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Chapter 1116 First Experience

“Its no big deal, Nina.

Youre in really good shape,” Yue Xiaonao glanced at her and commented.

“Erm, I never wore this kind of clothes before.

It feels a little awkward,” said Nina.

“Why would it be awkward Havent we also bought you a bikini You can wear it when we go to the beach.”

“Is, is that appropriate” Nina blushed slightly.

She was embarrassed again.

“Mengmeng, have you noticed that Ninas hair is too long Maybe short hair suits her better.

What about that neck-length hairstyle” Yue Xiaonao looked at Nina and asked.

Among the three girls, Mengmeng was only 13 years old and hadnt fully grown up.

She was just a kid.

Yue Xiaonao was 15 years old.

She had a plump figure and looked slightly chubby.

She had a round face and two dimples.

Also, her face naturally appeared to be smiley all the time.

That was very unique.

Nina looked older than the other two.

She was slim and nearly 1.7 meters tall.

Her hair was waist-length.

Although she was fabulous wearing that long hair, it made her look very sophisticated, which Yue Xiaonao found unpleasant to the eye.

“Yeah, it is perhaps a little too long.

Youre talking about… Auntie Jiarans former hairstyle.

Ah, I remember.

That hairstyle seems to be very suitable for Nina,” Mengmeng said, enlightened.

“Shall we go to get you a haircut” Yue Xiaonao looked at Nina and asked.

“You want me to cut my hair”

Nina hesitated.

Personally, she liked her current long hair.


Look at Mengmeng and me.

We dont have long hair.

Such long hair is troublesome to wash.

It makes you feel stuffy in summer.

And there are many hairstyles you cant do if your hair is so long,” Yue Xiaonao said, nodding.

A few questions fleeted through Ninas mind.

“Its not difficult to wash my hair.

With a simple spell, my hair will be shiny and clean again.

It wont make me feel stuffy.

And its easy to wear it into different hairstyles.”

But these were just her thoughts.

In a daze, Nina followed Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao to a hair salon.



Mengmeng told the hairstylist, “Give her that haircut.

You know, the hair reaches her neck.

Just like this.”

The hairstylist didnt understand, so he showed Mengmeng and Yue Xiaoxiao some pictures, who then found the picture of the hairstyle they wanted Nina to have.

Thus, after a few cuts, Ninas waist-length hair was gone!

“You have great hair.

“Its the first time Ive seen such smooth hair.

Is your shampoo Rejoice

“Too bad your long hair has to go.

But you look quite young and youre so beautiful.

I have to say, your two friends have sharp eyes.

You do look great in this hairstyle.

Nina was stunned by his words.

Looking at herself gradually becoming short-haired, she showed a glimmer of confusion in her eyes.

Her reflection in the mirror seemed to be completely different from the seventh princess of the Elf Clan.

“When I return to the Sea Dragon Star Area, would anyone still be able to recognize me”

Looking at her hair that was undergoing a major transformation, Nina felt that it didnt resemble the hairstyle in the picture that all.

But after the cut and blow-dry, the hairstylist “randomly” ruffled her hair.


“Now my hair looks like that in the picture.

“Its actually quite good, isnt it”

“Youre so pretty.”

The hairstylist nodded with a smile.

Nina stood up and looked at the mirror.

In the end, Yue Xiaonao took out cash and paid the bill.

After getting the haircut, Nina felt refreshed and cool.

It really made a difference.

“Its done.

Now we should go to get you an ID card.”

Mengmeng clapped her hands and looked satisfied.

“Thats more like it.” Yue Xiaonao looked her up and down and said, “Alright, Ill hail a taxi.”

“Hail a taxi” Nina became curious.

She looked around and saw Yue Xiaonao waving to a car.

The three got in the car.

When they arrived at the destination, Yue Xiaonao paid the driver in cash before they got out of the car.

It was not until then that Nina realized that a taxi was a public car they could ride with a fee.

“Hello, were here to apply for an ID card.”

“Hi, were off today.”

“Oh, were here for Li Ahran.

Ill call him now.”

“Who will you call Wait, theres no need to call him.


Captain just told me about this.

But I didnt know you were the girls he talked about.

Come with me.

Chief Officer Li is waiting inside.”

With a stiff face, the man led the way and brought them straight up to the third floor.

“My immediate superior is waiting to make an ID card for them in person, even though today is our day off.

Thats very unusual.”

They led Nina to take photos, fill out the forms, and go through the whole set of formalities.

In just an hour, an ID card was handed to Nina.

