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Chapter 1096 The God Transformation Cultivator Scared out of His Wits

“I wont take the blame.”

Yue Wuwei snorted and said, “I didnt do anything.”


Mengmeng looked suspicious.

She knew very well that among all the people present, Grandpa Yue was the only one more powerful than her father.

“Daddy was just joking with Mummy.”

Zhang Han laughed and raised his hand to touch Mengmengs head, asking, “Are you hungry”

“No, Im not.”

Mengmengs eyes drifted back to the toys she just put down and said, “Im not done playing yet.

Daddy, behave yourself.

Dont howl like that again.”

“Oh, okay.” Zhang Han nodded with a wry face.


Mengmeng dashed back to where she was.

They were now touring in the Sea Dragon Star Area for the first time.

The last time they had been there, they only visited the Lost Continent and the Dal Star, which had not many fun things to offer.

But this time was different.

They still had a months worth of time to travel.

They were able to go to many places.

“Zhang Hanyang, you seem to be in high spirits.”

With a smile on his face, Karn walked over from not afar side by side with Liu Qingfeng and Ah Hu.

“All the procedures have been completed.

After you pay the deposit, we will start to assemble the fleet you ordered tonight.

In addition to the 10 Thunder Kings, the aircraft and corvettes are also in stock.

You can take them away at noon tomorrow.

The products all have a few Energy Stones, which are enough for you to fly to the Falling Flower Star.

I will post the file later.

Youll then be able to fill your aircraft and corvettes with the highest-quality Energy Stones there.

Its a gift from us.”

Hearing this, Li Mu curled his lips.

“Is this still the Snowfall Alliance

“Karn just gifted them with the highest-quality Energy Stones.

To fill 10 Thunder Kings, 60 corvettes, and so many aircraft with Energy Stones, the cost alone would be millions of crystal stones.

“Rules are meant to be broken.

The Snowfall Alliance used to maintain a lofty image in the past.

Well, thats only because they had never met the people who could break their rules.”

Li Mu suddenly realized that money did talk.

“Here is the deposit.”

With a flick of Zhang Hans right hand, a shining Space Ring flew toward Karn.

“Hiss… Wheeze…”

At this moment, Karns heart began to pound wildly.

This ring contained two billion crystal stones! He had never seen so many crystal stones in his entire life!

It was like a mountain of crystal stones!

However, when Karn probed with his soul sense, his expression suddenly froze.

“All, all of them are top-grade crystal stones”

He looked at Zhang Han in shock.

He thought that there would be a lot of low-grade and medium-grade crystal stones.

But to his amazement, there were 200,000 top-grade crystal stones in the Space Ring.

Top-grade crystal stones were much more valuable than medium-grade and low-grade ones.

He knew that in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, many high-end things could only be bought with top-grade crystal stones.

Also, in advanced Star Areas, people mainly traded with top-grade crystal stones.

However, it seemed that even in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, not many forces could pay 200,000 top-grade crystal stones without batting their eyes.


“Where exactly did they come from”

Karn was somewhat shocked.

After thinking about it, he knew he had to quickly report this to Chief Alwar.

He cupped one hand in the other before his chest and said, “Everyone, please wait a moment.

Ill be right back.

The sum is too huge.

I dont dare keep it in my possession for long.”

“If I keep it for too long, I wouldnt want to enter them in the revenue account anymore.”

Karn felt his heart was bleeding.

“D*mn, I have so many crystal stones, but theyre not mine.”

He turned around and left in a hurry.

When he returned to the office, he said excitedly, “Your Excellency, we received two billion, oh no, two hundred thousand top-grade crystal stones! The deposit is here.

I really didnt expect that they would give us two hundred thousand top-grade crystal stones at once.

Its too scary.”


Alwar narrowed his eyes and then smiled.

He patted Karn on the shoulder and grabbed the Space Ring.

After examining it with his soul sense, he smiled more cordially and said, “Karn, good job.

I think… maybe youre not far from becoming the chief.

Those distinguished guests are important to us.

You go arrange their residence first.

Ill handle the bookkeeping.”

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

Karn nodded heavily with an excited look, turned around, and left.

After he walked out of the door, a smile climbed onto the corner of Alwars mouth.

Alwar took out his communication device and said, “Your Lordship, they paid 200,000 top-grade crystal stones.”

When Karn walked back to the recreational area, Zhang Han and the others had gathered together.

They were about to set off.

“Daddy, where are we going” Mengmeng asked curiously, “Is there any fun place here”

“Theres no place special in the Snowfall Alliance.

