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“Humph, you took them to have fun in the Sea Dragon Star Area without Mummy and me.

I think I and Mummy can live together without you.

You should make yourself scarce.” Yue Xiaonao was also very smart.

She quickly thought of roping Lisa in to be on the same team as her.

But how could Lisa fall for her trick She just ignored her.

Yue Wuwei patted his forehead and said, “Well, you want to travel with me Sure.

That can happen from now on.

Ill certainly take you on trips.”

“Thats a deal.

You shall not go back on your word,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Okay, I promise I wont.”

“Thats more like it.

Hee-hee, Mengmeng, come on, lets go back to my room and paint that wooden sculpture.”

Yue Xiaonao then swaggered to the side room with Mengmeng.

The others couldnt help but let out a series of laughs.

“Well, Elder Yues daughter is very lively,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Yeah, she is very lively and tenacious.

But she is also quite candid and tactless.

This kind of disposition is likely to make her suffer losses when she is out on her own,” Yue Wuwei laughed out loud.

Yue Xiaonao was very different from Mengmeng.

As far as Yue Wuwei was concerned, Yue Xiaonao was not as quick-witted as Mengmeng.

Zhang Hanyang had surely done better at raising his daughter.

Of course, every father loved his daughter.

Yue Wuwei was the one who cared about Yue Xiaonao most.

The group chatted while eating.

It was not until more than two hours later that Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao came out from the side room.

They now looked very alike, for their clothes, hands, and even faces were covered with paint.

At the sight of the two, everyone roared with laughter despite themselves.

It was not until then that the two girls noticed that their faces had become multicolored.

“Weve got paint all over us.

Mengmeng, lets go take a bath.”

Yue Xiaonao grabbed Mengmengs hand and led her to the backyard for a bath.

“Buzz, buzz!”

Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei released their spiritual sense energy at the same time, which closely sealed the backyard.

After they sensed each others spiritual sense energy, the two smiled at each other.

As they had both become fathers, they now had some things in common.

Early the next morning, the group set off for the secular world.

This time, they traveled by Yue Wuweis boat.

They had no alternative because the two little girls wanted so.

The boat sped all the way from the Kings Domain to the Ancient Mine, then to the Kun Xu World.

“The sky…”

Lisa and Yue Xiaonao admired the clear blue sky and remained silent for a long time.

Suddenly, they found that the color of the sky changed and the sun was in the sky, which seemed to have rendered the whole world peerlessly beautiful.

Then, the boat continued to head for the secular world.

Yue Wuwei sighed softly and said, “Ive long wanted to take you out to see the secular world.

I didnt expect that the chance wouldnt come until now.”

“Now is not too late anyway,” Lisa said coolly.

The implication was that Yue Xiaonao was only 15 years old.

She was still an adolescent.

Thus, the trip was not too late for her.

Shortly, they arrived in the secular world.

In just half an hour, they came to Xiangjiang and looked down at the city from the sky.

“Are these high-rise buildings Just like those I read in comic books,” Yue Xiaonaos eyes lit up, “lets go down there and have fun.”

“You care about nothing but having fun,” Yue Wuwei said, disgruntled.

“Look at Mengmeng.

She also likes to play, but her grades are very good.

She ranks first in every exam.

In a couple of days, I will also go through the admission procedures and send you to school.

Then, youll see how hard Mengmeng usually studies.”


Yue Xiaonao didnt take it seriously.

Instead, she said to Mengmeng, “Lets go and play.

We dont have to take them with us.”


When being with the rebellious and resolute Yue Xiaonao, Mengmeng was sometimes at a loss.

She turned to look at Zhang Han.

“There is no rush.

Lets go to Mount New Moon first and take a break there.

You can go out and play after that,” Zhang Han suggested with amusement.

Therefore, the boat descended and landed in Xiangjiang.

During the whole time, Yue Xiaonao was the most excited one.

“This city is so big!”

After they arrived at Mount New Moon, Lisa slightly narrowed her eyes.

She had distinctly grasped how different this place was.

Although her strength had been significantly suppressed since she entered the secular world, she had a special sense that helped her perceive the world, which was one of the Dark Shadow Clans skills.