“This is my ID card”

“Yes, our ID cards are of the same kind.” Mengmeng looked at it and said, “Ours are childrens ID cards.

It is recorded on your card that you are 15 years old, the same age as Xiaonao.

Generally speaking, the average life span here is about 80 years old.

We come of age when were 18.

Well be seen as the elderly after were in our 50s or 60s.

But you came of age when you reached 100.

No one here is like that.”

“Oh, I know that.

But is the average life span here only 80 years In the Sea Dragon Star Area, the majority of ordinary people can live for two hundred years,” said Nina in bewilderment.

“Is it because of the environment” Mengmeng was confused, too.

“Yes, its indeed because of the environment, and the food and drinks you have.

Look, the air here is not as fresh as that of Mount New Moon.

This place is filled with exhaust gas.

And people here eat a lot of junk food.” Yue Xiaonao often checked the trending topics on social media, so she knew a lot about what was going on in the world.

“Hiss…” Nina took a deep breath.

“The air here does have an unpleasant smell.”

“Its a little past four oclock now.

Lets go back and come out to have fun tomorrow.

Xiaonao, where are you going to sleep today” Mengmeng asked.

“Ill sleep in Mount New Moon,” Yue Xiaonao said casually.

“Okay, we can play computer games together for a while in the evening.

I havent played computer games with Muen and the others for a long time,” Mengmeng muttered.

The three delicate little girls then returned to Mount New Moon.

Zhang Han was stunned when he saw Nina.

“Ha, hahahaha…”

Zhang Han laughed without sparing others feelings.

He seemed to have seen something really funny.

At this time, more than a dozen people were sitting in a pavilion under the Thunder Yang Tree, chatting.

Hearing Zhang Hans laughter, everyone looked over and saw Ninas new look.

They didnt know what was going on, but when they heard Zhang Hans laughter, they thought it was interesting, so they laughed, too.


Ninas face was tomato red.

She felt mortified.

“Daddy, what are you laughing at”

Mengmeng snorted and asked, “I dressed Nina up with Xiaonao.

Why are you staring at her and laughing”

“Very beautiful.

Well, you two have done a good job.”

Zhang Han put away his smile and made a compliment seriously.

But inwardly, he was just a little shocked.

There were many elves in the Cultivation World, but Zhang Han had never seen any of them dressed like this, not to mention that Nina would be the future Queen of Elves.

Moreover, it was Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao who dressed Nina up.

Picturing the astounded looks of the other elves when Nina returned to her clan, Zhang Han just couldnt help laughing.

Joy was contagious.

That was also the reason why everyone else burst into laughter.

“Thats right.”

Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Its a different style.

Nina, you still look very beautiful.

You even seem younger now.

Your long hair used to give me a sense of maturity.

But you are actually quite young.

You can go to school with Mengmeng and try school life for some time.”

Mengmeng had just brought Yue Xiaonao to her class.

Now, if she brought an elf into that class as well, everyone felt it would be a little strange.

“Would her class become a super class in the future”

“Hee-hee, Daddy, what are you doing here” Mengmeng ran to Zhang Hans side and asked with a chuckle.

“Were chatting.”

Zhang Han reached out his right hand and gently pinched Mengmengs cheek.

The topics they were sharing were none other than what Liu Qingfeng had mentioned before.

He prepared to send some people from the Heavenly Knights Sect and the security group to the Ancient Mine.

With Yue Wuweis token, they would go to the Thunder Kings and the corvettes to learn how to drive them.

After all, skills would never be a burden.

There were some circumstances that still required people to control the spaceships.

After all, an intelligent system might fail to make decisions and react immediately in some situations.

At this time, if there was no one to steer the spaceships, they would be in a passive position.

In the war between the two fleets, if one fleet could only passively take the brunt of attacks… things might end badly for it.

In addition to these matters, Liu Qingfeng felt that in two months, he should go to the Lost Continent to have a look.

During these two months, he would also go to the Kings Domain to communicate with Lord Nan Shan and Lord Dong Gu.

They were not worried about the two lords.

Once they went to space, the two of them would break through to the real Yuan Ying Realm.

Plus, Mount New Moon would soon have a new group of Yuan Ying Realm cultivators.

Thus, it seemed that they would soon be able to gain a foothold in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Of course, this would happen even without Zhang Hans and Yue Wuweis help at all.

Liu Qingfeng had a clear idea about the development of hiss super large group and the personnel division.

But the specific decision-making power was still in Zhang Hans hands.

Although Zhang Han didnt care much about these things, Liu Qingfeng still found an opportunity to discuss these things with him.

