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The stallholder sneered.

But just when he was about to say something—

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

More than 20 people were dashing over from the back mountain.

They flew over the top of the trees with great ease.

At a glance, they saw An He—the King of Storms and Tang Qingshan had both led their men here.

Each party had more than a dozen people.

They came here together.

“Well talk about this issue later,” said the stallholder in front of Mengmeng with a cold face.

He then turned around.

After waiting for five seconds, he cupped his hands before his chest and said, “Mr.

An He, Mr.Tang Qingshan, I pay my respects to you.”

Many at the scene also said their greetings.

“An He, Tang Qingshan, I didnt expect that you two would come together.”

“Lang Shiqi from the Cyan Horse Sect greets Brother An and Brother Tang.”

“Theyre here!”

One of them even asked, “Brother An He, I heard that someone wants to challenge you today.

Is this true”

The person who posed that question was an Inward Strength martial artist, who had a strong background.

He was the son of a business tycoon, as well as many peoples financial backer.


Someone does want to challenge me.”

An He and his people landed on the innermost side, where there were several rows of chairs.

After they sat down, An He said flatly, “Its a young disciple of the Flying Broadsword Sect.

He has just reached the Grand Master Peak-Stage and wants to become an Invincible Grand Master.


Today, he will not only challenge me but also Tang Qingshan.”

The discontent in An Hes tone was quite distinct.

“How capable do you think you are

“Youve just entered the Grand Master Peak-Stage.

Yet, you just cant wait to challenge me, the mighty An He!

“Do you really think Im a pushover among those at the Grand Master Peak-Stage”

“An Invincible Grand Master” Tang Qingshan shook his head and said, “Only an incredulously talented senior like Merciless Zhang can earn the title of Invincible Grand Master.

Senior Zhang achieved that when he just made his debut.

Apart from him, who else is qualified to be called an Invincible Grand Master That young man is too arrogant.”

“Hes not here yet.


Tang Qingshan, why not let your younger brother spar with my cousin” suggested An He.


Tang Qingshan nodded.

He and An He used to be on opposing sides.

But after interacting for a long time, their relationship had actually improved a lot.

Under everyones gaze, Tang Qingshans younger brother and An Hes cousin walked to the open space.

The two had fought before.

They often challenged each other.

At this time, they both put on a ferocious look, preparing to beat each other up.

Mengmeng was rather far away from them.

Though she could feel the battle with her soul sense, it was more fun to watch it with her eyes.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

Seeing that they began to spar, Mengmeng prepared to lead the other two girls to go over and watch the battle.

“Are you sure you want to leave now” the stallholder said with a dark face.

Several people at the Grand Master Early-Stage and more than a dozen Heaven-stage Masters beside them had taken a few steps forward.

The girls seemed to have been surrounded.

“What do you want”

Mengmeng was a little angry.

“I didnt damage it.

You cant frame me.”

“If it wasnt for you, how could it have cracked”

“Im telling you, do not mess with me!” Mengmeng sent out the first warning signal.

“Hahaha, you girls have chosen to be unreasonable, havent you”

“You picked the wrong person to blackmail.

Are you blind” Yue Xiaonao gave him a sidelong glance.

“You are just a Wu Dao Grand Master.

I can strangle you to death with one hand.

How dare you put on airs before me!”

Even Nina slightly knitted her beautiful eyebrows.

“My mother told me not to bully others, but you falsely accused my friend…”

“Little girl, this is not a false accusation.

Its the truth.”

“Do you know who my daddy is He is…”

The kind-hearted Mengmeng didnt want to bully the weak, so she decided to tell him that she was Zhang Hans daughter to scare him away.

Who knew that the stallholder was so stubborn that he did not give her a chance to speak.

“I dont care who your parents are.

What happened today is your fault.

You broke my spirit treasure.

Are you going to leave without compensating me That cant happen.

Let me get this straight with you.

If you dont give me a satisfactory answer, you cant leave! An He and Tang Qingshan are also here.