“The Land of Thunder Yang”

Lisa flickered her eyes to Yue Wuwei.

She knew about Yue Wuweis identity.

It could be said that there was nothing he could not understand on this planet.

“Yes, its the Thunder Yang Treasure Land.”

Yue Wuwei said with a grin, “I dont know how he got hold of all those Thunder Yang Treasures either.

On the Saint Warrior Planet, if I remember correctly, there should only be three kinds of Thunder Yang Treasures.

Among the Five Thunder Yang Treasures, the most precious is the Thunder Yang Tree.

But he has one regardless.

And his Thunder Yang Tree is of the kind that has plenty of Source Energy.

Although it is at the fifth-tier, its not any less precious than a sixth-tier spirit treasure.

It can even compare with a seventh-tier spirit treasure.

Once the Five Thunder Yang Treasures are gathered, the major treasure—Thunder Yang Tree—will evolve into a sixth-tier one.

Then, the Thunder Yang Treasure Land will become even more amazing.

Thats kind of strange.”

“What is strange about that Its not like there is nothing better in the world than the Thunder Yang Treasure Land,” Zhang Han let out a laugh.

Zhang Mu and others, on the other hand, were thrilled.

They were looking forward to experiencing the wonders of the Thunder Yang Treasure Land one day.

“The Thunder Yang Sand may be put on auction in the Sea Dragon Star Area in a while.

If we get hold of it then, the Thunder Yang Treasure Land will be completely established,” Zhang Guangyou reminded them with a smile.

“Dont worry.

Lets leave the pursuit of treasures up to fate.” Zhang Han had adopted a laid-back attitude toward this matter.

Many people were impressed by this.

They felt that Zhang Han seemed to have seen through the secular world, and only a few things in the world that were worthy of his attention.

“Mummy, these are all villas, which are different from the palace we live in.

There are TVs and stuff inside.

Ive only seen laptops several times, but I havent seen such big TVs before,” muttered Yue Xiaonao in a much lower voice.

Although she was naughty, she knew she should have good manners when visiting other peoples residences.

“Xiaonao, lets go to the castle.

I want to show you the intelligent robot there.

We bought it from the Dal Star.”

Now Mengmeng was at her home court, the little girl took Yue Xiaonao to play.

Looking at their backs as they cheerfully went away, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei both smiled.

“Young Lord!”

Wang Xiaowu ran over from the side of the Thunder Yang Tree.

“The news has been released, and the responses are a little vehement.”

“Vehement How” Zhang Guangyou asked.

Wang Xiaowu replied, “Our Heavenly Knights Sect, Mount New Moon, the Luo Fu Sword Sect, and the Shuiyun Sect can form a very large army.

Many Heaven Realm cultivators from the five worldlets have also come here.

Most of the members of the Deep Valley have come, too.

Many sects in the East Domain of the Kunlun Immortal World have sent people here.

Those in the other three regions have more or less heard about this matter.

At first, they considered this as Young Lords call for volunteers and were eager to respond to the call.

Later, I clarified that it was our own business.

But then, they turned to be more enthusiastic and wanted to help us.

An hour ago, they already all rushed to the Kun Xu World.”

“How many people are there in total” Zhang Mu asked.

“I dont know.

Its said that there are roughly 100,000 people,” answered Wang Xiaowu.

“That many”

Zhang Han was slightly stunned.

Then, he said with a smile, “Well, its safer to have more people stuck together.

When you go to assemble with them, you should tell them in advance that after entering the Kings Domain, they must obey your orders, lest there should be unnecessary casualties.

If they dont want to take your orders, they shall go back to where they came from.”

“Okay.” Wang Xiaowu nodded.

“We are finally going out to fight.

Master, when are we leaving” Mu Xue asked excitedly.

“After lunch.

I am going to prepare something for you.” After that, Zhang Han asked Zi Yan to entertain Lisa, while he and Yue Wuwei ran to the Thunder Yang Tree.

Seeing Zhang Han take out one gem after another and refine them into defensive treasures, Yue Wuwei was filled with wonder.

“The more powerful I think you are, the more unfathomable you turn out to be.

