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“The Principal Battlefield involves 36 planets ruled by the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and 24 planets under our control.

“Let me give you a brief account of our plan.

We will dispatch our troops to this place to launch a full attack.

“There will not only be fleet battles.

Even more intense battles will also break out on the surface of the planets.

We need to fight to seize resources.

The war will be in full swing.

You should be mentally prepared for the intensity of the battles.

I intend to seize the resources under the cover of the war.

Everyone, put on a good show.”

Liu Qingfeng did not go into the complicated details.

He had planned out a few more steps.

If these steps were carried out well, the war would be accelerated.

“Well said.”

Li Mu, who was watching an electronic camera next to him, said, “The meeting has been recorded.

Aunty Zi, Aunty Zhou, can you come here and have a look”

“You called whom aunty” Zi Yan questioned.


Li Mus face stiffened.

“Then, how about Sister Yan…”

“You called whom sister” Mengmeng demanded with a snort.

Li Mu looked lost.

“Then how should I address her

“They dont mind when Nina calls Zi Yan aunty.

“But why cant I do the same”

“Well, how about I call you Mrs.

Zhang” Li Mu inquired after racking his brains for a while.


Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

“Call me whatever you want.”

Then, she walked over with Zhou Fei, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Liang Mengqi, and the others.

They watched the video Li Mu just recorded.

“The recording is too plain.

“There should have been a close-up of the environment at the beginning.

When Uncle Liu talked, you should have also made a close-up of his facial expression.

“But the voice has been recorded very clearly.”

Zhou Fei quickly gave her comments.

“There are many angles to choose from.

This is a panoramic video.

You can adjust the angles however you want,” Li Mu adjusted the angles and explained.

Zhou Fei was stunned when she heard this.

Then, she cried out in surprise, “Really Then the filming will be much simpler.”

“This video is good.”

Zi Yan said, “The high-end equipment has saved us a lot of trouble.

We are mainly responsible for recording the war.

But war is cruel.

From now on, everyone, put your safety first.”

“Dont worry about our safety,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“Han has given us many spirit treasures that can help us defend ourselves and escape.”

“Yes,” Rong Jiali said with a beam, “were just here to assist Sect Leader Li in some battles.

We wont advance rashly.”

“Mom, are you also going to participate in the war on the surface of the planets” Zi Yan asked, stunned.

“No, Ill be with you,” Rong Jiali said.


Zi Yan was slightly relieved.

Although Rong Jiali was in the Elixir Realm, her combat capability was not very strong.

If she went to the battlefield, Zi Yan would be worried.

She was not like Zhao Feng, Chen Changqing, Zhang Mu, Mu Xue, Ah Hu, or the others.

Those were all strong cultivators cut out for fighting.

They had also been in war and gained a lot of experience.

“You people are in charge of the filming.

I plan to give you a Thunder King and 10 corvettes, which should be enough for you,” Liu Qingfeng said.

“As for the filming location, you must listen to my instructions.

Its not like a normal shooting site, where the cast can go wherever they want.

If you accidentally fall into the enemys encirclement, your lives will be on the line.”

“Dont worry, Uncle Liu.

Well do as you say,” Zi Yan replied.

“Thats the plan for the time being.

Lets increase the intensity of the Principal Battlefield first.

Then, well talk about other steps according to the situation.

Thats all for today.

Lets go make preparations now.

Well make the final decision when Elder Yue comes back in the evening.

If we are to fight, the war will perhaps start tomorrow.”

Liu Qingfeng stood up.

His face was solemn and earnest.

Looking around at everyone in the room, he slowly said, “My responsibility is to do my best to obtain victory with minimal cost.

To be honest, this war will lead to a bloodbath.

Many people will die in this war.

However, everyone here must listen to my commands.”

The meaning behind his words was that he would carefully consider the progress of the war and the situation of everyone present and ensure their safety.

Thus, they must obey his orders.

Mu Xue and the others had been in a war before, so they knew how amazing Liu Qingfeng was.

Though they were proud, they always obeyed his orders on the battlefield.

On the other side…

The dozens of True Kings were on a plain, organizing the army.

Transport aircraft shuttled in and out.

Nearly an hour later, the more than 200,000 fighters were all transported to the plain.

The place then became thronged with people.

There were temporary houses and squares around for them to rest in.

“Where is this place”

Ye Longyuan and Yan Chen gathered together and began to chat.

Ye Longyuan could not stay idle.

He looked around for a while and suggested, “Brother Yan, look at the layers of clouds in the sky.

The nameCloud Shadow Sky does suit this place.

