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“This dress is made of the fur of Yuan Ying Realm Three Wind Martens.

No matter what temperature it is, it always makes you feel comfiest.

It has the basic defensive functions and can resist the three attacks launched by an Elixir Realm Peak-Stage cultivator with full strength.

Its design is the royal queen style…”

An intelligent machine offered all the information about the dress.

The price tag hanging from it read 860 crystal stones, which was certainly not a cheap price.

Zi Yan and the others were also aware that these dresses were perhaps within the category of luxury goods.

But it didnt matter.

It wasnt expensive for them anyway.

Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han.

Before she could ask, Zhang Han directly said, “Well buy this one.

Pack it up.” While speaking, Zhang Han beckoned to the robot.


The robot immediately pressed some buttons.

The dress in the cabinet was folded and put in a garment bag, which was then carried by the intelligent machine.

“This line of black outfits looks nice.

Maam, Mengmeng, do you have your eye on any of these If not, Ill take them all,” Mu Xue said, pointing at a line of more than a dozen sets of clothes.

“You take them,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Okay, Ill buy them all.”

“Wow, great! Pack these up for our distinguished guest!” ordered the robot.

Its voice was full of excitement and sounded kind of bitchy.

“Why isnt it like an emotionless machine at all” Mengmeng asked doubtfully.

“Someone is controlling it.

Maybe its the owner in charge of this shop,” Zhang Han replied.

“Dad, I figure this may suit you very well.

How about we buy it” Zi Yan did not forget to choose clothes for Zhang Guangyou and Zhang Mu.

Zhang Guangyou happily accepted the gift and grinned from ear to ear.


When they left the shop, they took half of the clothes in the shop away with them.

Li Mus eyes widened in astonishment.

“Good heavens! They just spent hundreds of thousands of crystal stones on clothes, didnt they”

Generally, a luxurious shop like this one could barely make a sale in one day.

Not many people in the Cultivation World attached much importance to clothing.

If they had so many crystal stones, they would rather spend them on things necessary for their cultivation.

“H-How extravagant with money they are! How many crystal stones do they have on earth”

Even Li Mu didnt dare to squander money like this.

He took out the communication device and sent a message to his father.

“Theres something I forgot to tell you.

Zhang Hanyang and his people are all extremely rich.

They can spend hundreds of thousands of crystal stones without blinking…”


Li Mu looked at Nina, who had already changed into new clothes, and sighed with resignation.

This was just the first shop they visited.

Mengmeng then bought three outfits for Nina, which cost more than 10,000 crystal stones.

Nina wouldnt accept the gifts.

But Mengmeng insisted.

She said that she would get angry if Nina didnt take the clothes.

Therefore, Nina eventually took the gifts.

She felt a little sorry to let Mengmeng pay for the clothes.

Still, she was particularly happy for receiving the gifts.

However, no one cared to buy anything for Li Mu, the graceful young master that was once popular.

That was heart-wrenching.

“This is also a clothing shop, but the style of garments here seems different from that we saw just now.

Why not go in and have a look”

The addiction to shopping couldnt be stopped once it emerged.

Seeing that Zi Yan was having a good time doing shopping, Zhang Han led the group to “empty” the clothing shops one by one.

They didnt count how many purchases they made.

Anyway, it was quite a lot.

“Theyve spent a million crystal stones on clothes…”

Li Mu really had an eye-opener today.

“This place is so big.

I feel that we cant fully explore it in five days.” With her big eyes blinking, Zi Yan said, “But weve already bought a lot of clothes.

Well, enough for garments.

Lets shop for other things.”

“Yes, its time to take a look at toys,” Mengmeng said with a grin.

Women could be very tenacious when it came to shopping.

Having shopped for more than two hours, they didnt ask for a break once.

Of course, it was partly because Mengmeng had martial arts skills.

But Zi Yan was different.

In addition to being able to cast the Sea Moon Fan, she was the same as any other ordinary person.