Even in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, Ive never seen anyone having almost zero failure when refining medicine pellets or spiritual weapons as you do.”

“These are just some basic stuff,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Basic stuff” Yue Wuwei snorted, “Youre just playing dumb with me.”

“Hahaha,” Zhang Han abruptly laughed.

“Well, I wont play dumb this time.

How about I tell you the specific level of my pellet-refining skill and you tell me how high your actual strength is”

“Ahem, forget it,” Yue Wuwei coughed softly and said, “my poor strength will only incur ridicule.”

“You are the one who just likes to pretend to be weak and bring down the strong when theyre off their guard,” Zhang Han glanced at Yue Wuwei and said.

Their conversation did not obstruct Zhang Han from refining treasures and medicinal pellets at all.

Zhang Han spent the whole morning here.

After watching him for a while, Yue Wuwei went to the back mountain to fish with Wang Ming, Zhang Guangyou, and the others.

Although they could catch a lot of fish with a simple wave of their hands, sometimes, for the fun of the recreational activity, they decided to follow the most essential rules.

While they were outside, Lisa and Yue Xiaonao stayed in the castle.

Mengmeng took Yue Xiaonao to play with the intelligent robot cat for more than an hour.

Then, they went to play in the movie hall, the gym, the music room, the swimming pool, and every other part of the castle.

Lisa and Yue Xiaonao were both wearing long dresses.

They were curious about the garments in the secular world.

It seemed that the mother and daughter would soon go on a shopping spree.

“Elder Yue, do you also have a house in this world”

Speaking of where Yue Wuwei lived, Zhang Guangyou scratched his head after getting the answer.

“You can just live here.

Were already so close.

Theres need to stand on ceremony.”

“There are many detached villas here.

Itll be quite convenient,” Zhang Mu echoed.

They still hoped that Yue Wuwei could live here.

“Thank you for your kind offer, but no need,” Yue Wuwei declined politely.

“my house is the Number 1 mansion.

Ive already prepared many things and stored them there, so…”

“Got it.” Zhang Guangyou laughed.

He understood that Yue Wuwei had prepared many surprises there for Lisa and Yue Xiaonao.

“Its almost time.

Lets go for lunch.”

Zhang Guangyou checked his watch.

The others were all set to go to the Kings Domain.

Thus, the group went to the restaurant.

Zhang Han went back to the castle to call Lisa and the two girls to join them for lunch.

“Daddy, can I take Xiaonao out to play after lunch” Mengmeng asked.

Her cute and docile look instantly melted Yue Wuweis and Lisas hearts.

“This little girl is so well-behaved.”

They then took a look at Yue Xiaonao, who could never be associated with words like “cute” and “docile”.

“Of course you can,” Zhang Han smiled proudly.

Then he looked at Zi Yan.

When their eyes bore into each others, they both understood what the other meant.

Zi Yan was saying in her head, “See Mengmeng wouldnt be so well-behaved if I hadnt carefully educated her for so many years.”

Zhang Han answered inwardly, “Youre right.”

“Mengmeng, lets hurry up and finish lunch.”

Yue Xiaonao could not wait to get over with lunch.

But after taking the first bite…


“Whats wrong” Yue Wuwei was startled.

“This green vegetable tastes great.” Yue Xiaonao also put some vegetables on Yue Wuweis plate.

“Thats no surprise.”

Yue Wuwei said with a smile, “Remember I once brought you some very delicious ingredients Those were from here.

The ingredients grown on the Thunder Yang Treasure Land are world-famous.”

“You didnt bring me this kind of green vegetable last time.”

Yue Xiaonao liked eating vegetables.

Thus, she had a try at all the vegetarian dishes on the table.

Hearing this, Yue Wuweis face froze.

“My girl likes vegetarian dishes.

I should have brought more last time.

But most of the food I brought back were fruits.”

“When was that last time Why havent I heard of it” Zi Yan showed a suspicious look.

Yue Wuwei smiled awkwardly and said, “That time I passed by, I took some by the way.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

So did Lisa.

She also shook her head with resignation.

“Well, Yue Wuwei can be goofy with trifle things like this.

But he is composed and reliable when major issues occur.”