If I have to pick one, Id say its the underground Dwarf Kingdom,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Dwarves Daddy, are they the dwarves in the stories you told Can I meet the King of Dwarves” Mengmengs eyes lit up slightly.

“Of course,” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Dwarves are quite hospitable.”

He recalled something that happened in the past.

In his previous life, he had visited the Dwarf Clan several times to repair some spirit weapons he used regularly.

He was one of their VIPs.


Hearing these words, Karn almost choked on his saliva.

“What the hell

“The King of Dwarves is hospitable Are you kidding me

“The Dwarf Clan is the core of the Snowfall Alliance, so the alliance cannot afford to let anything happen to them.

Three experts at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage are guarding the underground Dwarf Kingdom, where there is also a very powerful Heaven-earth Formation.

You want to meet the King of Dwarves.

Thats not gonna happen.

“Given that youve paid 2 billion crystal stones, you may get to see some dwarf royals.

But the King of Dwarves would never come to see you.”

In Karns opinion, Zhang Han and his people could not go to any other place but stay in Central City.

But as far as Zhang Han thought, there was not a place in the vast world that he could not go to.

“Lets go play with the King of Dwarves later.

He can show us around the Dwarf Kingdom,” Mengmeng said with a grin.

Nina, Li Mu, and Mo Wen were all rendered speechless.

They knew very well how hard it was to meet the King of Dwarves.

In the past, only when the Snowfall Alliance held a grand occasion would the King of Dwarves show up in public.

Other times, outsiders couldnt see him at all.

“About this…”

Nina wanted to say something but stopped eventually.

It was already extremely difficult to ask the King of Dwarves to meet them, not to mention to give them a tour in the underground kingdom.

“Ill take you to your houses to rest first.”

The corner of Karns mouth twitched.

After he joined the group, he led the way along the corridor to the outside.

Then, stepped on a flying disc and headed for a place not far away.

Behind a hill, there was a cluster of buildings, which were similar to mansions and villas on the waist of a mountain.

There was also a small path leading into the mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, Karn said with a smile, “There are wonderful sceneries along this mountain path.

I think you may take this path and enjoy the view.

Ill go prepare dinner.

Later, Ill come and help you settle down.

Follow this path and youll arrive at your residence.

Everything in your residence is brand new.

You can put your mind at ease and move in.”


After saying this, Karn turned around and left.

“Are we going to climb the mountain” Liu Jiaran mumbled.

She looked a little reluctant.

“Why are you so lazy”

Liu Qingfeng glanced at her and said, “This mountain is only a little higher than Mount New Moon.

But you dont want to climb it”

“Who said I was lazy” Liu Jiaran curled her lips and said, “I was just curious.”

“Haha, lets go.

A little exercise is good for health.” Ah Hu smiled and said, “If you are tired, I will carry you on my back.”

“Lets climb the mountain.”

Chen Chuan scampered forward happily.

After taking a few paces, he stopped in his tracks to wait for the people behind him.

Children were always energetic.

The trees on both sides seemed to have been trimmed.

They were very beautiful.

Their shapes were quite regular, so the view was quite pleasant to the eye.

First Elder looked at the trees and narrowed his eyes slightly.

“I didnt expect these trees could also form a formation.”

“What kind of formation” Jiang Bing asked in bewilderment.

“Its the kind that influences ones vision and purified the air.

Haha, Ive studied nearly half of the Thousand-formation Image.

This childish formation is nothing to me,” First Elder said blandly.

A lofty and otherworldly air also emerged from his body.

He was acting like an immortal.

But in fact, no one paid attention to him.

There was a hint of embarrassment in the air.

“Awesome, First Elder,” Jiang Bing complimented.

Hearing that, First Elder finally felt much better.

He looked at Zhang Han and gave an awkward smile.

“I shouldnt have talked about formations in front of him, for I was making a fool of myself in front of the real expert.”

The leaves were not all green.

Some were red, some were blue, and some were black.

The trees were multicolored.

The colors and the distribution of the colors were different in every tree.

Walking among the trees was indeed a very refreshing enjoyment.

The climb was not a long journey.

They could reach the end of the path in about 10 minutes.

Soon, they approached the top of the mountain.

At this time, the scenery suddenly changed.

On a black treetop stood a man in a green robe.

With his back facing the crowd, his clothes and long hair fluttered in the wind.

At a glance, one would find that man quite mysterious.

It was as if he was a hero of his generation upholding justice wherever he went.

With that otherworldly air, he did not seem to be an ordinary person.

This sort of ethereal vibe and aura was something that the group had not seen in the majority of Yuan Ying Realm cultivators that they had come into contact with.