She would feel tired sometimes.

On a hot day, she would also feel hot.

Without drinking water for some time, she would also get thirsty.

Among all the people present, she was the only one who could feel fatigued.

However, when Zi Yan went shopping, her energy never ran low.

They visited more shops and bought clothes, toys, and even some weird artifacts.

“Weve been doing shopping all day.

The sun is about to set.

Im tired.”

Zi Yan enjoyed shopping very much.

She stroked the hair on her forehead and glanced at the sun on the west side with her beautiful big eyes.

Subconsciously, she thought that the sun was setting and it was about to get dark after dusk.

“The day here is very long, while the night is quite short.

We have walked around for more than 10 hours.

You must be exhausted.

Lets go back.

Ill give you a massage,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Weve been out for so long” Zi Yan then cottoned on.

She turned around and looked in the east.

The second sun had just risen from the horizon.

“What a strange feeling it is! Then, do the people here sleep for a short time”

“Sleep…” Li Mu smiled and said, “Sleeping is a leisure activity for us.

Most of us need to cultivate, regardless of day or night.”

“Oh, I see.” Zi Yan nodded slightly and said, “Lets go back and rest.”

The group headed back to the hotel.

Once again, they got in the flying car and returned to the hotel they lived in.

On the top floor of the hotel, more than a dozen people were standing there.

Their leader was a tall and sturdy man who peeped at others from behind a mask.

No one could see his face, but they could vaguely see his wolf-like eyes.

His eyes were so fierce that they could send a chill down peoples spines.

“Eh Are they here to make trouble”

Zhang Mu and the others eyed them suspiciously.

“Young Master Li, long time no see.”

The masked man suddenly smiled and remarked, “Princess Nina, Ive heard that the trial on the Lost Continent was quite a success.

These two must be the famous Zhang Hanyang and Moon Empress, right This time, I came here with only goodwill.

Ive been told that the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys force has been annihilated by you people.

I rejoiced upon the news.

Please excuse me for taking the liberty to visit you.

The Dal Star is honored to entertain you.”

“Commander Wang, youre being too courteous,” Li Mu hurriedly replied.

“Everyone, this is one of the three commanders of the Dal Alliance, the prominent Commander Wang.”

“Daddy, Daddy…”

Mengmeng tucked her chin and gently yanked Zhang Hans hand.

When Zhang Han bent over, Mengmeng whispered something in his ear.

No one heard what she said because Zhang Han had cast a soundproof cover

Yet, when Mengmeng finished speaking, Zhang Han gave several laughs.

Seeing this, the people present became very curious and bewildered.

Commander Wang, in particular, felt a bit awkward.

“What is that girl whispering about Is she talking about me”

“Many thanks for Commander Wangs hospitality.

Well go in and rest now,” remarked Zhang Han as he took a glance at Commander Wang, who was wearing a mask.

Commander Wang cupped his hands and said, “Okay.

If you need anything, you may call the administrative staff at any time.

Ive already informed them of your arrival.”

He chose to do away with pleasantries.

After Zhang Han and the others returned to their suites, Commander Wang and his men chatted with Li Mu for a while before they left.

“Mengmeng, what did you say to Daddy when we were outside”

It was not until they entered the suite that Zi Yan posed the question with curiosity.

“I said that Commander Wang was an interstellar bandit.

And I asked Daddy to be on guard.

Well, I also found that Commander Wangs mask looked kind of like a tortoiseshell,” Mengmeng muttered.


Zi Yan was slightly stunned.

After giving it a thought, she couldnt help laughing.

Because the shape of the metal mask was really similar to that of a tortoiseshell.

“That mask may not look very impressive, but it is a pretty good treasure.

Although its merely a fourth-tier one, to some extent, its power is no less than that of most fifth-stage spirit treasures.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“You know what that is” Zi Yan pressed her red lips slightly and blinked rapidly before asking, “Commander Wang is an interstellar bandit.