After lunch, Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao notified the adults and ran out.

They got in a Rolls-Royce.

Rong Jiali was their driver today.

In less than 10 minutes, they arrived at the edge of New Moon Bay.

“Grandma, please pull the car over.

Well start from here.”


Be safe.” Rong Jiali smiled and parked the car on the side of the road.

There were only a few pedestrians, but their attention was all focused on the Rolls-Royce.

Two little girls climbed out of the luxury car.

“They are two silver-spoon kids who already have everything since they were born.”

Many people sighed with emotion.

“Bye-bye, grandma.” Mengmeng waved her little hand.

They watched Rong Jiali start the car and head back to Mount New Moon before they went inside.

“Those tall buildings are spectacular.” Yue Xiaonao looked around and then said, “I am going to ask my dad to get me a skyscraper to play with.”

“Why do you want a skyscraper” Mengmeng said, “Its nothing impressive.

Theres nothing interesting in it.”

“Where are we going to have fun” Yue Xiaonao asked with anticipation.

“To Victoria Port,” Mengmeng said, “I have a good friend who told me that there is an open-air performance near that place today.

Lets go and check it out first.

Its quite far away.

We need to take a taxi.”

“Take a taxi”

It was the first time that Yue Xiaonao had visited such a big city.

Everything was full of novelty to her.

Before this trip, she had learned a lot about big cities from Wu Mings and other peoples descriptions, her comic books, and even her laptop.

She knew all the basics about this world.

The real thing was completely different from what she had seen on the screen.

The two girls were ready to have some fun.

On Mount New Moon, the force heading for the Kings Domain was about to set off.

Zhang Han had handed out the medicinal pellets and treasures.

He also gave them several solemn reminders.

“Dont advance recklessly.”

“Contact me if you need help.”

“With worldlets standing between the two worlds, I cant rush to your side the moment you call me for help.

You have to go through this trial basically all by yourself.

Thus, be cautious.”

“Master!” Mu Xue said with a smile, “Youre really concerned about us.

Im so touched.

But dont worry.

Were not a bunch of rookies going on their very first adventure.

Well definitely come back victoriously.”

“This kind of war is different from the fights you experienced before.” Zhang Han simmered with laughter.

“It would be great if it was really as simple as you think.

In short, you should be careful.”

“Im with them.

You have nothing to worry about.” Zhang Mu showed a confident smile.

The troop then set off for the Kun Xu World, where there was an army of nearly 100,000 people waiting for them.

Before they headed for the Kings Domain, they still needed to have a brief meeting.

Watching them going away, Yue Wuwei suddenly chuckled.

“I guess they will be crushed very soon.”


But I think chances are they will go through twists and turns and eventually win,” Zhang Han said softly.

“Thats probably a very close guess,” Yue Wuwei touched his beard and said, “I never thought that the dispute in the Kings Domain would develop to this point.

Thatll be a harsh screening there.

This adventure is critical for them to harden themselves.

As for the Dark Shadow Clan, they may turn out to be highly helpful.”


Zhang Han didnt give a positive answer.

After all, no one could say for sure what would happen in the future.

“Is there any horrible existence sealed on the Saint Warrior Planet” Zhang Han abruptly asked.


Yue Wuweis expression stiffened.

Two seconds later, he said, “Youll know one day.

Lisa, lets go back.

Ive had a mansion nearby for years.”

He was also prepared a pleasant surprise for Lisa.

Before he left with his wife, he added, “Well be back in the evening.”

He planned to mooch a free dinner.

Also, he had to pick up Yue Xiaonao, who was out having fun.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao walked down the road for a few minutes before they hailed a taxi.

After a 40-minute ride, they finally arrived at Victoria Port.

Along the way, Yue Xiaonao was dazzled by the streetscape.

“There are so many shops.

Mengmeng, didnt you say that you wanted to take me to have ice cream I want to try ice cream.”


Ill take you for ice cream once we get out of the car.

There is an ice cream shop over there, too.”

The two girls got off on the shopping street.

They bought ice cream and strolled around.

After a while, they found the location of the open-air performance on a beach.

A temporary stage had been set up on the beach, where more than a dozen young women were dancing passionately.