Even an ordinary person had their own vibe, let alone a cultivator.

By cultivation, one could possess a mysterious and wonderful vibe.

Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes slightly.

“He is in the God Transformation Realm!”

Zhang Han, however, showed a strange look in his eyes.

“A God Transformation Realm cultivator might not come here just to say hello to us.”

With his mind force, he subconsciously controlled Mengmeng to float to his side and also moved Chen Chuan to Chen Changqings side.

The others were still in a daze, not knowing whether the man was their enemy or friend.

Although they were on the alert, they were still too young and naive to handle the Cultivation World.

As a wily old bird, Zhang Han reacted immediately.

No matter what would happen, he directly took action.

It was also because the other party was in the God Transformation Realm, so he was someone that Zhang Han could not fight off for the time being.

However, since Yue Wuwei was also there, Zhang Han was not worried.

Yue Wuwei was at least in the God Transformation Realm.

Besides, just now, Zhang Han noticed Yue Wuweis fleeting expression.

“Well, he doesnt think that man is a threat at all.

“What a cunning fox! I gotta re-evaluate his strength.”

Seeing the man in the front, Mu Xue frowned slightly.

But when she was about to say something, a melodious and unhurried voice seemed to be brought into everyones ears by the soft breeze.

“When autumn comes, after the eighth of September,

“All the flowers die after they bloom.

“Ive honed my sword for eight centuries,

“But I havent tried it, not even once.

“Its a pity that my sword has only reached the fifth grade.

It cant bear the power of time.”

After saying these words, the remark ended with a sigh.

In the melodious voice, there was looming killing intent.

His words directly pointed out the purpose of his visit.

He was here for their sixth-tier spirit treasures!

Among all the people present, Chen Chuan, Liu Jiaran, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Nina, who had little experience in life, might have to think for a while before they understood the meaning of the words.

But Mu Xue, Liu Qingfeng, Zhao Feng, Zhang Mu, and others cottoned on at once.

“He is here to rob our spirit treasures!

“The temptation of sixth-tier spirit treasures is so huge that even a God Transformation Realm master cant resist”

Zhang Mu glanced at Zhang Han.

Now he knew how valuable sixth-tier spirit treasures were.

“The sixth-tier spirit treasures are so rare that even God Transformation Realm masters can hardly own one.

It shows that sixth-tier spirit treasures are already very high-end in the Cultivation World.

“Its no wonder that when we used weapons, we never felt our weapons were not good enough and always fought enemies with our pure strength.

“However, in the outside world, sometimes a master whos reached a high cultivation level may find his spirit weapon cant match his power.”

“Now you want to snatch our spirit treasures,” Yue Wuwei said unperturbedly, “how could you still have the mood to compose a poem I can tell you that we have more than 20 kinds of sixth-tier spirit weapons.”


The group clearly felt that the man gasped in shock.

It seemed that the news had taken him by surprise.

It also excited him.

Everyone could feel waves of oppressive energy were whirling out from the man in front of them.

The sword hung on his waist was quivering.

It was as if the sword was going to roar, or as if something horrifying inside was about to jump out.

His aura became more and more fierce.

Even the air was filled with killing intent.


Mengmeng tucked her chin and held Zhang Hans hand more tightly to express her nervousness.

Now Mengmeng was a little scared, Zhang Han was upset.

He frowned slightly.

Seeing this, Yue Wuwei said straightforwardly, “Put away your little aura and follow me to the open space to fight.

I hate to destroy the beautiful trees we passed by.”


The green-robed man was none other than Moore, the God Transformation cultivator overseeing this place.

When he heard Yue Wuweis words, he was rather vexed.

“How dare you put on airs in front of me

“Even if you are in the God Transformation Realm, you still wouldnt be my match.”

He had picked up a little bit of Yue Wuweis aura through the wisp of soul sense he had attached to Alwar before.

From that aura, he concluded that Yue Wuwei was not as powerful as him.

Plus, the 200,000 top-grade crystal stones were a large sum of wealth.

Therefore, Moore immediately decided to rob the group.

After he came here, he wanted them to hand over their sixth-tier spirit treasures of their own accord.

Thus, he made that remark in an aloof tone, but they didnt take him seriously!

Still, he was a little afraid of the Heaven-earth Formation here, as well as the three Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage cultivators in the Dwarf Kingdom.

If the energy waves of the battle here became too fierce and altered them, he would have no way out.

He wanted to get the 200,000 top-grade crystal stones, but what he wanted more was the sixth-tier spirit treasures.

He was determined to get hold of them.