Now he has come to greet us at this time, could he… be up to something”


If he chooses to take action against us, the Dal Alliance will perhaps have its demise,” Zhang Han replied calmly.

There was no killing intent in his tone.

Now they were in other peoples territory, where there might be many fleets of warships.

Zhang Han knew he probably couldnt fight them head-on.

Still, there were still ways to deal with them.

What was more, Yue Wuwei was also here.

When Zhang Han learned that the fleet of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family had been destroyed, he knew that it was Yue Wuwei who did it.

Now, among the family of three, Zi Yan was the one to whom Yue Wuwei was completely submissive.

After all, she was somehow related to his master.

Mengmeng was now the Heavenly Lord.

If anything bad happened, Yue Wuwei certainly could not sit by and do nothing.

Besides, Zhang Han was also more confident about his power now.

When he returned to Earth this time, he would work hard in studying the Great Void Thunder Scripture and strive to enter the Thunder Tower.

If he mastered an orthodox thunder method, his Taiyi Wood Thunder would be able to show its real power.

Those who used the power of thunder were relatively high-level figures in the Cultivation World.

The power of thunder was rather difficult to comprehend.

Back then, when Zhang Han saw the ruins of the Heavenly Thunder Sect in that relic as well as the green buffalo, he knew that the Saint Warrior Planet was not as simple as it looked.

This time, after he communicated with that mysterious master, he realized that things were even more complicated than he had thought.

At first, Zhang Han took a big issue with the trial.

But when he heard from the master that his relationship with Zi Yan was not like what Zhang Han had imagined, he felt that it was no big deal.

As for the matter of being apprenticed to the mysterious man, Zhang Han was not resistant to having a master.

It was just that he hadnt figured out what the relationship between the mysterious man and his wife was.

He also had no idea what Zi Yans specific identity was, or where that man was from.

Thus, he planned to wait and see how things would go before making the decision.

Zhang Han was not a reckless man.

The other party also knew that, so he didnt try to persuade Zhang Han.

More importantly, Zhang Han was somewhat skeptical about that mysterious mans identity.

Judging from his tone, Zhang Han felt he seemed to… have heard of his voice somewhere.

“With that mans status and strength, could I have heard his voice before”

He had plenty of doubts.

Yet, it was impossible to figure everything out at the moment, so he could only stick a pin in it.

Zhang Han also had great faith in Yue Wuweis strength.

There should be no one in the Sea Dragon Star Area who could be a match for him.

He was definitely not just a regular Yuan Ying Realm cultivator.

Therefore, Zhang Han had no worries throughout the tour on the Dal Star.

No one came to disturb them during their five days stay.

Mengmeng played with Nina, Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot all day long.

They all had a great time.

Li Mu followed closely behind Zhang Han and his group every day.

He inquired about their well-being and took the initiative to serve tea and everything they needed.

His humble attitude really stupefied Mo Wen and the other elves.

Finally, it was the fifth day.

The time to bid farewell was about to arrive.

“Mengmeng, you… you gotta come to the Sea Dragon Star Area to see me again,” Nina said, her eyes brimming with the reluctance to part.

The two had been together for nearly a month.

She had the time of her life with Mengmeng.

She had never enjoyed someone elses company so much before.

This kind of carefree life was exactly what she yearned for.

“Ill definitely come back, Nina.”

Mengmeng pressed her lips gently and said with an earnest look, “Ill come to visit you in just a few months.

Ill attend your Coming of Age Ceremony.

Wait for me.

I know where your hometown is.

Its the Roland Star in the Heavenly North Star Area.

Ill go straight there then.”

“Okay, Ill wait for you.

Uncle Zhang, Aunty Zi, when you come to our Roland Star, Ill treat you to the most delicious local food,” Nina looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan and said with a smile.

“Sounds good.” Zi Yan nodded slightly and said, “The ceremony is only a couple of months away.

Well meet again very soon.”

She said that mainly to comfort Mengmeng.