Everyone is watching us.

Even if you have a strong background, do you dare to go against the world Do you dare to be unreasonable”

However, what he didnt know was that Zhang Han was never a reasonable person.

“Ive given you a chance.

Now I dont want to tell you anything.

What do you want Cut to the chase!” Mengmeng snorted.

“As we all know, this fifth-tier spirit treasure is a defensive treasure very close to the sixth tier.

Now youve broken it, you should at least give me something equally valuable.

If you dont have any, compensate me with 80,000 crystal stones, then Ill let you go.” The stallholder looked distressed and hesitant, as though he was already going easy on them by asking for only 80,000 crystal stones.

“This is clearly a scam!” Yue Xiaonao shouted.

She readied herself to strike.

As her voice was loud, everyone nearby looked over.


The stallholder gave a seemingly resigned smile and said, “Everyone, as you can see, she broke my fifth-tier spirit treasure.

I ask her to compensate me with 80,000 crystal stones.

Isnt that reasonable”

At this time, the several people at the Grand Master Early-Stages and the more than a dozen Heaven Stage and Qi Strength martial artists nearby nodded repeatedly.

“Thats right.

These girls are truly unreasonable.

They destroyed your treasure and then prepared to leave without compensating you.”

“How could they even blame you for blackmailing them This is ridiculous!”

“Theyre already so wicked at such a young age.

How sinister will they become when they grow up”

“Alas, this is a matter of their qualities.

Well, there are all kinds of people in the world.

Forget it.

They are still little girls.

Lets not be harsh on them.

Everyone makes mistakes.

What matters is that they can see their errors and repent.”

“Why cant we be harsh on them They stand facts on their heads! There are problems with their nature.

I dont know how her parents have educated them.

Do they think that the whole world is ruled by her family How could they leave after destroying another persons treasure”

Hearing all those comments, some onlookers nearby suddenly showed an enlightened look on their faces.

But more people shook their heads dismissively.

“These girls are really too young.

“Firstly, they dont know that they should not reveal their wealth in front of others.

“Secondly, how could they recklessly touch the items on the stalls

“Its not surprising that theyve been tricked.”

At this time, no one dared to speak up for Mengmeng and the other two.

The stallholder was in league with those at Grand Master Early-Stage and the more than a dozen Qi Strength Masters.

Other than An He and Tang Qingshan, no one else was a match for them.

However, after hearing all those comments, Mengmeng already made up her mind.

She was still too kind.

If Zhang Han were here, these people wouldnt even have a chance to squabble over this.

What awaited them would be nothing but death.


Tang Qingshans pupils narrowed as he turned to look at that crowd.

After entering the Grand Master Peak-Stage, he just began to learn to use his soul sense.

So far, he couldnt fully control it yet.

Thus, with a glance, he could only tell that a crowd had gathered around a stall.

“Something seems to have happened over there,” said Tang Qingshan.

“What else could have happened”

The King of Storms leisurely picked up his cup, took a sip of tea, and glanced over.

Through the gap in the crowd, he seemed to have caught the sight of a little girl.


He shook his head vigorously.

Then he widened his eyes and took a closer look.

“Pfft… Holy sh*t!”

He sprayed tea all over the floor.

That was because he saw the little girls eyes… were burning with rage.

She had an exquisite face.

Her eyes, which used to be bright and clear, were now filled with flames of anger.

“Whats wrong”

Tang Qingshan was stunned.

He couldnt figure out what could make An He cough up his tea.

“You three girls are still wet behind the ears.

This is not a place you can fool around.

Pay for the damage! Or Ill…”


Mengmeng sneered and said, “My mummy told me not to bully the weak, but she didnt say that I couldnt bully the stupid.”

“What did you say”

The stallholders face darkened as he slowly pressed in on Mengmeng.

Just at this moment—


A wave of heat swept them in the face.

This was the aura of flames.

It was incomparably hot!