I wonder what kind of planet this one is and if there are any treasures here.

Shall we go out and take a walk”

“Where can we go I dont think we can run around on our own for now.” Yan Chen was a little hesitant.

They were in someone elses territory now.

He didnt think there was much to look at.

He and the others had come here to participate in the interstellar war.

He also knew that war provided the fastest way to get rich.

Since there were so many sects in the Sea Dragon Star Area, he could very well imagine how great the profits could be if he and the others could loot those sects defeated in war.

There wasnt much profit to be gained in the Cloud Shadow Skys territory.

Besides, the two of them alone could defeat anyone here even if they wanted to.


A streak of light soared into the distance.

“Sh*t! Shi Fenghou has left the main force.

Lets also go out and have a look,” Ye Longyuan urged.

“Look over there.

Su Beimu has left too.

Even Dong Chen and the others of the Heavenly Knights Sect have set off!”

“Then lets go take a look.”

Yan Chen was no longer undecided.

He quickly left the crowd with Ye Longyuan and strolled on the Cloud Shadow Star.

The scenery here fascinated them.

It was a very unique spectacle.

The two of them began to fly rapidly.

Fifteen minutes later.

“Brother Yan, there is the highest peak ahead.

Shall we go there and take a look”


However, when they came near, a long-haired old man in a cyan shirt suddenly appeared on the mountain peak.

With calm eyes, he remarked, “This is our sects most important place.

Youre not allowed to enter.”

“Whats so important about this place” Ye Longyuan darted several glimpses at the old man.

Seeing that his manner was quite extraordinary, he cupped his hands and asked, “We came here with Zhang Hanyang.

May I ask where the Main Sect of the Cloud Shadow Sky is We want to go and have a look.”

“Up ahead.”

“Thank you for the information.”

After expressing their thanks, the two of them continued onward.

Yet, they were both dazed when they saw how enormous the Main Sect of the Cloud Shadow Sky was.

Both of them were somewhat dumbfounded.

“It stretches as far as the eye can see.

Is it this large”

Ye Longyuan swallowed.

“Its unimaginably large.” Yan Chen sighed softly.

“It deserves to be called a major force in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Its really amazing.

Zhang Hanyang is an honored guest here.

Given our relationship with him, I think were allowed to look around.”

“Lets go.

Anyway, I still owe Zhang Hanyang a ton of crystal stones.

Others cant do anything to harm me.

However, Brother Yan, your case is different,” Ye Longyuan said with a smirk.

Yan Chen was speechless when he heard that.

“It sounds as if you feel honored for owing him money.”

When they entered the sect, they saw disciples of the Cloud Shadow Sky everywhere.

The mood in the entire sect was somber.

It was because everyone knew that a great war was about to take place.

The two ambled in the sect for two hours.

But then, to their shock, they found out that the area they visited was merely an outer ring.


According to one of the disciples, they learned that there were a total of 38 such outer rings in the Cloud Shadow Sky.


Yan Chen and Ye Longyuan were astonished.

“How could a sect be this large

“This Cloud Shadow Sky is too mighty!”

They suddenly realized that they seemed to have underestimated the scale of the war in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

According to that disciple, in the next few days, all disciples of the 38 outer rings and inner-door disciples would participate in the war along with the other 23 sects.

The twos hearts thumped wildly as they heard this.

After wandering for a long time, the two eventually returned to the plain.

They randomly picked a room and started to rest.

To participate in this war, they would have to follow the main force.

It wouldnt be fun if they stayed in Cloud Shadow Sky other than going out to battle.

The atmosphere became increasingly tenser.

When everyone was preparing for the war, many saw that several aircraft were flying about the inner and outer rings.

Li Mu was controlling those aircraft to record the preparation.

Dusk soon arrived.

Just as the group was about to have dinner, Yue Wuwei came back with a piece of astounding news.

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Family has agreed to film the war.

There will be 1,000 aircraft with cameras filming the whole process.

They will send me the videos they record every day.”

Yue Wuwei raised a black box in his hand and said, “This black box has been encrypted and can only be unlocked in a month.

If someone wants to hack it, it will explode.”


Unexpectedly, these words made Liu Qingfeng and Li Hao frown.

“It can only be unlocked in a month” Li Hao squinted his eyes.

“It seems like theyre going to make a big move.”

“Thats right.

The result of this war will be clear in one or two weeks.” Liu Qingfeng thought for a moment and said, “Our plan needs to be changed.

Sect Leader Li, shall we discuss this”


Without eating, the two of them got up and walked straight to the main hall.