She knew how Mengmeng felt about this kind of parting very well.

Once her emotions rose, tears would fall.

When Mengmeng shed tears, Zhang Hans heart would ache, too.

After Zi Yan thoughtfully said many soothing words, Mengmeng managed to not be too doleful about the parting.

Well, the key part was that she knew she could visit Nina again in just a few months.

After thinking about it for a while, she found that the parting was really not a big deal.

“Uncle Zhang, Aunty Zi, Mengmeng, after we part today…” Li Mu began with a grave face.

But before he could finish the sentence, Mu Xue curled her lips and said, “After we part today, we wont see each other ever again in the future.

Besides, dont call my master Uncle Zhang.

Dont you know how old are you How dare you act young and cute”

Li Mu was instantly bereft of speech.

The long speech he had prepared simply stuck in his throat and would never come out.

Nina and Mengmeng laughed happily at Li Mus frustrated look.

“Lets go.”

Yue Wuwei waved his hand, and a huge boat appeared out of thin air.

Li Mu, Mo Wen, and the others narrowed their eyes.

It was a treasure that could travel through the cosmos.

Treasures of this kind were extremely rare in the Sea Dragon Star Area, which could be counted with ones fingers.

They had never thought that this mysterious old man could have such a top-notch flying vehicle.

It was even a supreme treasure!

Deep Flame and the others boarded the boat one after another.

During this time, they bid goodbyes to Nina and the others.

Mo Wen looked quite emotional at this moment.

He didnt expect that after spending these days with Zhang Hans group, Nina had made many good friends.

“However, would His Majesty understand these things”

Li Mu also waved at the crowd.

“Senior Zhang, Im looking forward to seeing you again.

If you people have time, youre welcome to visit our Cloud Shadow Sky.

There is fine wine at my place.

Im planning to purchase even better ones in the next few months.”

“Young Master Li, you are being too courteous.” Zhang Guangyou roared with laughter.

“Well, this brat is truly good at currying favor.”

“Oh, okay.”

Zhang Han still looked cool and detached.

Suddenly, he asked, “You want to learn the Highest Clouds Sketch, dont you”


Li Mu instantly gasped in surprise.

“Is he going to say yes to me


“Is my great opportunity finally arriving

“Or is he just testing me”

No matter what, Li Mu decided to follow his heart.

He nodded without hesitation.

“Yes, I do.”

“Then prepare more good wine next time,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Ill definitely collect all kinds of fine wine in the world,” Li Mu sincerely replied.


Zhang Han gave a small nod.

Next, he waved his hand, and a streak of light shot out.

Before the light entered Li Mus head, he said, “Relax your mind.”

Li Mu was startled.

He was perturbed, pleasantly surprised, and a little concerned.

When he relaxed his mind, the streak of light appeared in his head.

The secret skill—Highest Clouds Sketch—was demonstrated in his head over and over again.


Li Mu never thought that the surprise would come so suddenly.

“Oh my god, he gave me the Highest Clouds Sketch just like that”

“Thank you so much, Senior Zhang.

You taught me the secret skill.

I, Li Mu, will never ever forget your grace!” said Li Mu in a hurry.

“Ill also honor my words.

In the next few months, I will visit all the planets famous for fine wine in person and do my best to get hold of some treasured wine.”

“Okay, great.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly.

Those who knew how to please others were always favored.

When Zhang Han stopped nodding, he deliberated for seconds and showed a cunning smile at the corner of his mouth.

Gazing at Li Mu, he said, “Look over here.”

At this time, Yue Wuweis boat was a hundred meters away from the building they lived in.

Zhang Han suddenly called Li Mu to look at him.

When Li Mu looked over, he made an incantation gesture with his right hand, and his eyes suddenly reflected jets of bright green light.


His body suddenly became illusory.

Faint black shadows suddenly spread all over the sky, like clusters of dark clouds, flickering and drifting in an eerie and unpredictable fashion.

There were almost one thousand such shadows.