Many detailed issues he mentioned even made Zhang Guangyou and the others scalps tingle.

According to Liu Qingfeng, there were many key nodes in the Sea Dragon Star Area, which were dozens of planets.

These were the places he must compete for!


Yue Xiaonao glanced at Yue Wuwei and said, “Im not going back tonight.

Ill stay here and play.”

“Have you finished your homework” Lisa asked calmly.


“Okay, then you can stay here and play.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and said, “Behave yourself.

Dont make trouble for your Uncle Zhang.”

“Well, Ill just play computer games.

I wont make trouble,” Yue Xiaonao replied with a smile.

“School starts the day after tomorrow,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Ive called someone to get the admission formalities done.

You can directly go to school the day after tomorrow.

Thus, you can still have a day off tomorrow.”

“Yeah, were going to Disneyland tomorrow.

Today, well, let me check.

Well go see Aunty Lilis performance at seven oclock and come back to play computer games at nine oclock.” While speaking, Mengmeng saw Zi Yans expression out of the corner of her eye and added, “Then well go to sleep about 11 oclock.”

“Its a good plan.” Zhang Han showed a mysterious smile.

“But sometimes, plans may not be able to keep up with changes.”

“Huh What changes” Mengmeng was stunned.

She thought some major change might occur.

But Zhang Han didnt explain.

She didnt think of the answer soon enough either.

However, she finally understood what Zhang Han meant after they had a delicious dinner.

Zhang Han grabbed Zi Yan and Mengmengs hands.

The family of three walked to the back mountain and entered the Blue Butterfly.

Moments later, the Blue Butterfly turned into a streak of light.

Then it became invisible and went straight up toward the moon.

“Whoa! Were going to play on the moon!”

Mengmengs eyes lit up as she said happily, “Mummy, when we land on the moon, wont we be like Change, the goddess living on the moon”

“Well, we are fairies.” Zi Yan smiled.

“Hahaha, yeah, were fairies.”

Mengmeng looked ahead with a smile and said, “Daddy, were really going to the moon.”


With a smile on his face, Zhang Han said with a caring look, “All the things Daddy told you about will come true one by one.”

“Daddy, youre so awesome.”

Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han with admiration and said, “You are the best daddy in the world.”

“Im not the best daddy in the world.” Zhang Han shook his head.

“Im just the best daddy for you and only you.”

“Great,” Mengmeng said happily.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Zi Yan compressed her red lips slightly and looked at Zhang Han out of the corner of her eye.

Once upon a time, he was still a dandy.

Not long ago, he was still a man who did not understand romance.

He used to live in that low-rent housing in Shang Jing City and refuse to move to another city.

Now, he had changed a lot.

Mengmeng had brought these changes to him.

Gradually, Zi Yan and Zhang Hans love blossomed like colorful flowers.

Everything in their life was wonderful.

There was no sadness or depression.

He shouldered all the pressure from the outside world by himself.

He let Zi Yan and Mengmeng live like flowers in the warm garden house.

He didnt act like a king who overawed the world.

However, he had personally conquered a world for them.

This world was known as happiness.

That was not easy to achieve.

The Blue Butterfly zoomed toward the moon.

Seeing that the moon was getting closer and closer, Zi Yan almost wanted to cry.

Was she about to be moved to tears


Women were made of water.

She never had the chance to cry since Zhang Han never quarreled with her or made her sad or angry.

She would only shed tears when she was moved.


Just as Zi Yans tears were welling up, Zhang Han gently put his arms around her shoulders and said something that made her laugh.

“Do you think we should build a Guanghan Palace here You know, the palace that Change lives in”


Zi Yan was stunned at first.

Then, she couldnt help but laugh.

“Why do you want to build that”

“To make it clear that this is a place for two fairies,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Well, Id rather not.” Mengmeng shook her butt and said, “There must be a lot of people on Earth who often peek at our palace with binoculars.”

“Hahaha, thats true.

Then lets forget about it.”

Amused, Zhang Han said, “Ill just write Mengmengs name on the moon in big font.”

“And Mummys and Daddys,” Mengmeng added.

“Ah, okay.”

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Although the moon didnt seem very far away, the aircraft still flew for half an hour before it reached the surface of the moon.

“Dont write my name on it.

If others saw it, everyone would know I came here.” Zi Yan shook her head slightly and suggested, “Just writeMengmeng on the moon.

Isnt that what you promised”


“Mom, dont you have Taoist names, such as Moon Empress and Purple Moon Daddys is Zhang Hanyang.”

“Then shall I write your name or not”

“Write it down.

Use a smaller font.”


Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Mengmeng held the same brush in their hands, which was about hundreds of meters long.

The tip of the brush was shining with fluorescent light, which was the energy of a formation.

The family of three wrote Mengmengs name with jointed hands.

Below that, they added Zhang Hanyang and Purple Moon.

Then, they stepped on the way back with satisfaction.

An astronomical enthusiast in the north was looking at the moon through a pair of giant binoculars.

“Oh my God!

“What is that

“Why do those marks seem to be words Two words Hua nation words

“The words are a little blurry.

One of the words looks like the wordMeng, doesnt it

“Is there an earthquake on the moon

“Its an unsolved mystery of the world!

More or less, the mysterious marks on the moon caused a sensation.

The vague “Mengmeng” inspired a series of speculations.

No one knew what it represented.

Furthermore, no one knew that there were two other names beneath that “Mengmeng”.

Perhaps when an astronaut landed on the moon and saw this scene, he would be stunned.

At eight oclock, the family of three returned to Mount New Moon.

Yue Xiaonao and Nina had been waiting for a while.

They prepared to go to see the evening show.

In the end, Mu Xue drove the three of them to the Star-Moon Bar to enjoy heavy metal music.

Nina first found it loud and annoying.

“Why are these people moving in such a weird way

“There is no pattern in their movements.

“Some shook their heads so hard that they may even sprain their necks.

“Some scream from time to time, as though they were facing some ancient monsters.”

But soon, she found that the crazy people were playing without any restraint.

This was also a special appeal of this bar.

After sitting there for a while, Nina realized that this was the evening show, the fun evening life…

Looking around, she suddenly saw a few pairs of men and women staying very close to each other.

Nina quickly looked away.

However, she couldnt help eavesdropping for a while.


“They just met

“But they are already sitting at the same table having drinks.

Eh How come theyre kissing now

“Dont they feel abashed doing this in public”

This was a huge shock to Nina.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao didnt like this place very much either.

They would only sit here for a little while.

After half an hour, the group of girls left.

They got back to Mount New Moon to play computer games.

“Wow! Mengmeng, where have you been these days”

When she logged on to the voice chatting app, she happened to see more than a dozen students playing games while chatting.

After Mengmeng joined the group chat, she said, “Hey, Im back!”

Then the whole chatting room was in an uproar.

“Mengmeng, you went to a place without Internet again”

“Its almost the start of school.

Mengmeng, you just come back.

Youve been out for a long time.”

“I missed you.

Have you missed me”

“Cut the crap.

Lets log on and play the game!” Mengmeng snorted, indicating that their leader in the game was back.

Then, she thought of something and said, “By the way, Ill introduce a new friend to you today.

Shell play games with us later.”

“A new friend Who is she Do I know her” Li Muen asked.

“Of course you dont.”

Mengmeng said, “The new friend is called Nina.

Shes a very beautiful girl.

She is Xiaonaos age.

Youll see her the day after tomorrow.”

“We can see her What do you mean”

“Because shes going to be our classmate soon,” Yue Xiaonao joined the group chat and said.

“Ah Our new classmate Really”

“Were going to have another new classmate”

“Ahem, Mengmeng, long time no see.

Oh, I havent played games with you for a long time.

Is our new classmate, Nina, pretty Do you think I have a chance with her”

The one who asked that was Bei Jinnan.

Was he having a crush on Mengmeng

Well, yes, he liked Mengmeng from the bottom of her heart.

But she would never date him.

There was nothing he could do about it.

He wouldnt be able to win Mengmengs heart even if he tried for the rest of his life.

Bei Jinnan had been reading columns on relationships recently.

One of the articles said that when a boy wanted to pursue a girl, if it didnt work after one month, then he should try for another month or two.

But if the girl still said no after three months of trying, he should give up.

Some claimed that a boy should change his target if he tried to woo a girl for a month and failed, for it already proved that the girl had no feelings for him.

Some even said that one should not waste months on this but just a week.

Whether two people could be together deepened on fate.

If it didnt work with one girl, then the boy should go hit on others.

There would always be one who would agree to date him.

The most arrogant one said, “If the girl you like doesnt fall in love with you at first sight, then why bother pursuing her In my case, I never pursue girls, but girls pursue me.”

Those confusing information made Bei Jinnan begin to doubt his life.

In the end, he even hired a tutor specializing in dealing with relationships on the Internet.

The tutor was really good.

After taking two weeks worth of lessons, he was persuaded to change his target.

Bei Jinnan now thought that he could pursue Mengmengs best friend.

Well, that tutor might not really be qualified.

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