Perhaps because Liu Qingfeng was traveling too slowly on foot due to his low cultivation level, Sect Leader Li cast a spell to make him fly to the main hall with him.

When dinner time was over, they still didnt come back.

The atmosphere at dinner was not as good as usual.

Perhaps it was because everyone had been affected by the solemn and anxious mood in the sect.

After dinner, Nina went to an outer ring and saw the King of Elves, Mo Wen, and some other elves.

At dusk, the last ray of sunlight seeped through the gaps in the clouds and sprinkled on the ground of this outer ring.

Bathed in the sunlight, the King of Elves seemed to be wearing a golden halo.

He was actually giving off a sacred aura when he ordered his clansmen to treat the injured.

He was doing a great deed.

However, when looking at the big picture, one would find that the Elemental Elf Clan had stayed at the back and played the role of a nanny.

This was kind of odd… Some might be quite emotional about this.

The Elemental Elf Clan were actually good at fighting.

In battles on the surfaces of the planets, the Elf Clan could make use of all kinds of plants and even spirit treasures on the ground to perform various secret methods.

Their fighting styles were also abundant.

Nonetheless, the King of Elves would not send his people onto the battlefield.

He did not have the courage to do so.

Furthermore, he did not have many clansmen.

Thus, he did not dare to take part in the war.

In truth, Li Hao once suspected that the King of Elves would side with whichever party that could provide him and his clan with good food and drink and let them stay in a safe place.

In the past, the Elemental Elf Clan had also had some battles with other sects.

They couldnt defeat any other sect.

Later, a first-rate sect captured the King of Elves.

However, that sect didnt provide him with a comfortable life.

The King of Elves was infuriated.

He found an opportunity to knock out all the people stationed there.

Then, he roamed back to his planet as if nothing had happened.

Because of that strange battle, the status of the Elemental Elf Clan had risen significantly.

Given the current situation, Li Hao truly did not dare to trifle with them.

Thus, he let them stay here and gave them everything they needed.

In return, they treated the injured fighters with their secret methods.

Li Hao thought this was actually a pretty good deal.

Seeing Nina approaching, the King of Elves, Mo Wen, and the rest exchanged a few words with her.

The King of Elves was startled when he learned that Zhang Hanyang had brought more than 200,000 people here.

“Turns out they are really powerful.”

That night was uneventful.

However, many people stayed up all night.

The core members, including Liu Qingfeng and Sect Leader Li, did their research with the help of the three-dimensional map and made all sorts of military strategies.

Two filming aircraft hovered over them and recorded their discussion.

Just as the Tiger Talisman Royal Family had chosen to do, the information they recorded would also be transmitted to a black box, which would be preserved by Yue Wuwei.

Therefore, even with the filming, this would be a fair and square war.

But in some sense, it was not fair.

Both sides were ready to launch their attacks.

In the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Tiger God hadnt shown up yet.

As his right-hand man, Hu Tianshan took charge of the overall situation.

He held a high-level meeting to discuss the rest of the battles.

It was not that the two parties had no spies.

Yet, because they discovered the arrival of the Dark Shadow Clan, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family also decided to speed up with their plan.

Two aircraft also recorded the whole meeting.

Hu Tianshan was still not used to having filming aircraft following him around.

But if the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys victorious war could be video-taped, this war would also be a classic war in the Sea Dragon Star Area that others could study in the future.

Thinking of that, he banished the uneasiness and decided to put up with the filming aircraft.

Normally, Hu Tianshan would never agree to such a preposterous request.

But when he thought of that old man…

He couldnt help but quiver.

Fear flashed through his eyes.

He originally believed that thered been no suspense that theyd win the war.

But now, things had changed.

After taking a deep breath, Hu Tianshan said, “We shall carry out the temporary plan.

Also, keep a close eye on the movements of the Cloud Shadow Sky.”

After saying this, Hu Tianshan turned around and left.

After the first clash, the two huge forces quieted down for some time.

Now, the game was on again.

The next day.

When the first beam of light sifted through the clouds and landed on the ground like thousands of glowing pillars, the Cloud Shadow Skys army was ready for the expedition.

All the outer-ring disciples had rushed to the plain.

This made the area where the members of the Dark Shadow Clan lived seem much smaller.

One after another, transport spaceships crossed the void, penetrated the layers of clouds, and descended on the ground.

The spaceships were as dense as dark clouds.

From afar, it looked like a storm was coming.

Liu Qingfeng, Li Hao, and the others floated in midair.

As far as their eyes could see, the land was packed with people.

Spears and halberds were erected like trees in a forest.

Endless spaceships were coming.