It seemed that Zhang Han was performing some kind of cultivation method and brewing a very powerful attack.

At the sight of this, Li Mus eyes became as round as saucers.

In a voice full of incredulity, he exclaimed, “Shadows, shadows, shadows…”

As his pupils rolled upward, he almost fainted.

This kind of suffocating feeling had struck him dumb.

Mo Wen, Nina, and the others were also flabbergasted.

Obviously, Zhang Han was displaying one of the three greatest secret skills of the Cloudy Shadow Sky, the Dragon Shadow!

“How come he is capable of anything”

Ninas eyes were particularly bright.

Her admiration for Zhang Han had been deepened again.

“Nina, were leaving.

This is my gift for you.

Do work hard in cultivation.”

At the last moment right before they set off, Mengmeng abruptly flung out something glittering and silvery with her right hand.

It was a ring.

“Mengmeng, you…”

Mengmeng had already given Nina a ton of gifts.

Nina felt she really couldnt accept more.

But Mengmeng didnt give her any chance to refuse.

As soon as Nina caught the ring, the boat in front of her turned into a streak of light and soared to the sky at an incredibly fast speed.

“Th-This is a Space Treasure”

Mo Wen was astonished.

He knew this sort of treasure was extremely precious.

“Seventh Princess, take a look inside,” Mo Wen urged nervously.

Some of the other elves present also looked edgy as well.

Nina partially closed her eyes and lined the ring with her soul sense.

Then her expression changed, and she snapped her eyes open.

She looked astounded, puzzled, touched, and a little resigned.

What astounded her was the capacity of the Space Ring and the spirit treasures stored inside.

What puzzled her was why Mengmeng gave her such an expensive gift.

She was touched because this gesture was simply touching.

She also felt resigned in that the gift was so huge that she was at a complete loss as to what to do now.

“Whats in it” Mo Wen quickly waved his hand to cast a soundproof cover.

“There, there is a kind of sixth-tier spiritual herb and eight kinds of fifth-tier spiritual herbs.

Th-Those herbs are just the kinds I need for my cultivation.

She specially prepared these for me.

Oh, no, she must have asked Uncle Zhang to give the herbs to me.

These are all the treasures that can help me break through to the Yuan Ying Realm.


Nina bit her lip.

The rim of her eyes reddened.

“They gave you so many” Mo Wen swallowed.

“Dear Lord, theyre so generous.”

“Wheeze, phew… Wheeze, phew..”

Mo Wen took a few deep breaths to calm down.

Before he could say anything, Nina added, “This Space Ring has storage space of more than 50 cubic meters.”

Mo Wen was rendered completely speechless.

“So big” Mo Wen shook his head in a daze.

“Their backgrounds may be terrifying.

The storage space of the Space Treasures in our Sea Dragon Star Area is only 10 cubic meters on average.

Such Space Treasures are only enough to hold the most important items we need to carry.

But with a space of 50 cubic meters, this ring can hold a lot of things.”

“Seventh Princess,” Mo Wen sighed softly and said, “Weve owed them too much.

But you dont have to be stressed about this matter.

The first thing you should do next is to absorb these treasures and advance to the Yuan Ying Realm.

When we get on our fleet, you can start to cultivate in seclusion.

Well go back to the Roland Star after you make the breakthrough.”


“There is nobut.

Are you really going to tell others about all these Even though youre the Seventh Princess favored by His Majesty, after you bring these resources back, others may not let you have all of them.

You wouldnt want to share the gift that Mengmeng gave you with others, would you If Mengmeng knew about it, she would be unhappy.

Thus, dont overthink this.

Some rules shouldnt exist in the first place.

Its not a big deal to break them once or twice.” Mo Wen suddenly became rather stubborn.

“Thats not what I meant.


“Alright, start to adjust your emotions right now.

Youll go into secluded cultivation in a moment,” Mo Wen said in a final sort of way.

Then, he lifted his hand and removed the soundproof cover.

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