But the other party was really unyielding.

“Good, good.

“Then Ill kill a few of your members first.”

A ferocious glow flashed through Moores eyes as he turned around slowly.

At this moment, the air seemed to have solidified.

Everyone, including Li Mu and Mo Wen, knew that a fierce battle between God Transformation Realm masters was about to break out.


“Oh my god, a battle between God Transformation Realm masters! Thats frightening!”

Li Mus heart raced.

He was so nervous that he couldnt control himself.

Even his hands were trembling.

Nina didnt find it shocking or anything.

With Zhang Han and the others around, she felt very safe.

Mo Wens heart sank.

He never thought a God Transformation Realm cultivator would jump out to rob them.

The atmosphere became more and more oppressive.

They felt they could hardly breathe.

But the moment the green-robed man turned around and everyone saw his face—

“Cough, cough… Cough, cough, cough…”

A burst of violent coughing suddenly came out.


“Why are the eyes of that green-robed man so round as if he had seen a ghost

“Why is his mouth also wide open, as though someone had seized his throat

“How could this be Isnt he a God Transformation cultivator”

In an instant, Li Mu and the others were deeply confused.


“His eyes seem to be fixed on Elder Yue and Senior Zhang!

“What does that mean”

The muscles on Li Mus face trembled.

He felt that the face of the green-robed man was getting paler and paler, and cold sweat was trickling down from his forehead.

In just two seconds, a puff of white vapor rose from his body.

It wasnt that he was about to launch a strike, but rather that his clothes were drenched in a cold sweat and the water vaporized because of his body temperature.

“Hes sweating so much.

Is he sick”

“Are you sick”

Mu Xue posed the question Li Mu wanted to ask.

“I, I, I… Cough, cough, cough…”

Moore couldnt speak.

He coughed so hard as though he were about to die.

Even his hands couldnt stop trembling.

“Are you sure youre here to rob us” Yue Wuwei said in a baffled tone.

“If youre sick, go see a doctor.”

Not only him but also other people felt mystified.

A moment ago, that man was a big shot calm as Mount Tai.

But in the next moment, he seemed like he was having a stroke and foaming at the mouth.

Anyone would be flabbergasted by this kind of sharp contrast.

“Right, right…” Moore trembled so hard that he was unable to utter a complete sentence.

“Youre truly sick.”

Zhang Mu and the others also relaxed.

“Did you come here to rob us or ask us to treat you” Zhang Guangyou couldnt help but speak.

“We are not experienced Chinese medicine practitioners.

We dont know how to treat patients.

Youd better go somewhere else.”

“Right, right, right…”

Moores teeth were chattering.

He could only say one word at a time.

Everyone was at a loss and couldnt figure out what he was doing…

Just then, Zhang Han looked straight at Moore and said, “Are you afraid of me”

These words struck Moores nerves.


His mind buzzed.

He was somewhat dumbfounded.

Fortunately, he stopped coughing.


The others present, however, felt a little dizzy.

“He is afraid of Zhang Han

“Look at his expression.

He is indeed afraid of Zhang Han.

“But why

“Is he a fake God Transformation Realm cultivator”


Yue Wuwei was taken aback.

Suddenly, he turned to look at Zhang Han with a thoughtful expression on his face.

“Whats going on

“Could it be that this kid had some kind of astonishing secret”

“Ha! I see!”

Mu Xues eyes lit up.

She stared fixedly at Moore and said in a detached tone, “Youve actually seen my devilish masters power.

He is the devil king.

Well, let me tell you, what you saw was just the tip of the iceberg.

Youre dead meat.

He spares no one he wants to kill.”

Mu Xue had always been proud of the few scenes that she had seen in Zhang Hans memory.

Those were extremely mysterious scenes.

Now she knew that the battle she saw must have occurred in the Cultivation World.

Zhang Han killed millions of cultivators in that battle.

How horrible was his strength then

Mu Xue felt that the memory might be what Zhang Han inherited, or maybe he had gone to the Cultivation World before.

Anyway, she believed he was the devil king.

Whether it was true or not, she could use it as a bluff.

However, to everyones shock—


When Mu Xues words came out—

“Youre dead meat.”

“He is my master, the devil king.”

“He spares no one that he wants to kill.”

“What you saw was just the tip of the iceberg.”

These words seemed to have cut Moore deep like sharp blades.

His face grew paler and paler, and his aura became more and more uneven.


He spat out a large mouthful of blood.

His aura declined but also gradually stabilized.

The people around were in a daze.

“Oh my god, how come he is so scared

“Is he serious”

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