perform such a secret skill”

Many peoples jaws dropped.

Even the Tiger God looked somewhat solemn.

He didnt expect Zhang Hanyang to be so fierce.


The Tiger Gods mecha stretched its arms forward.

Four muzzles on its arms were revealed, shooting out waves of fire.

In an instant, the flames in front of him turned into a big net and pelted straight toward the sword formation ahead.


Zhang Han made a casting gesture with his right hand.

In an instant, the Myriad Swords merged.

They turned into a giant sword.


The giant sword clashed with the fire net.

Just two seconds later, the sharp edge of the giant sword tore the fire net apart.

Yet, the giant sword became one-third shorter.

Then, the giant sword once again split into numerous Myriad Swords, and the sword formation charged at the Tiger God like rain.


The expression of the Tiger God changed slightly.

His mecha stepped forward with the right foot, which sank into the ground.

It bent down slightly, holding its right arm vertically as if in a defensive posture.


The mechas right leg and right arm once again fired a stream of energy, which swept across the ground beneath.

Sand and stones quickly rose and formed into a huge shield that stood before the Tiger God.

*Clang, clang…*

The sword formation hit the shield, causing rapid clatters.


Yet, just as the rest of the swords in the sword formation was about to bounce off, the Tiger Gods defense was finally broken.

The remaining dozens of swords mercilessly hit his mecha.


To everyones surprise, the Tiger God was forced to stumble back again.

Even his physical body inside the mecha went numb because of the collision.


The thirteenth energy cabin on the right arm has cracked open.”

“The Awl Bomb on the mechanical arm has been damaged.”

“The defense on the right arm has been damaged.”

“The Gravity Acceleration Attack has been damaged.”

Hearing the alarms, the Tiger Gods expression darkened slightly.

He never thought that the opponents attacks could damage his silver mecha.

“Zhang Hanyang,” the Tiger God controlled his mecha to slowly rise to its feet as he said in a cold voice, “you are indeed extraordinary.

In the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, there are no more than five people who can harm my mecha.”

As soon as these words came out, the surroundings became completely silent.

No one had expected that the Tiger God would be at a disadvantage as soon as the fight began.

“But how could you condescendingly lecture me about the power of Yuan Ying Realm Who gave you the nerve

“Im Hu Tianji.

How can you possibly understand my cultivation path

“Maybe others will fail in a fight against you.

Your secret skills are indeed profound and powerful.

But unfortunately, Im your opponent today.

“Zhang Hanyang, have a taste of my real strength.”

Now the Tiger God had said this, it meant that he had treated Zhang Hanyang as a real rival.

As soon as he finished speaking—

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

The Tiger Gods mecha kept changing shape.

Eventually, its parts split up and reassembled into the airboat hed ride on his way here.

At the same time, the Tiger Gods body in flames began to shrink.

In the end, he became a man more than two meters tall.

He was dressed in black.

He had a flattop haircut and an uncultured face.

The Tiger God had finally revealed his true appearance.

This was rare in the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

“After I was defeated by a powerful cultivator from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, I had done soul searching a long time.

Finally, by a coincidence, I took a new path.

“Its an even stronger path! A path of increasing ones cultivation as well as physique.

It can achieve two goals at a time.

I call it the Path of Body Refinement!”

Gazing at Zhang Han, the Tiger God calmly continued, “Zhang Hanyang, you are very strong.

To deal with you, I even need to use some of my real strength.

The body Im refining is called Fire Spirit Body.

You cant understand its wonder, but you will soon see how mighty it is.”


As soon as this remark was made, Hu Tianji the Tiger God turned into a streak of light and rushed to Zhang Han at an extremely fast speed.

On the way, his eyes burned with orange flames.

His entire right arm became ablaze, which contained immense energy.

All the cultivators within ten thousand meters could even sense it.

“Tiger God!”

“How formidable!”

“Youre our king!”

“Youre invincible! Zhang Hanyang will die after you strike once!”

The members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family felt adrenalized.

This war would officially end when the Tiger God killed Zhang Hanyang!