The stallholder and the people in the vicinity even felt that their hair and eyebrows were a little burnt.

The blinding light made them temporarily close their eyes.

“She wanna fight

“Good, very good!”

These people felt elated.

All sorts of weapons appeared in their hands.

A second later, they channeled their spiritual force into their eyes and opened their eyes.

Yet, what they saw next slightly stunned them.


“What kind of weapon is this


“Why is she floating in the air”


Many peoples hearts skipped a beat.

Mengmeng was suspended in the air.

She was 10 meters above the ground.

Her pretty face was somewhat angry, and she was holding a 10-meter-long whip of flames in her right hand.

“She is a Grand… Grand Master”

“She cant be in the God Realm, can she”


The eyes of the stallholder and the others widened in shock.

They could also float in the air for a short time, but they would eventually slowly descend and land on the ground again.

However, the little girl in front of them was not like that.

“Isnt she floating in the air

“One must at least be at Grand Master Peak-Stage to do that!

“Those at the Grand Master Late-stage are already very might.

We cant beat them, let alone those at the Grand Master Peak-Stage.”

“Who is she”

Tang Qingshan did not see the girl clearly, so he was a little dazed.

“Crap! Something big is going to happen! She…” The pupils of An He the King of Storms shrank rapidly.

He took a deep breath, and slowly made a remark that caused Tang Qingshan to stumble.

“She is Zhang Hanyangs daughter.”


Tang Qingshans face turned pale in an instant.

“D*mn, she is the daughter of that devil king!

“Who doesnt know that devil king pampers his daughter like crazy

“Who doesnt know that one would rather provoke him than irk his daughter

“Which force was it that affronted his daughter last time Right, it was the Silver Star Sect.

One of their members tried to catch his daughter.

Later, that devil king wiped out that sect.

“And the Silver Star Sect was a very powerful sect in the Kunlun Immortal World.

“Then, the Wind Snow Temple was also…”

Pieces of old information flashed through Tang Qingshans mind.

He was a little flustered.

“Zhang Hanyang doesnt play by the rules.

Now theyve upset his daughter, he may even kill all the people here!

“Gosh, I cant let all the innocent people get implicated!”

“Whizz, whizz, whizz!”

Tang Qingshan, An He, and the others immediately dashed forward.

Even their cousin and younger brother stopped fighting and looked over there in bewilderment.

“Whats going on”

Nina frowned slightly when she saw the people nearby were closing in on them.


A wand suddenly appeared in her right palm.

As she rotated it, faint green light sprayed around her.


The wand struck the ground.

A dull sound and a light green radiance spread in all directions from her.

In addition to the people within 30 meters, hundreds of people outside were suddenly covered by the green light.


Everyone, including An He and Tang Qingshan, felt their hearts sink sharply.

They couldnt move at all!

“What kind of strength is this

“Is she at the Heaven Peak Stage

“Oh no!”

“Fireball Skill!”

Mengmeng swung her left hand forward.

A fireball about the size of her body appeared out of nowhere and shot toward the stallholders stall with overwhelming momentum.

There were still a lot of treasures in the stall.



Mengmeng was also a little surprised that she had launched such a powerful fireball.

As the fireball landed, boulders were knocked up to the sky.

Dust filled the air.

And sand and stones flew about…

The three martial artists at the Grand Master Early-Stage, who were standing nearby, were directly sent flying by the shock wave and coughed up blood.

At a glance, the others found that they flew backward for at least 50 meters.

“Kill them!” Yue Xiaonao bellowed.

Next, she moved very fast to kick one of the martial artists, leaving a series of afterimages behind.



Her strike was even more ruthless.

That Grand Master Early-Stage martial artist was knocked hundreds of meters away and fell at the foot of the mountain.

Seeing this, An Hes pupils contracted.

He knew that martial artists would either be dead or crippled.

“This is your punishment for blackmailing us!”

Mengmeng raised the Fire Whip in her hand.