All kinds of technological weapons and spirit treasures were shining with their unique coldness.

The legions had marched over in sharp uniforms.

The Cloud Shadow Skys flags could be seen everywhere.

In the cold sunlight, this grim scene seemed bone-chilling.

Yes, their bodies were cold.

However, beneath the cold, their blood was boiling.

Dozens of filming aircraft recorded this spectacular scene of the expedition from all angles.

Looking at this scene, Li Hao and the others remained silent for a long time.

When the transport spaceships flew over and cast shadows on the ground, a long sword suddenly appeared in Li Haos hand.

At the top of his lungs, he roared, “Victory is assured!”


Along with this shout, heaven and earth were stirred.

An opening surprisingly appeared in the layers of clouds above the plain.

An incomparably dazzling beam of light poured down through the gap in the clouds.

Basked in the holy light, tens of millions of people raised their weapons and shouted, “Victory is assured!”

“Victory is assured!”

“Victory is assured!”

The shouts were earth-shattering.

Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Lisa, Zhao Feng, and the others felt as if the area in front of them had become a vast ocean.

The sound waves were like furious waves, rushing toward them in succession.

It was suffocating.

At this time, Liu Qingfeng said to the dozens of people beside him, “The Principal Battlefield is the core area of the battle I showed you yesterday.

The two parties of the war have a total of 60 planets, 36 of which are our enemys and 24 of which are ours.

The offensive side and defensive side are constantly alternating.

There are also battles between fleets in the void.

The situation is highly changeable.

“The Second Battlefield is the outer ring of the Principal Battlefield.

The enemy has 57 planets with rich resources, while we have 66.

“The Third Battlefield is in other places in the Sea Dragon Star Area, which is relatively safer.

“You, the members of the Dark Shadow Clan, and a team led by Elder Yi Hou of the Cloud Shadow Sky will go to the Second Battlefield.

Your task is to seize 30 planets of the enemys within three days.

“The filming team will also follow the main force of the Dark Shadow Clan and record the war on the periphery.”

Liu Qingfeng looked in the direction of the sun and said softly, “Its almost time.

Lets set off.”

Since he was merely a Qi Strength Master, he couldnt make his voice as thunderous as Li Haos even if he raved himself hoarse in this situation.

Moreover, this was the Cloud Shadow Skys home ground, so he thought hed better not overstep his position.

Thus, he just played the role of an assistant and strategist.

After Liu Qingfeng finished speaking.

Mu Xue asked, “Im also at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage now.

With our strength, we should be able to go to the Principal Battlefield, right”

“Yes, youre qualified.” Liu Qingfeng waved his hand to stop others from replying.

Then, he answered, “But this is the first time that you battle in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The first step is to train yourself.

You should familiarize yourselves with the environment first.

There are Heaven-earth Formations protecting the cities and some lands with resources on those resources-abundant planets.

The fleets are not allowed to bombard those places with the Energy Cannons of main vessels.

But those are just unwritten rules that can be broken at any time.

The situation changes constantly.

You should get familiar with the war first.

After completing this task, I will give you more challenging tasks.”

“Follow the command.

Dont bite off more than you can chew,” Zhang Mu said.

In an instant, Chen Changqing, Mu Xue, and the others calmed down.

Those in the Yuan Ying Realm could rank among the upper echelons in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

However, in a war like this, the situation was ever-changing and unpredictable.

Thus, after thinking about it, they also knew that it was the safest strategy to take one step at a time.

“Lets go!” Li Hao once again shouted.

His voice was sonorous and carrying.

The fighters that had been divided into different troops earlier quickly flew into the transport spaceships floating in the air.

It was as if they were sucked into the huge spaceships.

The army was separated into several hundred different branches.

Each branch flew toward the transport spaceships together.

Once a spaceship was filled, it would immediately fly away and queue up in the space outside the planet.

“The nine Thunder Kings all have to participate in the war,” Liu Qingfeng said, “The Snowfall Alliance will also complete the manufacturing of the remaining 10 Thunder Kings and deliver them here in a few days.

When the 10 Thunder Kings arrived, we will have a great advantage in fleet battles.

Now, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family also has many high-end main vessels.

Each side has hundreds of allies.

Its still hard to tell which side will win.

Youll ride one Thunder King and follow the Dark Shadow Clans army to film the war from the back.

I believe that with Elder Yue being with you, your safety is guaranteed.”

“But if Elder Yue is with us, and the disciples here all go away to fight, how can you defend the Cloud Shadow Sky if the other side sends troops to attack this place” asked Jiang Yanlan.

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