Even the people on the Cloud Shadow Skys side gasped in horror.

It seemed like the Tiger God was really enraged.

“Is there anyone who can withstand his single punch”

“Perhaps only the people in the Chaotic Region can possess this kind of power.”

“Tiger God is courting death! Haha!”

Mu Xue sneered.

Zhang Mu and the others thought the same.

They seemed to know that Zhang Hans body was also very strong.

But at this time, Zhang Han was slightly taken aback when he saw the Tiger Gods Self-Flame.

“Its actually the Mind-clearing Heavenly Heart Flame!

“Its an Elemental Source Fire on the third tier, which is relatively rare.

“But hed used it to refine his body!

“Are you kidding me

“This is simply a waste of precious resources!”

This kind of flame was necessary for cultivating ones soul sense sea.

It could leave a tinder in the soul sense sea to strengthen the soul sense.

After absorbing it, one would find it easy to turn ones soul sense into divine sense.

If those in the God Transformation Realm knew about this, they would definitely fight over this flame.

Even those in higher realms might kill for this type of rare Source.

Anyway, Source would never be a burden.

Zhang Han was a little dismayed that this precious Elemental Fire had been used for Body Refinement.

But the next second, Zhang Han suddenly raised his eyebrows slightly.

He seemed to be musing.


On the main vessel, Zi Yan just came out of her room.

Mengmeng, who had been protected by the treasure, was not affected by the war.

She was just very sleepy as if she had taken sleeping pills.

But she would be fine after she had a good sleep.

Having sat next to her to accompany her for a while, Zi Yan got worried about Zhang Han.

She then went out to check on him.

When she saw his expression, she couldnt help but be stunned.

“It seems that… Han is thinking about playing a trick, isnt he”

“That fire seems to be a kind of Elemental Source.”

Yue Wuwei screwed up his eyes in concentration.

But he was not sure about it.

Yi Hou and Mo Wen were slightly bemused.

“Whats an Elemental Source”


Yue Wuwei didnt explain, for they wouldnt understand anyway.

He shook his head slightly.

With everyone watching intently, Hu Tianji flew faster and faster.

“Zhang Hanyang isnt gonna do anything”

“Heh, he must have been scared stiff.”

“Zhang Hanyang is nothing in front of the Tiger God.”

Many of the high-position members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family sneered.

As the Tiger Gods punch was about to land on his target, the woman on the main vessel even shouted, “Drop dead!”

She was very much looking forward to Zhang Hanyangs death.

It was because the incredible curse he displayed just now scared her.


Finally, the two collided.

A loud rumble spread across the field.

Flames and smoke instantly engulfed the entire battlefield.


Just when some from the Tiger Talisman Royal Family began to laugh wildly—


A figure zoomed backward.

That was the opposite direction that the Tiger God just charged toward!

Upon taking a closer look—


“How is this possible!”

“No, no…”

“The loser is the Tiger God!”

Many peoples expressions changed dramatically.

Never had they imagined that this heavy collision would declare the Tiger Gods defeat!

“How could this be”

“Didnt the Tiger God say that this was his best move”

“He failed to beat Zhang Hanyang even with this move.

Why is it”

“Could it be that Zhang Hanyang is in the God Transformation Realm”


The crowd sank into chaos.

Many high-position members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family leaped forward, thinking that they could reinforce the Tiger God if necessary.

As soon as they moved, Zhang Mu, Zhang Guangyou, Zhao Feng, and the high-position official members of Cloud Shadow Sky also stepped forward.

As a result, the twos fighting area was narrowed by several times.


Hu Tianji stood up.

Astonishment was evident in his eyes.

He did expect that things would turn out like this, either.

The punch he made should have sent any ordinary cultivator at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage flying.

However, the one who got sent flying was him.

“How is this possible”

Hu Tianjis expression grew more and more ferocious.

“Ive been heading down the Path of Body Refinement for years.

But it actually cant work”


Zhang Han showed a derisive smile and said, “Do you know how weak your so-called Body Refinement is”

If what Hu Tianji was working on could be called Body Refinement, then what would Zhang Hans cultivation be

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