“Swish, swish, swish, swish…”

With every swing, a person was sent flying.

But the way she was brandishing the Fire Whip was so fascinating that the people in the surroundings were a little stunned.

“God Realm.

She must be in the God Realm,” Tang Qingshan said drily.

Although his body couldnt move, he could still blink and open his mouth.

At this time, he couldnt help exclaiming, “How old is she Perhaps 15 She is already in the God Realm at such a young age.

And the little girl over there looks even younger.

But is she already in the Heaven Realm Or perhaps the Earth Realm”


An He let out a deep sigh.

He had a lot of exclamations, but he couldnt say them out loud.

He felt that the martial artists of his generation were a little sad.

In the previous generation, Emperor Qing became the Immortal King.

Zhang Hanyang was also known as the supreme lord and was basically invincible on this planet.

Still, there were many other talents appearing one after another.

Ye Longyuan the Devil Incarnate and Shi Fenghou the Little Roc were among those talents.

Shi Fenghou had survived the destruction of the Wind Snow School and the Wind Snow Temple.

Now, he was still alive and kicking.

It seemed that he owed Zhang Hanyang many crystal stones.

Last time, a big force wanted to kill Shi Fenghou.

They set up an inescapable net to capture him.

Just as Shi Fenghou was about to be defeated, he said casually, “I still owe Zhang Hanyang millions of crystal stones.

Kill me if you dare.”

After moments of hesitation, that force eventually let Shi Fenghou go.

“Since when has been in Zhang Hanyangs debt become a life-saving talisman”

In addition to them, there were also some big shots, such as Su Beimu from the Light Cliff, Yan Chen from the Lihun Sect, Mu Xue the princess of the Luo Fu Sword sect, and Ding Jiuming the outstanding disciple of the Luo Fu Sword sect.

Also, there were Yun Feiyang, Jiang Bing, Wang Xiaowu, all of whom all from the Heavenly Knights Sect, and Jiang Yanlan from the Shuiyun Sect, plus the five generals of the Mount New Moon, namely Zhao Feng, Ah Hu…

That was an exciting era.

Now, the new generation finally saw hope because they had a chance to advance to the God Realm.

However, Zhang Hanyangs daughter happened to make her debut at this time.

She began to associate with people in the martial arts world.

“She hasnt learned martial arts for long, right But how come she has already reached the God Realm” An He began to doubt his life.

He felt that the martial artists of this generation were going to suffer a heavy blow.

“Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack…”

Yue Xiaonao knocked one martial artist after another with her kicks, while Mengmeng did the same with her whip.

In merely five seconds, the area around them was completely empty.

“Humph!” Mengmeng snorted.

Seeing her floating in the air while holding the long Fire Whip, everyone present had the same thought in their heads.

“Isnt she simply a little devil

“How amazing her power is!”

“Who else” Yue Xiaonao looked contemptuously at all the people and said lightly, “Who else dares to trick us”

“No, we dare not.

Heroines, please spare us!”

“We never wanted to trick you.

These men brought this on themselves.

This has nothing to do with us.”

Everyone begged for mercy.

Seeing these peoples frightened looks, Mengmeng dissipated her Fire Whip and said, “Let them go.”


Nina nodded slightly and raised her wand.

An He and the others immediately felt that the restraining force imposed on them was lifted.

Without hesitation, he hurried forward.

When Mengmeng landed on the ground, he had timely come up to her.

He then cupped his hands to say hello.

“Im An He.

I send my greetings to Princess Mengmeng.”

“Tang Qingshan greets Princess Mengmeng!”

Tang Qingshan was much more straightforward.

He directly cupped his hands and bowed.

“I wonder if Senior Zhang Hanyang… is here” An He looked around and asked cautiously.

“Yes,” Mengmeng replied aloofly.


Several injured people at the Grand Master Early-Stage in the distance just caught their breath with some difficulty.