“The clothes they wear are so revealing.

These are all bikini swimsuits, arent they” Yue Xiaonao said as she ate her ice cream.

“Yes, these are swimsuits.” Mengmeng nodded, but then shook her head.

“No, many people on the beach are in swimsuits.

But the dancers on the stage are wearing dancing costumes.”

There were hundreds of people on the beach.

Most of them were lying in deck chairs.

Some were also frolicking by the sea or using the water entertainment facilities.

“Oh Here come two cuties.”

A flirtatious voice suddenly rang from the side.

The two girls turned around and saw more than a dozen men.

About seven of them looked stocky.

They were wearing white T-shirts and had tattoos on their arms.

As for the rest of them, they were about 20 years old and clad in clothes from famous brands.

Mengmeng could tell at a glance that they were all rich dandies.

The one who spoke was a yellow-haired man, who was sizing Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao up.

“Tut-tut, how pretty they are! Brother Li, we didnt come out for nothing this time,” the yellow-haired man said to the man with a crew cut next to him.

His countenance was somewhat flattering.

Obviously, the man with a crew cut and big eyes had the highest status among them.

“Thats right.”

The man with a crew out narrowed his eyes and smiled with interest.

“Why are you staring at us” Yue Xiaonao squinted at them and said in a harsh tone.

“How fierce! Are you from the northeast” The yellow-haired man glanced at Yue Xiaonao and asked.

“What northeast Im from the Kings Domain.” Yue Xiaonao rebuke, “If you keep staring at us, Ill gouge your eyes out!”

“What a fiery chick! Hahahaha, you have quite a temper.” The yellow-haired man didnt mind being threatened at all.

Instead, he even put on a smirk.

Yue Xiaonao slightly arched her brow.

“Ive already warned him once.

But he wouldnt listen, would he”

At this moment, Mengmeng hurriedly stretched out her right hand and grabbed Yue Xiaonaos arm.

“Xiaonao, just ignore them.

Lets go somewhere else to play.”

“Humph!” Yue Xiaonao scowled at the man.

“For Mengmengs sake, Ill let this pass.”

Just as they were about to leave, the yellow-haired man said leisurely, “Dont go.

Girls, stay and hang out with us.

Well buy you sausages.”


The people next to him all smirked knowingly.

Seeing that the little girl was mad, they found it quite funny.

Making dirty jokes was what they usually did in nightclubs.

Anyway, they had nothing better to do.



Yue Xiaonao spun around and hurled the ice cream she was holding at the yellow-haired man at an extremely fast speed.

With a loud wham, the plastic ice cream box hit the yellow-haired man in the face.

As if being whacked hard in the cheek, he was instantly knocked down.

Lying on the ground, he started foaming at the mouth and twitching violently.

Mengmeng was bereft of speech.

“Xiaonao, its fine to beat him, but dont kill him.”

After giving it a thought, Mengmeng warned Yue Xiaonao seriously.

There were no such rules in the Kings Domain.

After spending yesterday with her, Mengmeng also learned that Yue Xiaonao had been a dominating princess in the Black White Palace.

She would not allow anyone to defy her.

But now, they were in the secular world.

If she beat the man to death, they would be in trouble.


The face of the man with a crew out instantly darkened.

Looking at the yellow-haired man who was foaming at the mouth, he gritted his teeth and said, “Capture them and tell their parents to come over if they want them back.”

It meant that he would not settle this matter civilly.

He would not let the girls go home unless their parents gave him satisfactory compensation.

From behind him, his lackeys, who were wearing short sleeves and tattoos, marched toward the girls in an instant.

Seeing their steady paces, Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

“They walk very steadily.

They seem to know some martial arts.”


Yue Xiaonao dashed forward, leaving a string of afterimages in her wake.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

As a series of thuds sounded, the more than a dozen dandies all fell to the ground, clutching their bellies while puking the gastric acid up.

The lips of the man with a crew cut were swollen.

Several of his front teeth were missing, too.

He looked at Yue Xiaonao in confusion and asked, “Who are you”

“My name is Yue Xiaonao.”

Yue Xiaonao shot a cold glance at him and then turned around and left with Mengmeng.

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