However, the moment they looked up, they saw how respectful An He and Tang Qingshan were and heard they call the girl Princess Mengmeng.

At once, they were so scared that they spat out mouthfuls of blood and blacked out.

Zhang Han had been observing the whole incident.

At this time, he was still at the fellow-students reunion.

While he was drinking beer, a gentle smile curved his lips.

“Now, my daughter also has the ability to dominate the martial arts world.”

Seeing his smile, Zi Yan was a little stunned.

As if she had thought of something, she blinked her beautiful big eyes and lowered her head slightly.

No one at the table could see her face clearly, nor could anyone appreciate such a beautiful scene.

The atmosphere of this reunion was quite perfect.

They drank, but not in a binge.

They stopped drinking when they thought theyd had enough.

Half of them had their own families, so they didnt plan to hang out for too long.

After the meal, the gathering was over at about nine oclock.

On the mountaintop where An He and the others were…

Many people looked at the deep pit in fear.

To everyones surprise, under such heavy attacks, the cracks on that small castle, which the stallholder said was a fifth-tier spirit treasure, did not increase.

Its defensive power was certainly astonishing!

At this time, even some people who didnt come around before realized that the stallholder had noticed the girls were rich, so he tried to swindle money out of them.

But he had reaped what he sowed.

“Please take the seat of honor.”

An He and Tang Qingshan warmly invited Mengmeng and the other two girls to the best seats.

“Arent some people going to spar” Mengmeng glanced at An He and asked.

“Yes, someone wants to challenge me.

He will be here soon,” replied, An He, who was standing on the side.

“Then you can go prepare for the battle.

Well watch a little bit of the spar and then head back,” Mengmeng said.


An He thought for a moment and retreated to the side.

He didnt know what Mengmengs temper was like.

He had met her twice, which happened several years ago.

As he knew little about her, he decided not to recklessly butter her up.

If he did it wrongly, the loss would outweigh the gain.

Tang Qingshan thought the same.

He didnt dare to say much.

He was afraid that he would bring a catastrophe to the Tang family.

Thus, the scene instantly became a little too quiet.

Those people just stared at one another.

Nobody dared to speak.

Several minutes later, a group of more than a dozen people came quickly from the front mountain.

Their movements were natural and unrestrained.

The leader was an old man.

Behind him stood a young man who appeared to be 17 or 18.

He had a cold and proud look on his face.

But when he saw Nina, his eyes widened in amazement.

“What a gorgeous woman!”

Then, he turned to look at Yue Xiaonao.

“Her face is cute, but she is not my cup of tea.”

Then he turned to Mengmeng and looked at her for two seconds.

“The cap she is wearing covers part of her pretty face.

Still, she seems very attractive.”

“King of Storms, Im here to spar with you.

Thank you for taking the trouble to come here.”

The old man made obeisance to An He and said, “The moves of our Flying Broadsword Sect can do serious damages.

I hope that we wont hurt you during the spar.

Oh, just in case, you should get your defensive treasures ready in advance.”

His voice was steady.

His expression was calm.

It was as if he was sincerely concerned about An He.

However, his haughty gaze betrayed him.

Yes, he thought An He was beneath him.

“You can rest assured.

Im An He.

Not anyone is able to injure me.”

“Well, Im glad that you arent scared.

Your advice and comments are appreciated.”

The aura of the young man beside the old man suddenly became strong, showing his imposing manners.

It seemed that wisps of broadsword light were already dashing along with the wind, which hurt peoples faces.

“He is powerful.”

An He put aside his contempt.

He took more than a dozen steps forward and looked into the young mans eyes.

At this time, the surrounding people retreated one after another.

Now the battle between two martial artists at the Grand Master Peak-Stage was about to take place, they needed to go far away to make room for the two.

However, Tang Qingshan, Mengmeng, and the other two were still seated, not flustered at all.

“Whats fun about spars” Yue Xiaonao lazily leaned back on the chair and said, “I might as well go back and play computer games.”

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